Olympic Dreams Up in Smoke

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The crack of the starter’s pistol threw the stadium into a state of pandemonium as the 100 meter dash got under way. In the stands Jeff Mitchell watched with rapt fascination as Charlie Potter, his chief competition for the last remaining Olympic team slot, powered his way to a relatively easy victory over a very impressive field. Jeff’s heart sank as he saw 9.97 second time flash up on the screen, and realized with deep regret that it was a good .45 seconds faster than his personal best.

Jeff had dreamt of going to the Olympics ever since he had seen Carl Lewis set the world on fire in the 1984 games. He had always been fast and had honed his speed to the point of earning a college scholarship to a major southern university, and qualifying for the Olympic trials. He had dedicated his life to the sport, training every single day. He would hit the weight room 3 days a week, did road work for 3, and spent one day running laps in the pool. All throughout his college career he had beaten everyone who he had faced, everyone that is except Charlie Potter.

Every time Jeff had faced Charlie he lost. No matter how hard he trained, or how hard he worked Jeff could never beat him. It was almost as if Charlie had his number. Over the years the frustration began to build inside Jeff, and his desperation and obsession to beat Charlie began to manifest itself inside him.

Jeff would always lose the mental battles to Charlie, he had let him inside his head and it caused him to double false start on more than one occasion. The way that Charlie began to taunt Jeff after that event caused the resentment to grow between them, and as Jeff stared at Charlie embracing his beautiful girlfriend Jillian, a new and daring plan began to form in Jeff’s mind, a plan that if successful would almost guarantee his Olympic shot.

Jillian Scott was captain of the woman’s swimming team and voted homecoming queen. She was the most beautiful girl in school and the object of every males fantasy. She and Charlie had been dating for two years and looked to be heading towards marriage. Through the years of competition Jillian and Jeff became close, as she consoled him after his loses, and encouraged him in his training. Jeff had become very smitten with her and she became his ultimate fantasy. There were times when he would just lie awake at night praying that one day she would be his, that she would see Charlie as Jeff saw him, a lousy mean spirited person who did not deserve her. As his patience waned and his desire for her grew he began to search for an opportunity to take her away from him, and he decided tonight was his opportunity.

Jeff made his way out of the stadium and returned to his apartment. He quickly set up his video camera in the corner of his bedroom and camouflaged it by draping some laundry over it. He then took a shower and got dressed for the night. He was going to the local bar that he overheard Charlie saying he was going to, and if all went as planned, where Jillian would be. He looked over himself in the mirror and took stock. There was something wrong about what he was going to do, but his obsession with beating Charlie coupled with his desire to get him back for all the pain and humiliation that Charlie had caused him, pushed all of these rational thoughts out of his head. He checked his hair one more time, and then headed for the bar.

Jeff walked into the bar, and while gazing around, his heart skipped a beat when he saw Jillian. She was dressed in a pair of low cut jeans that clung tightly around her seductive hips, long toned legs, and tight firm behind. The jeans hung low to show the waistband of her thong above the waistband of her jeans. Her black belly shirt pulled tightly against her skin, and strained greatly to cover her size c breasts, ending just above her navel, and exposing her flat stomach. Her shoulder length black hair was pulled back, and her beautiful dark eyes were filled with excitement. He could see from her broad smile and the rather loud conversation she was having, that she had been drinking for a while.

“Hi Jillian, how are you doing tonight,” Jeff asked as he approached her and gently kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh just bahis siteleri great Jeff, How are you doing sweetie,” she replied as she hugged him in a friendly embrace.

“Not too bad I suppose, so where is Charlie keeping himself tonight?”

“He is hanging out with his friends over by the pool table. So it looks like you and he will face each other again huh,” Jillian smiled at him while gently squeezing his arm.

“Yeah looks like it,” Jeff said while frowning.

“Oh don’t worry Jeff; I know you will beat him someday. You are too good not to,” Jillian said as she playfully slapped him on the back.

My God she is so beautiful Jeff thought as he continued his conversation with her. She did not have one pretentious bone in her body, and even though he knew deep down that she wanted Charlie to win, he never doubted that her encouragement for him came strait from her heart. For the first time he really began to envy Charlie for having Jillian, the girl was nothing short of perfection to him. She had bewitched him with her beauty, but she intoxicated him with her soul and as the conversation continued his desire for her began to grow. The continued to talk through the night about all they had been through years, all the various track meets and banquets and campus parties were they had run into each other, were all recalled during the night.

As the evening wore on, the alcohol continued to flow and Jeff decided the time had come to put his plan into action. He had noticed Charlie back at the pool table all night surrounded by a bevy of beautiful ladies and was pleasantly surprised to see Cheryl Miller, the campus slut, among them.

