Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 1

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Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 1So I was supposed to go back home to California and the night before I was supposed to leave, Michael said that he had a surprise for me. I asked him what the surprise was and he said it was an Alaskan cruise to go see the glaciers. He told me I could go ahead and quit my job and stay longer and so I called my boss and told her I wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon. I called my daughter Heather and she said she would keep an eye on my house and told us to have fun. I told Michael I have never been on a cruise before and asked when we were going. He said that we would leave in two days and he could still get the tickets. I told him I was excited and that night in bed, I really tore him up! When we went to bed, he ate me like never before. I turned him around so I could take his cock down my throat while he was busy sending his tongue deep into my cunt. We both got off together and his tongue was licking me dry. I swallowed every drop of his cum. Afterwards, as we lay next to each other, Michael said he had more surprises for me. I asked him what surprises and he asked if I would like to go on the cruise with another couple he introduced me to when I first got to Washington. Jim and Denise. Denise is a beautiful girl. 41 years old, about 5′ 1″ and long light brown hair. Jim was 42 and about 5′ 10″ with a gorgeous smile and deep blue eyes! He is a hottie! I asked Michael what he had in mind and he just smiled. I giggled and told him I think I knew what was on his mind and he asked what I thought it was. I told him I thought he wanted to have sex with Denise and would like me go to bed with Jim. He smiled again and didn’t say anything. I asked if he wanted to fuck Denise if I fucked Jim. He asked what I thought about it. I confessed that I thought Jim was cute and I wouldn’t mind seeing what he was like in bed. The night I met them both, I was sort of checking Jim out and thought he was really cute and I would not mind fucking him at all. When Michael chuckled, I asked him what that was all about. He said there was more.He said that the night we had several of Michaels friends over, he overheard Jim telling another guy he wouldn’t mind getting me in bed. Michael said that him and Jim talked about it and that he admitted he would like to fuck me and Jim had talked with Denise about going to bed with Michael too. They had swapped once a few years earlier and wanted to do something again to spice their marriage up. I told Michael if he was okay with it, I would not mind. And then he hit me with yet another surprise! He asked me if I would like to have sex with Jim a few times during the cruise and not take any birth control. I asked him if he wanted me to tell Jim I wasn’t taking anything and Michael said that he was asking if I wanted to fuck him and let him cum inside of me and really not use anything. I was sort of stunned. I asked him if Denise was going without birth control also and he said that Jim was talking to her about it and they made a $500.00 bet on who would really go through with it. Wow, this was something to think about. I still have my periods and so I can get pregnant. I asked Michael if he really wanted me to and he said he thought it could be exciting knowing I was having sex with a guy unprotected. I asked pinbahis yeni giriş Michael what he would think if I ended up getting pregnant by Jim. He smiled and said that we would just have to fix up a bedroom for the baby. I told him I would be a little scared about it but if he wanted me to, I would do it. When he said it could be fun, I got up and grabbed my birth control pills and pulled the top off. I asked Michael if he was absolutely sure and if he was, I would stop taking them right now and when he said yes, I dropped all of my pills in the toilet and flushed them and told him there was no changing it now. We talked about it for several hours. Michael said that Jim had been talking about it with Denise and from what Jim said, Denise was up for it too.We woke up the next morning and started packing. Michael said we should bring swimming suits and the ship has pools and hot tubs we could go to. We went to the mall and Michael helped me pick out a real skimpy bikini. He joked on the way home that once Jim sees me wearing it, I would not have it on very long! When we got home, I told Michael I knew how I could make sure that Jim liked what I would be wearing and I told him I could cut the liners out of my bikini so when it got wet, it would just be wet material clinging to my cunt. I cut the liner from the bikini bottoms and cut the padding from the top and tried it on. Michael smiled and asked me to get it wet and see what it looked like. I hopped in the shower and got wet and stepped back out to show Michael. My nipples stuck out and the bottoms clung to me and you could see the entire outline of my cunt. I asked if it was too revealing and Michael said that if I really wanted to make sure Jim took me to bed after seeing it, he thought it would be just right. I made sure to pack another bikini just in case. The next day, we picked up Jim and Denise and drove to Seattle. We all talked for a little bit and I fell asleep and slept most of the way to Seattle. We got to the ship and was checked in and shown to our room. It was beautiful! People were waiting on all of us hand and foot. After we got settled, all of us met in the hall way and went to the upper deck as the boat left the port. The guys went to go get us a drink while we started sailing out. Denise started telling me how lucky I was to have a guy like Michael. Then she said that her and Jim and had talked about all of us and Jim had asked her if she would like to have sex with Michael. She asked me if I knew anything about it because she would never do anything behind a girls back with her man. I told her that Michael and I talked about it too and that he asked if I wanted to have some fun with Jim. Denise smiled and said she was glad that I knew and she was nervous about bringing it up to me. She told me that she heard Michael was a great lover in bed and I told her that he really was. She said her and Jim had sex with another couple one time on vacation a few years earlier and they were trying to spice up their marriage by doing it again. I told her that way back I was having sex with Michael when he was married to my best friend and we always had fun. Denise said she was relieved that I was comfortable about all of it and I told her that she should have fun with Michael. She pinbahis giriş told me that I should have fun with Jim. She started telling me