Our Second, and Life Changing Meeting

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Our Second, and Life Changing MeetingI had just been, shortly before, released from the hospital. I hadn’t looked closely at my release orders, so I was surprised when the C.O. told me I had been profiled out of the bush. I knocked around the company area for about a week or so, when I was called to the C.P. The C.O. told me I had been requested by name to join a security detail by a former commander. He had just taken command of the installation at Vung Tau Airbase. The security included the In-Country R&R Hotel in downtown Vung Tau. He also advised me that I had 3 days to clear the installation before I would have to leave. The installation wasn’t that big, so my biggest concern was the normal “Hurry Up and Wait.”I had most of my clearing completed by the end of the 1st day, so I went to the EM Club (You had to be E-6 to use the NCO Club. I was an E-5) to have a beer or two. I joined some friends who were talking about how lucky I was to get such an assignment. Some men at a table next to us heard us talking, and one of them asked if I had been there, before. I told him of my previous trip, 18 months earlier, and what a fiasco it had turned into. He and 3 of his friends had, just the week previous, returned from In Country R&R, and asked to join us. We made room, and they moved over.One of them pulled out a plastic baggie of photographs he had just picked up from the PX. He started handing them to me, giving me plenty of time to look at, and enjoy them. In them was a VERY pretty Vietnamese girl. The first few were her and him in front of various sightseeing destinations. Soon they became of her only. Always with a smile on her very pretty face. Then they changed to pictures of her in various stages of dress and/or undress. Some, or most had been taken at the same places shown in the earlier pictures. There were also pictures of her with her top unbuttoned revealing her bare breasts with a crowd of people standing there obviously looking at her. Then he showed me several more of her in crowds totally nude. Everybody in range of the camera was looking at her in those.Then there was a picture of her standing next to a Vietnamese policeman who had one hand on her butt, and the other between her legs. He told me that in the picture, the policeman had his fingers inside her pussy.The next group of pictures were of her at her home in all the erotic poses any of them could think of, but there were even more of the three of them fucking her. The one who was staying with her had invited the others to come by and see him. When THEY arrived, the guy and her were fucking. The two friends stood there and watched until they had both cum, and asked if she would let them fuck her, too. She told them, “Why not,?” so they both took off their clothes and the three of them took turns fucking her, only letting her up, occasionally to clean out her pussy. They all agreed that they had fucked her 3-4 times each, and coming inside her pussy every time. They had also taken the time to take pictures of themselves in the process of fucking her, with special attention to pictures of her with their cum running out of her. They also told me that the next day, they brought 2 other guys they had met at the R&R center with them. They didn’t take any pictures of the two others, but said that the five of them nailed her at least 4-5 times each. They had all agreed that they had never met a girl who enjoyed being laid, or got so much pleasure out of having men cum inside her pussy, or came so fast and often as she did. They also told me, which I didn’t believe at the time, but, turned out to be true, that when she got gang-banged,or, often, fucked by a second man. she would orgasm as he was initially putting his dick inside her. I later witnessed bahis firmaları this to be true. She remained like this well after her 60th birthday.Later on, after we had returned to the United States, and went to Germany, she still, when we had male visitors, asked them if they wanted to fuck her. MOST DID!!!I promised to look for her when I reached Vung Tau, and two days later, I began my move. I had to spend a night in Saigon, where I met up with several former acquaintances from the M.P. Battalion. They found out where I was being assigned to, and promised that I would find many more of them there.I arrived in Vung Tau, and one of the first people I saw was an M.P. that I knew. We talked a bit and he offered to keep my things for me so I could look around a bit. We went and put my things away, and he took me to see the In-Country R&R Center, and showed me where the Eden Hotel was. It was less than 100 yards distant. He let me out in front of the Eden Hotel, but it was still much too early for anybody to be there. I was told it would be 4-5:00 in the afternoon before any of the girls came in, so hr took me to another place where, if I chose, I could get some pussy. Am hour or two later I asked one of the girls there if she would give me some pussy. She agreed, so