Nylon Punishment at 35,000 feet

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Several years ago I worked as a sales representative for a company that did a lot of business in Asia. In particular, I traveled to Korea on a fairly regular basis and had a number of good clients in Seoul and other cities.

My favorite aspect of these long business trips was flying with Seoul Air. I had heard of them and their great service before, but nothing prepared me for the experiences I had flying this airline. Not only were most of their flight attendants young, attractive, very fluent in English and very competent in all they did on board, but also was their service the best, friendliest and most personally welcoming I had experienced in any airline.

My love for Asian women dates back to my childhood when my parents hired a nanny from Japan, who spoke very little English, but was the more attractive and very loving to us kids. I remember that she often wore white tights and that when I got into puberty I could not help being quite aroused by her wearing these around the house, often without any house shoes.

Then in college I fell in love with a smart and sexy young student from China and we eventually got married. I think that there are many aspects of Asian women I like, including their often times very fair skin, their cute almond shaped eyes, their lips, their fantastic hair, and in some sense also their readiness to “go along”, something that is much harder to find in American women who are in general more independent-minded.

But when it comes to sex, I have to say that any Western woman pales in comparison to an Asian. Their pussies are much softer, smoother, their clits often much more sensitive, and when you fuck them real hard, they have a way of moaning submissively that makes any man, and certainly me, extremely aroused and horny.

All that being said, and having a happy marriage with my Chinese wife, fully enjoying our sexual relationship, I often could not resist on these Asian trips to go astray every once in a while. In fact, I sometimes mentioned this to my wife, and not only was she understanding of my desires for more pleasure, but has been honest with me as well in the same respect when she had an intimate encounter with a man during one of my absences. We both think that these additional experiences only enrich our sexual appetite and ultimately make sex with each other more fulfilling.

So anyways, in one of these Seoul Air flights back from Seoul to Los Angeles, the plane was almost empty for whatever reason, and an attendant asked me (as a frequent flyer) if I would care to receiving a free upgrade to first class. OF course I gladly accepted the offer and moved myself and my bags to the front section of the plane.

To my surprise, I was the only first class passenger on that flight, but didn’t mind at all, of course, since I figured I would get even better service than usual, if that were even possible.

The Korean attendant for the first class was very typical for this airline, about 24 years old, very attractive, round face with small eyes and cute nose. Her lips were broad and very erotic, as well. She wore her hair tied up and of course had this typical scarf around her neck. Dark blue jacket and skirt, and then black tights revealing very shapely legs. Her heeled dress shoes were also black and a bit glossy. I could not let go of her with my eyes whenever she was around and wondered if she noticed my special attention.

Since I knew a bit of Korean, I sometimes would throw a word or sentence of Korean at her which always made her smile and look even more attractive. Her replies were always in English though, and perfect English. I asked her if she had ever studied or lived abroad and she confirmed that she had spent a year in a college in New York City a couple years ago; she actually was an English major. I told her my name and she said her name was Mi-Young. A very pretty name, I thought.

I Escort Bayan tried to capture as much sight of her as possible, imagining her taking off her uniform for me… but as adventurous as I was, I never had had sex with a flight attendant before and did not believe in the least it could ever happen. But then again, at least I was able to be close to her when she walked by and even closer when she served me and was able to smell the lovely scent of her hair. The most attention I paid to her tights and shoes though since I’ve been always quite a bit into these fetishes.

After dinner and a little drink, I decided it was time to go for a round of sleep and moved my back rest all the way down so it was flat and it felt almost as comfortable as in a bed, well — almost. But definitely way better than economy or business class. I wrapped my blanket around my body and soon fell asleep.

It must have been several hours later when I awoke from some muffled noises a row or so ahead of me. I looked at my watch; it was past midnight Korean time. “Did another passenger move to first class meanwhile?” I wondered. I listened to the noises and soon realized that it was two women talking. In fact, one of their voices sounded familiar, it was “my” flight attendant, Mi-Young.

Clearly they thought I was fast asleep and I tried to make no noise or movements and opened my eyes only half way. It was quite dark around, but after a while my eyes got used to the dark and I could see Mi-Young and another flight attendant across the aisle, lying next to each other with their seat backs flat like my own.

