Old Friends PArt 2

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Old Friends PArt 2Part 2We walked naked into Phil’s bedroom, he said ‘How about a nice baby-doll for you?”Great,’ I replied. ‘I remember the pink one you wore all those years ago,’ Phil said, ‘I have one almost exactly the same.’He opened a drawer, and pulled out a delightful, pink, sheer, baby doll together with matching, sheer, very brief panties.’Pop these on,’ he said.I stepped in to the panties, and pulled them up. As I did so, I could feel my cock stiffen. I lifted the baby-doll top, put my head through the opening and then let it fall round me, adjusting the thin straps on my shoulders. I glanced over at Phil, he was slowly stroking his hardening cock….’You too,’ I said.’OK, I’ve got a nice sheer black set, stay where you are.’Phil walked out of the room, into the adjoing bedroom, 2 minutes later he came back and my jaw dropped. He stood in front of me wearing a black long nightdress, with a sheer skirt, and sheer panties under it. The bust area was covered in thin, delicate black lace. My cock was now fully hard!’Wow,’ was all I could canlı bahis şirketleri say!’You like?”Fuck yes!’It was then I noticed that he was wearing a brown wig, shoulder length.’Phil, you look amazing!’ I said.’Thanks’ he replied.Phil climbed onto the bed and lay down, his cock very obvious through the thin material.’Can I touch your cock?’ I said.’Thought you’d never ask..’I lay on my side beside him, face half-way down his body, and placed my hand on his lingerie covered cock. I could see pre-cum moistening the panties so I gently stroked the end with my thumb. I lifted the skirt, so I could get a clearer view, and again passed my thumb over the head. This time it was moist, so I licked it off my thumb.’That tastes good’ I said.’That feels good!’ Phil replied.I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to put it in my mouth, so I leant forward and put my mouth over his panty covered cock. I was wonderful! A small groan escaped from Phil’s mouth. I had never sucked a cock before, and only touched Phil’s, and that was many years mobilbahis ago. I took my mouth away and said, ‘shall I carry on?”Fuck yes!’ was Phil’s reply.I eased his cock out the side of his sheer panties, and took it back in to my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum, which seemed to be flowing quite freely. I cupped his balls as I used my tongue round the bare head of his cock (he was circumcised), enjoying feeling the ridges and gently tonguing the slit. He seemed to be getting harder than ever!’Malc, you are going to make me cum’, said Phil.I just grunted in return, mother told me not to speak with my mouth full!My own cock was straining at the thin pink nylon, a large damp patch ever growing.All of a sudden, Phill tensed, shouted ‘oh fuck!’, and I felt his cock start to twitch, then the cum started to pump out. He pushed into my mouth as I gobbled down and swallowed as much cum as I could, it tasted devine. I lost count of the number of spasms, but eventually he stopped, I could feeling his cock softening.’Is that the first cock you have mobilbahis giriş sucked?’ Phill said.’Oh yes, but it won’t be my last!’ I replied.’I think that might be the best BJ I’ve ever had’, he said.I had some cum in my mouth, I let it dribble out, and fall on the baby-doll, moistening the sheer nylon.’Now to return the favour’, he said, pushing me onto my back and pulling my panties down.He went down on my cock and it wasn’t long before I was filling his mouth with my spunk.We both lay on the bed, trading cummy kisses as our cocks softened.’I need to sleep Phil, I have work tomorrow!”OK’, he replied, ‘in my bed? in a nightie?”Yes, OK then, but no more sex tonight!”Take a quick shower then, I’ll get us a nice nightie each’.I came out of the shower to find Phil in bed, wearing a long black silky nightie, lace on the bust, pretty rather than outright sexy, and a matching one in red on the bed.’Is that OK?’ he said.’That looks very nice, should have sweet dreams in that!’I slipped into the nightie, got into bed and had a long cuddle before falling into a deep sleep.Early next morning, I slipped out of bed, not wanting to wake Phil, showered, dressed in man clothes and slipped out to work.Phil was cooking that night, and hopefully we would have some more fun.To be continued……

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