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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 70 – A Unique Halloween Celebration.

As soon as we’d changed into our riding clothes, I took the ATVs out of the garage while the boys were putting on their safety gear.  I also checked the oil level on each one, and then I put on my safety gear before the boys and I took the ATVs over to the storage tank to fill the gas tanks.  Once that had been taken care of, I told them what we were going to do next. 

“We’re going to try something a little different this time, so Jamie, Glen, and Dakota will drive first,”  

“Are we going to do like we did last weekend?” Reece asked. 

“Yes, but let’s not ruin the surprise for the others.” 

He merely smiled and nodded in agreement, and then we all hopped on the four-wheelers and got ready to take off.  My three sons drove behind me until we reached the boundary line of my property, and then we stopped and the boys turned off the engines. 

“You mean you’re gonna let us drive across the field this time?” Brady asked when he realized it was time to change drivers. 

“You’ll be driving through the field, but just follow me and don’t try to anticipate what I’m going to do.”

Reece snickered when I said this, which caused the other two to look at him and wonder what was so funny, but no one said a word.  Once we were all ready to start out again, the trio followed me along the property line until we reached the road, and then they stayed behind me as we drove along the shoulder. 

Since there wasn’t any traffic, I didn’t turn into the driveway this time and we continued on until we reached the trail that ran between my property and the government land instead.  We followed that back until we reached the trail that led to the house, and then we followed it to the garage.  Once we’d turned off the engines, the other three began to excitedly tell me their reactions to what we’d just done. 

“That was different from what we did last weekend,” Reece stated first, “cuz that time we turned up the driveway.” 

“Yeah, it was fun and we got to drive a lot longer than usual too,” Aaron added. 

“And I liked drivin’ down the field,” Brady followed.  “I can’t wait until you let us drive across it.”

“You should be ready to do that fairly soon,” I replied, which earned me a huge grin from each of them. 

My three had already started to undress, so the rest of us hurried to catch up with them, and while he was waiting Glen made a comment. 

“I’m glad we waited until now to go ridin’.  I don’t think I would have wanted to be standin’ around like this if it was as cold as it was this mornin’ when I went outside to turn off the candles.”

“Yeah, that wouldn’t have been fun,” Dakota agreed.

“And it’s another reason I waited to do this.  That’s because I don’t want any of you catching cold or getting sick.”

“Yeah, my mother would prob’ly blame you if that happened,” Brady responded. 

“Yes, I’m sure she would,” I agreed.

After we’d dropped off our clothes in the laundry room, Brady asked me another question before we headed upstairs to shower.  “Can me and Glen shower with you now, seein’ we won’t hafta shower later?”

“Yes, that’s probably a good idea, because I doubt we’ll be doing anything that will require you to shower again later,” I concurred. 

Reece and Dakota had raced upstairs to go first, and seeing the younger pair had heard me agree to shower with Brady and Glen, Aaron and Jamie went in to shower after the first pair finished.  As soon as they were done, I led the other two inside and adjusted the water, and while I was doing that, Brady asked a question. 

“Do we just wash ourselves, or do we get to wash each other, like me and Glen do?”

“Seeing Reece already spilled the beans about me letting Dakota and him shower with me, he’ll probably also let it slip that I let them wash me too, before I washed them.” 

Brady had a huge grin on his face after hearing my response, and then he turned toward Glen.  “Can I wash him from the waist down?” he asked. 

“Yeah, go ahead.”   

This made Brady’s grin grow even wider, which I didn’t think was possible.  After he grabbed the shower gel he attacked my groin, but he was very gentle as he washed my scrotum.  He also spent a lot longer than necessary as he washed my penis. 

“I believe that area is clean, so you can start washing my legs now.”

He looked up at me and blushed, and then he went to work on my left leg before moving over to the right one.  While he was doing that, Glen washed the top half of my body, and when they were both done I rinsed off.  Now, it was my turn to wash them. 

Brady wanted me to start with him, so I shampooed his hair before washing his body down to his waist.  When I reached that area, I knelt down and started on his left foot before moving up the rest of his leg.  When I reached his waist, I moved over and repeated the process, starting with his right foot.  By the time I got back his groin again, Brady was fully erect just from anticipating what I was going to do next. 

