Our First Time MMF Ch. 02

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Addison said what are you two doing? It is my turn now, and since one of you just blew your load, I guess you know who’s turn it is to get me off. I was completely aroused and unexpected at her comment. Steven looked over at me with the questionable eyes, then turned to her and Addison’s smirk to Steven and wink to me was all that needed to be said without any words spoken at all.

Addison kissed me on the cheek and moved away from me. She slowly stood up out of the water, to show her firm breasts with hard nipples visible by the moonlight. The water started to bead off of her smooth skin, her long hair dripping as it caressed her ass. She raised her ass onto the edge of the hot tub facing us, when she positioned her long legs wide open, as she swung one leg after the other past us so we both got a view of her soaking wet, freshly shaved pussy, as she exited the hot tub. She wrapped herself loosely in a towel, bending over at her hips to pick up her black lace bra and black thong. She held them in her hands and she walked over toward us and she placed her thong under Steven’s nose, She said hope you want more of this. Don’t be too long out here.

Steven and I set in the hot tub for a few minutes just staring up at the sky with relaxation. I was still in shock of what just happened. Steven then thanked me for inviting him over to use the hot tub. Anytime you need to become relaxed it is an open invitation. I told Steven I loved the attention that was given to me by him and my wife. This was the first time I ever did anything like that, especially with a guy being involved. Steven replied, guy or girl as long as you cum right? Right, I guess that is what my wife meant also, one of the two who has not cummed yet this evening. Steven said, no worries, this is all our secret. I was still very excited emotionally and I wanted to tell him that I wanted more, but I refrained. I am not gay, I mean he just helped my wife suck my dick. What if my eyes were closed, does it count as guy or bi-sexual? However I had this burning urge to stroke his cock over and over until I get to to see what cum tastes like?

With a big smile, he said to me do you think Addison was serious? Her thong smelled so inviting to me and if so should I am wasting time out here with you. I said wow, you got over sucking dick to eating pussy really fast LOL. Steven there is only one way to find out. Do you want to go inside? He stopped and looked directly at me and asked are you sure you are OK with all of this? My smile was all he needed to see on my face to know my response.

With that being said I got up out of the hot tub to grab a towel and dry off. Steven was moving towards the edge of the hot tub, staring at my cock and body as I was drying off, he was still in need of relief. Steven got out of the hot tub, dried off, and then helped me close up the cover on the hot tub.

We both went inside the house to change and to see where Addison went. As I walked into the living room Addison was nowhere to be found. I thought to myself maybe she went to bed, maybe she’s waiting in bed for us, or I figured she was just teasing us because she has never been like this during our dating and marriage years. Well I was already dried and standing naked in my living room and Steven was only in his wet boxers, so I told him to take them off and finish drying off, he was getting my floor wet.

He removed his boxers and there was his rock hard cock inches away from me. I wondered if he was hard because of me, because of my wife, or because he had not orgasm yet? His cock was thick about 8 inches long and stood upwards, not outward and the head was similar in size to his cock. I started to get aroused again, I wanted to touch his cock, to place it in my mouth, to taste his pre-cum, what was I thinking? Why was I being like this. I love my wife. She is totally amazing and I LOVE Pussy. My growing cock might have other thoughts now.

I focused for a minute and told him to relax on the couch as I find Addison. He said don’t worry I will find her, I thought he would go search for her Kadıköy Escort however he just yelled out Addison where are you. I was waiting for no response from her, but I was totally wrong. She answered from the bedroom i’m here. She said Steven pick a color. He yelled out white. She then y’all back pick a style. Steven said ummm okay baby doll what do you mean style? She said I got my answer already. We both looked at each other with confusion.

Moments later she reveals herself from the bedroom, slowly walking into the hallway, standing spread legged and facing both of us. She wanted to make an entrance and she definitely did. She stood there in all white lace and sheer baby-doll outfit with white lace top pantyhose and garter belt. She looked amazing in every way. I never knew she had that outfit so my heart beat faster and faster knowing my buddy is seeing her amazing body. We now know what the baby-doll comment meant. Steven’s eyes were locked on Addison, his rock hard cock standing at attention with dripping pre-cum on the tip. I didn’t know if I should look at her or him. My cock was also at attention, when Addison said well look at this, two hard cocks, but only one will be getting used this time. It is only fair to our guest honey, he did the work already, now it is his time to get a reward.

