OHGIRL: The Adventures Continue 2

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Came Inside

OHGIRL: The Adventures Continue 2I was smoking pot on the balcony of my condo with my new boytoy, Shawn. Since we began fucking on a regular basis, he was at my condo quite a bit and I was reverting to my porn star partying ways from the summer before. I had never done d**gs at my place before, especially out in public, but Shawn had a way of making me do a lot of things I didn’t want to. When I moved into my condo, I wanted to keep it as a sanctuary against my job and work life. A place where people didn’t know me as the stripper or escort. It was an upscale environment and everyone there, even though no one knew me personally, saw me as the single, young woman who came and went quietly and owned one of the nicer units. For the last week and a half, Shawn and I were spending time getting high out on the balcony late at night and I know that a few of my neighbors had smelled what we were smoking. I took a hit off of the pipe he had packed, with his mixture of d**gs,and then took his long, black cock into my mouth to continue sucking it. Smoke leaked out from between my lips and his cock as I sucked his hard pole between each inhalation. I was so high and totally nude that evening, while he stood in front of me, as I sat on a lounge chair trying to deep throat his tool. I know that a few of my neighbors had stepped out and saw us on a couple of other occasions, while Shawn and I were either getting high or having sex. Two nights prior, the neighbor right next to me came out at 2am and saw me sucking Shawn’s cock. He stared for a few minutes, then looked away and went back into his home, but he saw exactly what we were doing. It was almost midnight now and the weather was beautiful, so I’m sure that others would make their way onto their balconies to enjoy some fresh air and quiet time before they went to bed. After one more drag from the pipe, they would get a great view of me as I got fucked from behind on all fours. Shawn’s stiff, black dick had been pumping my wet pussy for 20 minutes before I heard some scuffling on the balcony one place over. My neighbor was back out again and watching us. He stood back from the rail, but I caught a glimpse of him peeking around the corner to see me getting fucked. It was dark, but the moon was full, so we were very evident to anyone who looked over at us from that close. We were both fully nude and Shawn was pounding me from behind. You could probably hear his cock squishing in and out of me 10 feet away and hear his pelvis smacking against me from 20 feet away. It was pretty loud and I was barely moaning at a quiet level. I moved off of the chair and leaned over the rail of my balcony as Shawn re-entered me from behind and began slamming me again. I was biting my lower lip when I saw my neighbor glance around the privacy wall again to see us going at it. This time my face was just 8 feet from him as he peered into my eyes, while I was taking Shawn’s huge cock from behind. He was shocked to see that I had moved and was now looking at him, busted like a little k** peeking around the corner to see Santa on Christmas day. His eyes were wide and I gave him a little smile as my body jerked forward against the railing with each thrust. He watched me for about 5 minutes before Shawn let me know that he was going to cum and I spun around and got on my knees to suck him off. He filled my mouth with a huge load of his warm spunk and then went back into the condo to repack another pipe. When I stood up and looked back over, he was still gawking at me. I said hello, as I wiped an errant stream of cum from my chin into my mouth and licked my fingers. I smiled at him and he just nodded at me. I leaned back over the railing to make some conversation, but he turned around and went back into his home again for the rest of the early morning. He was a good looking guy and if he would have even made some small talk with me, I’m sure I would have seen him another time and made a pass at him or had sex with him. I was so high at the time, I may have even invited him over to join us. When I was that high I would take as many cocks as I could. As it was, Shawn returned with more of his potent mixture of d**gs and we smoked another pipe full before I sat on his hard prick and rode him until he came in me this time. I was spending much of my time like this and Mikey let me know that he was a bit worried. He didn’t like the influence Shawn was having on me, but he knew my sexual appetite was being satiated and that made him happy, along with me. He wanted me to spend less time with Shawn, so he ended up talking me into calling up a few of my old clients and beginning my escort work again. I did need to start supplementing my income once more and it was nice