“Ohhh…Mommy,” I Groaned

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Big Dicks

“Do you think they’ve been doing it?”

“Doing what?” her mother asked.

“Cathy and Bobby. Do you think they’re …well, you know…having sex?” she asked blushing.


“What? Look at them mom…she’s all over him.”

“They’re far too young.”

“Gina thinks they’re doing it. Her sister was in their class this year.”

“He’s still a virgin,” the mother insisted as she watched her son Bobby and his girlfriend Cathy kissing through the kitchen window. “When did you see Gina anyway?”

“She got home from school on Sunday. She says her sister told her that Bobby’s the hottest guy in her class. All the girls like him.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with anyone. Cathy’s a nice young girl.”

“She’s a cheerleader, a blond.”

“So that’s why you’re mad,” Patty’s mom said laughing. “Gosh, you’re the prettiest girl in town and you’re jealous of your little brother’s girlfriend,” she teased her daughter.

“I’m not…it’s just he’s having sex and I’m still…”

“There’s no hurry sweetie,” her mom said as she put her arm around her shoulders, “you’ll find Prince Charming one of these days.”

“Yeah right, like when I’m a thirty year old ‘old maid’.”

“Stop complaining, you’ve got more boys chasing after you than any of your friends.”

“I know ma,” she sighed. “But I still think those two are screwing.”

“They’re not! And your vocabulary certainly hasn’t improved since you went off to University.”

“I’m going to ask Bobby.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“And I don’t think Bobby’s that little…I mean it was just something Gina said,” Patty replied, blushing again.

“What’d she say now?” her mom interrupted.

“Do you think Bobby’s big? You know…his penis.”

“That’s disgusting! Talking about your little brothers penis.”

“I know… its gross,” she said with a grimace. “Still, Gina’s sister told her that Bobby’s got a reputation. A beeeeg reputation,” Patty added grinning as she held her hands a foot apart.

“In my day girls didn’t talk about boys penises.”

“Hah! You had me when you were seventeen. You must have known something about them back in the old days,” Patty answered with a big grin.

Blushing back, the tall, dark haired thirty-six year old mother answered, “Not enough. I was pregnant before I knew what was happening.”

“Yeah, but look, you had me,” her daughter smiled in response.

“Luckiest day in my life,” her mom laughed, hugging her daughter tighter.

“I love you ma. Gosh, I really don’t want to go back to school next fall…I missed you so much this year.”

“I missed you too Patty…at least we’ll have the summer together. Now come on, let’s have lunch; it’s time to leave the lovers alone.”

“So you don’t know if he’s big,” Patty persisted as they turned away from the window.

“I haven’t seen your brother naked since he was about eight,” her mother lied. “And it was teensy then,” she laughed as she wiggled her little finger. But she knew she’d never forget the image that was burned into her brain. Her son, asleep, naked on top of his sheets, his blood filled cock thrusting angrily upwards.

“I don’t think it’s that size now,” Patty answered laughing.

“His dad… your dad… was big,” her mom finally admitted, still thinking of the recent morning when she’d found her son’s door open when she went to wake him. His huge erection had mesmerized her for minutes before she’d finally slipped away.

“What? He was? How big? Mum.”


“Hi Mrs. Coursey, hi Patty,” Bobby’s girlfriend said with a big smile when she and Bobby came into the kitchen fifteen minutes later.

“Hi honey,” “Hi Cathy,” the two women answered.

The three women talked for minutes as Bobby hovered in the background. And he couldn’t stop the thought that came to him as he watched his blond girlfriend standing between his mom and sister. It was an idea that had insidiously invaded his conscious mind when he’d first become aware of females as sexual creatures years ago. It was a thought that had never left him completely since. Simply stated it was an acknowledgement that he found both his sister and mother more exciting than any other woman he’d ever seen.

He’d hoped that maybe with Patty away at school, and that with his recent sexual explorations, that his sexual desires, shit, his lust, for his mom and sis would fade. But just watching Cathy next to them, even as he remembered the ecstasy he always felt when buried deep inside of his girlfriend, he knew she simply couldn’t compare.


“No date tonight?” Bobby asked his sister when he entered the den and found her curled up under a blanket on the sofa later that night.

“No…I’m just going to watch a movie. You see Cathy off?”

“Yeah…they’re gone. Where’s mom?”

“She went over to see Millie, said she’d be back by midnight. Are you all packed?”

