OHGIRL Pregnancy 1

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OHGIRL Pregnancy 1I held onto my breasts as I bounced on Lou’s hard, white erection. He was lying on the dance floor of the club and it was after hours, as I rode him until he filled my cunt with his hot cum. I had just flown in from a weekend job with a client in Miami. I had been flown down to spend the weekend with a doctor who was attending a medical convention. I was his girlfriend for the weekend and I really had a great time staying on South Beach for a few days. My client was an attractive and smart man and even though he was 62 years old, he was more than able to keep up with his much younger escort. Lou had called me when my plane had landed and had asked me to stop by the club on my way back to my condo. He said that he had missed me and I knew exactly what he wanted. It wasn’t the first time he had fucked me at the club in the 6 months that I had been working with him. He had put limits on his two stepsons recently and I was no longer obligated to pay them a share of my earnings. This made it much easier on me and I only had to satiate Lou’s needs in order to keep his share.I think that Lou had taken a liking to me in the previous three months. For the first three months that I worked for him, I had been the personal play thing for him and his two stepsons, often engaging in sexual acts with them in exchange for their share of my earnings. Lou had been pretty vocal about my reputation and didn’t hold back his comments about what I did for a living while he was taking advantage of me. Of course, I didn’t mind sleeping with any of them, as long as they waived their share, since it actually added up to a few thousand dollars a month. Lou would often make wisecracks while we were having sex, calling me a whore or continually mentioning my promiscuity. He didn’t seem to mind it when his cock was getting satisfied, but I think that it was just a way for him to show his dominance. I ignored him most of the time. I knew what I was and what I did for a living, so I couldn’t very well take offense. He began softening his comments and actually began being pretty nice a couple of months into my employment, eventually taking his step-son’s shares from them. I think that he wanted me to himself when I wasn’t working. He had asked me to go home with him on a number of nights after I had worked at the club and I had done so on the nights that I didn’t have any late clients scheduled. We weren’t really dating, but not unlike my previous boss at the last club that I had worked, I began sleeping with Lou on a regular basis. He was actually getting pretty serious and had asked me to have his c***d.Lou and I had discussed our relationship and I told him that I was his rebound girl, since his divorce from his ex-wife a year before. He claimed that he loved me and wanted me to sell my condo, give up being a stripper and escort and move in with him. Even though I did like Lou, he was 56 years old and I was going to be 24 years old in a few months. I liked my single life and I really didn’t have to work, since my finances were more than taken care of by my last 5 and a half years of earnings. My college tuition was paid off and I would be finally graduating in a year and I was financially independent. I considered Lou as just another person in my long line of sex partners. I always kept a couple of regular sex partners that weren’t clients. I’m not sure why, but I guess that it gave me somebody to be with that wasn’t paying me. But Lou was trying to make our relationship more than what it was and had purposely thrown out my last two packs of birth control before I was finished taking them. I knew it had to be him, since he had been pushing me to get pregnant. Lou knew better than anyone that the odds of me having a baby, and it being his, was pretty low. He had taken part in a fetish party that I had contracted to do when I first started working for him. It was through his referral and he saw first hand, that when my clients weren’t cumming in my mouth or somewhere on me, that the majority of them fucked me bareback. He was well aware of my nickname “Cummy Bear” and had himself called me a cum slut and a cum addict on a number of occasions when we first began having sex. If I ever did get pregnant, it could potentially be the c***d of any of my clients, whom numbered between 20 and 40 different men a month. I tried explaining that to Lou when I got another pack of birth control from my doctor, but he kept on trying.I laid there in Lou’s arms after I collapsed upon him, the lights and music still playing in the club. My legs were still a little wobbly, since I had been squatting over him and bouncing on his hard cock for quite a while. It had only been five days since we last had sex, but his cock was full and he had drained his long hose in my pussy when he finished. He brought up the subject of me having his baby again and I didn’t even want to discuss it, until he had told me that he once again had thrown out another package of my birth control. I was