She walks slowly towards Steven, step after step of her high heels and her eyes locked on him. She never looked at me at all, as if I wasn’t even in the room. For some reason I don’t even care at this point. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It was like I was watching a live porno. She reached him and with one hand she grabbed his hard throbbing cock and squeezed it and with her other hand she grabbed his hand and placed his hand on her breast. What he did next was unexpected to me, he used his other hand and grabbed her from behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Not just a peck, but a long wet sloppy make-out kiss.

After a few minutes of them making out and me just watching on the couch with an extremely hard cock, she broke off the kisses, the stroking of his cock, the grabbing of her tits and she pulled his hand behind her towards the bedroom. Without her saying a word to me, I decided to follow, hoping for some more release. As I entered the room, she was pulling him onto the bed with her. She yelled stop to me, you can watch but you will NOT cum again, it is our turn now. Without hesitation, I said, I understand honey. She said call me Mistress for tonight, Yes Mistress Addison.

I sat at the end of the bed, naked with a hard throbbing cock. I sat there watching them both kissing and touching each other. Her large breasts with rock hard nipples were both exposed, he was sucking on them, marking them with teeth bites and hickeys. I have never been so turned on before watching her with someone else, I never thought I would enjoy this for real. She was moaning, arching her back, and wanting his cock. She was whispering in his ear, softly so I couldn’t hear her. He was fingering her tight, wet, shaved, pussy when I heard how wet she really was over her moaning. It sounded like an ocean. I noticed the bed was covered from all her wetness. She was completely under his power.

She moved Steven onto his back in the middle of the bed. As she moved him into position she looked back at me with a devilish smile and wink. She whispered to me “Are You OK With This”? I whispered back completely. She then spoke up loudly and told me “Tell your mistress you want her to cum”. I loudly said Mistress I want you to cum. She replied by who? I responded back by Steven. He was laying on his back and she got onto her knees with her ass and pussy facing me in the air. I went to touch her ass and when I did she smacked my hand. She said if you touch me again you will be removed from the room. I’m sorry Mistress, it will not happen again. Good Boy she said as she patted me on my head. Just sit there, watch and enjoy. I quietly agreed. She said this is something you always wanted, isn’t it? I told her NO. She said if you lie Ataşehir Escort to me again you will be removed from this room. She asked again, you always wanted this correct? Yes Mistress, very much. She answered “I know”, I found your files on your computer with all of your secret fantasies. My heart sank, but my cock throbbed even more.

Addison proceeded to stroke Stevens cock, up and down. He was laying there in heaven. She did this for a very short time when she looked back at me, winked and proceeded to lick the tip of his cock. She licked his pre-cum and remarked how great it tasted. She turned towards me, grabbed me by the neck and gave me a long tongue filled kiss. After, she whispered, I hope you enjoyed his taste also, Yes Yes I do mistress. She focused back on Steven, sucking his dick as his back was arching, his hands grabbing her hair, forcing her to suck his rock hard dick. I was so horny I started to beat myself off watching them, when Addison saw what I was doing and yelled STOP now or you will be removed. No touching me or yourself the rest of the night unless told to. There are no more warnings. Yes Mistress.

She went back to Steven and he pulled her close to her. They started to kiss passionately with his arms holding her body tightly against his. She was riding his dick on the outside of her panties. Sliding up and down faster and faster. I could tell he was trying to position so he can slide his dick into her waiting pussy. I knew she noticed because she would fight him with her body movement purposely.

She kept rubbing up and down his cock when she looked at me and said I better get a condom for his cock, and when I am finding one she is going to play just the tip, so I better be fast. She was not on birth control and she wanted to get pregnant. My mind started to move fast but I wasn’t focused where the condoms where. I just watched them instead. Finally the light bulb got brighter, I opened the dresser drawer, and opened the condom box up. I tore a condom off and handed it to Addison. She took the condom and told me to go back to the bottom of the bed and enjoy. She opened the condom and rolled it onto his hard cock. He was still lying there in ecstasy. She then put one leg down and one leg into the air so I could have a first hand look of his condom covered cock entering my wife’s awaiting pussy. She slowly grabbed his cock at the base and positioned herself onto the tip of his cock with one hand and with her other hand she pulled her panties to the side while looking into his eyes, her emotions erupted. Her moans were loud, pure ecstasy.

