Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Whose Fantasy Is It Anyway?

Sue was so up for sex with the three of us that she cancelled her return train trip in order to stay another three days.

The following night was Monday and Tony goes out to rugby training so I warned her and Vicky that unless they could magic up a few studs we would be alone. That didn’t, according to Sue, present any problems. She was obviously used to improvisation.

I went up to Vicky’s flat for a change and was greeted by Sue with a full on snog. I wondered how she had managed to get through the day. Maybe she hadn’t.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked.

“I thought we’d have few drinks and talk” said Sue. That did not sound on the face of it like the Sue I had come to expect.

“Talk about what?” asked Vicky

“That’s the nub” said Sue rather excitedly “I haven’t had a night like this for ages. A couple of my girl friends and I when we shared a flat at college used to have boy less nights and we’d spend them exchanging fantasies. But in our cases as we are more mature I thought we could spend the time exchanging actual experiences.”

“Who are you calling mature” I joked.

“You know what I mean” she went on “I could tell from what happened last night that we have all had some pretty extreme sex. Let’s celebrate that. Let’s tell reach other about the best, or the horniest sex we’ve ever had.”

“That’s a bit of a problem for me” said Vicky “the best sex I’ve had has been with these guys and they don’t want to hear about that.”

“You’ll think of something” suggested Sue “In that case make it the bizarrest”

“Okay” I said “What are the rules?”

“We have to be totally naked.” said Sue taking her clothes off. We followed suit. “Then we take a seat facing each other. The person telling the story is not allowed to masturbate but the listeners are. In fact it is compulsory. If any of the listeners have not cum before the tale is told they have to pay a forfeit. We spread all the toys we can muster in front of us. You can use any toy at any time while a story is being told. Now as you can see in order to make you two feel at home I spent part of the day shaving my cunt.”

She showed us her newly shaven hole.

“I did my arse too” She bent the other way and held her buttocks apart so that we could have the opportunity to see her newly shaved anal opening. It was smooth and hairless.

“You know, you have a fantastic body for your age” I told her.

“Thanks. And you two have two pairs of the most glorious tits I have ever seen. Tony must be in tit heaven every day.”

“Let’s forget about the mutual appreciation society shall we? You can go first as it was your idea” I suggested.

“Alright” said Sue “Now let me think”

I thought that she probably had rather a lot of experiences to draw on. As it turned out I was right.

Sue took up her position on one of the easy chairs and draped her legs over each arm in order to give the two of us the best view of her holes. I decided not to leave anything to chance and, being the greedy sort, took up two dildos, one for each hole. I had thought of two vibrators but decided the noise would be distracting. Vicky chose a medium sized vibrator but didn’t turn it on. She also picked up a set of anal beads which she obviously decided would come in handy at some point. When we were all settled Sue began her tale:

“The most bizarre sex sessions I’ve had was also one of the most exciting. I was about 15 years ago when I was living in Leeds. One night I went out with two teacher friends to a city centre club for the night. I saw these two guys talking. One was very tall and very good looking. I watched them for ages and managed to convince myself that they were gay. I decided my luck would not stretch that far. So you can imagine my heart gaziantep escort bayan beat started to race when the one I fancied asked me if I wanted a drink. We got chatting and when I mentioned that he looked good and asked him if he worked out, he told me that he was in fact the manager and co-owner of the Leisure Complex in the Palace Hotel next door. I made a few flirty comments about equipment and the next thing I knew he was offering to show me the place.

“At this time of night?” I asked

“Best time to see it.” he said “No phones, no one to interrupt the guided tour.”

I agreed and made my excuses to my friends who looked suitably disapprovingly at me, but what the hell.

We crept into the Club and Don turned on a few lights but not many. I saw a well equipped gym through a glass door, and there was a sign to squash courts, the sauna and a steam room. There was the unmistakable smell of chlorine.

“You’re not really interested in this type of equipment are you?” Don said holding me into a clinch and pressing his lips against mine. I let him kiss me.

“I’m interested in all types” I said His hold was so tight that I could tell what religion he was! He was clearly getting hard and I thought that this might be a little quick, even for me, so I said the first thing that came into my head.