upset and just told Lou that betsobet yeni giriş I wouldn’t take my pills this month and if I got pregnant that he would be responsible. He asked me if I was going to quit stripping and stop being an escort and I told him no. He said that he didn’t care who’s c***d it was and that he’d be happy with me any way. I was pretty irritated with him and I left to go home, declining his invitation to spend the night with him. On the drive back to my place I drove to Brett’s apartment. Brett was the young bartender that I had been fucking when I worked at my previous club. He and I were secretly hooking up behind the owner’s back, but we hadn’t seen each other since I had left the club six months prior. He had called and left a few messages, but I had been so busy that I had never called back. It was 4 am as I stood knocking on his door and wondering if he was there. When the door opened, we both smiled at each other and he grabbed my hand and led me back to his bedroom. We didn’t even say hello and there were no questions asked as he stripped off my clothes and I began sucking his cock. It had been a long time since we’d been together, but I came as I felt him fill me with the second load of cum that morning. I saw Lou only three times that week, since he had scheduled me to dance at the club over the weekend. We had sex each of those nights, but I continued to see clients during my private dances and he wasn’t the only guy cumming in my pussy. Not only had I been getting back together with Brett, but it had been one of my busier weeks and Lou had mentioned it to me on more than one occasion, after he seen me leaving the champagne room once again, with another customer. He seemed jealous after I had told him that I had been very busy, asking me how many men I had slept with. The look on his face was a mixture of shock and horror when I let him know that I had fucked over 30 different men that week. Normally, many of those clients were just blow jobs, but I felt very giving that week and had let those customers who had requested just a blow job, to also fuck me if they wanted, for no extra charge.They all seemed very happy with that deal and I had ridden quite a few of their cocks to completion after blowing them first. Word had gotten around quickly and more new customers had shown up requesting time in the champagne room with me. Lou asked if I had gone to the pharmacy to get a new pack of birth control tablets to replace those which he had thrown away and I said no. He stormed off to his office and another new client drew my attention, requesting my time for a private dance. His long white cock filled my mouth as I sucked his thick, rock hard shaft. He was definitely the most well hung customer that I had entertained that evening and when I bent over to offer up my pussy to him, he wasted no time questioning his good luck at paying for a bj, but getting more for his money. He pumped me hard and long before he emptied his balls into my well used cunt and I found myself having an orgasm while his cock spasmed inside of me. I couldn’t believe how exciting this week had been. Fucking and sucking men without protection had always been part of my sexual repertoire and I had gained quite a few clients because of my preferred method ever since I had become a hooker. The rush of having unprotected sex somehow stimulated me mentally. I had always loved the taste and the feel of a guy as he filled my mouth, cunt or asshole with his warm seed, but I had always used birth control. Now that I had been off of the medication for nearly a week, the excitement had increased exponentially. The cum oozed out of my gaping hole after he had finally pulled his big cock from me. My client had slammed me pretty hard and continued to stoke his cock in my twat well after he had ejaculated. He had been the 7th guy that night and it was still early. His big cock had felt really good and part of me wanted to do him again. I had fucked more guys in one night before, but this entire week had been extremely busy, not only at the club, but with my escort business. I seemed to be driven to excess by my excitement and it wasn’t long after I had cleaned up, that I was once again having another cock stuffed into my tingling vagina that evening. 15 men later and at the end of my shift, Lou and I once again went through our regular routine, but this time I ended up with my face buried in his office couch, while he fucked me in my ass. My butt cheeks were red, as he had slapped them continuously and hard, while he was sliding his throbbing member in my behind. He was back to his old ways though, calling me a whore and telling me that he’d rather cum in my ass than fuck me in my cum filled pussy. I was honest with him when he asked me about my night and I knew that he was excited too. His cock was hard and standing at attention when he pulled down his pants and he had me bent over before I got my panties down. He pulled them to the side and shoved his spit covered betsobet güvenilirmi dick into my ass without much warning. Even though it hurt a little bit, I