Olga vs Taylor

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Two years have passed since Olga had challenged Paul’s wife, Valentina, for the exclusivity of the man she loved. Their struggle was tougher than those they had faced over time. Normally, at least once a week, Valentina had challenged her Russian colleague to make her leave her married life. But as much as the woman tried, Olga continued to win every time, and every time she went to bed with Paul. Valentina continued like this until the fateful day. She knew it would come, and she went out of her way not to make it happen. On the last night of summer, the three were on one of the wonders of the world: the Chichén Itzà. One of the places where you can get in touch with what the Mayans have left us, and where the light of bonfires and torches illuminates the starry night.

And that’s where Paul bought a villa, a few steps from a private beach. And at the stroke of midnight, as if it were a magic formula, Olga and Valentina met in that sand, illuminated by the fire. Their battle lasted a long time, so much so that even Olga thought that perhaps the time had come for her to be defeated by that woman. But when she felt that unfailing sensation again, she realized she had won again. She felt her breast envelop that of her rival, while Valentina’s nipples stung her deep. A groan of pain came from the wife’s lips, who had to cling to the rival’s body in order not to fall on her trembling legs. Valentina’s tears soon wet Olga’s neckline, while the girl smiled pleased to have won the last of their battles too. Now Paul was all her.

But two months later, the doors were opened to new collaborators, given the empty seats inside the company. Valentina had long since quit, unable to even be in the same place where Olga and her ex-husband worked. So new interns arrived, who immediately started working to get a place in the prestigious company. Of all, only one could have captured Paul’s interest, to Olga’s regret. Taylor, a gorgeous 24-year-old had already proven herself above expectations. She was intelligent, brisk and always smiled. But what bothered Olga was her beauty. The long brown hair framed an angelic face, and a truly captivating body. Taylor’s modest breasts couldn’t compete with Olga’s, but on the whole she was pretty damn sexy. And this did not escape Paul. Taylor, like many girls of that magnitude, was smarter than the crowd, and was immediately put to work. She had flirted with the few who could allow her to be sure to get in, but Olga knew she wouldn’t stop at so little.

“Girls like you aim high,” thought the Russian as she watched her smile at her colleagues.

After just three months, Taylor was hired on a fixed-term basis, which made Olga think. Paul apparently had resisted his charm.

“Well, he has me after all. I can’t worry about every passing girl, “thought the Russian as she entered Paul’s office.

It was lunchtime, and she had decided that there was nothing better than her man’s sperm as a reward for her work. But when she walked through the door, she realized that she hadn’t been the only one to think so. On the ground, kneeling in front of Paul, there was the girl she didn’t have to worry about, intent on swallowing the entire erection of the man sitting on the chair. The two did not hear the door open, Paul was too busy enjoying the sensation of the girl’s tongue on his cock while Taylor savored the sensation of that big cock in her mouth.

The Russian slid into the room, closing the door behind her. The key that closed the lock made the two unsuspicious people jump, who turned frightened towards the door to see Olga playing with the key in her hand.

“Well, well well …” Olga began, walking towards them “What do we have here?”

“Olga, I can explain …” Paul tried to apologize, but was silenced with a look by the woman.

“Apparently our Taylor has already taken the longest step of her leg,” threatened the Russian, while the girl backed away.

Taylor soon found herself with her back to the wall, and Olga pressed her body against that of the young woman. Their breasts immediately began to fight for space, and the Anadolu Yakası Escort firmness of the young woman’s tits surprised the Russian who could not hide her amazement as she looked down for a few seconds.

This did not escape Taylor, however, and the girl escaped from the uncomfortable position. Olga moaned in surprise when she leaned against the wall to keep from hitting us. She turned slowly as the girl reached the center of the room with an amused grin.

“Are you having fun, little bitch?” Olga asked, widening her eyes.

“Olga, please. Don’t… “Paul tried to intervene, but was silenced again.

“No! Now it’s my matter “thundered the Russian, approaching the girl” You don’t know what you got into “

“Why don’t you explain it to me, bitch?” Taylor hissed.

Olga was amazed as she understood what had just been said to her.

“How dare you, little bitch? You do not know who I am!” Olga shouted, red-faced.

“I don’t give a fuck who you are,” Taylor replied. Then, turning to Paul, she sat on him “The only thing that interests me is to satisfy my boss” the girl whispered softly, making the man’s erection move at the mere thought.

Olga could no longer contain herself. She took the girl by the hair and pushed her to the ground. Taylor gave a high-pitched scream as she rolled on the ground. She got up almost immediately, ready for a new assault by the woman, but Olga remained motionless, with a mocking smile on her face.

