One of my many sexual adventures ch:1

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One of my many sexual adventures ch:1Katy was a sexy bitch and she knew it. She fucked or sucked so many guys and loved to show off her curves, she had so much sexual fun in a variety of ways and not just sexual intercourse. Sure, she had two c***dren and had just turned forty. But a lot of exercise and sex kept her in tiptop shape. At 5’9″, she had long shapely legs, a firm ass, and a set of good-sized tits actually 36dd a real nice handful. An added bonus to her tits were her nipples, apart from being sensitive which kept her sexually alert, they were always in a permanent state of arousal and would often sit proudly at around half an inch in length. Her nipples always drew attention no matter what she wore. She had blue eyes, reddish hair and a peaches and cream complexion marked her as a woman still worthy to fuck. Her husband works away on business trips a fair amount which gives Katy a good opportunity to go out and have fun with other guys. Both of her girls Louise (15) and Rachel (13) were both good looking girls themselves and Louise had already developed a good size pair of tits and enjoyed dressing up rather provocatively, her Mother never chastised her for dressing in such a way. Katy has always even when going out with her husband dressed to be admired. A motto of hers has always been if one has it why not flaunt it. Something that Katy loved doing was showing as much of her tits as possible in whatever outfit she wore. Her husband loved the idea of other guys ogling over them and some of those outfits were just saying “look guys do you want some of these”.Randy planned to do just that – fuck her good – in more ways than one. Since she turned him down years ago when she was even then a ripe sexy girl and everyone wanted a piece of her, Randy had burned with rage and lust at the desire to dominate, humiliate and fuck this proud bitch. Now he had his chance. Having a business as a loan shark helped make the right connections for his plan.Randy had arranged to have Katy’s c***dren k**napped from school. Taken by a couple of masked men who owed him a favour in large unpaid loans, the c***dren were taken to a hide-out outside town. Randy had made Louise make a tape message, so he could send a phone message to her mother saying they were in good shape, but wouldn’t be returned until Mr. “Jones” was ready to release them. Randy then called Katy’s home phone from his mobile. When Katy answered, he introduced himself as a Mr. Jones and then played the tape. Katy’s blood ran cold. Randy explained that the return of her c***dren, in one piece, depended solely on her absolute cooperation. He told her if he so much as suspected she told of their conversation and demands to anyone else especially the police, he would kill the c***dren after of course he and some of his male friends had their way with them. Katy went cold with fear she asked “How much money do you want? I’ll get whatever you want; I just want my babies back safely.” Randy responded canlı bahis “I don’t want any money Katy. I want you – ALL OF YOU. And I want you MY way. This coming weekend you will be mine, you will receive instructions later. You will be required when you receive a package from me that will contain an item of clothing which will be a bikini which I will be sending you in the mail, and together with a pair of your highest heels, I will require you to wear them. I know you have many as I have seen you out in the bars while your husband is away on business. I will call you after you receive the bikini.” Then he hung up. That night and the next day were a nightmare for Katy as she had to explain to her neighbours that her daughters were staying with their Aunt for a few days. Katy also called her friend Carol to say that she will be unavailable over the coming weekend as she was popping away for a few days and explained that the girls will be staying with her aunt. Katy has gone away for weekends before to meet up for some sexual fun. Many of those exploits her and Carol have spoke about over coffee or a glass of wine. So at least Carol would not get suspicious with her absence. Many tears passed her eyes not knowing where her daughter’s were and whether they were safe. She was in a dilemma as she wanted to call the police but at the same time did not want to offend this Mr. Jones. Katy lived just with her two c***dren most of the time due to the amount of time her husband was away from the home. Just after 11pm the following day Mr. Jones called Katy, and gave her some re-assurance that her daughter’s were ok by playing another recorded message from the Louise. Katy pleaded with this Mr. Jones, but he cut her off. Katy “Now listen to me clearly, I want you to stop all this whining, now shut up and listen. I want you to remove your lilac and white dress you have on and I want you standing at the window naked”. Oh!!!! My god he is watching me. Katy was sitting at her computer and chatting on msn in some chat room. Katy stood up from her chair and removed the dress, then moved to the window, “Now Katy I want you to fondle those tits of yours until I tell you to stop, and I do not care if anyone should walk past. Now do it and put the phone on speaker¨. Katy pushed a button on the phone and stood at the window facing into the dark night sky with her light on in the room exposing herself to anyone who happened to be passing. Yes she has known that at times when she has been naked or near naked that she has bee seen by her close neighbours, but now she was being directed to do it. Katy cupped her tits and toyed with her erect nipples, this went on for about 5 mins, she could not see where he was hiding, a few cars passed and she wondered whether this leach was in one of them, then Katy heard Mr. Jones’s voice, “in a few moments a motor cyclist will come along and hand you an envelope I want you standing outside your front door naked and with your bahis siteleri hands behind your head. Inside the envelope are 2 photos