“Show me the pool”

He took me through two opaque swing doors and into the pool area. The water looked really inviting. Don had put on the underwater lights, and together with the moonlight through the glass wall at one end, the whole scene looked very inviting.

“Fancy a swim?” he asked

“Love to, but no swimsuit”

“We could swim naked” he suggested

“I never swim naked on a first date” I quipped

“In that case…….” And before I had time to object he pulled me fully clothed straight into the water. I surfaced spluttering.

“You bastard! I am soaked!”

“We might as well have a swim then” he laughed and swam powerfully away from me, dived, and the next thing I knew he had come up between my legs with my knickers in his hand.

” Look what I caught” and before I had time to say anything he was gone again. I felt a tug on my ankle and a split second later I was underwater with him. He powerfully pulled me to the bottom and I felt his lips meet mine. My first underwater kiss. We surfaced and I trod water while he held me.

“This is quite sexy” I confessed

“It can get much sexier than this” he said and took a deep breath. I suddenly felt him between my legs and a moment later I could feel his tongue prising open my cunt lips. He licked me for a few seconds and the slowly started to blow bubbles over my clit. It was very sensuous and I was starting to get turned on. My skirt masked him from view except for his legs so I began to manouvre myself so that I could undo the zip and get rid of it. It was hard to do given that I was treading water and being cuntlapped at the same time. I started to undo my blouse as I fancied liberating my tits. Don came up for air and held me while he recovered.

“Enjoying yourself down there? I asked

“You bet”

“Do you eat cunt underwater often?”

“World expert” he announced and as if to prove the point slid back down. He reached behind me and undid the clasp to my bra and my tits floated free. It was a really sensual feeling. Don started to suck on one of my nipples and I tweaked the other. This was definitely starting to get serious!

He came up for air again and I kissed him passionately. It was my turn I decided to do some liberating. I took a deep breath and dived under. I found the buttons on his trousers and opened them. Helpfully he wasn’t wearing any pants so I enjoyed the sight of his hard cock straight away. I started to suck it but my underwater fellatio technique was a little rusty and water rushed into my mouth. I came up a bit worse for wear.


“Don’t worry, practice makes perfect”

I was determined to practice a lot and went under again, found the cock and sucked more gracefully this time. By the time I had come up and gone under for the fourth time my technique was faultless and I was much more at home. I licked and kissed his lovely circumcised knob and was able to hold my breath for much longer. Nearly a whole minute.

“That feels great” said Don after I came up for air once more. “Take a break, it’s my turn now.”

“I want to watch” I announced

“As you wish” he said “Ready?” and he dived to the pool floor, reached up as he had before and pulled me under with him by the ankles. I sat on the floor, my hair cascading up and he pushed me back so that I could lie down. Water went up my nose and I watched the bubbles leak to the surface. It was uncomfortable for a minute then I forgot about it and concentrated on watching Don eat my cunt. I amazed myself at my stamina. I was making two minutes now and this time it was Don who had to surface first. I sucked his cock while he trod water and then joined him on the surface.

“You are one sexy lady” he told me. “your technique is spot on.”

“Being underwater is really cool” I confessed “Apart from being very naughty of course. As long as you take it slow and calmly it is okay.”

“Ready to fuck?” Don asked

“I thought you would never get round to it” I joked “Are you sure no one can see us?”

“Not if we fuck on the bottom of the pool” he said “Are you up for it?”

“As long as water is wet!”

He went first and beckoned me to join him. I took a really deep breath and headed for the bottom of the pool. I took it easy and gently lowered myself on to his cock, sculling with both hands to keep us totally submerged. He fucked me superbly, making sure that he didn’t use too much energy and I rode him like a rampant sea creature. The feeling of free movement together with the excitement of holding my breath until my lungs ached, gave the whole experience a new dimension. I knew we could not stay down until orgasm but I was determined to try as many positions as possible. Missionary, doggy fuck, reverse cowgirl, we tried them, all each on a new intake of breath. Each time we caressed each others bodies gently in the water and kept under by letting out a gentle stream of bubbles at regular intervals to counteract the buoyancy.