Slowly she rides his cock up and down slowly but steadily. His hand all over her breasts, then squeezing her ass. My cock was leaking cum so bad, I wanted to stroke it but knew I would be removed so I just watched as my pain in my crotch grew. A few more pumps of his cock and I could tell he would be cumming soon. I have no idea the last time he was with a female, but he is owning my wife right now. My wife must of known because she looked back at me while still pumping away and whispered to me “he is going to cum soon”, I figured she would stop, maybe finish him with a blow job, or let him cum on her tits. I was excited for any of them, but I was completely wrong. Addison looked into his eyes and told him that he owns her pussy, do with it as you please.

As she looked at me she told me to come closer, so I did. She laid tight on top of Steven just enough so his tip of his dick was barely inside her pussy, and she told me to remove her panties, so I did, then she told me to remove the condom. I said do what? She said “Your Mistress” told you to do something, complete the task or be removed. I shook my head with questions of why, but I followed my chore. I grabbed his cock and removed the condom from his hard cock. Secretly I was aroused because I was finally touching his cock. Good Boy she said and now hold his cock for me. I grabbed the base of his cock unknowing what she will do next, Blow job, stroke him off, facial. Nope she decided to sit on his hard uncovered Maltepe Escort cock. She slid down his shaft so fast from her wetness and his stiffness. I was totally shocked and scared. I said honey you are not on birth control. She said, just another one of your fantasies I am playing out for you. This is your time to enjoy your dreams, it might also be your last time will tell. She started to ride up and down faster and faster. He was starting to moan, she started to moan louder and louder. He was so close to cumming, I saw his balls clenching up, I was getting very scared with worry. She was finally going to cum herself, she screamed out yes i’m going to cum soon. He also screamed i’m going to cum. Addison forced herself harder on his cock and faster as she kept grabbing her own breasts. The next thing I heard her say made my heart sink, she screamed Cum In Me, Make Me A Baby.

That was all I needed to hear. I was completely scared, upset, and aroused. Aroused so much that I cummed right then without touching myself. Steven didn’t need much more instructions, he grabbed my wife tight and help her close to his chest kissing her deeply well she still rides his cock. Finally it happened. He screamed “I’m Cumming” and my loving and beautiful wife also said “I’m Cumming” as he pumped his hot seed into my fertile wife’s whom. He thrust three or four more times until my wife slid up to his neck, in pure exhaustion while he still held her tight. His dick just slightly falling out of her pussy, staring me in the face. There was silence other than the heavy breathing of both of them. I looked up at Addison’s pussy and his cum started to leak out of her, his cock covered in cum, both are his and hers and his cock was still semi hard.

I was still aroused just watching what happened. Scared and upset but aroused. I could tell they both were looking each other in the eye and whispering to each other. There were a few giggles and things said like “sure if you want” being said about me. That’s when I didn’t care anymore if I would get removed from the room. I slid up slowly to get a close view of my wives used, swollen, cum filled pussy. I loved the smell and thought about licking it, but I had a better idea. His cock was falling towards my lips, I decided to lick the tip of his cock. I placed my tongue on to the tip and I finally tasted cum, Steven’s cum. I licked the head over and over until I got the urge to grab the base of his cock and place it completely into my mouth. I was a cock sucker, I was cleaning his cock. Cleaning all his cum from him and my wife. It tasted Great, I wanted more. As I engulfed his cock in my mouth he let out a moan and my wife caught me. She yelled and said what are you doing? I said tasting the both of you. She said I didn’t ask permission and I will be punished. I was ready to be removed from the room but I was wrong again. She forced my head all the way down his shaft. Gagging myself on his cock. She then called me a cuckold, ya that right you are my cuckold. Isn’t that what you wanted to be called before? Yes Mistress. She said she was done role playing for the night until now. She kept making me clean his shaft up and down, calling me her cuckold. I was getting so turned on. She said well if this is how you are going to listen to me and from the signs of your cock getting hard when you are sucking his dick and being called a cuckold, maybe I needed a chastity cage. I about blew my load again hearing this. My fantasy was coming true.

She had Steven move over on the bed and she now lay on her back. She spread her legs wide open for me. She told me to eat her creampie. Her pussy was leaking cum down to her asshole. She told me I better lick it all up so she doesn’t become pregnant with his c***d. I totally forgot that for the moment. I started to dive into her pussy. Licking and sucking all his cum out of her. I was in heaven. She kept saying lick his cum cuckold, don’t miss any. She said I feel my ovaries being entered by his massive sperm. She said remember if I get pregnant that I removed the condom not her. I spent 10 minutes cleaning his creampie. I was totally exhausted and wanted to lay there with them. She had other ideas, she told me to get up, stay naked and go into the living room and wait. I got up and walked out when the door closed behind me.

To be continued…

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