of your daughters, if you do not wait at your door like I just said then the motor cyclist will drive past. Now go and wait” Katy did as Mr .Jones had asked first putting the phone back on its receiver. Katy stood there what seemed ages with her hands behind her head. While standing there in this state a few cars drove past and one honked as he saw her naked at the front door. How vulnerable was she! Naked, going through her mind was the neighbours could so easily see her. A motor cyclist appeared and stopped. Dressed in all black with a black visor Randy new that he would not be recognised. He watched Katy for a few moments then walked towards her and standing close to her saw how smooth her cunt was (and mentally thought how much better it will look in this state once we start playing with her). He walked a little closer and saw those long erect nipples maybe a little hardened by the slight chill in the air but he new from old that she always had long nipples. He also thought to himself that he reckoned she would be wet between her legs with this torment. He held out his hand with the envelope in and Katy quickly took it from the mysterious man. Randy turned back to his bike as Katy went inside. He knew that she will do just about anything and was now putty in his hands although she had no idea of her forth coming ordeal. Once inside she opened the envelope and inside were 2 photos of her daughter’s one of them eating some food and another of them sitting reading with today‘s paper. At least she thought that showing today’s paper meant they were still ok up to now anyway. A message was also inside and just said do as you are told and no harm will come to both girls.The following day Friday, Katy received a package though the mail. It contained a scandalously brief light pink thong bikini. No sooner had she opened the package than the phone rang. Picking it up, the caller identified himself as “Mr. Jones”. “I see your package has arrived”. Katy thought once again this leach of a man must be close by. He told Katy she was to put on the bikini and a pair of her 6inch heels, and take NOTHING with her – not even her purse – except for a lipstick container. She was then to drive herself to an intersection in Camden, then take the road to the industrial area and wait at the public phone booth there which would be the first one she would see on her right. She was to leave her keys in the car and had to be at the booth at 1:00 P.M. and await his call. Since it was a warm late July, he told her she should be warm enough. Later that morning, a red-faced Katy, provocatively dressed in her revealing pink bikini which was way to small for her, her tits were oozing out in all directions and it barely covered her nipples, she put her black 6inch heels on, looked outside to make sure the coast was clear shut the front door bahis şirketleri and got into her car and drove to the intersection. Turned towards the old industrial area. Nowadays it was in a rough part of the black section of town, lined with bars, porno shops and adult theatres. Nervously, she left her car and proceeded to the phone booth. The booth was right in front of a Go-Go bar with a flashing neon image of a nude white woman with red hair in front of the bar. As she waited anxiously in the booth, numerous young black males passed her, taking time to brazenly ogle the scantily clad redhead in the phone booth. Her anxiety grew as the number of young men steadily increased and she made a vain attempt to conceal her white ass cheeks by standing with her back towards the phone. Although in truth these phone booths were mainly glass all around. Her tits were bulging from the bra cups (Randy had deliberately sent a bikini two sizes two small having to guess her size and wanted it as small as possible) her prominent erect long nipples, were poking out of the flimsy material had rapidly became erect from their lewd stares and jokes (Randy thoughtfully had removed the bra cup liners.) As she squirmed uncomfortably, the scandalously thin thong had kept crept up her ass crack and she knew just by the shortness of the bikini thong that her labia would be showing and glancing at her it would be plainly obvious that she was shaved as the thinness of the material hid nothing.Finally the phone rang. She nervously picked it up. Mr. Jones identified himself and told her he was watching her every move from a distance and she had better follow each of his commands precisely if she wished to see her daughters alive again. He instructed her to go to another phone booth, two blocks away. He told her she had only two minutes to get there, and she had better hurry, then hung up. The terrified woman quickly opened the door, and pushed past the leering crowd. “Hey sweetie, where are you going in such a rush?” “Come on honey, stick around awhile” and other more suggestive hoots and catcalls followed her as she ran quickly down the street. Her high heels added to the obscene spectacle by causing her bulging tits to wobble and her ass cheeks to jiggle lewdly. Her well-muscled calves tensed in her high heels as she ran… She may has well been naked.Gasping and panting, her tits heaving, she reached the phone booth just as the phone rang, and then closed the door quickly behind her. The voice on the other end spoke, thick with lust, “Well Katy, it looks like you have acquired quite a crowd of admirers!! Next time you’re going to have to run a little faster though. I love to watch your tits wobbling up and down – and I KNOW THOSE YOUTHS DO TOO.” At this point, Katy noticed that a large crowd of young black men had gathered around the booth to watch her hungrily. Apparently the ones who were watching her before had picked up some friends and they all followed her. Her attempts to hunch over and conceal her tits only exposed her tight ass cheeks to the crowd. However her ordeal Katy was sexually excited, to be honest her clit had been twitching the moment she put the bikini on and saw herself in the mirror.

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