“Jillian I am so sorry for what he did to you. I feel really awful about it and if there is anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to ask,” Jeff said as he gently rubbed her shoulder.

“What are you talking about Jeff,” Jillian said as she stared at him through uncomprehending eyes.

“Oh my God I’m sorry you didn’t know! Please forgive me! Forget about it!”

“Forget about what? What the hell are you talking about Jeff?”

“I’m not talking about anything. Please let’s just drop it,” Jeff said as he turned away from her.

Jillian looked at him, and slightly staggering from the effects of the alcohol, gently grasped him by the shoulder.

“What are you talking about Jeff? I don’t understand this, but you can tell me,” Jillian said as he turned to face her.

“I can’t tell you Jillian, in fact I have said too much already,” Jeff said as he tried desperately to suppress a smile.

“Jeff look we are friends and you can tell me anything. It is ok just tell me,” she said as she looked deeply into his eyes.

“I’ll tell you, but it is not good news,” he said as he gently eased her into a chair.

“Charlie has been seeing Cheryl Miller for about 3 months now. I wanted to tell you before, but I didn’t want to hurt you. But when I saw them tonight back there playing pool in front of everybody, I thought I owed it to you to say something. I am so sorry Jillian,” Jeff lied as he gently stroked her hair.

Jillian remained motionless and the only indication that his words had even registered, was the formation of tears on the edge of her beautiful eyes.

“You’re lying! Charlie would never do that to me!”

“Jillian you know I would not do that to you, but it’s the truth. I really am sorry for what he did to you,” Jeff said as he used his thumb to wipe away her tears.

“I’m going to get that son of a bitch right now,” Jillian flashed in a rage of anger, but Jeff grabbed her by the arm and sat her back down.

“Look you’re upset and emotional right now and it’s not the best time. Why don’t you let me take you home and we can discuss this a little bit more.”

“I don’t want to go home! That lying little prick! I’ll kill him that bastard,” she huffed through the tears. Jeff came up and gave her a big hug and as he wrapped his arms around her she could feel the pressure of his cock against her leg. Jillian suddenly felt very flushed as her temperature began to rise and a tingling began to grow between her legs.

“You know there is another option here. You could canlı bahis siteleri always get even,” Jeff said as he felt her gently begin to grind into him. She moaned softly as she felt the bulge in his pants begin to rub up against her, and felt his hands begin to rub her back. She looked up at him, and staring into his eyes, gently kissed him on the mouth. He returned her kiss with a passion, and as their tongues danced with each other, he felt her hand begin to rub his bulge. She slowly looked back at the pool table, and seeing Charlie in the midst of a playful embrace with Cheryl, said to Jeff “let’s go to your place.”

The walked through the door of Jeff’s apartment and they were immediately locked in an embrace. They kissed deeply as Jeff‘s hands explored under her shirt, and her hands continued to massage his painfully confined cock. He led her to the bedroom, and as he was laying hr down on the bed, he pushed the button on the remote control of the hidden camera. He then gently pulled of her shirt and began to use his tongue on her nipples, through the thin fabric of her bra.

“Oh God baby….oh yeah…..oh…baby,” she moaned as he continued to tease her. She ran her fingers through his hair as he unclasped her straining bra, and her wonderful breasts sprang free. He then began to massage them gently, and pressing them both together, took a nipple in his mouth and began to suckle from her. She moaned deeply as she felt him gently bite and suckle from her nipple, while his hand continued to massage the other one.

“Oh Jeff…oh so good baby…oh so good…….Jeff baby,” she cooed as he continued his suckling. He began to kiss his way down to her stomach, while his hands continued to massage her swollen breasts. She inhaled sharply as she felt his mouth on her button fly of her jeans. Slowly he began to manipulate his mouth and she moaned deeply as she felt his tongue push the fabric of her thong and her jeans deeper into her soaking wet pussy.

He looked up at her and said “I want to taste you Jillian.”

Her response, as she stared at him with her chest heaving looking through lust filled eyes, was to push his head hard into her crotch. He quickly tore open the fly of her jeans, and pushing her black thong aside, pushed his tongue deep into her dripping wet sex. He began to explore her pussy, his tongue pushing in deep and extracting her sweet nectar. He found her clit and began to suckle from it, while at the same time, swirling his tongue deep inside of her. He was feeding on her when he felt her legs clench around his head, and felt her arms pull his head harder into her.

