On the Backseat with Mom , Grandma

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I started reading some of those ‘backseat’ stories here on Literotica which were very hot and fun to read. Moms fucking sons, aunts fucking nephews and sisters fucking brothers but not many that had the more mature female counterpart of the family, so I decided to write one myself for fun!

It’s not heavily story based like my other stories so it’s more simplified, which results into hot, family fucking incest from the get go!

Sit back, relax and enjoy it! (And rub one out while you’re at it!)


Nick, his mother Carrie and grandmother Aileen watched from a distance as his father Marc and his grandfather Patrick filled the center part of his father’s custom Dodge Ram Promaster with tents and other camping equipment until it almost piled up to the roof.

His father always brought out his modified van when they went on their annual camping trip, it had enough space for the stuff they had to take with them and enough seats for the five of them. In the front the driver and passenger seat and way in the back a backseat bench that could easily fit three more people on it.

“You sure you will be able to survive sitting in the back with those two woman, Nick? It’s gonna be quite a trip until we reach the hotel where we will sleep for the night!” Said Nick’s grandfather to him, already taking his seat in the front next to his son.

“How could I not gramps, I don’t mind the company from two beautiful ladies!” Responded Nick as he pinched and caressed both his mother’s and grandmother’s behinds through their summer dresses, his father and grandfather unable to see him doing so.

“Ha! Rather you than me and Dad over here Son! I wish you luck and I hope they don’t chat your ears off with their annoying girly stuff.” Added Nick’s father. “Now get in, we do want to reach our destination a bit early!”

Nick gently took his mother’s and grandmother’s hands and guided them to the back of the van. “Ladies first!” He said polite.

Both woman giggled. “At least someone around here shows some interest in these ‘two women’.” Said Aileen loud enough so her husband and son could hear it.

Carrie climbed onto the backseat first before holding her hand out to her son, inviting him in. “Come on baby, we would like you to sit in the middle for this trip.” She said seductively, giving him a wink at the same time.

Nick accepted his mother’s invitation, he climbed after her and took a seat in the middle. He was surprised with how much room their legs had, it was rather comfy sitting in the back like this. He took a glance forward and noticed that they were literally blocked off from the front of the van. They could only hear his father and grandfather talk very softly, but being able to see them was impossible.

Aileen then climbed in after her grandson and took a seat beside him before closing the door. She placed her hand on his thigh and rubbed it gently back and forth.

Carrie quickly followed her mother-in-law’s example and placed her hand on her son’s other free thigh, moving it with same speed and motions as Aileen.

Nick smiled at both of them and could already feel the sexual tension hanging in the air. As bold as he could be he reached out to the front of his mother’s and grandmother’s summer dresses. He slowly brought them up to their waists, hearing them giggle again as he found out that they had their forbidden treasures right out in the open.

Another wicked smile crept onto his face as he looked left and right. To his left his mother’s bald-shaven, tight, juicy pussy and to the right his grandmother’s equally delicious looking cunt that had some nice trimmed hair, which made it even sexier. Both of their sexes were already sparkling with their female nectar.

Nick felt his cock starting to throb and harden. “Dad, I think we can leave now! We will shout when we need something!” He yelled as both of his hands crept down along the inner thighs of the two woman next to him.

Today was going to be a good day and a perfect start of their trip towards the camping location.


(Nick’s perspective)

You might be wondering; how did I end up in this situation? How was it possible for me to flat-out expose my mother’s and grandmother’s vaginas and to caress their asses without getting scolded to death by them?

I’ll keep it short and explain it to you, dear readers, because I know you all are here for the more ‘practical’ sides of this story.

A week before this annual trip my mother caught me jerking off, me thinking that both of my parents were out of the house. Instead of getting angry she quickly sat down beside me and before I it knew it her soft hands were around my rigid cock, giving me a hand-job like I never had before. As she jerked me off she flirted with me, telling me how much she loved me and that I was the only one that gave her any attention. She confessed to me that she was head over heels for me, a burden that she had been carrying with her for a long, long time.

After she gave me an orgasm of a ankara escort lifetime we both cuddled up together, she telling her story why her sudden lust and love for me took over.

