Our Impregnation Fetish has Dominated Our Lives

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Our Impregnation Fetish has Dominated Our LivesWe are a real married mixed race couple, Chinese-Malay wife (born in Texas) and white American husband. We think we have a somewhat unique story about how risky unprotected sex became an overpowering addiction in us.She comes from a rich conservative Chinese-Malay family that emigrated to USA from Singapore prior to her birth. He comes from a middle class midwestern conservative family. We are both licensed professionals.We have to admit our initial attraction to each other was actually, at first, the disapproval in both our families about interracial couples. But this taboo excited us. She preferred Caucasian men, and he preferred Asian women. So we started dating, but hid it from our families. As we became acquainted better, we found that we were attracted to each other, and we started having lots of sex very quickly.The very first time we had sex was the huge revelation. She was not on a birth control pill at that time, or any other contraceptive. Neither of us had ever had unprotected sex. She had previously always been on the pill with all her ex-boyfriends, but had stopped a few months before. He had never had a girlfriend not on the pill, and he didn’t have any condoms that night. She happened to be right in the middle of her menstrual cycle at peak fertility, and Passion got the better of us, as it often does with millions of other couples, and we fucked our brains out. It was the best sex either of us had ever had–The familial disapproval of interracial couples and the huge pregnancy risk excited us beyond anything we had experienced before. Even though we were worried she would get pregnant, we found the thrill of the high risk sex . And irresistible.The floodgates were opened. We started fucking twice a day, three times a day on Sundays. We still feared an unwanted pregnancy, but that fear was overcome by the pleasure we had from the THRILL OF THE RISK. Our sex talk while we fucked was mostly about even though we didn’t really want a baby yet. We had discovered our fetish–our pregnancy risk fetish–and it was both overwhelming and delicious. Every day we were counting the minutes to get off work, return home, slip between the sheets together and fuck each other kaçak iddaa silly.Our families would have been quite shocked. They were so old fashioned. We laugh about that now, but it was a real consideration then.We knew the huge amount of unprotected fucking we were doing was definitely going to result in pregnancy, and probably very quickly. We were NOT going to use any birth control. That would have spoiled it. Our families would have been absolutely mortified if she had become pregnant out of wedlock. An Asian bride with a huge pregnant belly walking down the aisle to marry her Caucasian man would have simply been too scandalous. Therefore we decided to mitigate their disapproval at least somewhat by getting engaged and setting an early wedding date. At least we could take the pregnant belly out of the wedding ceremony picture. We certainly knew by then we were in love, meant for each other, and shared this impregnation risk fetish. However she made it clear to this Caucasian boyfriend when he proposed that she wanted 10 c***dren AND a huge diamond engagement ring (to test his commitment). He responded by giving her a 2.9 carat marquis cut E color VVS1 clarity diamond engagement ring, and by fucking her raw 20 times a month ever since. By the way, she didn’t really want 10 c***dren, that was just a test.We got married in a hurry just a month after announcing our engagement, much relieved that she wasn’t pregnant yet. Our families eventually accepted our union grudgingly. Much to our surprise, they started subtly asking about when we planned to give them grandc***dren!Talk about marital bliss! It was glorious! On our 8 day honeymoon in Hawaii, we barely left our room. We had the television removed, and all our meals were room service. . None! We fucked so long and hard all day that we were completely exhausted and would fall asleep, only to wake up and start fucking again, and so on, and so on. The entire 8 days was spent thus.We timed our honeymoon so she would be ovulating right in the middle of our stay. Now that we were married we wanted to conceive and have a baby. We were mildly surprised that she didn’t get pregnant. Nor did she get pregnant the next month despite fucking twice a day all through her ovulation kaçak bahis week, or the month after that. We got a bit concerned. Maybe we weren’t fertile. Maybe something was wrong and we couldn’t conceive. We calculated that he had pumped in over 300 pussy creampies in 6 months into her, but still no impregnation. We began videotaping our fucking because we wanted to capture the actual fuck that produced our first baby, because we had a suspicion that our conceptions might be rare events. Videotaping our fucking became a habit (we liked to watch ourselves).Finally after over 300 pussy creampies (that includes premarital), and ~15 weeks after our wedding, her pregnancy test hit POSITIVE. Obviously we were thrilled, and so were our families. It was a 9 pound, 6 ounce Asian-Caucasian baby girl. Gorgeous.After she recovered a few weeks from delivering our first baby, our impregnation risk fetish resumed, and it was even stronger than before. Why? We think it was because we now knew we were fertile. The pregnancy risk was not just theoretical, but was very real. Real risk means real excitement. We really went at it.It eventually became problematic, like a gambling addiction. The risk was so exciting that it was interfering with our daily obligations. Any function, get-together, or party during her ovulation week especially, we would not attend because we were too busy fucking. Sometimes we even missed work because we were so worn out from fucking 3 times a day when she was ovulating. Our families definitely noticed. They joked about it (nervously). They joked we wore out 5 beds in 6 months (not true)or that we were trying to have triplets (?) etc. They thought we were just eager to conceive another baby. But we weren’t. We were just addicted to high risk sex. They would have been shocked if they had known how much we were fucking.We were fucking over 30 times a month for three and a half years until she finally conceived our second baby. It took over 1200 pussy creampies to do it. Obviously we are not a very fertile couple. We knew something must be wrong.Our second baby was a boy and weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces. We were delighted now to have a boy and girl. Perfect. Time to go on birth control, right? Having our second baby illegal bahis did not diminish our impregnation risk fetish . Actually it increased it. Why? Because now there was the risk of another pregnancy, AND the financial strain of another baby. . Higher risk means more excitement for us. It’s like a gambling addiction. Fucking resumed with more intensity as before.However now we could not fuck as often as we wanted to. Frequency is diminished when there is an infant in the crib near our bed, and our 4 year old daughter is knocking on our locked bedroom door shouting, “Are you guys doing again?” Bless her heart.Nevertheless it was probably a good thing, because it helped disguised our addiction from friends and family. “They are just at home taking care of their c***dren,” they thought. Well that’s true, but we were also bareback fucking every night we could and reveling in the risk.We think one of the reasons we have this impregnation risk fetish is BECAUSE we are so infertile. We have to work to get pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is an unwanted outcome, but in a way, maybe subconsciously we DO want to get pregnant. She never got any “morning sickness” or had any difficulty at all going through pregnancy. It was never a problem, so why not risk more? She looks fabulous when she’s pregnant, and her gorgeous figure always returned after delivery. Another four and a half years of bareback fucking 20 times a month and we finally conceived our third baby. Another beautiful Asian-Caucasian baby girl that weighed a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces. Now we have three c***dren, and it has taken us over eight and a half years to conceive them. We figured he has pumped fully of Caucasian semen into her Chinese-Malay pussy in these 8.5 years. West “meats” East indeed.We were not done yet. Our impregnation fetish has not lessened despite 3 growing c***dren. But after fucking as much as we could (now with 3 curious c***dren in the house) for years and years, we just couldn’t conceive another baby despite thousands of pussy creampies. We finally saw a gynecologist/fertility specialist. We found out why we were so infertile. She has one fallopian tube that is completely scarred closed, and the other is so narrow that her egg can only infrequently make it through.It is probably for the best. We are so crazy with our addiction/fetish that we would probably have 12 c***dren by now if not for our relative infertility. Still we keep trying . . . . . . .

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