“Oh God Jeff baby! Oh…baby…oh please don’t stop…oh God…oh yes…oh Jeff….oh yessssssss,” she squealed as surge of pleasure erupted inside of her and she pushed him even further up inside of her. He lapped up all of her juices that he could and then stood up between her legs, as she laid with her eyes closed and chest heaving on the bed. She slowly opened her eyes, and seeing him standing before her, immediately locked onto the massive bulge in his jeans. She quickly sat up, and as he gently stoked her hair, she unfastened his jeans and pulled them down quickly. His cock sprang free and she noticed with much delight that it looked a little larger than Charlie’s. He sat down on the bed, and after she finished taking off her jeans, she knelt down between his legs and quickly took him into her mouth. He moaned with delight as she began to work him harder and harder into her mouth, as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Oh Jillian…oh I have waited so long for this baby….oh your so fucking good baby…oh God Jillian,” he moaned as she continued her assault. She began to suck harder as she felt him begin to tense, and forced more of his cock into her mouth.

“Oh baby…Oh My God…oh Jillian…oh God,” he shouted as he exploded into her mouth. She held him in a vice like grip until she had swallowed all of his seed, and then stoked him a few more times until he became hard in her mouth again. She stood up, and as he was lying back on the bed, she straddled him and said “I want you inside me right now baby.”

He gripped her hips and moaned as she impaled herself on his pole. canlı bahis She squealed as she slid lower, feeling his cock stretch her inside to the limit, and felt completely full as their pelvic bones met. They lay motionless on top of each other, as his cock was buried deep inside of her, just trying to get adjusted to the new feel, then she slowly began to ride him.

“Oh Jillian this is so good….this feels so good baby…oh God yes,” Jeff cried as he began to thrust up to meet her. Jillian threw her head back in the air and began to thrust herself harder into him, as his hands began to massage her breasts. She looked down at him and bent down to kiss him, while his hands now traveled around her firm ass.

“Oh Jillian….oh yes,” he cried.

“Oh Jeff just shut up and fuck me!”

His hands gripped her hips harder and he began to slam himself up harder to meet her thrusts. Harder and harder he pounded into her as she used her full weight to slam into him.

“That’s it…that’s what I want…that’s my baby…harder…oh don’t lose it baby…oh don’t stop baby,” she yelled as she felt his cock invade deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Oh Jeff…oh baby…oh GODDDDDDD,” she moaned as waves of pleasure washed over her and she experienced a sweet release of ecstasy. Jeff continued to pound her harder and harder until he felt his pleasure begin to over take him.

“Oh Jillian oh fuck….oh Jillian…oh babbbbbbbbyy,” he moaned as he erupted deep inside of her. She collapsed on top of him, and as they lay there coming down from their highs, she felt him begin to harden inside of her again. They had sex 3 more times that night and each one was more passionate than the one before, until eventually Jillian went back to her dorm.

The next day Charlie found an unmarked envelope in his mailbox and upon viewing the tape that was inside of it, was filled with rage and anger. He did not understand how Jillian, a woman he loved more than life itself, could do this to him. He saw Jeff’s face on the tape as well and his anger began to quell as he thought of a way to get back at them. He thought for a while until he came up with the perfect plan.

He met Jillian that day for lunch and acted as if nothing was wrong as they ate and they talked about their plans for the evening. Charlie told her that he had to train for the trials next week, and would be tied up all week training and doing wind sprints, so he thought they should not have sex until after the trials. She agreed and he saw the tears start to form in her eyes when he told her he loved her.

He trained like a demon all week, and when the trials came up and he noticed Jeff’s smug grin on his face, it only served to fuel him further. Jeff thought he had the edge and when the race started was bewildered to see Charlie fly out in front of him, faster than he had ever seen him run before. The race was over in a flash and when Charlie secured his spot on the Olympic team he walked over to Jeff in the locker room, and before Jeff could say a word, slugged him and dropped him to the ground, breaking his nose. He then walked out of the locker room to get ready for the appreciation banquet.

The banquet was held for the entire track team, and as they were about to slide in the tape of the highlights throughout the year, Charlie switched the tape with the one he got from Jeff. The banquet crowed gasped in shock at the sight of Jeff and Jillian making love in his room. Jillian was crying and Jeff tried to rush the stage to stop the tape, but he was stopped by another punch from Charlie. Charlie then walked to the podium to explain the situation.

“I would just like to thank my friends here for supplying the inspiration I needed to win the race. I would also like to thank Jeff for bringing the issues with Jillian to light, before I gave her this,” He said as he opened the box on a diamond engagement ring.

“I have never cheated on you Jillian, nor would I ever have. I would have loved you for the rest of my life, but now it’s over. I guess you will never know how I really felt about you,” he said as he closed the box and quickly walked out of the banquet.

She tried to go after him but was rebuffed by calls of slut and whore from some of the less dignified members of the crowd, and soon the only people left in the auditorium were Jillian and Jeff. They sat there motionless just trying to absorb the gravity of what they had done.

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