endured his anal intrusion and actually enjoyed feeling him fill my ass with his hot cum. I was his “Cummy Bear” that morning, as was I also, to all of the different men I had fucked that first week off the pill. Brett filled me up with another load on my way home that morning and the evening and long week had finally taken it’s toll, as I fell asleep in his arms until nearly noon. Two more weeks passed by and my craving for cum hadn’t subsided. I was no longer differentiating sex for my customers. I used to offer oral, anal and vaginal sex at different prices, but now I had just decided to offer sex at a set rate. It didn’t matter what the customer asked for, as long as he paid my price. An evening or just a short romp with one of my clients in the champagne room at work could get them what ever they wanted. I often gave oral sex to most of my clients anyway, so why not suck their cocks to get them hard and then let them fuck me. All of my regular clients enjoyed my change in business and I started gaining many new customers again. Lou was complaining about my increase in work, but he was still waiting to see if I became pregnant. He was such a fool for putting me in my current predicament, but I guess that I could have easily gotten another prescription from my physician, as I had in the past. I had always been very vigilant in taking my pills, but my period was scheduled to begin in a couple of days and surprisingly, I wasn’t worried. Who would have thought that the idea of playing Russian Roulette with my womb would have been such a sexual turn on. Yes, I had come to the conclusion that I was a nympho or that I suffered from some version of sexual addiction. I could have quit being a stripper and an escort well over a year ago and lived nicely for a few years, until I graduated from college. But I hadn’t, because I enjoyed sex with strangers and getting paid for it. I loved sucking cock, getting fucked and being used sexually. I truly loved to feel, see or taste a man ejaculating on or in me. I had an unnatural sexual desire to engage in multiple sex acts with multiple partners and was turned on by being sexually dominated to some extent. When Lou had thrown away my birth control and begged me to have his baby, I knew that I didn’t want to have his c***d, but the risk of becoming pregnant drove my sexual excitement to another level. My eagerness to push the limits of my sexual prowess and promiscuity seemed to lead to more excitement as my mind reveled at the possibility of increasing the odds of that potential outcome. I had to see how much cum I could possibly take from as many men as possible and still avoid getting pregnant. It was like a game to me, but this game made me writhe with pleasure each time I was fucked and some stranger filled my cunt with his sticky wad of spunk. I had an orgasm with nearly all of the men that fucked me and it wasn’t because they were all good in bed or that they all had huge cocks. It was because I loved the feel of them cumming in my pussy and when I felt their hard pricks explode in me, the mental realization that their sperm could be the ones that fertilized my eggs drove me into a sexual frenzy.If anyone who knew me thought that I was a whore before the previous three weeks, and many did, they would have thought that I was a whore gone wild. The number of men that I had fucked and had let cum in me over such a short period of time was unbelievable. I used to love giving blow jobs and swallowing most of my customer’s warm loads when they came in my mouth, but now it was the other way around. Now I was allowing all of my clientele to cum in my cunt just to have an orgasm and I had enjoyed many over the previous weeks. Lou was appalled by my behavior after a while. He was turned on at first, but he was seeing me very little lately, since I had been extremely busy going on a sexual addiction binge. I had slept very little and my thoughts raced with my desire to fuck as much as physically possible. Most of the time I was engaging in sex with my clients, but if I had none scheduled or nobody had propositioned me, I was hooking up with some of the men that I had dated in the past. I even resorted to calling up some of my clients and offering them special pricing to get them to schedule some time. I found myself at my old club on the day before my menses was supposed to begin and Bill was looking at me like I was crazy. It had been over 6 months since he had dumped me and I had left his club, but I had a hunger for his long, white cock. He wasn’t too happy to see me when I first arrived, but after we spoke for about a half hour and I teased him for a little while, he was once again banging me on his desk like old times. His hard white cock was driving deep into my wet hole. I had flashbacks about how I could barely take his large cock when he first betsobet giriş hired me and now he was sliding in and out of my well used slit with ease. My vagina had seen well over 1000 different penises since I had become a prostitute over 4 years ago and barely had a day gone by when I wasn’t