Our holiday in Croatia

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Our holiday in CroatiaFor a change we thought we would leave booking a holiday until the last minute and go for the cheapest holiday in any country, with any star rating of hotel and any flight from our nearest airport. Our only criteria was that it had to be half board so we knew we would have a breakfast and evening meal in case we ended up in the middle of nowhere. We got a three star hotel on the coast in Croatia, nearly 2 hours drive from the airport and with flights that were probably the first off the runway.We arrived at the hotel late morning and after unpacking went to explore the town. It was very small with an area of old houses and craft shops know as ‘the old town’ and a new area comprising several hotels where there were the restaurants. There was a small harbour where it was possible to book a trip along the coast or a sunset cruise to see the dolphins, neither of which we did. We called in at the tourist office for a map which showed the local footpaths, cycle trails and beaches. The town didn’t take long to explore and after a snack and a beer we decided to walk around the nearby peninsular to explore the beach. The local definition of beach seemed to be an area of flat rock on the edge of the sea, stones everywhere and no sand. On enquiring about diving I was told that the nearest dive centre was some drive away so this holiday would be exploring the local marine life by snorkelling.We arrived on a Sunday so many of the beaches were occupied by locals as well as tourists and as we walked towards the end of the peninsular where I hoped to find marine life we found that some of the small inlets were unoccupied. We decided to stop at one beach which was a long flat rock with some trees at the back for shade and easy access to the water. As there was nobody around we stripped off for some nude sunbathing but soon found out that one towel was not sufficient cushioning against the rock and went into the water for a dip. The water was warm and crystal clear and looking under water I could see very little marine life. We decided to return the next day and from this beach I would snorkel to the end of the peninsular with my old Fuji camera to see if I could get any pictures of fish or any other marine life.The next morning I packed my mask, snorkel and pocket fins and decided to leave the shorty wet suit at the hotel. When we got to the beach there was another couple already sunbathing with nothing on. As we walked across the rock to the far side away from the couple the woman looked up and waved. This time we had brought more padding as well as the towels to lay on the hard rock. I stripped off but Jean said she was happy to be topless but she wouldn’t take off her bikini bottoms while the other couple were there. I checked my camera and then went down to the edge of the water, put on my fins, mask and snorkel and swam along the edge of the peninsular. At various points I found plants and rock crevices in which the fish hide but there was very little to be found, I guessed that because the water was warm a lot of the marine life was out in deeper water. On returning I went past where I had entered the water and ended up getting out near the sunbathing couple. As soon as I was out the man looked up and asked if there was much marine life to see. From his accent I guessed he was from the North of England. They looked to be in their 50s and both carrying a little bit of weight around the middle. I told him what I had seen and then we got on to discussing tuzla escort where we came from and what hotel we were staying at.When I got back to Jean I told her about my discussion with the couple and suggested she go for a swim and that I would video her. It took some persuading to get her to remove her bikini bottoms and eventually she went into the water with nothing on. As she did a slow breast stroke I swam around and beneath her getting shots of her tits hanging down and her hairy bush and lips while swimming behind her. When we finished and got out of the water the couple were sitting up. They introduced themselves as Terry and June. June mentioned that they had several videos of their holidays but had never had a video of them swimming and she asked if I would video them. I agreed, it wasn’t a problem for me but warned them that the camera was old with a limited storage capacity and that there might not be much space left on the memory card. Terry suggested that if there was little space left that I should video June. We all got in the water and I followed June around videoing her as I had Jean with shots from below showing her tits and shots from behind with her legs wide open. It wasn’t long before the storage was used up and we got out and sat on their towels. I played the video back for them a couple of times and they saw Jean swimming as well as June. Our hotels were next to each other and we agreed to meet later that evening when I would give them a copy of the video. Jean and I went back to our towels and got dressed to return to the hotel. On returning to our room I took the camera out of its waterproof housing, removed the memory card and copied the file onto our lap top. I played the video back and there were some really great shots of Jean’s and June’s tits. Jean asked me to delete the first part of the video so that the one I gave Terry and June was just of them. The video didn’t show Jean’s face and I decided to give June the whole thing and copied it onto a memory stick.We met in a bar later in the evening and I gave June the memory stick, she said she would replace it and I told her not to bother as it was an old one with limited capacity. Over the evening we had several drinks and our discussion covered a wide range of subjects. June told us that they like being watched when having sex and as they rarely find anybody to watch them they make videos and post them online and are always checking for feedback comments. At some time in the evening I told them that I had a medical problem where I couldn’t get an erection and had very little feeling in my cock and had probably watched their videos. Once when I returned from the bar after getting a round of drinks I heard June ask my Jean if we had a sex life as I wasn’t able to get a stiff cock and Jean told her how she liked to have her tummy and bum massaged and quite often this lead to me licking her to an orgasm.Towards the end of the evening June asked if it would be possible to make a more personal video in the water the next day and would I like to try Terry’s expensive digital camera. We agreed to go back to the same beach and met outside their hotel in the morning.When we got to the beach the next morning there was nobody else around and we put our towels down in roughly the same place as before with us some distance from Terry and June. While Jean sunbathed June, Terry and I got into the water. I had cleared the camera memory card, charged the battery and I explained that we had a tuzla escort bayan maximum of about 11 minutes video time. I had brought