To his surprise, I moved behind him and cleaned his butt next, but I only washed down the crack and didn’t penetrate his hole.  As I prepared to move to his front, Brady spoke. 

“Glen always washes my butt hole too, so aren’t you gonna do that?”

I looked over at Glen and he shrugged his shoulders.  “Yeah, I always do that with him and he likes it, so you should prob’ly do it to him too, seein’ we’re gonna use the other House Rules List.”

“But my finger is thicker than yours.”

“I know, but I always use two fingers on him, so he’ll be able to handle it.”

I was getting double-teamed again, so I thought about it briefly before concluding that I wouldn’t get into any more trouble for doing this than for what I’d already done, so I did what he wanted.  I washed Brady’s butt crack again and inserted my finger into his hole.  Brady actually cooed and started thrusting back and forth on my finger as it entered him, which confirmed Glen’s assessment that he would like it.  When I was done, I moved back to his front. 

I thought by washing his butt first it might give him a chance to go flaccid again, but his penis was still jutting straight out from his body.  Instead of washing it, I reached between his legs and cleaned his perineum next, and then I worked on his scrotum before moving up to his penis.  I’d barely started on it when I heard him grunt, and just like Reece had done previously, Brady shot his load all over me and the shower floor. 

“I’m sorry,” he quickly apologized.  “I guess doin’ all that stuff playin’ UNO Dare! made me really horny.”

“It’s all right and not totally unexpected.  The same thing happened with Reece too.”

“You mean he cummed when you washed his cock too?”

“Yes, you boys seem to have hair triggers, so I’m amazed it didn’t happen to one of you while you were playing UNO Dare!  It seems that thirty seconds IS long enough to make it happen.” 

“Only when you do it to us, cuz we both wanted you to touch us like this.”

“Then it’s another reason why I shouldn’t be playing the lara kendi evi olan escort game with you, because it might happen then as well.”

“I don’t care, and I’m sure Reece doesn’t either, cuz we really want you to play the game with us.”

“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen,” I replied.

“Come on, you gotta do it,” he pleaded.  “You’ve already touched our cocks and made us cum, so why can’t you play the game with us too?”

“You know he’s right, Dad,” Glen added.  “You’ve already done most of that stuff with all three of them already.”

“But I haven’t sucked their penises or rimmed them,” at least not Brady and Reece I thought.

“What’s rimmed mean?” Brady asked.

“It’s when someone licks your butt hole,” Glen responded before I could. 

“Oh, like you had me do to you before I fucked ya,” Brady blurted out. 

“Yeah, that’s what it’s called.” 

As soon as he realized he’d said this in front of me, Brady began to blush.  “Did you know that Glen let me fuck him?” he asked.

“No, although I suspected you might have done that.”

“And did you know I let him fuck me too?”

“No, but I suspected that as well.”  Truthfully, I didn’t know he’d done this, since Glen had never mentioned it to me, so now he was looking slightly uncomfortable as well. 

“But I only let him do it after he used his fingers to loosen me up first,” Brady continued since he saw the look I was giving Glen and Glen’s reaction.  

“And it’s why I was using two fingers when I washed his butt hole too,” Glen added.

“I see, and that was a wise precaution.” 

“So now you can play UNO Dare! with us,” Brady concluded.

“You might as well,” Glen followed, “cuz he’s not gonna tell anybody.”

“No, I won’t,” Brady confirmed, “and Reece and Aaron won’t either.”   

“But I still can’t, because I’m not sure Aaron is ready to do some of those things with me.” 

“Then just don’t sit next to him.  You can sit between me and Reece, cuz we wanna do that stuff with you.”

“And how do you know that?” I asked as I stared directly into his eyes.

“Cuz we’ve talked about it before, when we was playin’ video games.”

“Really?  You guys were talking about this?”

“Yeah, we were.”

“Let me think about it then,” I replied hoping this would put him off for now and possibly give him a chance to forget about it.

“Let’s play UNO Dare! when we go back downstairs,” he suggested. 

