One Night she will never forget

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[b]One night she won’t forget

She was 5’3 with brown hair and brown eyes. She had a nice body for a young woman with size 48 double d’s. He was about 5’10 with brown hair and eyes. He was very athletic throughout his years.

They were married for about two years now and it was New Years Eve. They had tickets to a party at the firehouse and they showered and dressed. They took their daughter to his mom’s house for his mom to baby-sit. As they drove they were happy about doing something together, because he drove trucks and was not home a lot.

After they dropped their kid off, they headed to the firehouse to party the New Year in. When they arrived he knew a lot of the people and she felt kind of out of place. They went in and found some seats and sat down waiting for the band to start.

He went to get them some drinks, while she sat at the table. A friend of hers from school came over and talked with her for a while. While he walked around talking to people he knew. They drank heavy most of the night and got into an argument half way through the night. She wanted to go home and he wanted to stay.

This angered him and was his excuse to drink even more. And since he was driving she had no choice but to stay. He was talking to the chief of police about an incident that happened years ago. And somehow someone over heard them talking and said he was threatening the chief.

This started a fight in there and a couple of guys told him to sit down and stay there. This really pissed him off and he was ready to fight all three of them. He was yelling at them who the fuck do you think you are. I’m not in the service no more and you sure as hell ain’t my commander.

About this time a friend came up and told him that his wife had left and was walking home. This made him more upset and he tore out of the firehouse with these three guys on his tail. He got to the car and noticed the three guys coming at him. So he popped the trunk and grabbed one of his baseball bats and dared them to mess with him.

I guess they didn’t want any parts of that and returned to the firehouse to party. He got into his car and sped away in his search for her. He drove up and down the roads all the way to his house and back. Taking different roads each time looking for her. Being very concerned because it was below freezing outside.

He continued to drive around for several hours looking for his wife; worried that something could happen to her on a night where every one is out partying.

He went back to the firehouse looking in hopes that she went back there. His friend told her she wasn’t there and then his friend and his wife went looking for her too.

Meanwhile Rose was going to walk home, because she had enough of her bullheaded husband. But she knew he would be out looking for her and she was drunk and just wanted to go home without any more hassles. So she went on some back roads to keep him from finding her.

Every time a car would come, she would hide in the woods and come back out after it goes by. As she was walking she realized that she had to go pee again, so she went into the woods to pee. As she was coming out a car was coming and she tried to get back into the woods without being seen.

The car slowed down but continued moving up the road and around the bend. So she thought that it didn’t see her. So she continued walking up the road on her way home.

Meanwhile these 4 guys driving around drinking were headed up that same road. When they came around a bend they thought they seen a woman starting to come out of the woods. Then they saw her go back into the woods. They slowed their car down but went on to make this woman think they didn’t see her. They went around another bend and stopped their car and walked back down the road to wait.

As she continued to walk home she rounded the next bend. She thought she heard something and looked to her right into the woods. About then two of the guys ran across the road and grabbed her pushing her into the woods.
Half dragging her and half pushing her all four of them were forcing her deeper into the woods.

Once they felt they were far enough into the woods, they pushed her to the ground. Where the four men held her Ankara Escort down and stuck a bottle of jack Daniels to her mouth. Telling her to drink the bottle straight down. As she opened her mouth to say no, she got a mouthful of the JD and started choking on it.

One of the men grabbed her tit at the nipple and started squeezing and twisting it. Telling her she had better drink it and do as they say or else. The pain hurt her real bad and she started gulping the whiskey down. And when the bottle was empty they started grabbing at her. The ripped the front of her shirt, causing the buttons to all fly off. Then one grabbed her bra and gave a big yank and it was ripped right off her body.

They continued to pull her shirt completely off, then her pants and panties. One of the men said, “Wow look at the size of those knockers” And he started feeling them. Another shoved his hand down between her legs and worked his finger into her snatch saying “This thing is really good and tight, we’ll have to loosen it up for her.

About then he dropped his pants and climbed on top of her forcing his way between her legs. She was struggling at first until he grabbed her nipple again and threatened her. She opened her legs and let him slip his dick into her pussy.

By now the whiskey is starting to hit her and make her drunker then ever. She is feeling one of the men around her head, and then she hears them say, “Here suck on my cock and eat my sperm”. As she can feel a cock at her mouth she hears him say “Open up bitch, I want you to suck my cock”. She shook her head no and she felt someone grab her nipple again twisting it hard.

