Nothing Else To Do Ch. 03

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***I know I said three chapters, but maybe five now? Anyway, hope you enjoy.***

“AJ!” Ian bellowed. “AJ!”

He jumped up from his computer and ran out into the hall. “What? Ian, what’s going on?”

Ian was standing in the bathroom, his head peeking out around the mostly closed door. Water dripped from his hair and ran down his cheeks. “I forgot my towel.”

AJ snorted. “Seriously? I thought you hurt yourself or something.”

“It’s, like, a minor emergency,” Ian insisted. “I’m stranded without a towel.”

“That’s like, the first rule of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, isn’t it? Always have a towel?” AJ stepped into the hall, heading towards the storage closet where they kept the towels and sheets, as well as cleaning supplies and extra soap.

“You’re such a nerd,” Ian replied with a snort. “Standard nerd.”

“I’m not the one drip-drying,” he retorted. Still, he grabbed a fluffy yellow towel and handed it to Ian.

Ian took the towel and shut the door. “I’m doing you a favor, so you don’t have to see me all buck naked and shit,” he called through the closed door.

AJ snorted. “I really don’t care. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. But, I guess I don’t like stepping on wet carpet, so there’s that.”

The bathroom opened again in a puff of humidity, then Ian stepped out and turned the light off, the fluffy yellow towel wrapped around his waist. Water still dripped from his hair and down his toned chest. “I forgot my clothes, too,” he said with a smarmy smile.

“Yeah, sure.” AJ raised one eyebrow, then let his eyes trace the length of Ian’s body. The sight of him still wet from his shower made him suddenly want to drop to his knees and lick up the drips running down his chest and those toned abs. He turned away, banning the unexpected thought from his brain as he headed back to his room.

“You just said you didn’t care if I was naked,” Ian pointed out, following him down the hall.

AJ shrugged. “Trying to be polite is all.”

“You really don’t care if I’m naked?”

AJ shrugged. “Not really. I mean, you’re at home, so be comfortable. If we had guests, you know, during not pandemic times, then maybe it’d be a different story, but since we don’t, wear what you want. Or don’t. I mean, whatever, right?”

Ian laughed. “Yeah, that’s cool. So, like, if I just wanted to wear my boxers all day tomorrow?”

“Don’t you need, like, at least a shirt for all your WebEx meetings or something?”

Ian bumped his shoulder as he passed him in the hall heading towards his own room, making his shoulder damp. “Tomorrow’s Saturday.”

AJ flushed, feeling stupid for not knowing what day it was. It wasn’t like days of the week really meant much to him anymore, not when they all blended together like they did. “Oh. Well, then just wear your boxers all day long if you want.” He stepped into his room, but he left his door open.

He settled back down at his computer and was ready to start playing a Megaman emulator when Ian popped into his doorway, this time dry, but more naked than he’d been in the hall. AJ flushed and looked away. Still, he’d seen Ian’s soft member in its full glory. He wondered what it felt like when it wasn’t hard.

“What? I thought you said it didn’t bother you.”

AJ sucked in his bottom lip before replying. “It doesn’t, but I’m not trying to stare or anything.”

“I don’t care if you look,” Ian said, stepping into his room. “I figured before I got dressed I’d see if you wanted to, you know, do anything. Like, that would just make me take my clothes off again.”

His face burned. “I, ah. Like, right now?”

Ian shrugged. “Just checking, you know, before I go to all the effort of getting dressed or some shit. So, you good?”

“I wouldn’t want you to get dressed prematurely,” AJ hazarded. “Like, you know. I could go for a round, if you were in the mood.”

Ian’s smile filled his whole face. “Sweet. Can, ah, do you mind sucking my balls again?”

“Yeah, sure. I mean, um… You liked it?” AJ asked, pushing himself away from his computer desk.

Ian approached him and put a hand on his shoulder, keeping him seated. “You don’t have to get up, I can just stand right here if you wanted.”

AJ turned to Ian, but the chair was a little too high. He pulled the hydraulic lever below and it lowered as far as it would go, putting Ian’s half-chub closer to his face. His mouth was already watering and he hadn’t even started yet. Ian’s dick twitched just before he wrapped his hand around it.

“Take yourself out,” Ian reminded. His cheeks burned, he’d been so excited to have another chance to put Ian’s magic wand in his mouth that he’d forgotten this was about making him more comfortable jerking off at home. He leaned back and unzipped his jeans and wrestled his own half-hard member from his pants. The zipper bit down on the underside and he grimaced, not wanting to get up.

Ian sniffed, amused. “Just take it off,” he laughed. “You can be naked at home, I have it on good authority.”