“No!  I have to start working on dinner if you boys want to eat.”

“Then we’ll do it after that.”

“I thought you wanted to watch the other scary movie tonight.” 

“We do, but we can do it after we play another game of UNO Dare!”

“Like I said, let me think about it.”

I hoped I had outsmarted him, but all I could do now was to wait and see if the other boys wanted to watch the movie instead, although I didn’t have a lot of confidence this was going to happen. 

As soon as I got downstairs, I went outside and lit the LED candles in the pumpkins before heading to the kitchen to start fixing dinner.  Dakota came out to join me while I was preheating the oven and announced that he wanted to help, so I asked him to set the table.  While he was doing that, I took two of the pizzas out of the freezer, placed each one on a pizza pan, and slid them into the oven. 

While they were heating up, I began fixing each of us a green salad to go with it, and Dakota wanted to help with that as well.  “Ok, then while I’m slicing the tomatoes and cucumbers you can open a couple cans of black olives, dump them into a large bowl, and then set it on the table for anyone who wants to add those to his salad.  You can also take the salad dressings out of the refrigerator and the croutons out of the pantry and set them on the table for me as well.” 

When the timer went off, I took the pizzas out of the oven and sliced them, and then I placed the slices on platters before Dakota carried them to the table.  While he was doing that, I took two more pizzas out of the freezer, placed them on the same pizza pans I’d just used, and slid them into the oven.  Once that was taken care of, I called the boys to the table to eat. 

“There are several different salad dressings to choose from, along with a couple different types of croutons, so select whatever you want and add it to your salad.  There’s also a bowl of black olives for anyone who wants those in his salad as well, and you can also select whichever type of pizza you want.  One platter has pepperoni slices and the other has the sausage pizza.”

The boys immediately began grabbing slices of pizza before fixing their salad, and then we all started to eat.  I knew the first two pizzas wouldn’t be enough to fill them up, since they’d only gotten a couple of slices each, so when the timer went off I grabbed the empty platters and carried them back to the kitchen.  After I took those pizzas out of the oven, I cut them up, placed the new slices on the platters, and carried them to the table. 

“One of these pizzas just has pepperoni again, but the other one has sausage AND pepperoni,” I announced as I set the platters down. 

Once again, the boys quickly took what they wanted and those pizzas began to disappear as well.  There were a few slices left over when they were all full, so I grabbed a plastic storage container out of the cupboard and placed those slices in it for now.  While I was doing this, the boys took their dishes out to the sink, rinsed them off, and placed them in the dishwasher.  After putting the leftovers in the fridge, I took care of my dishes and added the two pizza pans as well, and then I grabbed a sponge and went back to wipe off the table.  The boys were sitting around the table again, but now they were leaning back in their chairs and looking totally stuffed. 

“That was really good,” Brady said when I returned.  “Thanks for fixin’ that for us.”

“You’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I really didn’t have to do very much.”

“Maybe not, but it was still really good,” Reece concurred. 

“Yeah, it was,” Aaron agreed.

“I’m glad you all liked it, so are you ready to watch the movie now?”

“Just let us rest for a few minutes first, and then we wanna play UNO Dare! again, but this time we want you to play with us,” Reece responded.

“You’ll have plenty of time to let your meals settle while we’re watching the movie, so why don’t we do that instead?”

“But we wanna play UNO Dare! again,” Brady whined. 

“We can do that after we watch the movie and I’m sure you’ll all feel less stuffed by then.” 

After talking it over, they finally agreed.  I actually had two reasons why I wanted to do this, the first being that I hoped they’d forget about playing UNO when the movie ended.  However, if that didn’t happen then maybe it would lessen the movie’s effect on them and they’d all be able to sleep a little better tonight.  Either way, there should be a positive outcome that would benefit all of us. 

This time we watched the movie Trick ‘r Treat.  It was actually a collection of four different stories, but there was a common character that appeared in each one.  It was Sam, a mysterious child trick-or-treater dressed in shabby orange footie pajamas and wearing a burlap sack with button eyes over his head each time we saw him.  However, Sam only showed up when a character broke a Halloween tradition, and this signaled something drastic was about to happen. 