that I should know that Jim does not like to use condoms and said that he always told her he can’t feel anything with them. Maybe I should have told her I prefer to feel a guy cum inside of me without condoms anyway, but I told her thanks for telling me. I wondered if she knew Michael asked me not to use anything while I was fucking Jim?When the guys came back, I was whispering to Michael about what Denise and I were talking about. He had a big smile on his face. He told me that Jim mentioned that he Denise said she was a little jealous of me and had caught Jim staring at me several times before we even left Spokane. I hugged Michael and whispered that I would give him something to stare at later. I also caught Michael staring at Denises ass. She does have a cute ass and I am sure she had many guys on the ship looking at it. She was wearing some very revealing shorts. I hadn’t changed yet and was wearing some tight jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I was still getting used to this weather and it was cold for me coming from Southern California. I will just have to get into something to show later even if it is cold. After we left the port, everyone started wandering all over the ship and we just stood around watching the water and we headed out. Later, we went to change for dinner. Before we left our rooms, we received a call and had been invited to eat at the captains table. This was my first cruise and from what I know, it is a real honor to be chosen to sit at the captains table. He was a nice guy and had a really deep accent but I don’t know where he was from. After dinner, we went to the casino. I won $200.00 too. Although Michael said that I spent $300.00 to get it so I guess I lost $100.00 winning! After that, the guys were going to head off to the lounge and Denise and I were going to go shopping and we were going to meet them when we were done.Denise told me that Michael paid for their trip. She said that Jim had lost his job and was sort of down and it was taking a toll on both of them. She said that Michael wanted them to have fun and just get away. She said that when they went on vacation a few years earlier, they went to Florida and met a couple there and she ended up getting drunk that night and went to bed with the guy. She said she thought Jim would ask for a divorce but he wanted to hear about it and after they talked it over, they met them the next night and they went to the hotel room and all four of them fucked all night long. She said they only did it that one time, but every now and then, they would mention trying it again to keep their sex live hot. I told her all about how I met Michael when he was married to my best friend and started having sex with him. I got the extra point when I told her that I got pregnant and Michael and I had a baby together.We got on the subject of her and I not using any birth control during the cruise and she admitted she was really nervous about it and asked how I felt. I wanted to tell her that I really wanted to fuck her husbands brains out and feel him cum deep inside of me knowing I wasn’t on birth control, but instead, I acted like I was nervous about it pinbahis güvenilirmi too. She said the boys made a bet on which one of us would chicken out. I told her we should show them and neither of us should chicken out. She smiled and asked if I would mind her fucking Michael bareback and I told her I couldn’t mind if I was fucking her husband the same way. I told her if she wanted to have some fun, we could go back and tell the guys that we both started our periods. I would like to see their faces if they thought we started our periods on a 7 day cruise! She said that wouldn’t work because Jim knew she stopped about a week ago. Then she started telling me what I can expect with Jim and I was telling her about Michael in bed. From what Denise was saying, she was excited about getting Michael in bed and the way she described Jim, I was in for getting a huge cock. Denise said that Jim is really big and they don’t have sex too often because it hurts. Now, I am really looking forward to getting this guy in bed! While shopping, I found some lovers oils and I bought some for Denise and I. What I really bought it for was to make sure if Jim did have a huge cock, I could get him in me, but I told Denise that Michael likes to use oils in bed and she should try it. Just about then, the guys come in and said they had been waiting for us, but we were so busy shopping and list track of time. So we went to watch a comedy show and afterwards, we decided to go to the hot tubs and went to our rooms to get our bathing suits on. I put mine on, the one with no liner that would be showing Jim just what he would be getting with me.We met in the hall and Denise had this bikini on that barely covered her boobs. I seen Michael was really looking her over! As we got to the hot tubs, Michael ordered champagne for us and we got in the water. As the champagne arrived, I stepped out to get a glass and my bikini clung so tight against my cunt. Michael and Jim were sitting on the edge and I turned to face them and we started talking. Denise came over and whispered that Jim was staring at my bikini bottoms. I already knew that but acted like I had not noticed. When I sat next to Michael, Jim was on the other side of me and Denise sat next to him. When Denise leaned over to refill her glass, Jim leaned over and whispered to me that he liked my bikini. I glanced down and told him I liked his bulge. He turned red and I could see him adjusted his cock in his shorts. After a few minutes, we grabbed our champagne and went to the pool. As soon as Denise got in the water, Michael slid on and walked over to her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Denise was getting closer and closer to him. So I scooted closer to Jim. Jim asked if I was nervous about what him and Michael had been talking about. I told him I really wasn’t and he said he was talking about all of us having sex with no protection. I looked him in the eyes and said that I was up for it as long as he didn’t mind. He glanced down and I seen his cock was hard in his shorts and he said it was obvious what his answer was. I told him that when we all decided to go in, we would have to do something to take care of his growing problem. I could see Michael and Denise were flirting in the pool, but with so many people all over, we had to put on the act that we were only friends and nothing more. Denise and Michael waded over to us and Denise said that she didn’t know about us, but she was ready to go up to the room. I couldn’t wait to get Jims cock out of his shorts but gave the act that I guess I was ready too.

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