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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 74c IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- `Davy, something has been bothering me…I have lied to you, something others will have spotted’ I felt that awful flip in the pit of my stomach, I gripped his hands, not sure what was coming. `Remember, we made a pinkie promise to each other ages ago, I said my little sister and I used to do it. Davy, I never had a sister; I watched another boy and girl do it when I was living with that awful woman, I’m so sorry, I lied, I just so wanted to be like the other kids, I so wanted not to be alone, I wanted you to know, before you found out by yourself’ I felt his chest heave behind me as he began to sob, I turned my head to him. `Hey, it’s okay, stop it, as long as you don’t break the pinkie promise, that’s what’s important’ I squeezed his hands tighter and snuggled back into him, feeling him tighten his grip round me. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � part 74 c Davy continues the story `Archie, I think, Niki wants to go with you to the horses in the Paddock, is that okay? Archie nodded, mouthing to me “is he going to behave?” `I will come too; I can keep an eye on him then’ The three of us walked over to the paddock, Morag and Daphne came over to the fence. Archie was chatting away to Niki; well, you know what I mean, he was talking about horses in a sort of Pigeon English with the odd Russian word. I have to confess I wasn’t really paying that much attention. Niki was saying something to Archie, my ears pricked up. `Can, you have a go? I think you’re a little small for these horses Niki’ Archie was bending down, talking to Niki, pointing at some of the smaller ponies also in the paddock. `What about one of those? Niki shook his head and pointed at Morag again. Archie shook his head `Okay, well you can sit on her; but she is really too big for you’ Niki, shook his head again, pointing at Morag, then began smiling broadly as Archie lifted him up on to Morag’s back. He sat his legs wide apart, a great beaming smile on his face. Daphne came over to see what was happening and nudged into Archie, she knew he always had treats on him; usually in his jacket pocket; he was busy chatting to her and struggling to get her nose out of his pocket, I stood chuckling; enjoying the site and sounds around me, I glanced at Niki, he was whispering in Morag’s ear; she gave a little neigh and a snort. Niki was suddenly on the floor, `Christ Niki are you okay? He chuckled and went to Morag’s muzzle and holding it, he breathed several times. `Hey Archie, he is doing what you showed Forts to do, to say hello’ Archie glanced round `Hey did you help him down?’ I shook my head `No, I just looked round and there he was’ Archie, looked a bit incredulous, his and my faces changing to complete surprise as Niki, sprung up and gripping Morag round the neck he flipped round up on to her back. Archie and I stood speechless, Niki leaned forward and took hold of Morag’s mane, he made a clicking sound with his mouth and before Archie or I could intervene, Morag moved off, quickly progressing from a walk to a trot. `Shit, shit wait here Davy’ Archie, took off on foot after them, shouting wildly `Hold on Niki, woah, woah Morag’ If anything, Niki appeared to be urging her on, Archie, stopped in his tracks as Niki got to his feet, his arms outstretched for balance, his knees slightly bent, at the bottom of the field, seemingly without commands Morag began a great 180-degree turn, so she was coming back at us, Niki had now got her into a canter, he thundered past Archie, smiling now standing on one leg, he dropped to his bum and again turned Morag, still cantering along he swung under her neck. `Niki No’ I could hear Archie shouting, his cries fading away as Niki, rose up from the other side and was back sitting on her back. Archie shook his head and began making his way back to an open mouthed me. `Well, well, well, who would have guessed that, he is a natural, probably born in a saddle, I should have guessed with his short stature, and explosive energy; I wouldn’t mind betting, Niki has a bit of Cossack in him’ For the next five minutes, we watched a display of Horsemanship, the likes I had only ever seen in a Circus. Niki’s broad grin showing he was enjoying every second of it, he brought the show to an end, by Galloping past us facing the tail, he swung Morag round again, spun himself forwards and stopping in a great cloud of steam from Morag, he had her rear up and paw the sky with her hooves. Archie began to clap; so, did I. Niki, jumped up onto his feet again, and dismounted, performing a forward summersault, he ran over to us and sprung up in to Archie’s lap; wrapping his legs round his middle. Archie gave him a hug and ruffled his blond hair. `Well, you kept that secret, I should have guessed, the way you can leap about, he stoked Niki’s