Our MMF Fantasy That’s Gonna Cum True…Part

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Our MMF Fantasy That’s Gonna Cum True…PartShe’d never been so nervous in her entire life. Part of her kept waiting for her feet to turn around on the sidewalk, but the hand clasped around hers helped her make it through those big glass doors. His hand was strong, confident-it felt like he was ready for this-so much more so than her. It was one thing to chat online, or even exchange phone numbers and pictures. But now…now they were 700 miles from home walking into one of the nicest hotels in New York City, and each step brought them closer to a fantasy they both wanted so desperately but neither ever dreamed it would be a reality…He looked up at the towering building in front of them, momentarily taken aback by the sheer size of it. There was no way they had actually made it-after all the planning, the chatting, the jokes about how soon they would be meeting him instead of just e-mailing and messaging back and forth. Part of him wanted to hail another taxi and take them right back to the airport. This was crazy! They needed to go home. But then he thought of her. Her excitement her anticipation the way these last 3 months had been for the two of them. And when he was perfectly honest with himself he wanted this too. Up until this moment, standing outside the gleaming revolving doors he hadn’t realized how much. Sensing her hesitation, he reached down and clasped her hand in his. He was ready to take the next step, to make this fantasy a reality. She found herself floating to the reception desk. “Reservation for Cox,” she heard him say. It surprised her-his confidence. The way he took over the situation, seeming to instinctively know-well sense rather-that her nerve was faltering. It calmed her-almost like his confidence was contagious-and it was exactly what she needed. Her steps became more deliberate; her walked changed from a leisurely stroll to a determined pace. When they entered the elevator together she pressed the number for floor 21 with such finality it left no doubt in his mind or hers for that matter that there was no turning backHe was proud of her; how could he not be? She had a hold of their suitcase with one hand, and grasped his with the other. It felt different-not a hand reaching out and searching for support but one that just wanted to act as a loving gesture. They made their way down the hallway to room 2127 and it was his turn to falter. One squeeze of her fingers told him they were fine. The card clicked in the lock and they stepped inside to get settled while they waited for their friend to arrive…The bed was laid out just right in the room. And the view! It was nearly orgasmic! Then again, she was hoping for more than the view to make her pussy dripping wet. There was a couch a loveseat and that carpet! It was so soft there wouldn’t even be a chance at rug burn. She wasn’t sure how much time she would be spending on the floor but it was nice to have the option. Then a thought crossed her mind- the bathroom. In some of their previous conversations with their friend he had brought up teaching her bathtub sex-something she had never done before. But how was she supposed to check it out without making her husband feel…well weird or uncomfortable. Wait, where was he?…He liked the room; it was nice. All the details, the design, that was her thing. The bed was big and soft and just high enough off the ground they would be able to bend her over the edge of the mattress. There was even furniture in the room-a couch a loveseat. All sorts of positions started materializing in his head, each one kinkier than the last. Then it hit him-the bathroom. Some of the conversations he had had with their friend involved his wife dripping wet in the shower, pressed up against the tile letting his dick thrust all the way inside her while she braced herself for the next climax. He could feel himself getting hard just imagining it. As he walked toward the door, he paused, wondering if she was wondering the same thing. She was staring out the window seemingly bahis şirketleri lost in her own little world. He decided to check it out without her; and he wasn’t disappointed. There was lots of room for the two of them to play, and plenty of room for him to have a front row seat…She found him standing in the bathroom scanning the shower she now realized was very spacious. Many positions could be experimented with in a tub like that too and she found her butterflies returning-but this time…this time it was not from nerves but excitement. A knock at the door caused them both to jump with a start. This was it-they exchanged one last glance a quick kiss, and she stepped up to the door to begin their first night…The knock came a little sooner than either of them expected and he jumped a bit at the sound. He glanced at her, she looked at him as if to say “do I get it” with her eyes. A slight nod, one quick kiss and he sent her to the door. He’d seen pictures of their friend before but seeing him for the first time in person made the realism sink in. he was here. They were here. And now what had come so easily online with a keyboard and cameras seemed to elude all 3 for a minute. Until he found his voice again and decided the motto he and Jordan had adopted would get him thru this. “hi Dan” he said “Where would you like to start?”