to see some of their old faces and feel their stiff cocks again. But the fact that I was hooking again, didn’t stop me from continuing to fuck Shawn and to do d**gs while he was around.The fat white cock in my pussy had been pumping me for nearly 20 minutes before it finally erupted, filling me with it’s thick, nut pudding. Steven was an older client of mine and it was the first time he had fucked me in over a year. He used to be a regular whom I would have sex with once every week or two. He was happy to hear about me getting back into business and had called me up to set up an appointment. I had invited him to my condo and now he was lying on top of me, my legs wrapped around him and his limp cock still in me, as he rested from our recent tryst. He was the first client I had ever let fuck me in my condo and now his cum was running out of my cunt and onto my brand new sheets. I’m not sure why I had let it happen, but it seemed to be so much easier than meeting him at a hotel or his place. He finally got up and went to the restroom and I rolled over to my bedside cabinet to grab a cigarette to smoke. I was blowing out a big bellow of smoke when Mikey walked into the room to see me sitting there with my legs spread and cum güvenilir bahis still oozing out of me. The door to the bathroom opened and Steven came out and it was a bit awkward for him. Mikey excused himself and I got up to walk Steven out. I think my boyfriend was happy that I was fucking one of my clients instead of Shawn by the way he grabbed me and shoved me to my knees, after I had closed the door when Steven left. I didn’t even put out my cigarette as I got a mouthful of cock from Mikey. He hated it when I smoked, but I knew he was happy when he put up with my stinky habit when we had sex. The cigarette still smoldered as I held it in one hand and stroked his hard, white penis with my other. He was talking dirty to me as he fucked my mouth, calling me a slut and a whore, making me aware of the cum that was dripping from between my legs and onto my tile floor as I squatted there sucking his stiff prick. Mikey was really getting into it, as I sucked him and smoked my cigarette, blowing smoke on his shaft and looking up at him as I enjoyed his rigid hunk of meat. He pulled me to my feet and led me to the kitchen table, where he bent me over and began to rub his cock on my ass. “Maybe this little whore needs a cock in her ass.” he said, while he spread my butt cheeks. I felt a wad of his spit splatter on my anal opening. He spit in his hand and rubbed the end of his swollen head and then he shoved his throbbing white cock deep into my black ass. I moaned out as he slid all the way in and then his hand gripped my neck from behind, holding me down roughly on the table while he began to fuck me hard in the ass. His thrusts were hard and long and I grunted loudly with each stroke while my man showed me who the boss was. I was loving it and I began to yell out with each of his deep, hard strokes.The table began to slowly lurch across the floor with each of his thrusts until it finally ran into the wall. Mikey grabbed me by the hair and pushed me down onto the floor, my ass still in the air as he pile drove his cock deeper into me. My face was turned sideways and lying flat on the floor and my knees kept my ass up while Mikey kept pumping his cock into me. He was standing on my hair as he squat thrust his cock over and over into my butt. He finally pulled his cock from my ass and flipped me onto my back. He grabbed me by my neck to hold my head down, as he tightly choked me. I could still breathe, but he was asserting his dominance and I submitted to him like a baby kitten. He stuffed his ass covered cock in my mouth and I began sucking and licking him, then he grabbed his long, hard erection with his other hand and stroked it over my face. He exploded and his cum rained down on me to cover my face. Blast after blast and drip after drip coated my lips, cheeks, nose and closed one of my eyes.He came so much and I loved the feel of his warm, sticky goo as it nearly covered my face. He put his cock back in my mouth and I sucked on him some more as he continued to hold me down by my neck. Finally, he let me up, his cum dripping from my face onto my breasts, and told me that now I looked like a good whore. I licked my lips and ate some of his cum as I led him by his hand back to my master bath and we both showered. We fell asleep afterwards and woke up a few hours later with Shawn standing over us. It was nearly 10pm when I felt Mikey get out of bed and I heard Shawn’s voice ask me if I wanted a drink. I sat up in bed, naked and wondering where he came from. He had already made me a drink and he handed it to me while I sat there and watched Mikey get dressed. “Drink up babe, it’s Friday night and it’s time to party.” Shawn