Apparently she was sick of the fact that my Dad didn’t satisfy her anymore, the last few years he was busier with his father and friends to go out fishing or taking trips to their hunting cabin instead of spending some time with his wife and son.

She had always held herself together. My mother is quite a shy and timid woman, she’s too much of a good wife so she didn’t stand up to her husband. The plus side was that we got to spend a lot of time together, we did all kinds of things while Dad was away. Our relationship was already solid, but things like these brought us even closer together.

So finally, she simply snapped, her love and lust took over and that was the start of our incestuous relationship. We haven’t gone all the way yet, this last week was limited to us making out, her jerking me off and me fingering her till she came, something we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Only during one of our incestuous ‘plays’ we got caught red-handed by my grandmother Aileen.

My grandmother visited us frequently because she too was in the same boat as my mother. My grandfather, her husband, accompanied my father, her son, to each and every trip he made. So she too was denied the attention she longed for. It was rather rare if she didn’t visit us during these periods, she had the house key and all so I guess we were just being really sloppy.

We immediately panicked and tried to cover ourselves up. But Grandma simply stood on the other side of the room, a huge smile on her face without any grain of angriness. “I knew it!” Was the only thing she said before she quickly made her way to us. And just like with mother, before I knew it her hands were wrapped around my still throbbing cock, jerking me off until I exploded and blasted my sticky seed all over her hands.

The three of us then cuddled up and Grandma explained herself, pretty much in the same way my mother had done. To them I was the man of the house, their man of the house. I loved spending time with my mother and grandmother, unlike my dad and grandfather who did their very best to stay away as much as possible.

And so our three-way, incestuous relationship started. Not only because of the attention and touch the ladies sought, but also because of the love we had for each other. The deep forbidden love those two had for me and the love that I had for them. Mom and Grandma had always been the two most important woman in my life and after our confessions to each other even more so.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my Dad and grandfather. But the way they denied their wives and me, their son and grandson, any attention or whatsoever did piss me off. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that they had such beautiful and loving wives by their side that they didn’t seem to be interested in anymore.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what happened the past week before this trip. The three of us fooled around a lot and decided to take it a step further during the trip. If their husbands weren’t up for the job to satisfy their ladies than I would gladly be the one to take up on that role. Not only as husband, but also as lover, son and grandson.

Oh yeah, you might want to know how Mom and Gran look like, right?

My Mom is thirty-seven years old, an original southern girl and I swear, she has one of the cutest accents ever. Body wise she’s is just a bombshell, another reason why I can’t understand my Dad. Dirty blonde shoulder length hair and piercing blue eyes, perfectly fitted for her cute and attractive face. She’s rather small but has all the right curves, a pair of heavy breasts that stand proud on her chest without any sort of sag, a fit trained waist accompanied by killer thighs plus a jiggly bubble-butt, and as you know from before, a delicious pussy to die for. Her silk smooth legs and cute little feet complete her goddess like appearance.

And speaking of goddesses, I can’t forget about Gran.

She’s a one-hundred percent, fifty-six-year-old original Norwegian woman, immigrated to our country when she was just a little girl. She has natural long, silvery gray hair that perfectly matches with her sparkling greenish eyes and her slightly wrinkled, but still beautiful face. As opposite of Mom, she is rather tall, almost on the same height as me. She too has an amazing pair of juicy breasts, probably even a cup bigger than Mom’s but with slightly more sag. She keeps herself fit and healthy, a slim waist also accompanied with strong thighs and a jiggly ass that demands to be touched and praised. Her tasty, hairy pussy has been on my mind ever since she showed me it in full glory and so were her long, smooth legs and sexy feet.

To be honest, I pretty much hit the jackpot with these two amazing woman lusting and loving me. And to be truly honest, I didn’t feel any shame or regret towards my father and grandfather. If someone had escort ankara to show them the love they deserved, then there was no better candidate than me.

Oh, what about me? Well, I’m just your average nineteen-year-old student. Pretty tall, dark messy hair, same blue eyes as my Mom, pretty fit body as I like to work out and an average sized cock, one that satisfied my previous girlfriend enough. (Sorry guys and girls, no huge ten-inch dong that’s thicker than a forearm.)