AJ rolled his eyes, then gaziantep suriyeli escort stood up, pushing Ian back a step. “You’re a dork.” Still, he pushed his jeans down his legs and kicked them off, blushing furiously. He went to sit back down and Ian grabbed him. Not him, actually, grabbed his shirt, then pulled it over his head as he sat down. “Hey!”

Ian shrugged, throwing AJ’s shirt over his shoulder. “Now we’re even.”

“We never weren’t even,” AJ noted. Ian closed the distance, putting his now mostly erect manhood within range of AJ’s mouth. Ian shrugged, then pushed his hips forward suggestively.

AJ snorted, then leaned forward and caught Ian’s member with his hand, then pushed his lips down over it. Ian gasped, then leaned on the arm of the chair for support. AJ liked that he tasted clean, but also wanted to know what he tasted like, just regularly. Again, he was only able to take him down about halfway before he felt like he was going to gag. Once he was as deep as he could comfortably go he sucked hard and Ian danced from foot to foot.

“Damn, dude. That’s nice.” Ian’s hips bounced slightly. AJ reached out and cupped Ian’s balls, then juggled them around his palm gently. “Mmmm.”

He pulled back, sucking hard the whole way until Ian popped out of his mouth. His other hand went to Ian’s hip and he used it to pull Ian closer, still playing with his balls with the other. Ian gasped again when he leaned in and sucked his testicles into his mouth from the palm of his hand.


Ian’s fuzzy balls felt nice to flick around his mouth. He sucked hard, using his tongue to play with Ian’s testicles, pushing them around his mouth like candy. Ian’s back arched, so he used his hand to keep Ian’s hips close while moving his other hand to the hard shaft above his face.

“So nice, having your balls sucked,” Ian moaned. “You’re surprisingly good at it. You might get me hooked.”

The thought of Ian hooked on his blowjobs was both naughty and exciting, and too taboo for him to admit how much he liked the thought of it. He distracted them both by wringing his hand up and down Ian’s length while pushing his balls around his mouth. His own neglected dick twitched and jumped in time to Ian’s moans.

“Fuck. You really like this, don’tcha?”

AJ froze, suddenly terrified. “What do you mean?” he asked, quickly dropping Ian’s balls from his mouth.

Ian looked down at him and he looked away only to find his spit hanging down like a long teardrop from his nutsack. His dick bounced at the sight even as shame filled his belly. “Fuck, AJ, it’s okay. Like, if you weren’t, you were moaning and, like, going to town, like, it seemed like you liked it. It’s not bad,” Ian said, his hand closing on AJ’s shoulder. “I mean, I don’t wantcha doing something you don’t like, is all. It just seemed like you liked it, and that was hot.”

“You sure? If it’s skeeving you out-“

“I’m sure,” Ian cut in. “It’s hot, watching you suck my dick. Like, you don’t look like it’s, like, it looks like you’re enjoying it. Not that you’re just doing it. If that makes sense. I dunno. It was a compliment, or supposed to be.”

“Oh,” AJ said, watching his spit stretch impossibly long, then drop from Ian’s sack. “I mean. It’s, like, you said to do it how I’d want it done to me, that’s all.”

“Keep it up, then,” Ian said. “I just, it’s nice. You’re good, like it feels really good.” Ian’s hips bounced slightly, reminding AJ he was still holding on tight to Ian’s member.

AJ hesitated, then nodded. As long as Ian was enjoying it, it wasn’t weird. He leaned in and caught Ian’s sack again, sucking his testicles in one at a time. Ian moaned above him and he pumped his shaft once, then squeezed down at the base.

Ian’s pubes were tickling his nose, filling his head with the scent of soap and Ian’s musk. He sucked on Ian’s balls a little longer, then pulled them out, stretching Ian’s sack until they popped from his mouth one by one. The second his mouth was empty he was licking up Ian’s length again.

He pulled back once he got to the top, fishing around his mouth with his fingers. “You okay?” Ian asked, his hand squeezing down on AJ’s shoulder.

“Pube in my mouth,” AJ explained, pinning it down with his tongue so he could grab it out. It took him a few tries before he caught it. He looked at it on his finger briefly before wiping it on his leg, forgetting he wasn’t wearing jeans.

Ian chuckled, then pushed his hips forward again. AJ didn’t hesitate, he sucked Ian’s tip into his mouth, eagerly licking the slit for precum. Ian squirmed, so AJ grabbed his dick and held it tight as he licked and sucked his cockhead. Ian released his shoulder and moved his hand to AJ’s face, then pushed him down his length.

They both moaned. Ian moved AJ’s head in time with the gentle rocking of his hips. “Touch yourself,” Ian moaned. “Touch yourself while you’re sucking me off. Will you swallow my cum again?”