…Seeing nick and Jordan standing there when they opened the door was a bit intense, I’ll admit. It was easy when she was flashing me a cum-filled pussy with her toy in her mouth but actually being in front of me hit me a little hard. It was actually coming together with Nick there to play with too. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock between my lips or to taste Jordan’s sweet cum but how could I say that? The silence hung in the air like a thick cloud; it seemed all 3 of us were as unsure of what to say or do as the next. Then nick smiled and with a quick “hi Dan. Where would you like to start?” it was like the tension faded and we were able to relax and start on the fun…she stood in the doorway for a full minute, realizing this was it. He was here in person no more screens between them no cameras to show what positions she and nick were trying. Dan stepped inside and for a moment it felt like this was turning into a mistake. It felt like the air in the room had suddenly gone thick and heavy like a sultry summer night with no breeze to offer a release from the heat. Her eyes jumped back and forth between the two men, waiting watching hoping one of them would speak so she wouldn’t have to. “Hi Dan. Where would you like to start?” nick had made the first step, and just as quickly the air got lighter and she found herself relaxing. She knew what to expect-the 3 of them had talked practically every night since they met. That made it so much easier after the chill was broken. Since nick had started the conversation she made her way over to the bed and leaned back on the silky soft pillows. Dan quickly followed with nick not far behind. She let them both start rubbing her legs while she leaned back and enjoyed the massage…The words coming out of his mouth surprised all 3 of them, but none more so than himself. But there was something that made him feel he needed to get this started before they both chickened out- “you only live once”- the motto he and Jordan had adopted as their own. Once the mood lightened things got so much easier. Dan made his way over to where Jordan was leaning back against the pillows and started to rub her legs all the way up and down, while nick followed suit. She seemed to melt under their touch and each pass of Dan’s fingers brought him closer to the button on the top of her jeans. Part of their conversations the past few weeks involved him stripping her down and nick was happy to watch…It was almost surreal-feeling Jordan under my hands trembling at first. Her nerves getting the best of her I’m sure. But she was just fine especially with nick there right beside me. Her eyes glanced between the 2 of us lingering mobilbahis on him longer than me obviously but with a little coaxing from both of us she started to relax a lot more. I could feel her tense muscles melt under our touch her eyes go from bright and alert to slipping closed more and more and for longer periods of time. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying everything we were doing to her so I decided to try my luck a little higher on her thighs. My fingertips started to brush against the button on the waist of her jeans. Nick’s hand stopped rubbing Jordan’s legs and for a minute I was a little confused. But then he looked at me and then at her and while her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back against the headboard he motioned with his hand for me to start stripping her down. I hesitated, waiting just long enough for him to back out; to change his mind. When he checked to make sure she was still immersed in her massage and motioned again a little more forceful this time I decided to trust him. As soon as my fingers wrapped around her waist and clasped her button her eyes snapped open. There was an emotion portrayed on her face I didn’t recognize. Fear? Anticipation? Amusement? Dare I say regret? What was that? I looked to nick for guidance perhaps a translation. He didn’t look at me however-his eyes peered into hers. Neither spoke. Call me crazy delusional but I swear I felt like I was watching a million conversations between these 2 and yet not a single word was spoken. It was amazing. It felt like an eternity but I’m sure it was only a minute, maybe two. Nick leaned in close, kissed her softly, almost reassuringly, and as he drew back he flashed me a grin. A slight nod and my hand slid back to her waist. She didn’t resist. Her hips lifted just a tiny bit so I could slide her pants off her body. A lacy black and red thong covered her sweet little pussy. I began to trace my fingers along the strings covering her hips playfully pulling them out away from her side acting like I was going to snap her with it. What can I say? I can be immature at times–hehe—but to my delight and to nick’s as well she giggled at both of us teasing me just a bit her now completely willing face waiting for me to give her more. I ventured a little higher from her legs to the white button up shirt she was wearing. Each one popped apart under my skilled hands and I ran my fingers up her arms until the fabric fell away from her shoulders. That sexy black bra she’d sent me pictures of her wearing before covered her round delicate breasts and I reached out to cup them in my hands before undoing the clasp in the back. Feeling my hands rubbing the top of her chest she let out a small gasp that gave way to a subtle moan. She was enjoying this-good. Happy I could make you happy—and that’s when I looked behind