declared, as he put his drink on the bedside table and undressed. Mikey was almost dressed and Shawn was standing with his hard cock just inches from my face as I tried to look around him and talk to Mikey. “Come on girl, suck that thang.” Shawn said as I took hold of his long, black hose and began to stroke it. I told Mikey to stay and take some photos for me and he smiled as I began to seductively lick and suck Shawn’s foot long hotdog. Mikey always had a thing about taking my sex photos, so he left the room to get his camera and when he returned, I had a mouthful of black cock. I could tell Mikey was happy as he began shooting off a few photos of me. I made sure to pose and to act as sexy as I could while I sucked Shawn. I was using both of my hands to stroke his long rod and my mouth was savoring the rest. Shawn pulled the sheet off of my lap and reached down to finger fuck me as I blew him. My pussy was really wet and both of my boyfriends were having fun. Shawn was never much for foreplay and was soon spreading my legs and sliding his ebony banana into my moist hole. He began fucking me fast and furious and I was unable to act as seductive for Mikey’s photos. I was bouncing on the bed and moaning out load while Shawn plowed his cock hard into my wide cunt. He was showing off and my pussy was taking a pounding for it. After a short while of fucking me on my back, Shawn wanted to fuck me doggy style. He always enjoyed sliding his cock into me from behind, so I got up on my hands and knees and he soon had his black boner buried between my legs. I was smiling at Mikey as he moved in closer to shoot my face with Shawn behind me, his long cock sliding back and forth. I wanted him too and began to undo the front of his pants. His camera aimed down at my face and soon he was shooting photos of me getting fucked while sucking his cock. It had been a while since I had enjoyed both of my men at one time and I was loving it. After they each took turns trading positions, they began to work with each other and soon they had me sandwiched between them. I was riding on Mikey’s cock as he laid under me and Shawn had his dark log pumping my ass. It felt so good and I came hard when I felt both of them fill me with their warm seed. Of course, Shawn didn’t stop and he continued to fuck bahis firmaları my ass. Mikey grabbed his camera and took photos of their cum dripping from both of my holes, while Shawn stuffed me with his sausage. Mikey told Shawn about the facial he had given me earlier that day and it gave him an incentive for his next target. My ass was getting sore from Shawn’s large prick and he soon pulled it out and sprayed my face with a huge load. Even though he had cum once already, Shawn was a machine when it came to multiple orgasms. I licked up his warm white liquid as Mikey photographed me being a sexy, cum slut. I told Shawn to go shower in my guestroom and I showered with Mikey in my masterbath again. I knew that he’d be leaving me with Shawn soon and I wanted him again if he could do it. I got on my knees in the shower and worked with all of my skill to suck another warm gusher of cum from my lover and boyfriend. He was so great to me and I loved him dearly. When he finally left and it was nearly 2 am, Shawn d**g me out onto the balcony again to smoke and have sex. I was on my back getting my pussy pounded again when I looked through the slats in my railing and saw my neighbor watching me again. I just smiled and laid their buzzing from my high, while Shawn rode me with his horse length cock. I had turned ont the tube lighting that ran around my balcony railing, and the light was just enough to see Shawn’s cock sliding into me with each stroke. I knew my neighbor was loving it, since he stayed for the full 45 minute show and the cum shot on my breasts afterwards. I didn’t see Mikey for the rest of the week, as I spent much of my daytime hours hooking up with my clients for appointments and then spent the evenings and nights getting high and having sex with Shawn. I was resting on my balcony midway through the week, smoking a cigarette and unwinding from a noon time romp with one of my clients. I had showered and was lying on my lounge chair in just a bikini, as I enjoyed the warm summer day. Shawn wasn’t coming over until later and Mikey was working, so I was by myself to just think and plan the rest of my appointments for the week. I had just sat up to put my cigarette out in the ashtray, when I saw my neighbor also sitting out and staring at me. I smiled over at him and waved and he nodded my way. I grabbed my cigarettes and went back into the house and then out of my front door and over to his. I rang his doorbell and soon it cracked slightly open as he peered out at me. I told him that I was feeling neighborly and wondered whether he cared if I joined