One Romantic Evening

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One Romantic EveningThis is our night. No one can hear us, no one can see us. No one even knows that we are here. It’s just me and you and a bed with red silk sheets and incredibly soft pillows. No TV or computers to distract us with their white noise. No neighbors to knock on our door, asking us to quiet down. We can be as loud as we want tonight. We can let the sounds of our love rock the very foundations of the room we are in. No videos, no toys, no clothes; just a bed, sheets, pillows, you, and me…I kiss you hard on your lips, making sure your tongue gets the massage it deserves from mine. I run the tip of my tongue along the whole length of your tongue, tasting every taste bud, every drop of saliva that forms in your mouth. I can feel the contrast between the soft, slightly rough top of your tongue, the softer, smooth underside of your tongue, and the hard, ridged texture of your hard palette. I quickly flicker my tongue along your hard palette before ending our make-out session. Don’t look so sad, baby. You’ll feel much better when you feel my tongue flicker over numerous other parts – more sensitive parts – of your body. I lay you on the large bed and turn your head to your left. I quickly start to softly kiss the parts of your neck that are now exposed to me. From nape to jaw, no patch of skin is left unkissed. After feeling those waves of pleasure throughout your body, you instantly feel even stronger ones as I nibble your earlobe. From there, I gently run my tongue along the outsides of your ear; softly, carefully. Then, without warning, I thrust my tongue tuzla escort deep in your ear. You let out a surprised yet soft gasp, but then you remember how alone we are in this room, and let out a longer, louder moan. You know I like it when you moan. Your moaning makes me turn your head the other direction, after which I immediately thrust my tongue into your other ear, seemingly impossibly deeper than before. Jolts of electric pleasure pulse through your nerves as quickly as I am flicking my tongue in and out of your ear, making you moan even louder, this time with a rougher, almost a****listic tone to it. This moan makes my ever growing erection peak with it’s maximum length and girth.It is only now that you notice my penis pressing hard against the skin right above your lower set of lips. I am less than an inch away from pressing against your clit… But my erection leaves it current position almost as quickly as you had noticed it. It is now time for me to give attention to your breasts. I love your breasts. Their size, their softness, their large, suckable nipples – they are perfect for me. I playfully flicker my tongue on your right nipple as I look into your eyes. Even though my flicker-flicker-flicker seems playful in nature, the look in my eyes is not. They mean business. They are telling you that you are going to be in for many orgasms tonight. With that, I take as much of your breast into my mouth as I can, making sure that all of your nipple is now in my mouth, while the other is being pinched between my fingers. I suck on your nipple as hard escort tuzla as I can. The noise that escapes from your throat makes it seem like you are almost beyond noise, in a place where no sound can express the pleasure you are feeling. Shortly after you start to get lost in that place, I start to softly bite down on the mouthful of your breast that I was sucking on moments before. You scream in delight – just the sound I wanted to hear. You beg me to bite down on your other breast, saying that you’ll come if I do. That’s exactly what I want. I want you to come. HARD. So, I obey, and I bite down on your other breast, balancing on the fine line between pain and pleasure. With this familiar sensation on your other breast, you can feel your climax start to build, and fast. You start to breathlessly let out two of my favorite words over and over: “I’m coming” I’m coming!”As your orgasm starts to build with exponentially increasing wetness, spasming, and breathing, I release the grip that my mouth has on your breast. With incredible ease, I quickly slide my body down between your legs and immediately start to thrust my tongue in and out of your tight, wet lips. In and out, in and out, in and out, my tongue probes deeply, but not as deep as you are in the throes of your multi-orgasmic experience. In and out, in and out, in and out, I continue the motions for a blissful eternity, until your screams start to finally die down. I don’t want you to stop yet, though. So I quickly begin sucking on your clit, first with just my lips, then with my tongue and my teeth. This tuzla escort bayan immediately sets you into another countless string of orgasms. You must’ve had at least 10 to 12 by now, and I’m not finished yet. I keep sucking on you like this until you can’t take it anymore. Clitoral orgasms are one thing, but having just the right amount of pressure on your come-come spot will completely send you over the edge. I know this as well as you do, but I am waiting for you to ask for it. Just tell me what you want. I will give you anything you want tonight. I am your pleasure. Just ask. Then I hear it. Just one word. One word, and I know what you mean by it: “Now… Now…”Without any hesitation, I sit up on my knees and thrust deep into you. My absolutely throbbing penis is inside of you, and we both love it. Your eyes are wide open, as is your mouth, struggling to remember to breathe. You are almost forced to as I start to slide in and out, in and out, in and out of your tight, wet, warm opening. My erection is completely surrounded by you, and it feels absolutely amazing. I angle myself so that my shaft will slide against your clit as I thrust harder into you. The rubbing of your clit and the pressure on your come-come spot is more than either of us can handle. With one more powerful thrust of my body, I press deeply inside of you. I can only guess by the way you are yelling out my name that you are coming with me now. The head of my penis is spasming against your come-come spot, my shaft is throbbing against your clit, and you are bucking your hips up to meet me, making my balls slap against you. It feels like my orgasm has lasted a full five minutes before everything starts do die down. I collapse against you hugging you close to me, trying to make this moment last as long as it can…

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