having sex with somebody or some group of men. I screamed out as I came, thinking of my slutty life and not only the cocks that had fucked me, but the stiff members that I had sucked off. Bill must have thought that he was really doing me good and he kept driving his hard cock hard into my deep, wide pussy. Brett came rushing into the room when he heard the scream and stood their staring as he saw me once again fucking Bill. He had just arrived at work and had no idea that I was there. He and I had been fucking on a regular basis again and the look on his face was kind of sad. Bill looked up to see Brett and did something that he would have never done in the past…he asked Brett to join in. My pussy was soaked at the thought and I motioned for Brett to join us. After a little begging and teasing, as I laid there while Bill continued to slam his cock into me, he entered the fray. I took him into my mouth and savored his stiff pole. Finally, Bill exploded deep in my vagina and after he moved from between my legs, I guided Brett to my spasming, cum filled twat and held onto his cock as he slid in. The thought of having two of my favorite lovers filling me with their hot jizz, one after the other, drove me to another orgasm. Brett pumped me with his cock and soon I felt his seed spraying the walls of my gaping cavern. I was still so horny after I left. I had given Lou the news that morning when we had woken up. I had been busy the night before at the club and ended up going home with Lou that morning. We had fucked as usual and afterwards I told him that I was 2 days late for my period. He was ecstatic, but I couldn’t figure out why. If I was pregnant it could be anyone of the nearly 100 guys I had fucked that month. Sure, I had slept with Lou at least two or three times a week during that period, but I had slept with quite a few other different men too. The amount of cum that had been ejaculated in my pussy over the previous 3 weeks was 5 times more than a normal month. In the past, the vast majority of my clients at the club were typically blow jobs. My escort work brought in the higher end clients and they were more likely to have vaginal or anal penetration. My insatiable appetite this last month had made me change my practices and I was practically giving my cunt away to the men that paid me. Just the night before I had relinquished my pussy to one of my last customers for $10. He was really drunk and had spent his last $40 on lap dances and begged me to blow him. He said that he had heard that I gave great blow jobs, but he was out of money and all that he had left was $10. I’m not sure if I was being generous or just a slut, but I led him to my private room and started off giving him a blow job. He was moaning quite loudly and I knew he was going to cum soon, so straddled his lap as he sat there on the couch and slid down onto his hard tool. He looked at me with shocked eyes as I pulled his head to my breasts and told him to bite my nipple. His teeth clamped down on my breast and his head pulled back as he stretched my nipple. I was bouncing on his cock and grinding my hips into him when he exploded in me. Of course, I didn’t tell Lou that this guy was one of the many men that I had let fuck me. Instead he got the news that I might be pregnant. I was now 7 days late and Lou was picking out names. I had left him that morning to go see my bodybuilding client, JJ. It had been over a month since I had been with him and I was looking forward to him just fucking my brains out. He had one of the biggest black cocks I had ever had (actually, it was the biggest cock I had ever had) and when we fucked, he was pretty brutal and aggressive. He had definitely been saving himself for me and I earned the money he paid me that afternoon, as he twisted me into every position imaginable to fuck me. His enormous member pounded my pussy into submission as he spread my legs wide and drove it deep inside of me with his 240 lb muscular frame. I screamed and moaned until my throat was sore while he bent me over and rammed my asshole with his thick pole and I eventually had to swallow his huge sticky load when he stuffed his cock between my lips, held my head in place and filled my mouth. I would have let him cum in my pussy too, but about an hour into our extreme fuck session, I began to bleed. We made a serious mess of his sheets, but he didn’t care and didn’t even stop fucking me when he noticed that my menstrual cycle had begun. Later that day I called my gynecologist and he explained that my menses may have been thrown off by stopping my pills after I had taken them for a week. Lou was saddened by my news later that evening, but he insisted that we continue to try. I quit taking my bc for the next three months and continued to fuck my customers bareback. More new customers came out of the woodwork as word got around about my professional antics and I kept up the same sexual pace of my first month off of my birth control, as the excitement of it all brought out the cum slut in me.

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