him on his balcony, to enjoy the day together. I had never thought about putting on a cover up and was just standing there in my bikini, holding my cigarettes. He opened the door and I introduced myself as I walked in. We had seen each other on occasions, when I wasn’t getting fucked, but we had never been formally introduced. He said his name was Paul and he reached over to shake my hand. I took his hand and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He seemed a bit embarrassed and I giggled as I asked him if that was too forward or friendly. He said no, but he said that it was very unexpected. “Is this better?” I asked, as I leaned in again, this time to give him a short kiss on the lips. He placed his hands on my hips and soon our short kiss turned into three or four more short kisses. I opened my mouth and our tongues began to dart in and out, teasing each other. “This is definitely not what I expected as a way of introduction.” he joked, as he leaned back to look into my eyes. I smiled at him and reached down to unzip his shorts. He looked at me like I was an alien, but he never did anything to stop me as I dropped to my knees and began to blow him. Paul leaned back against the wall and my mouth went to work on his hard shaft. He definitely had a nice pecker and my tongue began to become familiar with it’s slight curve in the middle. The fact that he was uncut was the most noticeable difference though. I had fucked and sucked quite a few men over the last six years, so I was familiar with the feel and look of an uncircumsized dick. Unlike some men with tight foreskins, his slid all the way back when he was hard, revealing his rounded and swollen head. I took a while to lick and suck my neighbor before I took him by the hand and we went out on his balcony. It was broad daylight and all he had on was his t-shirt. I slid off my bikini top and bottoms before we walked out, just to make him feel more comfortable. He had two lounge chairs on his balcony too and I sat in one and lit up a cigarette as he sat in the other. His cock was still pointing skyward as he sat there looking at me while I smoked a cigarette in the nude on his chair. “So what would you like to talk about today or maybe do for a little fun?” I asked him like a naive little tease and then smiled at him like a devil, as I blew smoke his way. I had never seen someone move so quickly in my life as he did at that moment. He sat up like a snake and his hand shot over to flip my chair over. I tumbled backwards, banging my head on the cement, and caught myself on my hands and knees as I rolled, my cigarette falling from my mouth and sailing under the railing to drop from the edge of the balcony. I felt Paul’s hands grab a hold of my hair, pulling my neck back and then he was behind me, his cock sliding easily into my wet cunt. His weight pushed me onto the floor of his balcony and we were hid behind the privacy wall as he began to plunge his cock in and out of me from behind. I was still in shock as his hard, uncircumsized cock drove hard and deep into my wet snatch. I tried to say something, but his hand covered my mouth and nose as he held me closer, my neck bending farther backwards against his chest while he kept pumping me. I was lying on my stomach now and my face was pressed against the pavement as his cock continued to rapidly fuck me. My bare breasts and my pelvis were canlı bahis siteleri scr****g against the balcony floor and his hand still covered my airway. His cock slipped out of my pussy and in his haste to push it back in, he forced his large rod into my asshole. He realized his mistake, but he just used his other hand to pull my leg up toward my midsection and watched as his cock fucked my ass. I was finding it hard to catch my breath and since his hand was covering both my mouth and nose, I became light headed and thought I was going to pass out. His unlubed cock was really tearing away at my asshole, but I couldn’t tell him to stop. I began to squeal as tears came out of my eyes and he held my mouth tighter. I must have blacked out for a moment, because I found myself being lifted to my feet by my hair and d**g inside Paul’s condo. I fell onto my knees and he slid his balcony door shut. I started to say something to him, but he was on me very quickly, pulling me by my hair and throwing me over the arm of his couch. He had me bent over again and he was soon fucking me once more from behind, burying my face into the cushion of his leather couch and holding it there to keep me quiet. Over and over he rammed me with his hard, white cock, his pelvis slamming into my ass. He finally pulled his cock from me and then turned me around and smacked me along the side of my head. I fell back on the couch and was seeing stars as he spread my legs and mounted me between them. He pushed my legs back