One last time…

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One last time…I walk in and not say a word. Nasty Daddy standing there. Doesn’t say a word. There is this unspoken connection, a look, as our eyes connect. You take my hand and lead the way. To your love haven. Your sex nest. Everything laid out and nearby so we don’t have to leave for hours. No one is around and we know we will not be disturbed and can make as much noise as we need.You lay me down on the bed and gently fall on top of me and kiss me so deeply and tenderly. We haven’t seen each other for years. We know our moments together may be fleeting and we may not see each other again for many more years, if ever. It makes our movements more deliberate, more intentional, more focused and unrestrained. Like never before, we let our guards down and allow ourselves to succumb to our raw feelings and desires.Kissing you and feeling your tongue dart between my lips and touch my tongue sends sparks of desire to my clit making it throb and swell. Feeling your lips on mine, searching with desire, as if to touch my heart, something deep within me responds. A yearning, a longing, this searching for that something I have been missing for so long. I respond eagerly and kiss you back too much, too eagerly. You pull away and whisper, “Relax”. You begin to take control of my movements, emotions and breath.My initial nervousness falls away as quickly as my clothes do and I’m naked and breathing hard already, in anticipation, lust, desire. So hungry. So wanton. I’ve been dreaming of this time for so long. Missing it, being unable to reach it. As you stretch to take my shirt and bra off above my head, your cock comes close to my lips. Close to my mouth. I smell your sexy smell and I remember. I remember all those times. Those warm, sunlit afternoons in your apartment. That smell. Your smell. So sexy, warm and musky. Like sex. That’s why I like it so much. Your sex. Your cock, right beside my mouth, so close I reach out with my tongue and just graze the head. You pause, your breath catches and you look me in the eye and say, “Not yet”. Although Jack responds, because he remembers too. Jack remembers my mouth and tongue caressing and mouth all-encompassing. So good. So warm and wet. Long sucking sessions. I’m getting ahead of myself.You kiss me again and follow your desire, or perhaps Jack’s desire tunceli escort and place gentle kisses down my body, my neck, my chest, pausing at the gorgeous full tits with nipples standing erect waiting for your mouth, your tongue. You kiss and suck and send more sparks and electric shocks to my clit awakening my desire more and more. Making me more wet and the aching in my pussy almost hurts. My pussy needs attention but you wait. You linger at my tits, caressing, licking, sucking, gently biting. Slowly moving down to my soft plump belly, full hips and thighs. My warmth and softness. The beautiful contrast between our skin once again in the sunlight and warmth of the day. Our heat and passion warming the room and causing us to begin to breathe harder yet.My breath quickens in anticipation, knowing soon you’ll be licking my pussy. You slowly lick the inside of my thigh. Smelling my sweet, tangy pussy lips and you can’t resist any longer. You dive in. Your tongue tasting, searching then gliding over my swollen clit. You are surprised at how hard my clit is already and how wet I am. This makes Jack get harder and you lick faster. Sucking my juices, savoring them. It’s been so long. My hips rise up to meet the stroke of your tongue and soon we’re in a perfect rhythm of hip fucking and licking and I’m so close to coming already. I resist and slow my movement and you grab my hips and ass and pull my pussy into your face, into your mouth and tongue fuck my pussy once again showing me who is in control. Grinding my pussy and clit and folds with your thick long tongue and full lips. My pussy dripping and hot and I’m moan and squeal a little as you keep me there not letting me get away. Tongue fucking my clit and my pussy just to the edge. You know my body so well. You take me to the edge and can feel my pussy quiver and respond and know this is your cue to take it to the next level. You back away and Jack is hard and eager to get wet himself. Slowly you drag the head of your beautiful, big black cock over my pussy lips. Teasing, stroking ever so gently. You feel my soft pussy lips, so wet, so hot, caress your hard cock as it nestles in between my plump juicy cunt lips. Pulling out and rubbing over my clit and back over again and again. You feel your own breath urfa escort quicken, Jack rising to the occasion, getting harder, feeling the ecstasy of