“Yup. Watcha watching anyway? You mind me joining you?” he asked as flopped down on the sofa next to her.

“Sure, c’mon on,” she offered as denizli seks hikayeleri she lifted the blanket that was covering her.

“Sexy…very sexy!” Bobby said with a whistle when he saw his sister was just wearing a low cut tank top that reached down to just cover her waist.

“Yeah right. Miss Sexy with no boyfriend,” she groused as she nestled comfortably against her brother, her full breasts leaking from their thin cover.

“Poor girl,” he answered as he tousled her hair, his eyes watching the movement under her shirt.

“You’ll miss Cathy a lot, won’t you?” Patty asked her brother wistfully. The Coursey’s were leaving the next day for their annual four week vacation at the family cottage on the ocean.

“Not so much,” he finally answered softly. “Besides, I’ll have you and mom all to myself for a month. What man could ask for more,” he teased.

“Yeah sure….Bobby, do you two do it?” she asked timidly.


“You know.”

God, had his older sister had just asked him if he was having sex. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock, could feel Patty’s breast against his arm, could feel her leg curled against his…. “Yes,” he finally answered, whispering in her ear.

“I knew it,” she mumbled almost inaudibly. “God, you’re so young.”

“I’m eighteen. I’m a man,” he insisted as he put his arm around her and hugged her.

“Yeah right. How long have you been…”

“Doing it?” he interrupted. “A while.”

“Do you like it?”

“You must know,” he answered as he caressed her arm, his eyes furtively sneaking more looks down her top. His cock was rock hard as he caught a glimpse of her nipples, thick, hard, dark stubs so unlike his girlfriends. “So?” he asked when she didn’t respond.

“I’m a virgin,” she whispered.

“Liar,” her stunned brother spat out.

“I am,” she insisted.

“But what about all your boyfriends…Johnny, Ricky… Sid? Christ you two went out for months. You’re almost twenty.”

Seeing her slowly shake her head he added, “We all thought you were the hottest girl in school…everyone…” he sputtered.

“Who did?”

“All my buddies. When we were sophomores and you were a senior…they were always asking about you…who you were sleeping with…what you looked like nude…had I ever…”

“Those perverts! What’d you tell them?”

“Bobby!” she insisted when he started grinning.

“I may have exaggerated, made up a bit,” her brother finally said chuckling.

“What’d you say?”

“Oh…that you walked around the house in your bra and panties… that I’d seen you in a little skimpy yellow lace bra…that I saw you making out with your boyfriend…that I’d seen your breasts, your nipples…that I saw you naked after a shower…your hair, down below,” Bobby answered grinning, ticking off each of his points on his fingers.

“You pig!”

“They loved it. You were the most popular girl in the whole school for my friends. They always wanted to hear my latest story. They were always staring at you in the cafeteria or when they saw you in the hall…wondering.”

“How’d you know what my underwear was like?” she demanded.

“I checked…from time to time,” he admitted blushing, but with a cocky grin.

“You went in my drawer? You touched my underwear?”

“I didn’t say that,” he answered but she knew he had.

“You didn’t show anyone…do anything with them, did you?” And then, after not getting any answer from her brother, added, “You’re horrible.” But even as she said the words she wondered if he’d ever put a pair of her panties on his penis, rubbed it, put his cum on them. Felt a little shudder between her legs.

“Was it Cathy’s first time too? When you did it for the first time?” she finally asked. What?” she added when he didn’t answer.

“Cathy wasn’t my first,” he answered hesitantly.

“WHAT!” Who was?”

“Just someone. You probably don’t know her,” he said, not wanting his sister to know his first had been one of Patty’s best friends.

“So you’ve slept with two girls?” Seeing his blush deepen, she demanded, “More?”

“Three,” he finally admitted.


“I can’t say…it’s a secret…I promised.”

She could see his cock straining against the front of his shorts as he talked. Yearned suddenly to put her hand on it, grab it, milk it, suck it…Jesus…he’s my brother, she thought, then begged, “C’mon Bobby, tell me…please.”

For seconds he hesitated, then finally admitted, “Cathy’s mom…it’s why I’m glad we’re getting away from them for the summer.”

“CATHY’S MOM? Mrs. Brown?… oh my gawd…that’s disgusting!” And yet as she said the words she felt a jealousy for this woman who’d seduced her brother. “She’s like forty.”

“Thirty-eight, she’s just a little older than mom.”