we went to her house. While I was there with her, her Mother walked in, and, as we had just finished, she asked me if I would fuck her Mother. She was in her mid-30s and was nice looking, so I fucked her, too. When I finished with Mom, she gave me a big kiss of thanks and we went back to the girl’s bar. She told me on the way that her Father had been dead for 3 years, and her Mom hadn’t had any sex in all that time, and was used to her husband fucking her every night. She thanked me then for making her Mother cum so many times.By now it was nearly 5:00 so I decided to walk back to the Eden Hotel. This had been the first pussy I had had in 6 months, and I was anxious to get some more.I got to the hotel and there were several girls outside, so I asked if Linda Hoa (pr. Wah) was there. I was standing next to the doorway which had a heavy curtain over it. Immediately the curtain was pulled aside, and the girl from the pictures was there in front of me. She was even prettier in person! She asked who had sent me, and I told her. Her demeanor and expression changed immediately. She wanted to know if they had made it back, okay, and if they were safe. I told her about our meeting, the pictures they had shown me, and the ones they had given me. She led me to a booth in the back of the room, seated me, and immediately gave me a VERY HOT KISS!!! She asked me what I wanted to drink, fetched it, and sat down beside me in the booth. She gave me several MORE kisses. Each one as hot as the first, then asked if I would let her see which pictures they had given me. I handed them to her, and she looked at them, critiquing some of them, and commenting on ALL of them. One of them made her look fat, one more made her pussy look too hairy, and another, taken in mid-orgasm, made her look silly. I told her I liked them all. Especially the ones where she was naked, or being fucked. She smiled at me, and said, “I think you tell me, before.” Which surprised me. She excused herself, and left, but returned quickly, this time sitting on the back of the bench. She was sitting where she had to turn slightly to face me. I noticed that she was sitting with her legs as far open as her short skirt would allow. She was giving me a good look at her bare pussy under her skirt. There was absolutely NO hair below her clit. Her lower lips were bright pink, and her legs were a light tan. Then she bent over where her top fell away, and I could, just as plainly see a pair of beautiful kaçak iddaa tits. She was giving me a show, right there. Then came the $64,000 question. “Do you still wanna watch other men fuck me?” I asked her how she knew I wanted to watch her. She smiled again and told me, “You tell me before, first time you come here, you want see other man fuck me.” I asked her when that WAS? She told me then that it was the last night of my R&R. “You pay Mama-san 10 dollar an’ you take me go upstairs, an’ fuck me 3 time. You make me cum too much, an’ you tell me you want, sometime, watch other man fuck me. You want still see me get fuck?” I told her I did, and she left for just a second, returning with another drink, which she held, and telling me to follow her. I did as she asked, and she showed me to a room with, I figured out, a one-way mirror. There was a bed against the far wall, and 2 chairs next to the glass. She also told me if I wanted anything else, to knock on the glass, AFTER the man had left.She wasn’t finished, I found out. She stripped off her skirt and blouse, and lay back on the bed, telling me to, “Come fuck me. I want you hard cock in my pussy, an’ I wan’ you cum IN my pussy, TOO MUCH!!!” For whatever reason, she had her first orgasm as I was working my dick into her, and she WASN’T quiet when she got her nut. It took me at least 15 -20 minutes to get all the way inside of her pussy, it was so tight. AND SHE WAS ALREADY WET!!! I didn’t last but for a few minutes. In spit of having just fucked two other women, she was so tight AND enthusiastic, that I shot my cum in less time than it had taken to get inside her. There was a bathroom there, and she went in and cleaned her pussy and douched, telling me she would be right back. She had 3 men waiting to bring her up for a short-time fuck.True to her word, less than 5 minutes later, the door to the other room opened, and she came in leading another man by the hand. She asked him if he wanted to undress her, or did he want her to take off her own clothes? He wanted to undress her, so she stood while he took first her blouse, then her skirt. Then she asked him how he wanted to fuck her? He told her he wanted her doggy-style first, so he could watch his dick go inside her. She got on the bed on her knees, head down, ass up, with her legs spread open. He took his time, but was soon stroking her hard. She was wagging her butt like a friendly puppy, and soon he was coming. He shot a big load of cum inside her, and told her she was the first pussy he had had in a long, LONG time. He was still hard as a rock, so she asked him how he wanted her, THIS TIME? He told her to lay down on