Anyway, I think that’s enough explanations for now, let’s get this show on the road!


“Alright Son, you keep those two woman busy back there! That will save us a lot of nagging once we arrive at the hotel!” Responded Marc after his son yelled at him.

“Yes Nick! I don’t care how you do it but keep them happy and busy so we can have some real ‘man time’ over here!” Added his grandfather, jabbing at his grandson for being a ‘mama’s boy’.

Both Carrie and Aileen looked forward and seemed to be shooting daggers out of their eyes toward the front seats through the clutter of camping equipment. His father’s and grandfather’s comments obviously hurt them, something they had kept up with for years.

But their anger was washed away rather quickly when they felt Nick’s caring hands gently caressing their inner-thighs again, slowly stroking back and forward.

“Don’t you two worry about that! Gran, Mom and me know how to entertain each other. So you two enjoy your ‘man time’ over there while I look out for the ladies!” Responded Nick before leaning back against the backseat.

The three of them waited for another wise-ass response but it never came. The van’s engine revved up and before they knew it they were on their way to their camping destination.

“Thanks for standing up for us sweetie.” Said Aileen before planting a deep kiss on her grandson’s cheek.

“Yes sweetheart, we really appreciate you spending all this time with us, we love you baby.” Added Carrie as she too planted a loving kiss on her son’s other cheek.

Nick started to blush a bit from the sudden praise. “I love both of you too, I’m glad we became this close together.” He responded as he gently kept on caressing their thighs.

The next half hour they just chatted and talked about their plans during their vacation at the camping site. Of course the occasional kisses flew by and the caressing continued too but nothing was of the ‘naughty’ caliber yet.

Suddenly the windows of the van came down about half way, allowing a slight breeze to flow through the van. It was a very sunny day and the temperature was rapidly increasing, this accompanied with almost no wind made it a very ‘sticky’ situation.

“Just letting the slight breeze flowing through! Since the AC isn’t working we have to use primitive methods. I hope this also turns down their yapping a bit Son!” Came Marc’s voice from the front, now jabbing at his mother and grandmother.

“Geez Dad, I didn’t know you were such a genius! It must have been hard to figure that out! And don’t worry, we are doing fine over here!” Responded Nick sarcastically.

Both Carrie and Aileen giggled at Nick’s response, satisfied with the jab back at his father.

The three of them went back to their conversations, chatting it up for another fifteen minutes or so before the situation started to finally turn more ‘naughty’.

Nick had decided that it was time to rest both his caressing hands a bit closer to their already leaking pussies. He gently circled and rubbed their pussy mounds with precision, teasing both woman immensely.

Aileen started to coo cutely as her grandson’s hand and fingers slithered through her pubic hair, rubbing and passing just above her already erect clit, teasing her intensely.

Carrie too mewed out of excitement as her son’s hand and fingers caressed the shaven, silk like skin just above her tight and juicy cunt, almost touching her equally erect clit.

Nick smiled and looked back and forth between his mother’s and grandmother’s faces as his hands worked magic. He loved seeing them all aroused and excited like this. Their faces contorting with pleasure, their voices coming out as soft moans and their bodies wriggling from his touch.

The past week he had pleasured both of them in the same way so many times but he couldn’t get enough of it. Seeing the two sexiest woman alive giving in to his touch aroused him greatly. He could feel his already hard cock expanding even further underneath his tight shorts.

“Oh God, sweetie… Grandma can’t take it any longer… Please do it…” Begged Aileen after a while before lifting her left leg over her grandson’s right leg, exposing her now soaked cunt even further to him.

“Yes baby, give Mommy and Grandma pleasure… finger our pussies baby…” Added Carrie as she too lifted her right leg over her son’s left leg, exposing her nectar dripping pussy the same way her mother-in-law had done.

Nick could feel his cock throb with the beat of his heart, these two seductive ankara escort bayan ladies had opened their legs just for him, wanting him to give them love and pleasure.

He gulped one time before sliding both of his hands down towards to the most sacred places that should have been off-limits to him.