“And you seduced your girlfriend’s mother? What about poor Cathy?”

“It was sorta the other way around,” Bobby said blushing.

“That’s revolting. Sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend. Does Cathy know?”

Shaking his head he said, “It’s been driving me crazy. I’m tired of both of them. I’m afraid Mrs. B’s going to tell Cathy. Christ, I got so I was scared to even go over to their house. You won’t tell mom will you Patty?”

“No. I should though. You’ve become a pervert.”

“They’re not even that good looking.”

“Cathy’s nice, cute…but yuck, not her mother.”

“You’re much better looking than Cathy. Whenever I see her with you, like today in the kitchen, I wonder what I’m doing with her.”

“I’m not. Besides I’m your sister.”

“You and mom. You’re so beautiful. Your hair. Your legs. Your smiles. Your breasts,” Bobby said admiringly.

“What about my breasts?” she asked. “You’ve never seen my breasts…Bobby!” she screeched as her brother put his hand on her top and pulled it away from her body.

“Your nipples are much nicer than Cathy’s…or her mother’s,” Bobby said grinning as he let her top snap back. “Your breasts too.”

“You’re sick,” she accused as she shuffled back from her brother on the couch. “Why are they nicer anyway?”

“They just are,” her brother answered, his eyes intently watching the thin, white panties now exposed to his eyes as her tank top rose up her thighs. “You’re beautiful.”

“I’m not,” she protested, then saw where he was staring. Blushing, she stammered, “I’m going to bed…goodnight.”

“Night sis…do I get a kiss goodnight?” he asked as she started to stand.

When she bent to kiss her brothers cheek she saw his eyes drift to her now fully exposed breasts, then realized she didn’t care, in fact she wanted him to look…wanted him to desire her. She quickly kissed his lips instead of his cheek, then looked down and saw his shaft clearly outlined.

“I’m glad you’re home Patty,” her brother said to her back as she hurried confused from the room.

She dreamt of her little brother’s prick all night. His big prick, and she was now sure it was big, penetrating her. Tossed and turned as images of her deflowerment raced through her mind. What does it look like she wondered? What would Bobby’s cock feel like when it was inside her?

Bobby stayed in the den after his sister had fled, simply sat and fondled his thick cock as he thought of what had just happened. “God, I saw her tits,” he mumbled out loud as he moved his hand up and down his shaft. Could Patty really be a virgin? She must have seen his penis tenting his shorts…she really didn’t seem that angry when he looked down her top.

I’ll be her first, he finally realized just as he felt the first tightening in his balls. I’ll have all summer to seduce her, seduce mom too he suddenly thought as the fist string of sticky cum blasted outward from his bucking cock.


It was a two hundred mile drive to get to the five acres of land that sat isolated on a remote barrier island and faced the Atlantic Ocean. It was a drive the three of them had made together for the last eighteen years.

It was ten miles from the nearest town and only accessible by an old wood bridge that spanned a wide creek that separated their spit of land from the rest of the sandy island. It had been in the mothers family for two hundred years but the only building still standing, after a fire had destroyed the main house twenty-five years earlier, was a small sleeping cabin that had escaped the conflagration.

They spent every summer there. The mother of course had spent her childhood summers there with her parents. With cousins and aunts and uncles all crowded into the big house. Now the land was hers, and since the fire she had returned each summer with her children. Just the three of them.

They had electricity on the island and after the fire she had converted the three hundred square foot sleeping cabin into a small cottage, one with a small washroom, an open, tiny kitchen, a small sitting area and a bed the women now shared.

Bobby had finally been exiled to a tent he had set up thirty feet from the cabin when he as fourteen, giving the two women their privacy and he his freedom.

The front of the cabin faced the breaking waves of the ocean across a swath of white sand. A small covered porch ran around the front and south side of the cabin, a place the three often congregated in the early evening as they b-b-q-ed their dinner.

They’d always been happy there. It was their true home. They swam and fished, read side by side, played board games and cards at night, sang old songs and even danced, talked easily. The three had formed a bond in their summer isolation that was perhaps the essence of their lives. They’d always been comfortable together and, though popular and with many friends when at home in the city, the quiet comfort they found in each others company reflected their true nature.

There had always been a physical casualness between them. And although they wore bathing suits during the day, shorts and summer tops at night, there had never been any embarrassment about their bodies. When young the children had often swum and played naked on the warm sand, and all three had seen each other naked under the outdoor shower that sat attached to the north east corner of the building.