calves and thigh muscles; both of them now smiling at each other. The three of us turned back to the Castle, meeting McPhee just outside the main entrance. Niki jumped down from Archie and leapt into McPhee’s arms. `McPhee, McPhee’ `Hello you little rascal, McPhee tweaked Niki’s nose’. Niki stretched up to kiss him and then whispered in McPhee’s ear, McPhee, burst out laughing, he tickled Niki, who screamed with laughter `Is that what you want? Is that what you want’ More shrieks of laughter as Niki struggled to get away from McPhee’s tickling fingers `No, no, no’ I thought Niki was going to expire as he cried out, `No tickles, no tickles, Linen cupboard’ McPhee stopped tickling him `Are you sure? Niki nodded frantically `Oh, okay then’ McPhee kissed Niki’s head and looked at us all. `Well, we will catch up again with you later’ He chuckled as he turned and headed back up the stairs. ** Archie and I had just reached the bottom of the stairs. `There you all are, upstairs in the staff ankara escort room now, Davy you too’ Athol shouted at us; Archie looked at me `This doesn’t sound good’ And set off at a run up the stairs, me in hot pursuit, we ran into the staffroom, Forts was on his knees sobbing, Athol on the phone and Callum, trying to comfort and get Forts up off the floor. `Davy help Callum’ I nodded as Athol barked at me, his hand holding the receiver of the phone; stopping who was on the other end from hearing, Archie stood momentarily stationary, viewing the scene. `Archie, shut that door and come over here’ Athol put the phone back to his ear. `Yes, I am still here Mr Mishcon, carry on, what else do you know? I got to Forts and Callum, Callum shook his head at me `Davy, help me get him on to one of the chairs’ `Shit, what’s happened? Forts, it’s me I am here’ Forts stared at me though tear filled eyes `He’s dead, Colins dead, Oh Davy, he’s dead, why didn’t I bring him back when I had the chance? He was only ten for Christ sake’ He began sobbing again, his body racked with great shudders. I looked at Callum `It appears the house was hit during a German raid, everyone inside is reported killed, the street has been obliterated’ What could I say, I just hugged Forts tightly, letting him sob into my shoulder, Callum touched my arm `Davy, is there another outside phone line in the Castle? `Yes, in the kitchen, in Mr Duncan’s office’ Callum nodded before quietly asking “will you be okay for a few minutes?” I nodded and he disappeared. Forts looked into my eyes `He has gone Davy; I hate this war’ I didn’t know what to say. I squeezed his hand `Well maybe Colin wasn’t in the house’ I could hear Athol, rapidly firing questions down the phone, he made a few hummf noises and then said `Right phone me back as soon as you know more, immediately you hear anything’ He banged the phone down into the phone cradle, he gestured for Archie to follow him to the window, they turned away from us, I couldn’t make out their whispered conversation; not taking any comfort when Archie glanced back over towards us, shaking his head. Forts must have noticed; Athol was off the phone. `Dad’ Athol, broke away and came over kneeling down next to us, he embraced Forts and me, kissing Forts on the cheek. Forts, took a deep breath and whispered `Could Mr Mishcon tell you anything else? Athol shook his head and hugged Forts again. `He will ring us back when he knows more, the police and Ambulances are on scene now’ Forts sobbed again; Athol turned to Archie `Can you see if Mr Duncan can do some strong tea with sugar’ Archie nodded and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Callum returned first; he came over to where we were all sat. `I have just spoken to HQ, I got put through to Gethin, he is on the case, from what he has heard was it was no more than ten German fast bombers, they flew in under our observers’ vision (Remember Radar was still a secret system) flew straight up the Thames, when they were intercepted, they scattered dropping strings of bombs randomly, it was one of these strings which hit the street; there was no time for any warning, a number of people have been killed’ Another loud sob from Forts, I hugged him, kissing his head and whispering. `There is still hope’ He looked at me through those normally sparkling eyes now tear filled, he squeezed my hand and nodded. I could see he didn’t believe that though. There was a light tap on the door and Archie opened it, followed in by Mr Duncan, with a tray of cups saucers and a large teapot, he brought the tray over to us and placed it on a small table, he placed a hand on Forts shoulder and gave him a little squeeze; Forts didn’t look up, but I mouthed “Thank you Mr Duncan”. Athol stood up `Gregor, thank you for this. I don’t want to be any trouble, but can the five of us eat in here at lunch time?’ Mr Duncan nodded adding `Certainly, not a problem’ He left the room quietly, Callum stood up `Shall I be Mum? Suddenly realising the insensitivity of what he had said, he pulled a face and mouthed “sorry” at Athol. The phone began ringing again, Athol leapt for it. `Hello, Gethin, no fine, it’s good to hear your voice, no we are all fine, well Forts is very upset, Callum explained? yes good, Callum? Yes, hang on I will put him on’ Athol held out the receiver for Callum, who began talking with Gethin. Athol and Archie, got the cups ready and putting three large T-spoons of sugar and some milk in one of the cups, he filled it to the top with tea. He picked it up and handed it to Forts `Here son, drink this, it will help, while we wait for news’ I was handed mine next, I sat with the saucer on my knee, one hand gripping Fort’s, the other holding my cup. Callum came off the phone. `There’s not much I can add, he glanced at Athol and gestured for him to join him by the window, I sat and watched his face as he told Athol all he knew, only hearing the odd words, snippets, but they painted a vivid picture. “High Explosives” “Shrapnel Bombs” “No Chance” “Dozens Dead” “Target” “apparently Buckingham Palace” “All shot down just too late”. Athol, nodded quietly and came back over to us, the next few hours dragged by; all the fun with Nikita forgotten for now, I glanced at the watch Athol had given me, I wondered if McPhee was still in the Linen Cupboard? Athol came and sat down again. `Archie, I think I will head down to London tomorrow, see what I can find out first hand’ Before Archie could say anything, Forts looked up `Dad, I want to go with you’ `Fort’s I am not sure that’s a good idea’ `Dad, I want to go, please don’t leave me here’ Athol, didn’t speak he just stroked Forts on the back, `Please dad’ Athol nodded; I would get Forts bag ready later. ** Athol continues the story. Forts and I entered Mr Mishcon’s office late, around six O’clock the next day, I hadn’t heard from him since we spoke at the Castle the day before. Forts had been very subdued on the journey down; blaming himself again, I couldn’t help thinking how many lives this war was leaving shattered and for what? `My Lord, please come in’ Forts and I entered Mr Mishcon, giving a nodding bow to each of us, he showed us to some seats and called for a drink. `Mr Lord, would you be okay with Mr Carpenter the private detective I employed joining us? I looked to Forts, he just shrugged his shoulders `Certainly Mr Mishcon’ Another door opened and in came, what looked just like a private eye, black trench coat and trilby, he nodded to both of us as escort ankara Mr Mishcon, got him to sit down. `Your Lordship, Mr Carpenter’ My turn to nod, I turned back to Mishcon. `So, what’s the news? I felt rather than saw Forts shuffle to the front of his seat, he sat listening intently. Mr Mishcon turned to Mr Carpenter. `Err, my Lord, before the house was flattened by the Germans, I found out it was occupied by an Elena Griffiths, and a boy placed there by the Council, a Colin Jones aged 10. His parents had been killed in a previous Air Raid. The bombs killed Mrs Griffiths outright, the boy Colin’ Mr Carpenter, referred to his note book `Well, they believe he is the little boy in the local hospital, he hasn’t spoken since being dragged from the rubble’ Forts gasped `So, he is still alive? `For the time being, it would appear’ Carpenter said referring to his notes again. Forts grabbed my arm `Dad he is still alive, oh thank God, we must go and see him, straight away’ Mr Carpenter gave a little cough, I nodded for him to continue as I held up a hand indicating for Forts to wait. `I did a bit of digging into this woman, she was not well liked, bit of a rough sort, by all accounts, neighbours said little Colin was always asking for food apparently, she didn’t always feed him. Had a lot of gentlemen callers too; if you get my meaning, bit of a lush too, had a tab for gin at the local shop; what else is here, dressed like a tart, black market clothes, lots of makeup’ I glanced at Forts, he was biting his lip, he put his head in his hands, no doubt, more bad memories coming back to him. I acknowledged what was being said. `Anything else Mr Carpenter? `She didn’t have any known job, apart from what I have hinted at and the money for looking after kids. Neighbours said, she seemed to be comfortable enough money wise, just never enough, oh, one other thing I found out, every month, she used to pawn a ring at the local Pawn shop, wouldn’t sell it; said apparently she wasn’t being offered enough for it, I have the pawn ticket here’ Mr Carpenter handed it to me, I put in into my pocket. Mr Mishcon, turned to Mr Carpenter `That will be all, thank you’ He then left the room. Forts looked relieved he had gone, he looked at me `Dad can we go and see Colin now’ `I think tomorrow morning would be better Forts, plus there is something I want to have Mr Mishcon arrange too, as a matter of urgency’ Mr Mishcon looked up, he looked slightly surprised. `Mr Lord, what else can I do for you?’ `I want young Colin, put in my care, I want him to come back to the Castle with us, we can at least give him a good education and a better start in life’ `My Lord, are you sure there are dozens of Colins on the streets of London, you can’t possibly save them all’ I felt Forts eyes on me. `Mr Mishcon, did I ask you to do that? No, I didn’t,… arrange it’ Mishcon got to his feet, obviously flustered, `Of course, my Lord, I will get straight on to it’ Forts, gave me a big hug, his eyes said it all. Thirty minutes later we were in the foyer of the Savoy, my favourite hotel and on our way up to our suite. We had dinner and decided on an early night. The next morning, Forts insisted on wearing his fly plaid kilt, I wore a lounge suit; he cut an impressive figure as we left the hotel foyer, it was him everyone’s eyes were on. Forts had asked if we could go via the bombed-out house; I agreed, maybe he wanted to make sure, his nightmares had been well and truly buried. We both stood looking at the bombed-out houses, others had been damaged, but Mrs Griffith’s had been obliterated; how anyone had survived was a miracle. I watched Forts take one last look, and then turn his back to the place, he never looked at it again. The Cab took us to the Children’s Hospital, I was met by the administrator and a couple of Doctors; Mishcon, had done his job well again, in a side office, it was explained, Colin; if indeed it was him, hadn’t spoken and was sitting curled up gripping on to a little broken red dragon led figure; Forts gasped. `Dad, that’s what I told you about, where is he please let me see him’ Forts was on his feet, a scrabble of doctors joining him `Err, this way my Lord, the little boy is in a side room, until we finally get a name for him’ We stood outside the door, Forts glancing at the doctors impatiently, I had to speak `Drageon, please, I am sure it is Colin, but be prepared that it might not be’ He glanced at me nodding and then stood waiting for the door to be opened, I nodded to the doctor, who opened the door and stood back. Forts, burst into the room; quite a sight in his flowing kilt, facing the door was a single bed on it sat a little boy cross legged, clutching something in his hands, he glanced up as Forts entered, then back down at the broken red figure in his hands, his little face changed, he looked at Forts taking in the way he was dressed, his mind struggling to comprehend something. `It’s you, you killed the dragon’ Forts ran at the bed and grabbed the little boy, wrapping his arms round him. `Colin, colin, your safe now, she’s gone, the dragon has gone’ The administrator spoke to me, `That’s the first time the kid has spoken’ Forts looked up and holding the administrators gaze said clearly. `His name is Colin; Colin Jones and he is a very brave ten-year-old’ Forts practically spat the name at the administrator, before turning to me. `Dad can he come with us now? I looked at the doctor `Ideally, we would like to hold him until tomorrow, now he is speaking, we can check him over properly’ Forts looked at me, holding Colin tightly. `Can I stay here with him? I looked at the administrator, knowing well what the answer would be; as expected he nodded `Not a problem, My Lord’ I joined Forts on the bed and he introduced me to Colin, we sat talking for an hour or so; I watched as Fort’s worked his magic again, this boy had something special, some inbuilt compassion very few people have. `Forts, I have to get back to Mr Mishcon, here is some money, make sure you get anything you need. You know how to get hold of me, if the doctors release Colin, you know where to come’ I gave them both a hug and kiss, then left. ** Forts continues the story Colin had insisted I slept with him on the bed, I wrapped my fly plaid round him, as he slept fitfully. One of the nurses telling me that he had been pulled from the rubble of the house, clutching the broken toy, but without any other injury; which she claimed was a miracle. I lay awake most of the night, just looking down ankara escort bayan at him, reassuring him when he stirred. The hospital started to come back to life early, and we were soon eating breakfast; a bowl of porridge, Colin allowed a glass of milk too. I helped him wash his face and got myself freshened up, so we were ready for the doctors rounds at ten o’clock; why do things always take so long in hospitals? I was finally told I could take him home at around two o’clock in the afternoon. I hadn’t heard from Athol again, but realising Colin would need some clothes, that’s where we headed first, alas with clothing in short supply and now on ration, I was limited to what I could get, luckily once we were back at the Castle he would be in a kilt. `A kilt, me? like you? I nodded, `You will look just like me’ Colin rushed around waving an imaginary sword, pretending he was St George slaying the Dragon. `Come on let’s get back to the Hotel, see what Athol is up too’ With our few bags, we