me. There was nick rubbing his cock in his pants watching intently while I stripped his wife bare…This was nowhere near the first time he’d seen her naked-far from it. Every time he was still turned on, still found himself wanting her so much. That had not changed by any means. But now watching Dan run his hands all over her caused his body to pulse with pleasure. He could feel his dick start to harden in his pants, each pass Dan made along her stomach sent a chill up his spine. He was enjoying this. Nick found himself wishing Dan would go a little higher on her body or a little lower and almost psychically it seemed he sensed where nick wanted him to go or what he wanted Dan to do. “That’s it-reach back and unsnap those hooks. Slide that thong down past her ass…yes use your tongue all over her tits…” he realized only after he had put his hand between his legs that nick was stroking himself while he watched Jordan wriggle with pleasure under Dan’s touch. Dan looked back at nick and for a split second the 2 exchanged a look as if to say “do you think she’s ready?” both nodded and nick slid up next to his wife. He began kissing her neck rubbing her mobilbahis giriş tits letting his nails slowly trace along her exposed stomach. Dan’s fingers were playing with the lips between her legs while nick’s tongue split the lips on her face. Nick could hear how wet Dan was making her pussy and the short begging moans escaping from her throat made his blood run hot. He reached down to his belt and unclasped his pants. Jordan reached over her body to slide open his zipper and tugged urgently at his belt loops. She wanted them-both of them-and he knew it. Gone were his insecurities, his fears. The second her hand grabbed his cock in her fingers he let himself go. His cock was begging to plunge deep inside her wet waiting hole. Dan lay down on the bed beside them to watch and he used his knees to split open her thighs. They’d done this before, probably thousands of times, but this time when he entered her was the most intense. He could feel her tighten around his throbbing dick knew what she felt like right before she came, and he knew how to send her over the edge with one hard thrust. Then there was another sensation, on the felt altogether different and so incredibly pleasurable. It was Dan’s tongue licking them both from nick’s balls all the way up to Jordan’s pussy. It felt so fucking good-even better than he’d ever imagined. It took everything he had not to explode inside her right there. But he had a plan-one only he and Dan knew about. Jordan was going to love this even if it did catch her off guard at first. One last push, each drop came flowing out between her lips coated his dick his balls and Dan’s mouth all in one steady stream. He felt her shudder; it was hard to remember a time he had pleasured her to that point or made her cum that hard. Nick slid out of her, his cock practically soaked thru with her climax and just as he leaned back Dan wrapped his lips around nick’s hard pulsing dick. This wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but he was going to lean back and enjoy it. Good God he was good at that. Dan could put his entire mouth around nick-all the way down to the balls. He looked up to see Jordan fingering herself while she watched their friend suck her husband. She almost looked like she was ready to squirt all over again so nick leaned over and started licking her the same way he felt Dan’s tongue on him. Nick made sure she was nice and wet and although it was the last thing he wanted to do, he slid Dan’s mouth off his cock and gently guided their very good friend into his wife’s waiting wet pussy…This whole night had already been so incredible and she was proud of the way she had handled herself. From the way she had gone from nervous to yes yes oh my God give me more—she had done it. Now after nick had pleasured her with his cock and Dan had pleasured her with his fingers and tongue nick was taking care of the situation. He was helping Dan replace him between her lips. She was ready and for a split second she was nervous again until a quick squeeze on her thigh from nick told her just to enjoy it to the fullest. As soon as she felt that cock plunge deep inside her she knew this was all right. Her eyes rolled back as she closed her eyes and pushed her hips against him. Each thrust shoved him a little deeper each slide in and out made them both a little more wet. As nick moved up beside them, she saw he was completely hard and stroking his cock so she reached out to help him. Both dicks so close to her; one inside her pussy one gripped in her hand. Then she felt it; something changed. Each one got harder than before. Their balls felt tight to the touch and she knew what was about to happen. She pushed on Dan’s chest; let each one settle on either side of her. She started fingering herself while these two sexy men stroked their firm amazing dicks until both-yes BOTH- hot sticky loads coated her entire body, from her neck to her pussy and every inch of skin in between. It was so incredible she came again all over her thighs. They all sat back and watched as she rubbed it all the way in. finally finding her voice she said “Oh no…now I’m all dirty….I think I need to clean up-say, in the bathtub?”…..But that will be the start of our next story-if you like what you’ve read so far in this one 😉

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