It had only been in the last few years, as the children had matured sexually, that the easy near nudity and casual physical contact they’d always shared, had been slowly lost.

They arrived late on that Saturday afternoon but within minutes were comfortably ensconced, their lifetime familiarity with the place making the transition from city person to seaside resident easy. And they all felt the happiness that seemed to envelope them the second they got out of the car and smelled the ocean all around them.


“Will you spot me?” her brother asked her after breakfast their first morning at the beach.

“I want to swim…then Mom and I are going to town to shop,” Patty answered impatiently, her body, clad in just a skimpy yellow bikini, almost irresistable to her horny brother.

“We’re not going for a couple of hours honey,” mom interjected. “Help your brother.”

“I’m in my bathing suit.”

“Pleeeease Patty,” her brother mock begged, sinking to his knees in front of her.

“Oh, all right.”

He led her over to where he had set up his bench and weights on the north side of the sleeping cabin, a site protected from the hot summer sun by the shade provided by the large banyan tree his grandfather had planted fifty years earlier.

“You’ve got bigger,” Patty couldn’t help saying admiringly when Bobby had peeled the sweatshirt over his head and stood standing next to her in just a pair of shorts.

“I lifted all winter. I want to get stronger for football season.”

“Your chest, your biceps…they’re nice…so big,” she said as her fingers lightly traced his pecs and then ran over his nipples.

“I’m a man,” he boasted, then flexed his arms and chest in the classic weightlifters pose. “Feel my biceps,” he ordered.

“It’s not fair. I used to be much bigger than you. You were just a shrimp,” she said as her fingers tried to circle his bulging muscle.

“Hah! Anyway, you’re pretty tall…for a girl…much taller than Cathy,” he said as he put a hand on top of her head. “She’s only, like five-two, a midget, I prefer someone taller, like you. You’re what….five-nine?”

“Yes,” she said proudly, her sparkling, dark eyes staring into his.

“And you’re pretty big yourself,” he laughed as he cupped her breasts, squeezed once and then jumped back.


“Well, you touched my chest,” he said, a broad grin on his handsome face.

“Pig,” his excited sister replied.

“They’re much nicer than Cathy’s,” he said as he lay back on the bench and looked up at his sister hovering above him.

He was wearing a pair of those thin, school grey, cotton gym shorts that come with an inner mesh that keeps a man’s cock and balls from spilling out and down his leg. But as he lay on his back, repeatedly lifting the heavily loaded bar up and down above his chest, her eyes continually strayed to his groin, to his thick penis that was clearly outlined each time he arched his body off the bench to lift the weight.

He touched my breasts! My little brother touched, gosh, squeezed my breasts, she thought as she watched him. Her skin was still burning where his fingers had been, she could feel her nipples straining against the thin cloth. Don’t look at it, you’re becoming a slut, she continually admonished herself as she imagined putting her hand into his shorts and seizing his manhood.

As he pressed the heavily laden bar up from his chest he looked up at his sister standing above him, her hands ready to catch the bar if he needed any help. Her legs were spread and as he strained to lift the bar his eyes were continually drawn to the small patch of yellow cloth that sat at the juncture of her legs just inches from his eyes.

He could see her little slit outlined under he thin cloth, felt himself getting harder and harder as he watched the three or four rogue, curly, dark black pubic hairs that peeked from under the cloth.

After twenty-five minutes of heavy lifting he finally stopped. “You’re sweaty,” Patty grimaced even as her finger traced Bobby’s six pack stomach.

“C’mon…lets go swimming…I’ll carry you,” he announced, then lifted her effortlessly in his arms and started running towards the breaking waves.

“Bobbbbby!” she squealed in protest even as she put an arm around her brother’s neck and leaned her cheek against his muscular chest.

He threw her out into the surf and then as she surfaced coughing felt him pull her against him. Felt his cock hard against her mound. “Don’t!” she ordered as he lifted her and again tossed her into the swirling sea.

She surfaced six feet away from him, laughing now, knowing a breast had slipped from its cover, then watched as her brother’s eyes latched on to her dark, hard nipple. She took her time covering her jiggling orb, even stretched her nipple before slipping it under the yellow cloth.

“Much nicer than Cathy’s,” he finally said.


A powerful thunderstorm blew in off the ocean late their second night at the cottage, one of those summer storms that can deliver a deluge of water in just minutes.

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