The movie was suspenseful and psychologically lara otele gelen escort frightening, and it had a Twilight Zone air of suspense to it.  In fact, I thought it was one of the best Halloween movies I’d ever seen and it didn’t contain as much gore as a typical horror film.  Even so, I wasn’t sure how it was going to affect the younger group once they were asleep. 

As soon as the movie ended, the boys started talking about it and this made me hopeful that they were going to forget about playing UNO Dare!, but I wasn’t that lucky.  As we were leaving the family room, Brady made sure to remind us of that fact. 

“Ok, it’s time to play UNO Dare! now, and me and Reece are gonna sit on either side of Eric.” 

“Hey, I want to sit beside him too,” Aaron complained.

“He’s already done some of that stuff with you, like suckin’ your cock, so now it’s our turn.”

Aaron wasn’t happy, but he seemed to accept Brady’s logic, so we all headed to the table and sat down.  My plan was to never choose a dare and merely take two cards instead, but unfortunately one of the boys had already figured out that I might try doing this. 

“We’ve all gotta agree to only do the dares, not take the cards,” Reece suggested. 

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Brady concurred.

“But the idea of the game is to give everyone a choice,” I protested. 

“We don’t need a choice,” Aaron countered. 

“Yeah, and we all have to get undressed before we start,” Brady added.

The other boys immediately agreed with his suggestion and started to take off their clothes.  When I didn’t react as quickly as the rest of them, Brady and Reece made the same comment simultaneously. 

“And you got to do it too,” they said as they looked in my direction.  

“Don’t worry, I am,” I replied. 

Besides Brady and Reece sitting on either side of me, Glen sat next to Reece and Aaron was sitting on the other side of him, while Jamie sat next to Brady with Dakota sitting on the other side of him.  This meant that Dakota and Aaron were sitting next to each other as well. 

Almost as soon as we started, I realized I was about to be involved in many of these dares, because I’d forgotten that some of the dares started out with ‘Pick a guy at the table to’, followed by the action.  I just prayed we had a winner quickly.

I was going to hold onto the dare cards in my hand, because I’d have to give them to either Brady or Reece, but that didn’t work either, because Glen ended up giving Brady the first dare card. 

“It’s the lucky thirteen dare,” Brady stated without knowing what it meant. 

“It says to 69 with the guy on your right,” Glen announced, and unfortunately that was me. 

“Awesome,” Brady shrieked when he realized I’d be doing this with him. 

“We’ll have to get on the floor to do this,” I pointed out, “so I want you to lie down and I’ll get on all fours over you.  Glen, make sure you don’t forget to start the timer as soon as we’re in position.”  

We ended up doing this for thirty seconds and I was a little surprised that Brady was able to handle my girth, but he took it like a pro.  Once the timer went off, we got back in our seats and Brady made a comment. 

“That was fun,” he said as he grinned at me, and I merely smiled at him in return.

A short time later, Aaron was the recipient of a dare card.  “It says dare two,” he informed Glen. 

“That one says pick a guy at the table to rim you,” Glen announced. 

“I want you to do it to me,” Aaron said as he pointed in my direction. 

I’d done this to him before, so I wasn’t really surprised that he’d chosen me, so I had him get down on his hands and knees and I knelt down behind him.  As I was using my tongue on his hole, I heard Reece make a comment. 

“So that’s what rim means.” 

“Yeah, and you’re gonna love it when someone does it to you,” Dakota replied. 

Once the timer went off, Aaron and I got back in our seats and the game continued.  I soon got the feeling that the boys were doing everything in their power so they wouldn’t win, such as forgetting to say ‘UNO’ when they were down to their last card, which meant they had to draw two more cards.  Since the game was lasting forever, I was involved in many more dares. 

Brady gave me dare card number nine, and Glen announced “Take turns rimming the guys on either side of you,” which was Brady and Reece, and they were more than eager to comply.  After performing dares with everyone at the table, including my sons, Dakota finally took pity on me and won the game, much to my relief. 

“That was awesome,” Brady gushed when it was over. 

“Yeah it was and we’ve got to play it again,” Reece added. 