I was desperate to cum. We surfaced and I told Don how close I was. He said that we would go underwater one last time and we weren’t allowed to come up until we had both climaxed. He went on top and fucked me harder than he had before. Our rhythm was perfect and I felt a rising tide of excitement. When I came it was in a cascade of bubbles. Anyone looking from the surface would have thought I was being drowned. I shouted loudly with no one to hear and I think the drama of it all did for Don because I could feel him pumping me full of cum. I wanted to see what it looked like but we had to get air. Gasping we reached for the side of the pool and stayed there until we had recovered.

“I am telling you girls, fucking underwater is one thing; cumming underwater is something else.”

“That was brilliant” said Vicky who was by now lying prostrate with a ten inch dildo embedded in her arse.

I was similarly positioned rather ungainly with one dildo up my arse and one rubbing my clit. I had cum about three quarters of the way through the story.

“What happened to the guy?” I asked

“We had a really good time for about two months” explained Sue “we made extensive use of the Club. It was a strange date. Normally the girl turns up with a condom just in case, I turned up with a pair of Speedo goggles! I thought if I’m going to get fucked on the bottom of a pool I’ll make sure I see what’s going on. Don fucked me in the pool quite a few more times. I particularly enjoyed sucking him off underwater and watching him cum. If you’ve never done that I highly recommend it. Spunk floats all around and it’s a great sight. We also fucked in the gym. The bastard tied me to one of those machines you use to strengthen the arms and shoulders, pulled my knickers off and had me every which way while I was unable to move.”

“What happened in the end?”

“I found him teaching his aquatic skills to a younger girl. I was so angry as they surfaced I stood over the two of them, pulled the crotch of my swimsuit to one side and pissed on them. Then I stormed out. Silly thing to do really. They probably enjoyed it!”

“I don’t suppose I would be very successful in the underwater sex department” said Vicky rather self deprecatingly.

“Why do say that? Can’t you swim?”

“No. I’m quite a good swimmer. In fact I used to be the champion diver at my girls school. I knew I had to give it up the day my tits hit the water before I did! So I expect I would be rather too buoyant as I come with my own air bags.”

“There are other ways you know” pointed out Sue. “I haven’t fucked in a pool much since then as my normal run of boyfriends aren’t in the pool owning bracket, but you can have just as much fun in the bath. It’s easy to pick up a vibrator that works underwater and I have got two just to be sure. I have a big Victorian bath at home and can luxuriate in it. I fill it right up with piping hot water and then lie back and get comfortable. I think of my favourite fantasies and breath deeply. Then I start to play with myself and run the vibrator in the crack of my cunt and rest it on my clit. When I begin to feel really dreamy I take one last deep breath and slip underwater. As the water closes over my head I shut out the world and just lie there happily masturbating. If I have timed it right I can stay there for about two and half minutes and my orgasm builds as my lungs begin to ache. I start to get a little dizzy with the lack of air and push the vibrator deeper into my fuck hole. Then I cum with a flurry of bubbles. If I can I like to stay under after I cum and let the water flatten out so that I can enjoy the full orgasm in my own time. Then I surface and play with my nipples or run the vibrator round my arse; anything designed to keep me “on the boil”. I do recommend it.”

I made a mental note to practice my breath holding techniques prior to having my next bath.

“Hey Jo” chipped in Vicky “that would be great fun for you and me. Perhaps I could sit on your face while you are underwater and you can do the same for me.”

The thing I liked about Vicky was that she was always playing the good neighbour –ready to help in any eventuality!

“Tony and I fucked in a hot tub once. Actually it’s a bit of a coincidence because it was the same weekend that I was going to tell my story about. It was in a hotel in the Cotswolds. We had known each other for whole year and as a romantic gesture he took me away as a surprise to a fabulous hotel with all the trimmings. We barely left the bedroom with its four poster and crisp white sheets. However we did manage to stagger down to the Leisure suite late one night and made love in the jacuzzi. We didn’t actually end up totally underwater but next time we’ll give it a try.”

“Well now you’ve started your story you might as well continue” said Sue. “Let me get comfortable”

She searched around on the floor and came up with a double headed dildo which she slotted into her cunt and arse even before I had started. The woman was voracious! Vicky picked up her favourite butt plug and started to play with her anus while I draped myself provocatively over the arm chair and got ready to tell them all about Tony and my little adventure…

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