She slowly opened her mouth and was told to suck on it as it went into her mouth. She wanted to gag from this. She could feel the one pumping away at her pussy start to cum. By now her head is swimming with drunkenness. And she feels the cock in her mouth hardening and pumping more. The one between her legs gets up and another one climbs in the same place.

With a sudden unexpected eruption in her mouth, she is caught by surprise with the fluids being released in there with nowhere for it to go but down. So she swallows three gulps of cum her throat and opens her mouth. The man tells her to keep sucking it. She closes her mouth back around it and continues sucking on his cock. After a few minutes he pulls it from her mouth and says thank you ma’am.

Then she feels another cock at her lips and knows she is going to have to do it again. So she opens up her mouth and allows the cock in, then closes her mouth around it to make it fit better for the man. Knowing at this point that she can either go along with it and get it over, or fight it and they will give it to her anyway. So she is going to get this over with.

Again she feels the rush of cum entering her pussy and the pumping of the cock in there keeps going. And the cock in her mouth is trying to push further into her mouth.

The guy fucking her pussy stops and gets off of her, then another one is on top of her. He is shoving his cock into her pussy and ramming her hard into her thighs. The cock in her mouth is getting bigger, so she knows he’s close to Cumming. She prepares herself for another load in her mouth and trying not to think about it too much cause it could make her gag and throw up.

His juices start flowing into her mouth and she has to take only two gulps with this guy. She keeps sucking on his cock because she thinks that is what they want. He says to the other guys “Look she keeps sucking my cock even after I am done, She really wants it bad”. This excites the one fucking her and he starts pounding her pussy harder. And within a minute he is Cumming in her.

Another cock is placed in front of her mouth and she opens and starts sucking this one too. At the same time another one is climbing on top of her for a fuck. He drives his cock into her and slaps it in her with full force and he keeps fucking her that way. The other guy is pumping her mouth hard about now.

She is wondering how much longer she can do this, cause she is feeling really drunk and wants to be done. So she sucks the cock in her mouth harder and fucks back at the one fucking her cunt. Hoping that it will make them cum faster Sincan Escort and they will leave her alone so she can get home.

She feels the explosion in her mouth and starts gulping down as fast as she can, so not to taste it. But after the fourth gulp she feels more still and prays he is soon done before she gets sick. Then there is an eruption in her pussy, as the guy keeps pumping in and out of her.

Thinking she is done and they will leave her alone. She tries to sit up and one guy grabs her saying, “Where the hell do you think you’re going, we’re not done yet. And rolling her over, she feels one of them on her back.

She is thinking what the hell are these guys doing and about then she felt the cock rip her ass hole. She had their juices and hers running down her ass, so it was nice a lubed up for them. She started to scream and one threw his hand over her mouth telling her to shut up.

As he plunged it in and out of her ass, she lay there with tears rolling down her face from the pain. One after another she felt them fuck her anal canal. With them claiming that it is nice and tight and should be broke in when they are done.

After the last one fucked her ass, they ran off very fast hoping she wouldn’t be able to follow them. But she just lay there shivering from the cold wishing she hadn’t gone out at all.

She got up and searched for her clothes, finding her shirt and pants. Her Jacket, shoes, bra and panties she couldn’t find. So she decided to just head for home.

As she walked up the road she came to another bigger road. As she was just getting to the bigger road, a car came by slowed down and stopped. A guy opened his door and said, “Do you need a ride?” She said “No thank you”

The guy got out of the car walked up to her and told her it was really cold out here and she could get frost bite. That’s when he noticed she didn’t have a coat on and that her shirt was torn. He asked her how long she had been outside and she told him for hours. He then told her he was an intern at the local hospital and he wanted to take her there.

They walked to the car and she got into the back seat and he got into the front. He flipped open his phone and acted like he was making a call to the hospital. He was talking like he was talking to a doctor. Then he hung up and turned to her saying “Dr. Roberts wants me to do an exam on you while we are taking you to the hospital.

He opens the glove box and grabs a pen light and jumps in the back with her. He tells her don’t be afraid I am going to check you out for frostbite and the nature of it.

Rose being drunk and not knowing any better agrees to an exam. He tells the guy driving to get them to the hospital but be careful. She then starts telling them about the four guys and how they had raped her. And the guy who was in the back asked about more details of what had happened.