“Maybe we should just go to bed,” I urged. 

“Nah, it’s only 10:30, so we’ve got lots of time yet,” Brady pointed out. 

“Yeah, let’s do it again,” Aaron chimed in, “but let’s use the dares from when we played earlier this time.”

The other boys all agreed, so we played again and once more I was involved in a few dares, although not as many as before.  This was because none of these dares started with ‘Pick a guy at the table,’ and Aaron whined when he realized there was no chance I’d be able to do anything with him this time.

“I think we shoulda used the other dares again,” he said with a pout.

“We can do that tomorrow,” Reece suggested hoping it would make Aaron feel better.

“I’m afraid we won’t have time to do that,” I countered.  “I promised Brady’s mom that I’d take him home early.” 

“Yeah, but me and Aaron will still be here, so we can do it after we get back.” 

“That’s not fair!” Brady shouted. 

“Don’t worry, we’ll play it again the next time you’re here,” Glen told him.  Regrettably, Glen hadn’t bothered to check with me before he said this. 

Once again, none of the boys were in a hurry to win so the game dragged on until Jamie took pity on me and won this time.  I had a feeling he did it because he and Aaron were anxious to sleep with me and hoped I’d do something with them before we fell asleep. 

‘Ok, it’s after midnight and time to head to bed, so let’s get going,” I urged. 

Hesitantly, they all got up and headed toward the stairs.  I turned off the lights before joining them, and the older four were already in their rooms while Aaron and Jamie were waiting for me in my bedroom. 

“Will you suck us off and rim us first?” Aaron asked.  

“I think we’ve all done enough of that for one night, so let’s just get in bed and go to sleep.”

They reluctantly gave in and cuddled with me as they normally did, but I stayed awake until I knew they had both fallen asleep before I drifted off as well.  I believe that since we hadn’t gone to bed right after the movie ended, it seemed to lessen its effects on the boys, although each one still moaned and thrashed about every now and then.  I woke up each time this happened and merely gave whomever it was a slight squeeze and kissed him on the forehead, and then he would start to calm down again.  In the end, I actually ended up getting more sleep than the previous night, for which I was grateful. 

It was after 9:00 the next morning before the boys began waking up, and even though I had awakened nearly an hour earlier, I remained quiet and stayed in bed.  During that time, I thought about everything that had happened the previous day and all of the things we’d done, including the two games of UNO Dare! I’d played with them.  It had been a long and action filled day, so it was no wonder the boys lara rus escort were sleeping longer than usual and I wasn’t about to do anything that would disturb their slumber.  Once they were all awake, we dressed quickly and headed downstairs, because the boys were complaining they were hungry. 

While I was preparing a large bowl of pancake batter, I watched as Dakota prepared another bowl with the ingredients for scrambled eggs.  While we were doing that, Jamie got out the sausage links and bacon for me, and then he and Aaron poured each of us a glass of orange juice.  At the same time, Reece and Brady set the table and Glen retrieved the butter and syrup out of the refrigerator and set them on the table before going outside to turn off the candles in the pumpkins. 

Dakota and I used each of the four burners again, one for the pancakes, another for the scrambled eggs, and the last two for the bacon and sausage links.  Once everything was ready, Dakota and I put everything on platters and carried them to the table. 

When I finished eating I got up and made more, because a few of the boys were still hungry, and then they took care of the dirty dishes.   Glen and Dakota even washed the various other items we’d used by hand, and when everything was taken care of I spoke to Brady. 

“You might as well head upstairs and get your things, because it’s time for me to take you home.”

“Can’t we play UNO Dare! first?”

“No, those games take too long and I promised your mother that I’d bring you home before lunch.”

“Damn, why does she hafta ruin everything for me?”  I knew he was upset, so I felt I should offer him a word of caution.

“Don’t make a big deal about it and please don’t say anything like that to your mom, because if you do she might try to convince your father not to let you come with us as often.  I only offered to bring you back earlier because I thought it would show her that I was trying to be cooperative.  I hoped it would help so she wouldn’t put up as much of a fuss each time you wanted to do this.” 

“Ok, I won’t say nothin’ to her and I’ll go get my stuff, but I hope she will let me come every other weekend from now on.”