I noticed that they had taken off their shoes for comfort and their feet encased in the smooth black tights were dangling from the seats, a really wonderful sight. The other flight attendant seemed to be a bit shorter than Mi-Young and also a bit sturdier, but still with a nice figure. I remember seeing an attendant earlier of that stature; she was the oldest in the crew, in her late thirties or early forties, but still amazingly pretty and fresh looking. I guessed she was the “boss” of the flight attendant crew, but I hardly saw her since she mostly was working in the main cabin.

Meanwhile their talk changed into more of a chuckling and these cheerful sounds of two cute Korean women were music in my ears. But then I noticed something surprising: The older attendant slowly moved her hands over to the younger one and started to caress her hair. “That’s probably not in the airline’s code of conduct,” I thought amusedly. Mi-Young turned to her boss, facing her, and then gently started kissing her lips. They spent a long time kissing, deep kissing, and caressing each other, and their hands moved down to each others breasts and even further down to their crotch areas.

I got very warm as I watched their play and could not help but unzipping my pants and start stroking my hard-on. The flight attendants must have been very sure not to be needed by anyone because they continued even further, taking off each other’s clothes, literally all the way. I looked in amazement at these gorgeous Asian female bodies, their skin as white as ivory and their hair dark, now loose down to their shoulders. Mi-Young kissed her boss from her tits down to her crotch and stayed there a long time, licking and sucking her boss’s juices, while her boss looked very excited and aroused, massaging her own breasts and erect nipples and starting to sigh a little bit.

“You know what I really like, Mi-Young,” she begged. The younger attendant obviously did, as she took her boss’s small feet in her hands and started to kiss and lick them gently all over the place. Even in the half-dark I could see how the older attendant’s arousal increased even more and she then used her feet to give Mi-Young a foot job in her clean shaven crotch while Mi-Young continued her earlier treat to kiss, lick and suck Bayan Escort on her boss’s pussy. I observed that Mi-Young was at least as aroused as her boss, since her juices from her pussy came out in large amounts, making her boss’s soles and toes wet. Mi-Young’s small breasts had gotten firm and her dark round nipples stood stiff and hard.

After a couple of minutes, the sighing became louder, but still not loud enough to be audible in the main cabin that was separated from first class with a thick curtain. The two attendants now embraced each other, rubbing their crotches against each other, in slow, circular motion, increasing, then decreasing the pressure. Their breasts and nipples touched each other as well, and finally they both came and squirted out a big load from their pussies.

I was ready to come too, and just had to grab a bag to shoot my load into, in order not to make my suit messy. But while getting the plastic bag, it made a little rustling noise and the two nude flight attendants, still almost in orgasmic trance, turned their heads towards me.

It is hard to say who was more embarrassed — they for realizing of having been observed in something illegal on their job, or me for having been caught in an inappropriate act of voyeurism and masturbation. I decided to just say something to take the tension out of the situation.

“This was really great!” I said. “You guys are so beautiful with each other…” Had there been more light, I probably would have seen them blushing. But what I could see was a shy smile, from both of them.

“I wonder if I might join your play,” I suggested, quite inappropriately but what did I have to lose?

“Of course, sir,” the boss replied. “We know how to treat a gentleman like you.”

I crossed the aisle and sat on the seat facing the aisle. That sounded quite interesting, I wondered what they had in mind…

“Take off your clothes, fast!” commanded the older one.

This tone I was not used to in this airline — or any airline for that matter. It was like as if she had changed her personality all of a sudden.

“What are you waiting for, pervert?” she scolded me. “You’re going to obey my commands, or else…!”

I followed her order and was soon completely undressed. Then I noticed that Mi-Young had put back on her uniform in the meantime, while her boss was still standing in front of me, completely nude. She picked up her black tights, stretched them with both hands, and then put the crotch part in front of my nose.

“Smell it, son-of-a-bitch, what do you say? Asian pussy smells good, right?” I could tell she enjoyed herself,

“Yeah, this is WONDERFUL – I LOVE it,” I responded, taking in many big breaths through my nose and enjoying the pungent odor of her pussy.