So she went through the whole story of how she was walking and how the guys forced her into the woods and everything. She told of how she was forced to suck and fuck, even up the ass. She even told them how big each guys cock was and how much cum they shot.

At this point they are just sitting still and the guy in the back tells her he needs to exam her neck and back. So he has her turn towards him and he grabs her shirt to pull it to both sides to get a good look at her chest. And she is still drunk from the whiskey and believing everything he tells her.

He shines his light around her neck ad down to her breasts. He can’t help but think how he would love to play with these tits. The guy in the front is looking at them too. He tells her He thinks she has a bad case of frostbite to the third degree and she needs medical help right away.

This gets her thinking and he touches her skin and asks if it tingles or burns. And she tells him it kind of burns with a tingle. So he tells her he needs to see her back. So she turns around and he pulls her shirt off completely. He asks if when she was raped if they had her shirt off, she said yes.

Here she believes every word and thinking the worst as he tells her it’s really bad. He keeps on with this exam and lifts her hair up to look at her neck. He then asks if her pants Escort Bayan were off and if there was anything else she forgot to tell them.

He tells her he needs to see her legs and torso to determine if she has frostbite in any of those areas. First get on your hands and knees, I will examine you backside to see how bad it is, She gets on her hands and knees and he pulls her pants down below her hips.

He looks at her ass and tells her it is really bad with frostbite. He then tells her to lie on her back and let him examine the front of her legs. She rolls onto her back and he pulls her pants down more. He tells her its real bad on the front too. He pulls her pants off the right leg saying he wants to see the lower part of her leg. Then he does the same with the left leg and now without realizing it she is completely naked.

He then tells her that he needs to see the back of her legs and has her lift up the left one first. He’s shining the light up and down her leg and to her pussy for quick looks at it. He has her put her leg up over the back of the seat and lifts the right one now. He does the same thing with that leg all the while telling her she has frostbite all over to the third degree really bad.

By now she is laying there naked and spread wide open when he tells her he needs to look at her chest again, because it is real red now. He tells her not to move as he gets on his knees between her legs.

But while he was acting like he was doing the exam, he was undoing his pants ad the zipper. As he shifted each time he pulled his pants and boxers down. Now as he turned to get on his knees he dropped them the rest of the way. He then leaned over her and had his cock ready for action as he was acting like he was doing an exam on her chest again.

About then he leaned down ad grabbed her right tit and told her he was going to help her get her body temp up to normal. And at the same time he tried to be sneaky he pushed his cock into her pussy. She looked at him and asked “ What are you doing” and he replied, “What’s it look like bitch, I’m getting me some pussy”.

He continued to fuck her and pound his cock into her harder. The guy in the front found a spot to park and was reaching back to play with her left tit. The one fucking her said to her that they just wanted to get some from her and since she had already been raped it won’t hurt anything if they get some too.

He kept banging her pussy until he came inside her and by then the guy in the front was standing there by the back door waiting for his turn with this woman. The first guy pulls it out and gets off of her and the second guy jumps right in on top of her. As he guides his cock into her love nest he feels the tightness of her pussy around his cock. He starts slamming his member in her thrust after thrust.

He drills her for about ten minutes before loosing his load deep in her. Then the first guy makes her roll over and climbs in the back to where her head is. He makes her suck on is dick, and the second guy see a open invitation to her ass and jumps on her from behind. She has this cock in her mouth and he has a hold of her head forcing her head up and down on his shaft. And she feels the splitting of her ass as the second guy drives his cock in her ass.

This goes on for a while and they switch places several times going in and out of her in different places in her body. Then they throw her clothes at her and jump in the car, after making her get out. They take off spinning stones from the wheels so they try to leave fast without her getting a good look at the car or plates.

She is standing there naked and drunk, not knowing where the hell she is or where to go. She walks down the driveway that she’s in and finds a road. She stands there a few minutes trying to decide which way she needs to go. She goes to the left and walks down the road.

She walks several miles and finds a road she knows. She is freezing and feeling empty inside after this night of hell. She realizes she is a couple of miles from her home and heads in that direction. An hour and a half later she walks down her driveway and finds her home all dark, but home at last.

They stayed together for several more years but she turned against having sex at all. She wanted no part of sex ever again. And he left her one-day because of it.

I wonder if she thinks about that night and if she will ever walk down dark back roads ever again.

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