Open Framed Girdle and Bred Part 2

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Open Framed Girdle and Bred Part 2My two sluts looked awesome in their fullback panties and open framed girdles. It felt like I won the lottery.Colleen then grabbed Kerri’s hand and walked her over to our marital bed. They both laid down and began to kiss and fondle each others bodies. Kyle and I just stood their in amazement. Colleen then ordered Kyle to get over to the edge of the bed and kneel. Kerri then laid face down and moved to the edge of the bed so she could touch her feet to the floor and be serviced by Kyle. There Kerri was with her PAWG ass in a white open framed girdle and pink fullback panties. Her girdle seemed a little tight, it was as if the extra padding in her ass was going to tear through the scissor stitches and pop out. Her fullback panties were very tight too and this only helped attenuate her full red bush escaping out the sides of her gusset.Colleen then got up and kneeled on the bed near Kerri’s ass. Reaching over she slowly pulled the gusset of her panties to the side. Kerr’s bright red bush sprang from its panty covered prison. There Kerri was, with her big bush and her dangling pussy lips.”Ooooh, hehehe, Kerri, your lips are dripping and your pussy hair is all wet with pussy juice” said Colleen.Colleen then took her index finger and slowly rubbed up and down Kerri’s hanging pussy lips. She then slowly inserted her finger and twirled in around in Kerri’s wet pussy.”Oh shit, this is too much for me” said Kyle.Kerri then whipped her head around and looked right at Kyle with her big green eyes and said “Shut the fuck up you cuck, If you had a bigger dick maybe we would let you breed me and Colleen”I just chuckled and continued to watch.Colleen then pulled out her finger out of Kerri’s Pussy and sucked on her finger. ” Mmmmm, Fertile pussy” said Colleen.Colleen then stuck her finger back into Kerri’s Pussy and pulled it back out and said “Hubby, you want a taste?””I do!” said Kyle.Kerri then looked over her should again and yelled “I said shut up cuck!”.I then walked over and bahis firmaları tasted Kerri’s juice from Colleen finger. “Oh yes, that is good fertile pussy”, I said with a big shit eating grin. Colleen then took her middle finger and shoved it back into Kerri’s pussy to get it all lubed up, then pulled it out and shoved it Kerri’s asshole. . Kerri jumped a little but was used to Kerri shoving lots of things in her ass over the years. She then pulled out her finger, jumped off the bed and shoved it into Kyle’s face. “Lick my finger wimp” said Colleen.With a defeated look, Kyle began to suck Colleen’s finger.I just stood there and laugh. Kyle was a good friend but he was a better cuck.After Kyle was done sucking Colleen’s finger, Colleen grabbed Kyle the back his head in shoved his face right into Kerri’s hairy bush. Kyle immediately started sucking on Kerri’s big pussy lips.”ooooohhhh, Oooooh, ughhh” moaned Kerri. Colleen then came over to me dropped to her knees and began giving me a blowjob. Slurp, Slurp, Pop. Fuck, Colleen was a great cock sucking slut. Colleen then stopped for a second an looked up at me and said “Honey, you ready to breed Kerri?””You know it hun.” I said.”Good, cause I’m going to keep edging you close to orgasm and when you are ready, you let me know and I want you to push Kyle out of the way and impregnate her pussy” said Colleen.Kyle turned his head and said “this isn’t fair, I should at least get a chance to cum in my wife first!”Kerri then quickly turned around and pushed Kyle out of the way and said, “You unappreciative cuck, I was going to let you cum in my ass tonight but I’m just about had it with you, if I wasn’t so fucking horny, I would put a ball gag in your mouth to shut you up. Now get back and service my pussy. I need to be ready to orgasm to receive Jason’s baby batter” Kerri then got back into position and Kyle slowly moved back in and began to eating her pussy.”That’s right Kyle, eat my pussy, lick my clit, uuuuhhhh, fuck” said KerriAs Colleen kept bring me close kaçak iddaa to orgasm, Kerri was getting ready to squirt all over Kyle’s face. Kerri hips kept bucking back and forth into Kyle’s face. It was all Kyle could do to keep his head between Kerri’s legs. Kerri then started rubbing her clit and became more vocal, “oh oh oh, I’m going to squirt, oh my gosh my orgassss um, oh God, keep licking my pussy, stick your tongue my hairy hole, do it!!”