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Online DateIt’s been one of those dates that has been a pleasant surprise. Most of the time the online world is a disappointment but you were there on time, looked like your pictures and actually knew how to have a conversation. We spent several hours in a corner banquet in a small bar that was on the second floor of an old building. You wore a sweater that was off your shoulders so I could tell you weren’t wearing a bra. It was sometimes distracting, as were the few times that you touched my arm as we talked to emphasize a point.I asked if I could walk you home and you said yes. We got down to the street and I put my arm through yours and we started down the sidewalk. I thought I had a few blocks to continue the conversation but almost immediately you turned and said, “this is me” in front of a door to a small building. I put my arm around your waist and leaned in to kiss you goodnight. You kiss back and we stand there outside your door kissing. We press our bodies together.We stop for a moment and you look at me and say, “if I invite you up you’ll never call.” That takes me by surprise. “Of course I will, this has been a terrific evening, at least so far,” I say, smiling. You smile canlı bahis back, turn and open the door with your key and hold it for me to follow.The stairs up to your apartment are narrow and dark and when we get to the fourth floor you use two keys to open a heavy metal door. Once inside you close the door, lock the two locks and turn to face me. I put a hand on your chest and push you back against the door and then grab the top of your off-the-shoulder sweater and pull it down, releasing your breasts. Your arms are pinned to your side.You don’t say anything; you just look at me. I start to kiss you again and you kiss back, searching the inside of my mouth with your tongue. I used my hands to touch your breasts and then I pinch your nipples. You gasp and pull back. “Pinch them harder,” you say. I do and you cry out.“Pull up your skirt,” I say. You look at me. Your eyes are green and very direct. “If you take it we’ll both enjoy it more,” you say. I’m a bit stunned; this is not who I expected you to be. I reach down with both hands and pull your skirt up over your hips and slide your panties down to your ankles. Then I step back and look at you – your arms pinned to your sides with bahis siteleri your sweater and your tits and pussy exposed.I tell you to step out of your panties and then I walk you over to your dining table. I push you down on it and then shove my knee between your legs. You are wearing wedge heels and I can see the definition in your calf and the tautness of your thighs. I rub my hand on your pussy and I can feel your wetness. I flatten my hand and smack your ass, first on the right side and then the left and then I slide my fingers into your pussy. I do that for a while until your ass begins to redden. You cry out and moan.Then I take my cock out and start to fuck you. I can hear you grunt as I thrust into you. I grab your hips and start to vary the rhythm. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep, sometimes rotating my hips. And then I pull out of you before I cum; I’m not done with you yet.I stand you up and strip off your clothes. When you are completely naked I walk you over to the couch and push you down. I grab your ankles and pull up so that your pussy is exposed. The lips are swollen and spread apart. I can see into you. I get on my knees and put my tongue inside you and start güvenilir bahis to suck on your clit. I slide my hands up your belly and onto your breasts. While I eat you I alternately pinch your nipples and squeeze your breasts. You groan and push the back of my head into your pussy. Your legs are bent and rotated so that your knees almost touch your breasts; you are totally open to me.I stand up and grab your hair, turn your head and shove my cock into your mouth. You take it all the way in and grab my ass with both hands. While you suck me you run your fingers around my ass. I have to breath through my mouth to keep from exploding.I pull out of your mouth and turn you on your side so that your ass is facing me. You look up at me as I slide into your pussy and I push my fingers into your mouth. As I fuck you I can feel your ass against my thighs. Your legs are trembling and helpless. I flick your nipples and run my hands down your back and your legs. As I start to cum I can feel the orgasm in my spine. It’s a mixture of pain and pleasure that I’ve never had before. I slump over her body on the couch and slip out of you.After a moment I lie down on the inside of the couch so that I am facing you. You look at me with those green eyes and we start to kiss. I can feel your breasts on my chest and your thighs on mine. “Do you really think there is a chance that I’m not calling you?” I ask. And you laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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