Mi-Young had moved behind me and commanded: “Your hands in the back! Hold them together and don’t move!” I did, and she quickly and skillfully applied plastic hand-cuffs to them, the sort of thing they always have around to restrain out-of-control passengers. Wow! I was impressed. It almost looked like they had some routine in doing this…

But the boss demanded my attention. “By the way, I’m Sun-Hee,” she introduced herself. But before I could say anything, she had wrapped her tights around the base of my cock and made an extremely tight knot there, so that it hurt. My hands were already tied behind my back so there was no chance of getting out of this situation of discomfort. Mi-Young had returned to the other side and raised her right leg up, starting to massage my cock with her black shiny shoes. It was great and terrible at the same time. As my penis got harder and bigger, the tights wrapped around its base hurt more. Also, she used a lot of pressure at times and squeezed the tip of her shoes firmly against the head of my penis, pressing it against my lower belly. Mi-Young then took off Escort her shoe and made me lick it all over, including its slightly dirty soles. Did she know that I started to enjoy this whole thing? I guess the answer was probably yes from my massive erection. She then continued her massage with her tights-encased foot. That was even wilder, since I could feel all her toes, her soles, her heels, giving me a lot of attention. Her feet were so delicate and small, probably size 4, and the skin, even felt through her black tights, so soft, that I thought I would be coming any moment. On top of it all she used her toenails through the tights to scratch my cock all over the place, in particular the head where it hurts the most.

But these girls knew their trade and Mi-Young stopped right before I climaxed and gave the baton to Sun-Hee who now stood in front of me, asking me sternly to tongue-fuck her pussy as hard as I could.

Nothing I’d like more than that! I moved my head forward, sad I couldn’t touch and rub her pussy with my hands, but then landed with my face right in her crotch which was still moist from the juices of her and Mi-Young combined. She had a big bush of black pubic hair which I found very sexy. I explored all her delicate areas, the outer and inner lips, her vagina, and I spent a long time caressing her clit. This was clearly her favorite thing as she started to sigh louder and her breasts and nipples got firmer again.

Then I felt something on my cock — it was Mi-Young who first used her small hands and delicate fingers to give a firm massage to my penis, and then started to lick and suck my dick real hard, with lots of skill. Her Asian tongue worked its way from the head down the shaft and back up and she varied the pressure as well as the intensity of her sucking. All the while, Sun-Hee’s tights were still constraining the basis of my penis and creating pain.

In the meantime, Sun-Hee got upset with me that I didn’t pay enough attention to her, so I kept licking her pussy and clit real hard and made sure I sucked in all the juices that came flowing out.

Finally, the boss wanted to have it her way, and gently moved Mi-Young’s head off my cock which was rock hard and well lubricated.

“You know what comes next?” she asked me. It was not hard to guess since she sat down next to me and raised her beautiful feet to my face. They were just a bit larger than Mi-Young’s, I guessed size 5, and they were still a little bit wet from the foot job she had given her earlier. That way, when I was licking them, I could get an excellent sense and flavor of Mi-Young’s pussy juices.

Since my hands were still in cuffs behind my back, I had no control over this whole thing and had to rely on Sun-Hee to present me with the foot and part of the foot that she wanted me to explore next. I noticed that she liked the toe-sucking the most since she had me spend the most time there. Her toes were very cute, more round than long, and the nails were painted with light red polish. I’ve never enjoyed it so much to lick the toes of a woman as with this Korean flight attendant. She started to moan a bit, silently and probably still aware to avoid noises and not much later, after I also had licked her soles and heels for a while, she decided it was time for a ride…

Sun-Hee spread her legs and slowly sat down on my penis. Her soft Asian pussy was tight as if she were a young girl and she held it firmly, riding it up and down. She held me in embrace, her breasts touching my chest, and she sighed louder and louder, now obviously forgetting about the rest of the plane. We enjoyed this ride for about half an hour with Mi-Young sitting in my sight and masturbating in her uniform, watching us fucking. Finally, Sun-Hee reached a massive climax and had strong convulsions all over her body. I just needed another push or two and I came the second time that night and shot my loads deep inside this Korean flight attendant. Oh my god, what an awesome fuck!

I wondered if I would ever see Mi-Young or Sun-Hee again on another flight — but it did not happen. It also remains to the day my only sexual adventure at 35,000 feet.

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