On the Beach

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He looked at me quizzically, as I took his hand. His eyes widened as I placed his fingertips just inside the triangle of my swimsuit top. I eased his large hand further in, and closed my eyes as it reached the edge of my areola. Thankfully his hand gained animation and proceeded to cup my full D cup breast in his hand, then relaxed into stroking the underside with his pinky finger. I opened my eyes to his intent stare, and glanced down to find his pants starting to look tighter in the sun. We sat on the beach, listening to the waves roll in, the wind keeping us cool in the bright sunshine. I could hear a couple of kids playing in the water about 50 yards away, but otherwise the beach around us was deserted.


I gasped as the wave of pleasure traveled from the tip of my nipple down to my aching core, and flashed my attention back to Chris. He grinned devilishly back, so I upped the ante. Scooting closer in my beach recliner, I reached over to place my hand on his swim trunks. I let my eyes wander to his abs, the six pack, and his juicy pecs that I wanted to get my hands on. Again. Looking at his wavy brown hair and tanned face as he flashed me a smile, I hated how hot he was. He knew he was a hunk, and that I would do anything to feel my body pressed against his hardened muscles. My hand traveled up his thigh and came to rest gently on the bulge that was slowly growing in his trunks. I gave a sudden squeeze. His grip on my breast tightened as his eyes shut and lines formed on his forehead. Swiftly and deftly, I made my move.

Swinging my right leg over his chair I straddled him. Pulling his swim trunks down just enough to expose his hard cock, I gazed intently into his bright blue eyes that had widened watching my maneuvers. Before he could protest, I grabbed his cock firmly in my right hand. My body blocked the view of his stiffened member as I started to slowly stroke. The wind masked the sound of his soft groans of pleasure. His fingers traced circles on my areola, and soon his left hand started afyon seks hikayeleri to violate my other breast. His head tipped back, and he closed his eyes. My free hand lazily traced the edges of his pecs and abs, warm from the sun. I could feel wetness growing inside my swimsuit bottoms, and longed for him to slide into me.


My eyes flew open, having settled closed when I started stroking him firmly.


My other nipple violated, I gritted my teeth. Now he would pay. Glaring at Chris, I slid my swimsuit to the side, exposing my wetness, and started rubbing the head of his cock along my pussy lips, teasing him. Again, his eyes widened and the assault triggered his protests.

“There are people here, you can’t–mmmmm” I had pushed his tip inside me, despite his misgivings about our public display. Painfully slowly, I lowered myself all the way down to the hilt. Resting there on his lap, I could feel his tight balls through my swimsuit. My soft belly was pressed against his rock hard abs. Squeezing my pussy, I raised up until just the tip was inside me, then sat back down quickly. He let out an involuntary moan. I started to rock my hips.





I milked his cock with my pussy as I grinded against him, sweat dripping down my back–the wind was no longer enough to cool us off.

Suddenly I was lifted into the air, Chris pulled his cock out of me and set me down on my feet, pulling up his trunks in the process. I looked up into his face, and he forcefully grabbed a fistful of my hair. “Come with me” he said through gritted teeth and fiery gaze.

We walked off the beach, and as I felt the grass beneath my feet I remembered the last time we were together, on the golf course under the stars. Without the cover of night, here we were again. Here I was again, in submission to his perfect body and hard cock. I walked, dripping with lust and sweat toward the parking lot, with Chris guiding me by my hair.

He threw open the back door to his SUV, and pushed me face first into the car. I crawled into the back seat with him close behind me. I had just reached the other side of the car when I heard the door slam. Not a second later…


His hand came down hard on my ass, which had grown more plump over the summer from good food and cheap beer. Surprised, I looked back toward Chris just in time for-


I whimpered.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you you little slut, daring to ride me in broad daylight.”


My ass was burning, I could feel the imprint of where his hand had been a second before, and silently reminded myself to inspect the bruise later.


“This is your punishment for grabbing my cock without permission in public. Now tell me what you want, you little slut.”

Another smack landed hard on my ass and I felt it jiggle. Still on all fours, I arched my back and wiggled my ass at Chris and said, “I want you to take me. Hard.”

A strong hand landed on my upper back, pushing my face into the seat cushion. I felt his hands grip my hips, and then his cock tease around my hole until it found its target.


I moaned as he slammed his cock inside me up to the hilt. He pulled out slowly as I reached down to finger my clit.


Again, he rammed into me, his balls slapping against my ass. “DEEPER” I yelled back at him.

WHAM. He didn’t waste any time now, he was picking up speed, keeping time with the squeaks of the car shocks as we rocked the vehicle. “YES, YES, FUCK YES” I encouraged him as he was building and building, in rhythm with my moans.

Then he was gone.

I opened my eyes and turned back, he was sitting on the seat. My eyes, glazed over with pleasure, found his stern glare. He ordered, “sit on it,” nodding toward his throbbing cock. I scrambled up and turned away to sit on his lap. The soft skin and squishy fat of my ass met his chiseled abdomen as I lowered myself on his stiffened member. Smiling to myself I bit my lip and started grinding. His hands were on my hips, then they traced up my curvy sides to cup my breasts. My hips rocked back and forth. I felt his forefinger and thumb gently close around my nipple, then squeeze together, hard.

I picked up the pace, raising myself up and sitting down hard on his cock while he rolled my nipples between his fingers. I craned my neck to look back intently into his blue eyes as I continued vocalizing my pleasure. He found my lips, and as we started to kiss sensually, he flicked my nipple. “MMMMM” I moaned. I turned away from him to grab the driver’s side headrest to use as leverage, and slammed myself hard onto Chris’s waiting cock.

“Turn around,” he ordered, and as with each direction he gave I felt warmth rush to my pussy.

I lifted myself and turned to face him. I leaned back as his arms wrapped around me to support my weight as I lowered myself once again on his cock. All of a sudden I had the sensation of electrocution.

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH FUCK YESSSSS” I came loudly. My pussy pulsated with each wave of orgasmic pleasure and my legs pulled him further inside. I glanced down at Chris and saw his teeth closed around my sensitive pink nipple. He had taken over and was lifting me up and down on his cock all the while still biting down hard on my breast. I made a mental note to check for teeth marks as well.

Still inside me, he lifted me up and laid me down across the backseat. Moving my legs together, my calves on either side of his face, he gazed down at me. Still riding the waves of pleasure, I looked up and just had time to give him a sigh and a smile before he started fucking me again. His cock slid inside me, deeper than ever before. His chest pressed against my legs as we stared into each other’s eyes, moaning in pleasure every time his balls slapped against my ass. The wonderfully erotic sounds of our lovemaking grew louder and more urgent, until finally Chris grunted and shoved inside me hard, shooting his seed deep into my wet, dripping pussy. He collapsed on top of me, and we laid together, catching our breath.

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