left for the Savoy in a cab, receiving a few odd looks as we entered, poor Colin looked, like a little boy lost, he gripped my hand and meeting every gaze, I dared anyone to say anything. The room to the suite was opened by the butler, who greeted us both and informed me Athol was not back yet. He took one look at Colin and asked if I wanted the bath drawn, I nodded. I took Colin into the bathroom, his wide eyes, just like mine had been, when Athol had first brought me here; this was a fantasy land, the like of which Colin previously could only dream about. He shrieked when he saw the large rectangular bath, the butler had added some bubbles, which bulged out over the water. Colin looked up at me `I have never been in such a big bath, are you coming in too? `Do you want me too? He nodded enthusiastically. `Come on then, get undressed and in you get’ With all the innocence of his ten years he was soon stark naked, I picked him up and lowered him into the mass of bubbles and warm water, he was giggling madly, grabbing great clouds of bubbles and throwing them up in the air. `Are you coming in too? `Yes, hang on’ He hung over the side of the bath watching me, fluffy white bubbles on top of his own black hair. I took off my black brogues and oatmeal socks; I needed this bath too. I looked up as he went `Wow, you have huge hairy feet, look at mine’ He lifted his leg on the side of the bath laughing, then set off into the bubbles stomping like a giant. I undid my Plaid broach and sporran, suddenly hearing a cry and a splash. I got to the side of the bath `Are you okay’ All I could hear was laughing, `I slipped’ `Well, be careful Colin, we don’t want to end up back in Hospital’ His little face now completely covered in bubbles peered out at me, he looked so happy. He watched as I slowly removed my kilt. `You’ve got no pants on’ This was followed by shrieks of laughter and then silence; I could feel his eyes on me, taking in my naked body, I gave him ample time to look, before stepping into the bath. `Where are you in here’ More shrieks of laughter, I sat down on the bench inside the bath and was leapt on by Colin. `This is amazing’ He wrapped his little arms round my neck and kissed my cheek `Yuck, you’re all bristly’ I laughed pinching his nose, and forming the bubbles on his head into a big foam hat. We splashed and played in the bubbles, topping up the hot water, frequently. `Oh, here you both are’ `Hi dad’ Colin, came over and sat on my lap and peered at Athol, he was a pretty imposing figure, doubly so, if you’re not used to men with wild red hair. Athol looked down at Colin `Hi Colin, are you two having fun? Colin looked a bit concerned `Forts said it was okay’ Athol laughed, `Oh, it is, is there room in their for another little one? Colin looked at me, I nodded smiling, he looked at Athol and nodded. He sat watching Athol get undressed from his vantage point on my lap, his little fingers, holding on to my chest hair. I am sure he gasped as Athol removed his kilt and his big heavy cock came into sight. `He’s got no pants on either’ I gave him a hug as he looked at me `You don’t wear pants under a kilt’ `Really? `Yes really’ `Wow’ Athol climbed into the pile of bubbles and sat down, vanishing. `Oh, this is nice, where is everyone? Athol was laughing and splashing down at the other end of the bath. I couldn’t wait to ask. `Dad, what did Mr Mishcon say? I carried Colin down the bath to Dad and sat next to him. Dad took Colin off me and sat him on his knee. `Well, if little Colin is happy, it is all sorted for him to come and live at the Castle and complete his schooling with us’ I looked at Colin, he seemed a bit unsure what was being said. `Colin, do you want to come back and live in the Castle with us? `Can I? Athol and I both said `Yes’ He cuddled us both. `Well, that’s settled then’ Colin went a bit crazy splashing water about and bubbles, repeating. `I am going to be the king of the Castle’ Athol, touched my knee. `I have something else for you Forts too’ `For me? Athol leaned out of the bath, over to his sporran, he opened it and scouped up a big handful of bubbles. `Hold out your hands’ I did as he asked, while Colin watched on, I felt something on my palm, I looked down and had to blow away the bubbles, I stared at the little pile of silver chain and a silver ring, its surface flashed in the bathroom light. `Its your family ring son, it’s yours again now’ I was overwhelmed with emotion, as I stared down at the ring. Little colin excitedly picked it up. `This was the Dragons ring’ I found my voice `No, it was always mine Colin’ Colin watched me for a little while and then quietly said `You were the other little boy; it was your Dragon too’ I nodded, he wrapped his arms round me and we hugged and hugged. Athol stood up. `I am turning into a prune, who’s for hot chocolate? **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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