“Talk it over with your dad and I’m sure he’ll try to work something out for you.” 

All of the boys then went upstairs to get ready to leave, and when they came down again we went out and loaded into the SUV.  Each of them was in a fairly good mood, with the exception of Brady, and when we reached his house I offered him a final word of advice. 

“Smile and try to look happy when you go inside, because it would be a bad idea to let your mother think you didn’t have a good time.  If she thought that then she might try to use it to keep you from joining us again.” 

“Ok,” he replied, and then he smiled as he grabbed his gear and got out of the SUV.  He was still smiling as he waved at us while I backed out of the driveway, and then I saw him enter the house.  I hadn’t bothered to look and see if his mother was peeking out of one of the windows again.  I didn’t have to, because I knew she’d be watching us from one of them, and hopefully Brady wouldn’t sulk for the rest of the day and give her something to complain about.

When we returned to the house, I asked the boys what they wanted to do next, and of course they all opted to play UNO Dare! again.  Before I agreed to do this, however, I asked them a question. 

“Do any of you have homework that you haven’t completed yet?”

Suddenly, their expressions changed.  “Yeah,” they all agreed, except for Aaron. 

“My mom made me do my homework before we went to the football game on Friday, so mine’s all done.” 

“I’m glad to hear that, but I want the rest of you to finish your homework first, and then we can do something else when you’re done.” 

Since Aaron and Reece were also spending the night with us, I knew they each had their school materials with them as well, although only Reece would need them.  As the others took off to do as I’d asked, Aaron looked a bit perplexed. 

“What am I gonna do?” he wanted to know. 

“I suppose you could play video games by yourself, watch TV for a while, or just spend some time with me.” 

“What are you gonna be doin’?” 

“I have some chores I need to get done, but I can talk to you at the same time.” 

“Ok, I’ll do that then.”

He followed me around as I did laundry and tidied up the downstairs, and he never stopped talking the entire time.  He even stayed with me as I started to prepare dinner, and during that time the other boys came down to join us, since they’d completed their assignments. 

“I’ll check your homework over after we eat,” I told them. 

“Do you always check their homework?” Aaron asked. 

“Yes, because I want to make sure they understand what they were working on.” 

“My mom just asks me if I did all of my homework, but she doesn’t check it over.”

“Then I guess that’s where we differ.”

“Do you check Reece’s homework too?” 

“Yes, and he likes that I do it.  I also explain things to him and the other boys whenever they are having trouble.”

“Then maybe I’ll bring my homework with me the next time I stay over.” 

“That would be fine.”

After we finished eating dinner and I’d checked over the boys’ homework, I reluctantly agreed to play UNO Dare! with them again.  Aaron and Reece sat on either side of me this time, while Dakota sat next to Aaron, Jamie sat next to Reece, and Glen sat between his brothers.  The boys made sure that Aaron, Reece, and I got plenty of Dare cards, and of course I got sucked into more than my share of them, pun intended.  Glen ended up winning this time, since his brothers were taking it easy on him and getting the other two instead, and I was greatly relieved when the game ended. 

The boys then went to watch TV, and after I finished up the laundry I’d started earlier, I joined them until it was time to get ready for bed. 

Aaron and Jamie wanted to shower with me again, but I didn’t do anything else with them, since I felt I’d done enough of that while we were playing UNO Dare!  I also made them go to Jamie’s room to sleep, and since Reece was sleeping with Dakota again, so I wasn’t exactly surprised when Glen showed up in my bedroom. 

“Can I sleep with you?” he asked. 

“Sure, I suppose so.  Did you and Brady have a good time while he was here?”  

“Yeah, he fucked me Friday night and he let me fuck him last night.”

“I was a little surprised when he told me he was letting you do that.”

“Yeah, he didn’t want to at first, but he really likes doin’ it now.” 

“That’s good to know.”

“I didn’t get to do many of the dares in the last game, so will you do something with me now?”

“Would you like me to suck you off?” 

“Yeah, that would be good.” 

After I did it for him, he cuddled with me as we fell asleep.  It had been a long and wild weekend.



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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