.Kyle jammed his tongue in her hole and Kerri began to squirt violently all over Kyle’s face. Squirt after squirt covered Kyle’s face, body and left a big puddle of pussy juice on hardwood floors.After Kerri squirted, Colleen picked up the pace sucking my cock. “Gulp, Gulp Gulp Gulp”, as you could here my cock bottom out in her mouth and quickly pull out and right back in hitting her tonsils. Colleen kept up the pace and for 5 minutes until she knew I was getting close. Then colleen just worked the head of my cock, popping it in and out of her mouth and she vigorously stroked me with her left hand and squeezed my balls with her right. I was going to blow my baby batter any minute. Colleen stopped sucking my cock, tugged on my balls and stood up. She then kissed me deeply and pulled away and guided me over to Kyle and Kerri. Colleen with her free hand softly pushed Kyle out of the way. She then guided me by my balls behind Kerri. “Kerri, Jason’s going to bread you. You ready for his baby batter you fucking slut.” said Colleen.”Yes, do it, shove your big cock into my hairy fuck-hole. I need it, I need to be bred with your cum.!” said Kerri.Colleen then looked me in the eyes, the tugged really hard on my balls. “That should give you at least two minutes before you cum in her pussy” said Colleen.I then rubbed my hand up and down Kerri’s wet red bush. “Fuck her pussy was wet” I thought”ohh” Kerri SighedI then I took my cock and began to rub it up and down Kerr’s meaty slit. “Fuck teasing her, I’m going to slam this in her” I thought.”ughhhh, What theeee! Kerri yelledI kaçak bahis had just pushed almost all 8″ all the way up her pussy. I felt a little resistance and realized it was Kerri’s cervix. Not wanting to take my time, I grabbed Kerri’s girdled ass and fullback panties and began piston my cock in out of her pussy. Kerri was moaning, “uhhhh, uhhhh, your hitting my cervix, it it, ughhh”. She just squirted all over my dick.I then pulled my cock out of Kerri. “Get over and clean my cock you two”, I said. Colleen and Kyle came over and started to work my cock. The both were licking up and down on my cock with their tongues. (I don’t like guys and wouldn’t let a guy lick my dick but I had to degrade this asshole for even thinking he really could breed my wife”)Grabbing my cock from both of them I jammed my dick back into Kerri. Fuck, I couldn’t get deep enough in this pussy. I was so close. I needed to get deeper,so I pulled out and flipped her around on her back. We both moved to the center of the bed. I then reached down grabbed Kerri’s fullback panties and tore them off her. Rippppp!”ooooh, that is so fucking sexy”, said Colleen.I then grabbed a pillow and put it under Kerri’s ass, I needed to get those breeding hips in position to receive my baby batter.. I then got between Kerri’s legs, put her legs up on my shoulders and sank my cock all the way into her hairy hole. “ughhh” Kerri moaned.I then began fucking her deep. Every time I bottomed out, I could feel my cock head push up against her cervix. “Fuck,I’m going to cum” I announced to Kerri.”Yes, yes, cum in me, be my babies daddy, I need to have your baby, uhhh”That was it, I began to cum. One shot of cum, two shots of cum,… eight shots of baby batter deep in her pussy.”Ooooo” Kerri moaned. I collapsed on to of Kerri and suckled on her small titties. I then looked up at Kerri and said “these little titties are going to be getting big soon”Colleen then came over and began to rub Kerri’s belly and said “That’s not the only thing that is going to get big, hehe”.We all laid down on the bed to relax for a moment and laugh about how much fun we just had. Meanwhile, Kyle was still kneeling on the floor with his cock cage, butt plug and his panties.To Be Continued

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