On the Hunt

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Vanessa gave her stockings a tug from behind. She had been waiting for the client for nearly 20 minutes and she was growing impatient. Just as she began to search for his number in her phone, headlights lit the windows. Her high heels were noisy on the tile as she went to open the door. She had dressed her most sexy for this client. He had sounded handsome, if that’s possible, on the phone.

As his realtor, Vanessa knew there was to be no wife or girlfriend joining him on the hunt for a home. She took note of his shiny sports car as Jeff emerged. She felt a surge of excitement as she saw how handsome her new client really was! He was dark-haired and light-eyed. His lashes were long and heavy and when he looked her in the eyes she got butterflies. Even more exciting was the way he was looking at her as he approached the front door.

His eyes slid from her new black stilettos with the jeweled ankle straps, up her thin shapely calves, and took an extra long moment on the parts of her thighs that were showing beneath the short skirt. Vanessa had been careful to wear hear silkiest stockings because they had a seam up the back that any man would take interest in. After taking time to gaze at her gorgeous legs his eyes moved slowly upward.

She was a small girl; barely more than five feet. She had a small waist and very large breasts. Vanessa enjoyed his appreciation and was glad she had made a point of accentuating those positives with a tight black skirt and low cut blouse that afforded Jeff a fantastic view of her boobs. He couldn’t lift his eyes because he wanted to watch them move as she reached her hand out to shake his. Vanessa put her hand between his gaze and her body to shake his and Jeff took her hand in a warm shake. She had staged the home perfectly and she was excited to spend a few minutes in this lovely home with a handsome stranger.

They had discussed Jeff’s needs prior to the meeting and Vanessa began to show him the home. After some polite looking at rooms that Jeff obviously wasn’t particularly interested in, they came to a small den. In the close quarters of the den Vanessa could actually feel Jeff’s presence. He let out a little laugh. Vanessa let her gaze follow his to find the source of his amusement. Jeff was admiring the homeowner’s vintage pinball machine. She stepped over to it and they lingered for a moment, making small talk. As they did, both of their hands came to rest on the glass of the pinball machine and their fingers touched. Even at the smallest touch Vanessa felt a familiar tightening in her pussy. She immediately pulled her hand away. The sexy clothes were to make a sale. She did not ‘entertain’ her clients any further than that!

While Vanessa was wrestling with a small ache inside her, Jeff was in full on lust. His realtor had sounded cute on the phone but he hadn’t thought of it at all until he started following this sexy woman around an empty house. This girl was really beautiful. bahis siteleri Not only did she have an amazing body, her face was stunning. Her lips were full and often slightly parted, he noticed. He tried not to think of slipping his dick into that mouth and automatically lowered his gaze. He realized when his cock jumped in his pants that he should have looked up into her eyes instead of down to her tits! At this moment, in particular, Vanessa had leaned casually on to her elbows bending slightly over the pinball machine. Her large breasts were very exposed and his thoughts immediately changed from slipping his cock in her mouth to between those squishy boobs. He had to change his thoughts quickly to stop himself from getting a noticeable erection.

Vanessa sensed her client was distracted and suggested they continue to explore the house. As they left the close quarters of the den Vanessa tried to slip in front of Jeff to lead the way. Her backside brushed his front side and she felt his cock brush her ass. She resisted the urge to wiggle her ass just a little.

Jeff followed her up the stairs of the home. Watching her heels, legs, stockings and ass directly in front of his face made him want to touch her. He wanted to cup her butt & slide his hands up and down her legs. On her last step up Jeff saw her stockings ended at her thighs. When he realized she was wearing a garter belt he knew had to fuck her. As Vanessa reached the top of the stairs she turned back to Jeff. She saw he was looking at her ass and she was glad. She knew she shouldn’t be.

This was breaking all her rules. She never dated or fucked her clients. She only made them think she would, to make the sale. But there was something about Jeff. She knew her nipples were straining against her shirt and she couldn’t stop imagining pulling his face into her tits and rubbing her nipples on his lips. The wetness between her legs was a reminder of what it felt like to simply touch his hand. What would it be like to unzip his pants and touch him for real?

They went from room to room laughing here and there. There were several flirtatious moments and some ‘accidental’ touching. When they reached the master bedroom they paused. They spoke briefly about mundane things like where Jeff might put his own furniture until Vanessa couldn’t stand it anymore. Just as it appeared Jeff was going to leave the room Vanessa said, “Wait!” Jeff felt a thrill. He knew this was the last room of the house and he had lingered as long as he felt he could. He turned back to her and saw what was in her eyes. She stepped toward him. He was expecting as little as an invitation for coffee or as much as a tentative kiss. What he got was soo much better.