around my ears and held them firmly while he slowly and meticulously drove his cock deep into my wide hole with each stroke. I was so out of it and so confused. I had gone there to fuck him, but he was on the verge of r****g me. He once again grabbed me by my hair and d**g me into his bedroom, closing the door as he tossed me on the bed. I tried to sit up, but he smacked me again, even harder this time, dazing me much worse. My hands were strapped to his headboard when I came to and my legs were spread and tied to his bedposts at the end of his bed. He had a nylon and velcro underbed subdual kit and I was now pretty much immobilized on my stomach. I tried to lick my lips and found a plastic ball with holes in my mouth and held in place by a strap around my head. I felt a stinging snap across my butt cheeks and then another as he began hitting my behind with a riding crop. Then I felt him move up between my legs and slide into my cunt again. He fucked me for a while and then he stopped and began smacking me with the riding crop again. He never said a word as he did it and that was so weird. After a short while of whipping my ass until it was red with welts, he stood by my face and lubed his cock in front of me before he mounted me again from behind and began fucking my ass once more. He showed me a large metal anal toy and lubed it up before he shoved it into my ass and then fucked my pussy for a while again. Over and over he stuffed me with his cock and with various devices and toys. I saw a clock by his bed and it was 2 pm and I realized that I had come over at just after noon. Each toy got bigger with each cycle and soon he was stuffing my hole with a wooden item that looked like a bowling pin. I felt it slide into me and I moaned out as his cock slid back into my ass. My slit was stretched wide by the huge wooden pylon stuffed into my cunt. “How’s that feel my little whore?” he whispered in my ear. His first words since he began fucking me and stuffing my holes with items nearly two hours earlier. The thought brought back the fucking that Mikey had given me the week before and I wondered if Paul had watched us through my glass sliding doors. My lips were dry and so was my mouth and tongue as I took in deep breaths through the holes in the ball gag. He kept pumping my ass and manipulated the bowling pin so that it would move in and out of me as his cock did. “Is this the kind of fucking you expected when you came over?” he softly inquired as he thrust deep in my ass. I wouldn’t have minded him fucking me in any of my holes, but this was not expected at all. Paul finally pulled his cock from my ass and removed the huge wooden toy from my gaping crevice. I moaned softly when he did, but nearly yelped when he began to slowly work the bowling pin into my ass. He brought a large rubber phallus the size of a half gallon milk jug, but shaped like a butt plug on steroids, to the bed and then, with quite a bit of lube, worked it into my pussy. My ass and cunt were stretched to their limit and I thought I was going to split open. I had been fucked by nearly two thousand different cocks over the years, but my ass and pussy had never experienced this type of abuse. These were much bigger than taking two cocks in my pussy or ass, as I had on previous rare occasions. Paul removed my ball gag and slowly dribbled water onto my lips and then turned my head to give me a drink. “Why?” I softly asked him and he said, “because this is what you wanted.” He eased his cock into my mouth after that and I sucked it until he came. I swallowed his warm semen and actually craved for more since I was still so thirsty. He finally removed the huge toys from my pussy and ass and I almost swooned from the release of pressure and the sudden rush of blood that gave me a huge orgasm as he twisted and turned them while he pulled them out. Paul pulled my arms and legs free of the nylon velcro straps and lit a cigarette for me as he brought me a glass of water. I gulped the water down and just sat there smoking my cigarette while I closed my eyes and rested. Paul left the room and when he returned, he had my bikini in his hand. He tossed it on the bed and told me that I could put it on and leave when we were finished. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed, spread my legs and slid his once again erect, uncircumsized cock into my wide open pit of a cunt. I wrapped my legs around him and he fell on top of me as we fucked for the next hour. I didn’t even bother to dress and just walked back to my place naked, cum running down my leg, a cigarette dangling from my lips and a huge smile on my face. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I sure got the fucking of my life that day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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