One Last Call

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Cum Inmouth

“Why are you calling me? I told you I don’t want to hear or speak to you again! Do you understand that now?”

Lex called again.. asking how I was doing, how is life etc. Thinking we can have a normal conversation, I didn’t hang up.

“What? No, none of that. I told you no more.The last time I saw you was the last straw.”

I could hear something that sounded like a muffled laugh.

“What are you laughing about? This isn’t funny Lex. Do you know how frustrated and confused you make me? Do you?”

My voice caught a little, he didn’t take me seriously. But he did ask me why.

“You don’t deserve to know why. Besides, I have someone now.”

There wasn’t much conviction in my voice, I should have ended this call by now but, I can’t…

“No, he is not here, why? Just thinking about what? Don’t, don’t do that. Our relationship was a mistake, I should have never asked for more than friendship.”

“We had an incredible attraction to each other and I thought that meant I needed be with you. I needed to make it mean something, I couldn’t understand why I wanted you so bad.”

Lex didn’t say anything and I could sense he wanted to know more. güvenilir bahis I didnt open up like this so it was new to him.

“Do you know how hard it was to leave you alone? After we broke up, I still visited you for months, in pure agony and embarrassment. I wanted to see your naked body again, wanted your breath taking kiss, music playing in the background while we grind fiercely. All those feelings came rushing back as soon as you would open the door and look at me.”

I didn’t like where this was going, but I couldn’t stop. He had to know what I felt, I had to finally tell him. Lex was quiet and respectful but I knew this made him a bit uneasy. So I changed the subject to a memory.

” I remember skipping the last days of school to be with you. Remeber those days in the park? I felt so bad but you would make me forget. Always offering to take me back if I was too scared to get in trouble.”

He was probably smiling now, he and I had powerful moments in his car.

“The music was on, always on. We’d talk and joke around….you’d touch me or kiss me. God I went wild for you, hoping no one noticed me writhing in the seat while your long fingers moved inside güvenilir bahis siteleri me.”

My face flushed and a small, little moan escaped my lips.If he noticed, Lex didn’t say anything about it.

“My body ached just being near you. Every single time. I wanted you constantly, desperately, but we never went farther than…well what I finally said goodbye to you for. Those blow jobs, I even had my first one with you. You tasted so goddamned good…I couldn’t have enough. Just once a day was torture…”

I paused for a moment, I heard a car door shut and footsteps closing in behind me. When I turned around Lex pulled me into his arms and kissed me so passionately, so deeply, my legs almost gave out under me.I didnt have a chance to fall though, he had lifted me up, wrapping my legs around him.

Lex carried me to his car, his hands cupped my ass as his tongue frantically probbed my mouth. I didn’t have time to think, I could only accept. My back connected with the car hard and I felt his cock pressing against me in the same moment.His hips pinned me to the spot pressing as he opened the backseat door.

All that was next was a wild amazing iddaa siteleri blur. He laid me down on the seat, my panties disappeared shortly after. He was breathing harshly, our lips still locked and continuosly moving. His hands had his throbbing cock freed from his pants and my legs spread wide in I swear it had to be seconds.

In the next moment I felt him guide his cock along my pussy, spreading the wetness across the tip. He couldn’t find my entrance fast enough and groaned in frustration. I quickly lifted my hips and he thrusted himself inside without hesitation. His dick was so stiff it felt almost alien stretching my wet little cunt.

Lex pumped his pulsing cock into me without mercy, rough and swift strokes rocking me in the seat. In one swift motion he had me straddling him. I pulled away from his lips slightly trying to catch my breath he responded by crashing his mouth onto mine and drilled me deeper.

I couldn’t take it, he was fucking me senseless and all I could do was try to hold on. I was close so close to coming and he knew it. He went faster and faster coaxing out gripping spasms from my pussy. Lex made me come just moments before pushing my hips all the down as his cum burst inside me with all the energy he had left.

My pussy kept squeezing him as he finished, spent and relieved. His arms wrapped around me and held me there for the longest time. Only our breaths making a sound.

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