“It is time for you to be put in your place, bitch,” said Olga, starting to unfasten her shirt.

Taylor watched her for a few seconds before understanding. It was not the first time that had happened. She smiled as she began to remove the black shirt. Soon, they remained topless.

Taylor’s breasts were smaller than the opponent’s breasts, as Olga had already seen, but otherwise she looked really amazing. Despite the absence of the bra, Taylor’s breasts did not drop a millimeter.

“Show me what you can do, bitch,” Taylor hissed venomously, inviting her rival to start.

Olga narrowed her eyes before approaching. The two girls stopped shortly before their breasts touched. Without stopping to stare, they slowly turned until Olga’s left breast was in close contact with Taylor’s right. They immediately felt the firmness of the opposing couple and for a second they remained motionless to feel their full strength, before continuing to turn around until their nipples pressed together. And without any warning, they slowly pushed their boobs together. The nipples immediately dug into the opposing flesh, before Olga pushed the girl harder.

“Get ready, bitch,” hissed the Russian.

Olga slammed her boobs against the girl’s, and Taylor had to step back in order not to fall. Olga struck two more shots, pushing the young girl around who could not fight back. A final blow struck Taylor a few steps back, while Olga looked at her putting her hands on her hips. There was a satisfied smile on the Russian’s face that infuriated Taylor and set off. Olga pushed forward to meet her rival and the slap echoed in the room. Paul swallowed when she heard that noise.

Taylor wrapped his arms around the opponent and started to squeeze. Olga grunted when she felt the young woman’s breasts meet hers perfectly and started pushing them. Olga slammed her breasts forward, embracing her rival in turn. They began to squeeze and grunt together, while their boobs pressed evenly. Olga had to admit it: Taylor’s breasts were damned tough and the difference in size didn’t seem to help. The girl noticed the worried expression on the Russian’s face, and smiled as she squeezed even more. However, even Olga’s breasts were not to be underestimated, so the four breasts swelled outwards.

“You thought you could … beat me … easily, didn’t you?” Taylor grunted as she squeezed.

Olga hissed in annoyance as she felt her tits being pressed against her chest. Her tits were really strong. But she had won Paul with those same boobs that would now win again. She was sure of it.

Smiling, she pushed her Kadıköy Escort shoulders back and felt her boobs recover the little lost ground to her rival’s surprise. Taylor moaned as she felt the Russian girl’s breast come back to life, pushing her breast back. She had to make a huge effort to stop the advance of her opponent’s breast.

“I can feel … your boobs … give in to mine,” hissed Olga.

“Fuck you!” Taylor replied tightening her grip.

The Russian moaned and the two resumed their battle. Both began to moan and grunt as sweat began to make their breasts more slippery. The two girls began to twist their busts, and their boobs started to slide over each other. The nipples pierced the rival’s flesh at each step, and soon the two women began to feel tired in their arms.

At one point, Taylor pushed the older woman away, before charging as a ram. Olga took a step back, and was unable to stop her rival’s first charge. Her tits banged hard against hers, and the Russian woman moaned sharply. Taylor charged a second time but Olga managed to recover in time to collide with the girl. The two began to charge violently, squeezing their breasts together brutally. And they continued this way for several minutes, charging whenever they could, after regaining the balance to do it, after each shot. Another ten minutes, and Paul saw the pace slow down. After each charge, the two girls took more and more breath before returning to the attack. Another charge, and Olga took the initiative. As soon as their breasts collided, Taylor noticed the other Russian charge too late. Olga pushed her body forward again, pushing the girl once again, preventing her rival from recovering her balance. It continued until Taylor’s legs gave way, and the girl fell to the ground moaning.

Olga looked at her standing, panting heavily. It has been a long time since a person made her sweat like this. Taylor looked up at the Russian, and looked at her with hatred. Especially when Olga smiled maliciously.

“Already finished?” Olga asked, with a half smile on her face.

The only answer was the girl’s growl as she got up. They met again halfway, with their tits pressed together after each charge. But after two fights, Taylor immediately changed tactics. Just before hitting her rival, the girl swung her breasts in one direction. Olga whined when Taylor’s breasts hit hers from the right, stepping back a few steps in pain.

“Ugly bitch,” growled Olga, charging again.

This time, the Russian also began to swing her breasts during the charges and the two returned to wander around the room, while using their breasts to destroy the opposing boobs. With their tits on fire, every time they felt too much pain they stopped for a moment, looking at each other with hatred before starting again. Their boobs were red, and the pain incredible. But neither girl seemed to want to surrender.