her side, then got behind her, lifted her leg, and started fucking her “spoons.” He didn’t last much longer the second time. She asked him, “You want watch you cock go inside my pussy?” He did, so she mounted him “cowgirl” style and rode him until she felt him trying to cum, again. She stopped, letting him relax and calm down, then turned around with her back to him, to ride him “reverse cowgirl.” Every time she felt him trying to cum, she would stop, let him relax, again, then resume. This way he had a perfect view of his dick going in and out of her pussy, She rode him this way until there was a knock at the door. She started pumping faster, until he shot his third load of cum up inside her pussy. This time, though, she turned around, and took his dick inside her mouth, and proceeded to suck and lick his dick until there was nothing left. Kneeling by the bed, she made sure he saw that she had swallowed his cum that was in her mouth, then helped him dress, kissed him, and HE left. She walked over to the glass and asked, “Do you like that? I be right back wid one more, tee-tee.”Again, kaçak bahis she was gone just a few seconds longer. She later told me she had to stop and clean herself up, in case her customer wanted to eat her pussy before he fucked her. She also told me that once in a while she had customers that just wanted blow-jobs. When she did, she would let them cum inside her mouth, and let them see her swallow it. They always seemed to enjoy watching her swallow.Her next customer was just that sort. She washed his groin, laid him on his back on the bed and began sucking and licking him until he had cum in her mouth. She had to swallow twice to get it all down, and began working to get him hard, again. She coaxed two more loads from him, swallowing both, but he was still hard. She asked him if he wanted to fuck her this time, and he did, so she asked how he wanted her? He told her to lay down and open her legs. He was still as hard as he had ever been. She pulled her legs up until her knees were nearly in her armpits, and he lifted her ass and put a pillow under it. He started working slowly inside her, and when he was, began long-donging her. She had had 4 or 5 orgasms with her first customer, and one with me. This guy made her cum so many times I lost count. He didn’t stop for the 20 minutes they had left. She had to have cum at least 20 times. There was no doubt that she came easily, AND she was a screamer. I would have been surprised if everyone in a mile hadn’t known she was enjoying being fuck. He was MAKING HER DAY. he finally came, and she was as limp as a wet towel. It took her several seconds to get enough strength to turn around and suck him clean so he could go. After he DID leave she laid there on the bed to get her breathing back to normal. When she had dressed, she looked at me through the mirror, and stated flatly, “He fuck me too good. He make me cum too much.”She was gone longer this time than the times before. She returned with her third customer, but he was easy for her. He only fucked her twice, taking his time, both times. Later she told me that he came to visit her one, and sometimes a week, and that he would be going home in a few days. She also said she liked him the first time they met.She told me that she would be in to get me in just a few minutes. She had to clean her pussy, first. She was back at the door in a bit. Another girl was in the room with a black guy. She pulled his pants down while he was taking off his shirt. She was undressed as quickly as anyone I had EVER seen. Linda opened the door and saw what I was looking at. “You wanna watch dis’?” she asked. I answered that I did, so we sat back down. The last time I had seen anything like that, it had been on a HORSE!!! HE WAS HUGE!!! I had had a friend up north who claimed to be 14″ long, and I took his word for it. This guy was MUCH BIGGER!!! The girl (Linda told me her name was Thuoc. pr.TOOK) was shorter than Linda, who claimed to be 5 ft. tall. (Later I found she was actually 4’10” tall) She had nice boobs, a pretty face, a good figure, and a VERY HAIRY PUSSY!!! I had never seen a Vietnamese woman with that much hair on her pussy, before. I couldn’t remember ANY woman with that much hair on her pussy. As big as he was, and as small as she was I had a hard time believing he was going to fuck her, but he DID!!!She sucked him until he was all the way erect, then she laid back on the bed, spreading her legs every bit as wide as Linda had. He licked her pussy for a very short time, and placing the head of his dick against her pussy, began to push. Slowly, slowly, it began to disappear inside of her. He kept going until he was balls deep in her pussy. She had grunted a time or two, but gave no other sign it was uncomfortable. He started pumping into her, and soon was coming the first time, but he KEPT ON GOING! Before he quit, he had cum inside her 3 times. I had SEEN it, but, I still didn’t BELIEVE it!!!I was to be further amazed as the night went on.

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