OUr experiment with discipline

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OUr experiment with disciplineDarcy (my wife) and I were left a little startled after we fire our german housekeeper. We were a little worried about how far she had pushed us but we also discovered we kind of liked being disciplined. We decided we would keep our minds open and see if another opportunity arose that we were comfortable with.We live in an affluent community in California. Most of our neighbors are young and in the tech sector. There are parties every weekend, sometimes multiple parties. We quickly learned that the women don’t wear panties at parties or fancy dinners. I’ve seen just about every pussy in the neighborhood; its an expectation. I discussed this with Darcy and she reassured me its okay to look“That’s what its like with all of this affluence I guess” she assured meI also discovered most of the residents weren’t big on marriage-fidelity either. It wasn’t unusual to see folks kissing or even more in the bedrooms and bathrooms at the parties.After one party I had to confront Darcy“Jennifer blew me in the bathroom” I admittedDarcy gave me a disappointed look“was it just sex?”“Yeah, she was getting ready to leave the bathroom as I was trying to get in. She shut the door, dropped and un did my shorts and blew me”“Derek, I think that’s different than a love affair. If you get a quick, diryt blow job, don’t tell me. Just don’t fall in love with anyone. I think all of the ladies want to see that package of yours. I’m proud of it.”I was stunned. First, Jennifer, the girl that blew me is an anchor on the evening news. I thought Darcy would be jealous. Second, I didn’t think she would be this non-chalant about me being blown by another lady. I was a little worried that I had just given her permission to blow anyone she wants.As we went to more and more social gatherings we learned there was some neighbors that really experimented. Couple swapping was almost a given. Some of them belonged to a sex club in the city. Darcy and I discussed it and we didn’t wan’t to fool around in our own back yard.One party there was a cute young couple from Cuba making the rounds.“They run a discipline club in Cuba” we were informedI noticed Darcy chatting with the girl later in the eveningThe next morning she brought me up to dateThey have a facility on the beach in Cuba. It’s a combination of a health resort, nudist resort and sex training.We talked about and decided we could at leat fly down there and check it out.Darcy set it up and three weeks later w were in the air first to Mexico and then CubaWe were met at the Airport and then driven to the resort.We were greeted by Julio and Maria, the couple we meet in CaliforniaThey showed us around the facility. We had acess to the beach. There were about 4 couples sunning themselves in different stages of nudityThere is an awesome fitness facility and a spa“Take a look around and get comfortable, Maria smiled, your therapy starts in the morningThere wasn’t any tv so we headed to the beach. Darcy quickly shed her top and showed off her titties.We went back to our room and were a little surprised by the presence of a room assistant, JuanWe found out through his broken English that he was there almost all of the time to tender to our needs. He is about 18, slim and wearing a swim suit that is almost a thongJulio came in and gave us some more updates about ur next 8 days“You are on our discipline course. Each day we push you a little further. You can tell us when you don’t want to ga any further. We have staff that clean you, dress you and take care of all your needs.”I was a little upset abut someone dressing me and bathing me but we had signed on and Darcy looked happyJulio left and Juan asked what we would like. We dined, a very light dinner, as he prepared our bedAs Darcy headed to the bathroom he followed. I’m not ankara escort sure which one of us was more surprisedShe returned and Juan pulled back the covers for her and motioned for me to head to the bathroomHe followed and helped me dis-robe. As I went into the shower he began scrubbing me from head to toe. Weird!I went back and got in bed with Darcy. Juan light some incense and truned off the lights and then seated himselfI fucked a couple of girls in college with my roommate in the room but this was the first time Darcy and I had one it with someone in the room. It actually felt great. I loved to look over at Juan as Dacry sucked me or while I was plowing her cute little pussyIn the morning we showered together and Juan scrubbed us. He handed us robes to wear while we ate fruit and banana bread for breakfast. Juan showed us to our first appointmentJulio and Maria were there.