Both woman let out a louder moan as Nick traced the tip of his fingers through their soaked labia’s and over their stinging clitorises. He ran his fingers up and down in slow, tempting motions across their hungry pussies.

“That’s it sweetie” Moaned Aileen.

“Just like that baby, give Mommy what she wants.” Moaned Carrie right after her mother-in-law.

Nick kept on teasing both woman for a little bit, watching both of them closely. He could hear their breathing becoming heavier, He could see both their nipples harden through their summer dresses, poking against the fabric of it. He felt them gyrating their hips a little bit, counter clock-wise so his fingers slithered over all the right spots.

Slowly he pushed two fingers of both his hands into the forbidden depths of his mother’s and grandmother’s pussies. He could feel them sucking him inwards, their walls clasping around his fingers, begging to be violated and pleasured by him.

Carrie and Aileen let out another moan of lust as their hotboxes were being invaded by Nick’s fingers. As soon as they felt him entering they pushed their waists further forward, helping him reach deeper into their cunts.

Nick started to finger-fuck them gently, in and out, in and out. Squishy sounds roaming through the back of the van, their pussies leaking an incredible amount of juices that started to coat the backseat they sat on.

He moved his fingers in all kind of ways, sometimes spreading them open when he was fully inside of them or making a hook to try and rub their g-spots. Whatever he did, it had a great effect on Carrie and Aileen, both moaning and shaking from excitement.

“Oh my sweet baby boy, keep going like this.” Purred Carrie as she brought one hand up to her breasts, pinching and rubbing the soft flesh through her dress.

“Oh sweetie… Yes!” Followed Aileen. Bringing her own hand down to rub her clit while her grandson finger-fucked her pussy.

Her other free hand fell onto Nick’s lap, wrapping itself around the girth of his trapped cock. Nick’s eyes shot open further as he felt his grandmother’s soft hand carefully stroking his shaft through his shorts.

“Oh Gran…” Moaned Nick as he felt himself being jerked off through his shorts.

Not to be outdone by her mother-in-law, Carrie pulled her son’s head close to hers until their lips met. They started to make out passionately, their tongues slithering through each other’s mouths, swapping saliva and producing moans that vibrated through them.

The whole situation had turned from just talking to a full incestuous sex scene. A mother and son making out while the son fingered her cunt, and a grandmother rubbing her grandson’s hard cock through his shorts while he worked her pussy the same way he did his mother’s.

And the best of all was that the two neglecting husbands in the front had no idea what was going on behind them.

Nick upped the ante and started slamming his fingers in and out of their pussies, his hands making loud slapping sounds when he plunged fully inside and coming into contact with their sweaty, cunt juice splattered neither regions.

Aileen followed his example and started rubbing her clit faster and meaner, the same went for her other hand which clasped tighter around her grandson’s throbbing cock and moved up and down with faster motions. “So good sweetie! So goooood!” She moaned towards her grandson.

Carrie trapped one of her diamond-hard nipples between her fingers and started vibrating the sensitive little nub. She squealed with delight as she felt her son’s fingers ramming in and out of her juicy pussy. Their tongues battled even more intense and the moans of pleasure she now produced thrilled through their bodies.

After a minute or so of intense finger-banging Aileen’s body started to shudder and buck against her grandson’s hand. She quickly brought both her hands up to cover her mouth before she started to climax. Nick felt the fingers of his right hand being pushed out with a tremendous force as his grandmother moaned out of pleasure. With a loud squishy plop his fingers were released, accompanied by squirt after squirt of fresh pussy juice that shot onto both his grandmother’s and his own legs, the backseat and the floor below them were victim too.

His grandmother slumped backward after her orgasm died down a little bit, she slowly removed her hands from her mouth before letting out a comforting giggle. Her body was still shaking and shuddering, her pussy still leaking juices from her first orgasm of the day.

Nick then focused entirely on his mother who wasn’t far off herself either. He slipped his finger-fucking hand free from her soaked pussy and moved it up unto her clitoris, trapping the erect nub between his fingers and started vibrating it excessively. He then quickly used his other, grandma cum covered hand to resume finger-fucking her. Her pussy was now being assaulted by both her son’s hands and fingers.

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