“I know I shouldn’t do this. I don’t know anything about you. But I feel like I HAVE to get close” and with that she reached out to his fly. His dick sprang immediately to life when her red tipped fingers started to tug his zipper down. If either canlı bahis siteleri of them had had any reservations until this point, they were quickly forgotten. When Vanessa reached into the opening his zipper made and wrapped her small hand around his enormous cock she knew she wanted to drain him dry. She dropped to her knees in front of him. Her mouth was watering and her pussy ached with jealousy. She looked up into his face and saw how willing he was. As she parted her lips to take his big cock in her mouth, he moaned.

Her mouth was a warm wet sponge around his cock. She seemed so hungry for it and he had to struggle for control. Once he stepped back from the brink of cumming in her mouth so soon he started to really enjoy her. He reached down and cupped her DD in his hand. With just a squeeze he felt another surge into his dick. He had to get those tits out!

As if reading his mind, Vanessa started unbutton her top. She couldn’t explain what had started the fire, but now that she had his cock out she had never wanted anything more in her life. She flattened her tongue and let him push his cock in and out of her mouth. She could feel the fat vein on her tongue and started to want him deeper. As if on command he reached down under her chin and pushed his cock keep in her throat. It made her weak with desire.

She had to touch her clit, so she reached down, with his dick still moving in and out of her mouth. She gave her clit on the slightest rub before she began to cum. Her moaning must have felt good on his cock because as the waves of pleasure flooded her pussy walls his dick went deeper and deeper into her throat making her convulsions that much stronger.

As her initial orgasm subsided her thoughts immediately turned to how tight an orgasm could make her pussy. She was dying to get his rock hard dick inside her. She licked him a few more times and stood. Their eyes were locked in lust as she slid completely out of her blouse. She was in her skirt, heels, stockings and a black push up bra. She moved her hands to her body and Jeff realized it was a front hook bra. His cock was standing away from his pants and he was dying to get into her but he was completely absorbed with the fact that her tits were about to be exposed in front of him.

She undid the clasp slowly, as if to drive him out of his mind. Her large breasts dropped ever so slightly as the bra fell to the floor. Jeff instinctively reached out to them. How could something be so soft and so firm at the same time? Her boob was heavy in his hand and his cock throbbed. He was so hard he ached but he spent time licking her nipples and rubbing his face all over her tits. Vanessa couldn’t bear his gentle teasing for another second. Her demeanor changed and she tugged roughly at his belt. When he was naked she slipped out of her skirt.

She was still wearing her garter-belt, stockings and shoes, but she couldn’t wait any longer. They moved in toward canlı bahis each other and for the first time stood pressed against one another. They kissed deeply and Jeff could feel the skin of her thighs on his dick. When neither could stand even a second longer they moved hastily toward the bed. Just as she was about to crawl on top, his arm circled her waist from behind. He gently pushed her between the shoulder blades with his other hand and she was bending over the bed.

Jeff almost plunged in but stopped when he saw the black lace stretched lengthwise down each cheek of her perfect white ass to connect to her stockings. He had NEVER fucked a girl this hot. Vanessa felt like she might start begging to get fucked. She looked back to see Jeff stroking his big dick and admiring the view. She wanted him as horny as she was so she started to roll her hips so he could watch her ass move rhythmically in front of him.

It had the effect she hoped and she felt him nudge her slit with his cock. She lifted herself and pulled her ass cheek up slightly to let him in. She was still swollen from cumming and he did not slide in easily. He had to push her tight, wet pussy open and nearly came in the process. He started to fuck her slowly and she ground her ass against him with every stroke. All he wanted was more of her and he bent himself over her back to press against her. Jeff moved both of his hands to her boobs. He loved the way they moved in his hands with his thrusting.

Vanessa’s excitement was deepening. His dick was like a ram rod in her cunt and she truly couldn’t stop herself from begging for more. He squeezed her tits tighter and her pussy tightened around him in response. She needed cum. She had wanted it in her mouth but was glad she had waited. Vanessa wanted to see his face when he came so she turned over. Jeff had not wanted her to move. He was so close and felt like he couldn’t stop. But then she was laying in front of him, legs open, tits reddened and heaving, and hair flowing on the bed around her face.

He moaned as he sank back into the wet folds of her pussy. He felt his cum boil right back to the surface as he took in her sexy body. Her eyes were full of lust. Her wet mouth was begging “Please cum inside me…please…..please. I neeeed it, Jeff, pleeeease”.

Her tits were bouncing and nipples reaching out to him. He let himself drop onto her enough to get one last mouthful of her nipples and she pushed her big tits together for him. His cock swelled inside her as her tits moved back and forth on his face. He started to spurt his seed inside her and HAD to thrust deeper and deeper to satisfy the need in his dick and balls.

As the hot cum jetted on to her G-spot, Vanessa’s ache for cum subsided, but her own excitement took over. Because of his huge erection and the fact that he had started cupping her ass to get his cum in her completely, she could barely contain her own response. She needed one more deep thrust and she reached her hand behind him and pulled his ass toward her so his cock was buried to the hilt. His last spurt was released and she cried out as she came because of it. She was completely satisfied as soon as he was drained.

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