“After your workout, we will prep your bodies”We both spent some time with light weight lifting and cardio workMaria greeted us as we finished and pointed us to the spaWe were met by two girls, two guys in the spa. They all wore only a garmet that looked like a swim suit and they were all youngWe showered with these four scrubbing us. We were led to a prep room and we lay on the tables, naked. These young folks turned us all over as they shaved and waxed every inch of our bodies. I looked over at Darcy and detected a smile as these young hands were going all over her. Her sweet bald pussy looked awesome. I had never been wazed before. It hurt. I hadn’t been bald in the dick area in quite some time.They stood us up and Julio and Maria came in. Julio was wearing a leather outfit that looked like cowboy chaps and a vest. Nothing underneath. He is about 5’ 9” and very lean. He is shaved also and has a tiny dickMaria had on a garter and nothing else. She had long dark hair, about 5’5” and 110 lbs. She has a flat tummy and firm tiny titties.They led us to the “club.”The walls are littered with rings and bars. There are all types of tables at various heights and many chairsDarcy and I just stood there naked as the help cleared out except for Maria and Julio. They whispered to each other in Spanish and then directed us to approach closer.Julio sat down on a chair and motioned for Darcy to sit across his knees. She did quickly at first. He positioned her so her muscular but was right above his crotch and slightly elevated. I grinned as he gave her a few smack on her bottom with his bard hand.Darcy emitted a little gasp as Maria grabbed my wrist and pulled me to her chair. She positioned me as Julio had Darcy and quickly started spanking my butt.I was quickly embarrassed at a girl spanking my butt and my erection. I looked over at Darcy, she had a red bottom. I realized I probably did alsoJulio let up and started whispering something in Darcy’s earMaria did not let up. She spanked harder “You have been a very bad husband”“You must pay for Jennifer sucking your dick”Maria spanked me even harderJulio had Darcy stand up and let her to the wall as Maria pounded my bare skinJulio chained Darcy to the wall, face out. Her tits and pussy exposedMaria stopped and chained me with my ass to the open space. Julio and Maria left the roomA few minutes later, the door opened and all of the other guests at the facility were paraded by usThe room cleared out and we were unchained.“Moring sessions is over” Maria exclaimedWe headed to the showers with the staff. I was getting used to boys and girls scrubbing my bodyWe ate lunch wearing only light robes and were allowed to return to our rooms for a nap. Juan was there of courseWhen we peed, he was there to wipeThe afternoon started with a quick shower. Then into the club; nakedJulio and Maria had on the same outfits. This time they had small whipsThe ankara escort bayan afternoon was much like the morning, light spanking with the whips and a few degrading whispers.We stopped about 3 in the afternoon and we were informed we were free to go about the facility. We didn’t have any clothingWe headed to the beach. Too late to be modest now, we thoughtI could tell Darcy had been a big hit with the guys. They made sure the made a circuit that included another look at her pussyThat night we fucked like rabbits, having Juan there helpedI turned Darcy over and looked are her bottom; very redShe did the same to me and informed my ass was also very redWe both giggled and were glad we had tried thisThe next morning, another breakfast, naked and then another group shower after workoutWe got another quick spanking from Julio and Maria. Then we were tied to beds, face down. Our heaeds extended past the edge of the elevated bed/couchMaria was backing to me with her bald, young pussy glistening. I looked over and Juan was moving toward Darcy with his semi-erect dick leading the wayOne of the staff gave my butt a quick spank as Maria lowered her pussy to my faceI gave her the best pleasure I could. She squirmed and called me names“Is this what Jennifer’s pussy was like”?How did she know about Jennifer?Maria must have come about 3 times. I don’t know if I ever had pussy this youngAs Maria pulled away I looked over at Juan rubbing his dick all over Darcy’s face, come dripping down her faceMaria and Julio left and a few minutes later the staff untied us and we took another group shower.As we sat down for lunch, Juan came in“Hey I just want to know you’re okay with the program”?Darcy and I looked at each other and grinned“Okay” he left the roomWe were on our own all afternoon, Naked again. We got used to the other guests and staff seeing all of usThat night we fucked again with Jaun watching and even cleaning us afterwardsThe next morning, same routineWe were directed into the club. This times there was 4 “ther****ts.”All of them were young and all of them basically nakedOur session began with a spanking again. My butt was definitely soreWe were tied to the theray beds again, face down, heads away from the edgeI was startled as I saw Maria backing up to Darcy. She pulled her head into her butt cheeks“Lick that asshole” She screamedI was shocked and grinning watching Darcy lick this girl’s ass, until I noticed one of the new male ther****ts was backing up to meJulio was at my side“Lick this little hole”This young k** spread his cheeks and I was staring at a young pink anusI have rimmed Darcy a couple of times and I love it when she does me. But this is differentThis k** backed