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Opp’s Daddy……………This happened one night after I had a huge fight with my wife because I came home late after having a few bears with my next door neighbor. I mean what could I do? I helped the poor man to fix his tractor and we had a few like guys do. Let me tell you, my wife is a petite little thing but she can do almost everything that I do on the farm and she is like a rattle snake when you stir her wrong side, so I decided to keep the peace kept my mouth shut. I was quite intoxicated and it was not long before I had fallen into a deep sleep, or passed out or both very grumpy about Debby’s (not her real name) attitude and going of like that in front of our 15 yo daughter, Cindy (not her real name). The poor c***d was staring at us with big teardrops running down her cheeks and ran into her room slamming the door. Luckily her little sister and brother was already in bed, asleep So I made myself a bed in the TV room and drifted into a drunken sleep. At one stage I awoke and looking around remembered where I was and why and glimpsing at the digital clock on the tv stand saw that it was around two in the morning. I also onwin giriş noticed that somebody was laying next to me and feeling the long hair d****d across the cushion presumed that it was my wife. This surprised me because I remembered the fight we had that evening and for her to forgive me so quickly! I decided not to stir her because I was still quite intoxicated and did not want to stir the little rattle snake before I am sure she did forgive me, so I went for a pee. I stumbled back and got back onto the inflatable mattress, careful not to stir her and still wondering why my wife decided to forgive me so quickly, went back to sleep.Somewhere during the morning hours I awoke and felt Debbie crawled up against me with her petite little body pressed against me, her head on my shoulder. I gave a victory smile in the dark and pulled her closer to me softly searching for her lips. She stirred in the darkness and pressed her body into mine. When I started to kiss her she opened her lips slightly, I started to probe her mouth with my tongue, tasting the sweetness of her mouth. A little groan escaped her lips and she started onwin yeni giriş to kiss me back, she was awake! I was rock hard in a split second and while I whispered against her lips that I wanted her so bad and that I’m sorry about everything. I started to stroke her back with my left hand. Wow she felt even more petite than usual!? Maybe she feels a bit sorry for herself after the fight? This thought made my cock twist with anticipation. I knew that it will not take long for Debby to start scratching and groping her way down to my cock and to start sucking on it. But that did not happen this time, her arm was just laying across my chest and not groping and fondling like she would normally do? I took her hand and guided it down to my cock that was making a tent in my boxer and again whispered against her lips that I want her so much. She did not make a sound! That is funny? She love’s to talk when we are having sex and she would tell me about everything she wants to do to me before moving on to the next level, but she seems so quiet tonight? When her fingers touched my cock it was like she quickly snapped onwin güvenilirmi her hand back as if she had a electric shock! Was she teasing me? Come on baby you know he wants you; I whispered against her mouth and guided her hand back to my throbbing cock. She kept her hand clasped into a fist and I had to open her fingers and I thought to myself, if you want to be a tease then let’s play like that then. What was going on with her tonight, she never played games like that before? Her fingers locked around the shaft of my cock and a huge groan escaped her lips as she kissed me even harder and more urgent. She drew her leg over my leg and pressed her crotch against my hip. Debby started to grind her pussy on my hip, humping me like a dog and making funny noises like I never heard from her before. Meanwhile her hand was clamped around my cock, still inside my boxer but she was doing nothing more, just held onto it and choking the hell out of it. Another thing struck me, she is pressed up against my side, but I did not feel those wonderful 40C boobs of hers and just as my left hand, that was stroking her back downwards towards her lovely ass, touched her cotton panties she shuddered and tensed up and into my bottom lip while growling like a injured a****l, she was coming! Already! Then it struck me!COTTON PANTIES! CINDY!!!! CINDY? I was frozen in shock! Cindy? Yes daddy! OMG!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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