soft, sweet wet pussy. You grab my ankles and push my legs back and my pussy opens invitingly. My freshly painted toe nails in your favorite color red because I know how to please my Nasty Daddy – make your cock twinge in delight and you kiss, then nibble making me squirm in pleasure.You pull back and shove all of your cock into my tight, hot pussy so eagerly waiting, waiting for so long for this moment. So much pleasure and desire course through my body, through your body, our hearts race, our breath catches. My pussy responds and tightens and wraps around your cock as much as it can. It is so filled up with your huge throbbing cock that I feel it in my throat. It is so big and so hard and so delicious. You slowly pump my pussy full and pull back tantalizing me with so much gorgeous cock. I’m moaning in ecstasy at the feeling of so much cock. So much beautiful hard cock filling me up so good, so deep, so wet. You hear my moaning and you know. You feel my pussy pulsing and pushing back. Jack is responding and you are trying to hold back. You glance and see my sexy red toes curling, my feet crinkling in pleasure. You bite my foot. Pain. Such a fine line between pleasure and pain, and it’s always pleasure.Your cock is throbbing and you know I’m on the edge. I’m about to squirt, to release my pussy juices and you know if you keep pushing your hard cock in my cunt I’ll release all these pent up juices all over your cock and balls. But you love it that way. You keep pushing my legs back further to open my sweet pussy as far you can, plunging your massive dick in as far as you can go. It feels so good. You hesitate because you want this fuck session to last a lot longer than this. Pushing in again you feel my tight cunt push back and release. It’s all you can do to push your cock in but it slides out with all my squirt, cumming, moaning, pissing too. You fill my cunt up so much that I can’t help but piss a little. My pussy stretched to the point of pissing. The juices mix. So hot, so wet, so much. You reach down and rub my clit and pussy and expertly I’m squirting all over again. Moaning, writhing in ecstasy, squealing, escort bayan yelling, screaming. It’s so good. This release. I’ve been waiting so long to feel your cock, your hands, you. Your cock gets hard again. Jack knows where he wants to be. Pushing back in my pussy. Adding lots of lube, extra slippery. Again, you tell my pussy who is in control and show me what that means. You take my pussy again and again. Filling it with so much cock, I can’t breathe. All I can do is succumb to the waves of pleasure, the waves of squirt, the waves of piss. Hot. Wet. My cunt loving every drop, every inch, every thrust. I’m begging for more. I’m begging to be fucked as hard as you can but you don’t. That’s not your style.You love to edge me on. Edge Jack on. Building the orgasm. Building the tension. Getting close but not quite close enough. I’m squirting again but you know there’s more. You keep rhythmically fucking my pussy, slowly in and out. Deep thrust in, all the way to your balls. Pull way out until your big cock head is just at my cunt opening and push it all the way back in. Slowly, feeling every inch of my velvety tight snatch. Telling yourself you are going to memorize this feeling because what if this is the last time. You lean over me, still thrusting. I feel your huge strong biceps circle around me. Your hard chest press against my tits. Your hard abs on my voluptuous belly. Your mouth comes down onto mine. I’m lost. I’m drifting. I’m not aware of my surroundings, only pleasure. Waves of the most intense pleasure. I can feel it, but I push it away, feeling it as though it is too big, too much. Trying to stay only in the feeling of your huge gorgeous cock filling me but it’s bigger than we are. That feeling. It’s bigger than we ever want to acknowledge, that’s why we never talk about it. We just keep fucking and kissing and sucking and licking. Keeping our mouths busy, we know we never have to talk about it.You whisper in my ear, “I can’t. I can’t stop. I’m cumming.” My hips are coming up to meet your thrusts. My pussy is dripping juices. So much piss and squirt. All the way up my back. All over my legs. All over the bed. Hot, wet, cock, pussy, clenching, throbbing, arching, moaning, yelling, cumming, shooting. Shooting all that wet, sticky hot juices of yours deep within my pussy. My cunt milking that huge cock, milking Jack, milking and throbbing until you collapse on me. Our sweat and juices, hearts and breath, mixing together. The sun is beginning to set as we lay together, glistening in its rays, hoping this won’t be the last time.

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