all the way into me and Julio shouted some more“Lick Bitch”I ran my tongue around his rim; he squirmed with pleasure. I slid a little in his holeHe backed up more and I thrust all of my tongue down his hole. I decided it was any different than Darcy’s. Tight and pinkThis k** started jacking himself as I ate his ass the best I could. I slid my tongue in and out and ran my tongue around his little hole. I could tell he was close by his breathing and finally he was shaking as he must have shot his load on the floorHe moved away and I looked over. Maria was going for multiple orgasms. Darcy was doing her goodEveryone left except some of the staff and we were untied. Group shower again, lunch and naked time at the beachThat night I decided to ask Juan if he was allowed to participate in or love making. He assured us he would do what we askedI had Juan rim me as I fucked Darcy, What a thrill, e swirled his tongue around my rim as I was shooting everything in my Wife. He did the same for MarcyThe next morning, same routine. Julio checked in with us again. This tiem we hesitated a little escort ankara befor ewe told him we were okayAfter our group shower, we were led to the club again and tied down. The staff came in and gathered around me. Darcy was able to watch as one of the young girls dressed in a strap on and jumped on the lounge behind me. She and couple others spent some time rubbing my legs and eventually my little ass. She spread my legs and moved in with this little “dick”I was a little anxious as I noticed Juan moving towards me, semi-erect. He grabbed my face and slid his little dick in my mouthI’ve never had a guy in my mouth. He was growingHe’s not very big. He tasted like the scented body scrub from the shower.Julio ran his dick around my face and in and out of my mouth. He was now full erect and he fucked my throat a couple of times. I gaggedHe grabbed my cheeks and thrust half of his length in and out of me“Suck me good little bitch”Little bitch; I’m 6’4”I could feel every feature of his un-cut penis“Suck bitch”I closed around his shaft and sucked. He was growing even more. I could tell he was closeHe face fucked me and shot a never ending load in my throat. He pulled out before he was completely done and shot some on my face, then he slapped my face with his dickAs he left, Darcy was being moved in front of me. She was face up on a lounger. Maria was lowering herself onto Darcy’s faceI watched as Darcy pleased Maria. Maria bucked and squirmed as she came and her nipples got hugeMaria got up and another gilr took her place. I watched as Darcy pleased two girls. Then a young guy moved in front of me. Darcy watched as another guy throat fucked me, shot a load in my throat on my face.Everyone left and were left by ourselves, still tiedA few minutes later we were un-tied and did our group shower.The afternoon was more naked sunbathing That evening I decided to see how far Juan would goAfter our first go round, he cleaned up Darcy and me and we showered.We went back to the bedAs we started to fool around and I was semi hard I looked over at JuanI held my member in my hand and looked at himHe moved in and took me in his mouthWhat a weird experience. This could only happen in CubaI was in bed with my wife and this young guy was sucking me as she watchedIt didn’t take long. I shot a load in his mouth. He kept sucking until I was done and sensitiveHe pulled back and Darcy grabbed his head. She pulled him down and he pleased her. She had him alternate between he ass and her ;pussy as I watchedWe both got serviced by Juan a couple of times and we were resting“Derek, was that your first guy today?”“Yeah, that was weird”“Why don’t you guys fuck each other”?“Uhhhhhhhhhh I don’t knowWe talked for a while. No one would ever know.Juan is very young, this might be a great opportunityWe lubed him and tried to get him to relaxDarcy rubbed his ass and legs as I moved in. First the tip. It was tight, slow movingI kept trying to slide everything in but he was too tight. I thought I was going to squirt before I even stroked inside himFinally I was in all the way. I slowly fucked his young assWhat a feeling, a young tight ass. I shot quickly, filling his ass with my come. I pulled out slowlyWe took a group shower and back to bed. Darcy began lubing my ass“Ummmmmmmmmm what are you doing?”“Your turn”“Huh”Juan was already moving inHe might have a tiny dick but it felt huge in my buttHe wasn’t as patient as I had been. He slid in and began stroking my butt\I could feel him growing and I knew he was close. He arched his back and shoved his full length in my assI could feel his warm sticky liquid in my ass. I was looking forward to the group shower.The next day we told Julio we had gone as far as we were comfortableWe spent the rest of the trip exercising and bathing naked. The other visitors and staff are sure familiar with our bodies. I hope there’s no picturesWhen we got back we didn’t tell anyone about our experienceWe went back to our normal life of hard work, fun parties, occasional blow jobs from the neighbors, and great sex

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