As in mutual agreement, they charged a second time. The slap was the strongest, as were the complaints of the two rivals. But instead of going back, they wrapped their arms around the opponent’s back again. Olga and Taylor began to grind their breasts together, tired from the fight and aching from all the blows suffered, staring at their breasts in battle. Paul could perfectly hear the sound of the sweaty flesh of the girls’ tits squeezing each other. Occasionally, one of the two girls moaned or grunted as they continued to press their boobs together. Paul’s eyes were at the height of the battle, and she could see very well what was going on.

But the more the fight went on, the more a girl felt her rival’s breasts wearing her. Although she was fighting hard and causing her rival as much pain as possible, nothing seemed to change. And then she felt what she didn’t think she could ever hear. After a few minutes of the two girls grinding their breasts, one of them felt her boobs soften against the enemy assault. It was the first time that her boobs had been giving way to a rival couple. That bitch was beating her.

The girl looked up, crossing her gaze with her rival, realizing Ataşehir Escort that she too knew. She knew she was winning, and that it was only a matter of time. She could feel the slut fighting with all her might, trying desperately to change things, but both knew that it would not have happened. Every time she pushed her breasts forward, she felt she couldn’t make any money. The other girl’s boobs had not yet shown signs of slowing down, but were still uniform. Even Paul was able to see that one girl was struggling more than the other, breathing more heavily and faster, moaning several times and starting to move less. She didn’t know how long she had lasted. Her breasts were always softer while the opposing breasts were still as hard as at the beginning of the fight.

And after a few minutes, the dominant girl finally felt her rival breast begin to give way. When she pushed her breasts forward, she was rewarded by a guttural groan from the rival. It was almost over. Her rival’s boobs were on the verge of defeat, and she would soon win.

“Noooo, fuck!” groaned suffering Olga.

For the first time in her life, her breasts were on the brink of defeat. She whined when she felt Taylor’s tits push against hers again, and leaned her head on the girl’s shoulders.

“What’s wrong, bitch?” Taylor smiled mischievously as she squeezed the woman even harder “Didn’t you have to put me in my place?”

Olga raised her head, clenching her teeth and eyes in tears.

“Fuck it, bitch! God!” Olga replied, exploding again in pain as Taylor tightened her grip.

She felt her breast give way again, and leaned once more on her rival’s shoulder. Taylor still felt the Russian struggling weakly against her. With each thrust, Olga’s breasts lost ground and soon Paul could see that the Russian’s breasts had no escape. Taylor looked down to see rival tits disappear against her magnificent breasts.

“Nooooooooo!” Olga moaned as she slid to the ground, cradling her breast.

She had lost. Her boobs had lost. That bitch had beaten her. In front of her man. Olga didn’t find the strength to look Paul in the eyes, not after losing that way. But worrying about what the man she loved could think, it was too late when she noticed the rival’s movement. Taylor lowered to her level and, grasping her head, held her close. Olga’s face entered the girl’s sweaty neckline and the Russian immediately understood what would happen. She left her breasts to find a way to escape. She tried to push the girl away, scratching her as best she could, but she felt her arms really heavy. Her oxygen supply dropped quickly and the last thing she could hear was Taylor’s giggles as she said goodnight.

“Thank Valentina for this,” the Russian girl whispered in such a way that Paul could not hear.

When Olga’s body stopped moving, the young girl freed her from her breast. The Russian’s face was red and seemed to sleep blissfully. Taylor smiled as she let go of her rival to address the man who was about to explode.

“So …” Taylor began licking her nipple while looking at Paul “where were we?”

Taylor stayed to work for the company, but wanted to be moved to another location. Paul was incredulous when she saw Taylor’s letter with the move request. Although she didn’t want to sign those sheets, the girl was sufficiently convincing. Olga stayed to work for Paul, harboring a grudge against that bitch who had defeated her. She was sure it didn’t end there. Not with Paul who still thought that girl was better than her. Not with Paul who had fallen in love with that girl. She had to do something to get everything back to the way it was.

But this is another story.


“I’m writing to you because I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve lost everything. The house, the job, the husband. And all because of her. That bitch ruined my life! I don’t know what I would do to get revenge. Although I’m gone, her face still burns in my mind. I won’t have peace until I get what it deserves. Please, Ty. Help me … you’re the only one who can do it

– Valentina”

Taylor reread the letter she had received long ago from an old friend of her, met in the gym during her training sessions. She would never have believed that someone asked her so much, and she could not help. But now how will she explain to her that Paul’s heart … belonged to her, now?

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