my dive weight pouch and filled the pockets with stones to ensure that I didn’t float off my feet while videoing. We worked out roughly what Terry and June would do, they wouldn’t be swimming just standing or sitting on rocks. At the beginning of the video I was standing in the water and Terry and June were on their towel. I told them to start and turned the camera on. The couple got off their towels and walked into the sea where they start to kiss and cuddle. June starts to slowly massage Terry’s cock which I knew would look good on video as everything is magnified under water. Terry puts his hand between June’s legs and starts to rub her lips and then turns her sideways onto him so that one hand is massaging her cunt and the other is groping her arse in the crack. Terry turns June around and she bends forward to enable him to push his cock inside her. His cock slowly goes in and out; I told Terry to pull out as far as he can so that viewers see how long his cock is. Allowing a couple of minutes for this Terry then pulls his cock out and June moves to sit on a rock and open her legs for him to go in again. Here I get some close up of the slow motion as Terry’s cock goes between June’s lips. I left it for Terry to decide when the video ends and after a short while he pulls his cock out and starts to wank and I take a close up shot of a white jet shooting into the sea and the video ends with June rubbing his cock.The video was finished before the memory card was full and we got out of the water and sat on their towels and played back the video. After the first viewing it was obvious that Terry and June were pleased with it and watched it several more times June had brought Terry’s digital camera for me to try and I went back and sat next to Jean and looked inside Terry’s camera bag where I found a seriously expensive digital camera, some lenses and a small tripod. The main control dial had similar settings to my old camera and had a very complicated menu screen. I just wanted a point and shoot camera and I soon worked out how to take video and adjust the lens for close ups. I put the camera on the tripod and tested shooting across Jean to get a picture of Terry sunbathing and could see little of June as she was on the far side. Shortly after, a couple arrived at the beach who stripped off and lay down to sunbathe. They were followed by another couple who took everything off and sat down to read their books. Both couples were between us and Terry and I found I could move the shot between all three couples with little lens adjustment to keep in focus. When checking the view of Terry again I could see June had started to rub Terry’s cock and she was looking at us. I turned on the camera and started to video and it wasn’t long before Terry’s cock was fully alert. June was slowly rubbing the full length and then I noticed both couples were sitting up watching. I focused the camera between all three couples getting a close up of June’s hand and checking what the couples were doing. Jean was laying next to me and turned onto her back and was looking at June when she moved a hand onto her pubic hair. June was still looking towards us and raised herself up to take Terry’s cock in her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down. Jean’s hand started to move regularly and I knew she was excited by what she was seeing. I now had to video escort tuzla four locations and spent several seconds moving between Jean rubbing her cunt and June sucking on Terry. I noticed Jean’s breathing changed and I moved the shot so it was looking across Jean’s moving hand towards June and I recorded Jean’s orgasm to the end when she had calmed down. I then changed the shot back to June who was now going up and down Terry’s cock much faster and I saw him jump as he came in June’s mouth , after which June lay down to sunbathe. Focusing back on the other two couples one pair were sitting up reading and the other were laying next to each other with the man fingering his partner and I could only record the hand movement. When they had finished I packed up the camera and we dressed to return to the hotel for an afternoon siesta. Late in the afternoon I copied the video I had recorded in the sea that morning to a memory stick and we went to see Joan and Terry as planned. I gave Joan Terry’s camera and she turned it on for her and Terry to see what I had recorded. They were very pleased with what I had captured and they invited us to join them at a restaurant for evening dinner instead of us returning to our hotel. They insisted that they pay for the meal and drinks as a thank-you for taking the videos. On leaving the restaurant they suggested that we go back to their hotel room; they had some open bottles of wine to consume as they were flying home the next day. Our holiday was a package trip whereas Terry and June had booked their own flights and hotel. Their room was very big compared to ours and the balcony was wide enough to take a table and four chairs. For the next few hours we sat on their balcony talking and looking at the lights of the old town and harbour. At one point in the evening the fact that they liked to be watched while having sex came up again, Terry and June were sitting next to each other and had been stroking each other when June stood up and asked us to excuse them for a few minutes and they went into their room. Jean was sitting on the edge of the balcony looking at the lights whereas I was near the door and could see a reflection of the room in a mirror.As soon as Terry and June got into the room they pulled each other’s shorts down, June bent over the bed and Terry pushed his stiff cock inside her. I was fascinated looking at June’s face as she had her orgasm in only a few minutes followed by Terry. I had heard of people having a quickie but that was unbelievably quick. They both pulled their shorts up and came out onto the balcony. As they passed me I spoke quietly to June and said “Thank-you I enjoyed that” to which she replied “So did we.” After another hour or so we took our leave and wished them both a safe journey home.The next morning at breakfast I told Jean that Terry and June had left us the night before for a quick fuck and she didn’t believe me. For the remainder of our holiday we tried several other beaches where we could strip off completely and swim in the sea with nothing on and unfortunately did not see another Terry and June.On returning home I had an email from Terry with three links to where they had posted the videos and said they were waiting for our positive comments. They also said that their fuck on the last evening was the quickest ever and thanked me for watching. I showed Jean the email and we looked at the three videos. I was expecting some problems from Jean because she appeared on a couple of videos and I hadn’t told her but it was not a problem. I left it to Jean to leave the comments on the three postings and she surprised by writing some very rude positive remarks. This will go down as one of our best holidays ever.

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