He nodded around Ian’s cock, then grabbed his dick with his other hand. He matched his pace to the gentle rotations of Ian’s hips, synchronizing his hands as they slid up and down their rigid lengths. “Fuck, right there,” Ian moaned, his hips thrusting a little more vigorously each time. “AJ, right there. Are you gonna come, AJ? I wantcha to come with me.”

He moaned and sped up, both his mouth and his hands. Ian chuckled above him, then rocked his hips even more. “That’s right, right there. Gonna come soon, AJ. I wanna see you shoot your load as I cum in your mouth.”

AJ sped up more, the promise of Ian’s cum in his mouth pushing his lust into the driver’s seat. Ian’s cock leaked a steady stream of precum now, he sucked hard to get more. He wanted Ian’s cum, wanted to feel the texture and taste of it as he came. God, he was so close.

Ian grunted, thrusting harder. A second later his mouth was flooded with the first flush of Ian’s cum. He swallowed it down greedily just as his own orgasm sent a rope of cum from his slit. His hips were bouncing off the chair in time to Ian’s thrusts, both of them moaning and panting.

“Fuck, yeah, come for me with a mouth full of cum AJ,” Ian moaned. “I love watching your dick shoot.”

The word love made AJ’s dick pulse, drew out his orgasm just a little longer. He hated it and loved it at the same time. It messed him up, and was also the best part of his orgasm. He swallowed down another mouthful of Ian’s load, then saved the last flush in his mouth.

Ian stepped back, his expression still soft from his orgasm. “Dude, that was-” AJ opened his mouth, showing Ian the last of his load he’d saved on his tongue. “Fuck,” Ian moaned, cupping both sides of his head. He leaned down, his eyes locked on AJ’s tongue, and for a second he thought Ian was going to kiss him.

Ian pulled back quickly, then released his face. “You saved some just to show me?”

AJ nodded, then swallowed the rest of Ian’s load before answering. “You said you wanted to see it in my mouth last time.”

“That almost makes me wanna go again,” Ian said. He leaned in, ruffled AJ’s hair, then danced away. “Thanks, AJ. Was it good for you?”

“Um… Yeah?” AJ said, his eyes locked on Ian’s thigh.

Ian looked down, then smiled his shit-eating smile. “You shot so hard you got it on my leg, I didn’t even notice it!”

AJ shrugged, wiping his face on the back of his hand, looking for wherever Ian threw his shirt. “I’m gonna get dressed now.”

Ian nodded. “You wanna do something?”

Ian visited home on Sunday, and Monday AJ spent most of the day at his mom’s house doing laundry for free. He got back pretty late, with five baskets of their laundry, folded and clean. Ian was in his boxers playing Resident Evil when he came in, lugging two of the five baskets into the apartment.

“Sup?” Ian asked without looking up.

AJ had been ready to ask for help, but not with Ian in just his underpants. “Laundry. Can you put it away while I bring up more?”

Ian nodded, still playing the game. AJ rolled his eyes, put the baskets down, then headed out for two more baskets. Ian was putting laundry away when AJ came in with the third basket. “I didn’t think you were actually gonna help,” he said, a bit surprised.

“Like I’d let you do all the work,” Ian scoffed. AJ rolled his eyes again and they worked on sorting the laundry and putting it away. Well, as away as either of them put it, mostly just separated piles of clothing on their dressers so that the baskets could be used to catch dirty clothing to repeat the process over again.

Once he’d put the last of his stuff away he headed to the kitchen, looking for a snack. Nothing caught his attention, though, and he turned around, nearly colliding with Ian in the process.

“Woah, dude. Shit. Where’d your boxers go?” AJ tried to keep his eyes from lingering on Ian’s recently liberated nethers.

“In the dirty,” Ian said with a suggestive smile. “Thought you might wanna, you know. Since I was gone last night. Or, were you able to take care of yourself when I was gone?”

He swallowed hard, he hadn’t expected any of this. “No, I mean, yeah, that’d be cool, I didn’t do anything last night.” If he was being honest, it was because Ian was gone that he hadn’t thought to touch himself, which he now realized was counterproductive to what they were trying to do in the first place.

“Cool. Me either,” Ian said. “Is now okay?”

AJ dropped to his knees and took Ian into his mouth, zero hesitation. Ian’s soft manhood felt nice in his mouth, like a flesh-flavored marshmallow. He only got to appreciate it for a minute before it began to grow in his mouth. He moaned, then leaned back to see if Ian was enjoying it.

Ian’s hands were at his sides in fists. “Why’d you stop?” he asked, looking down at AJ. He threaded his fingers into AJ’s hair and tilted his head, forcing their eyes to meet. “Aren’t you gonna jerk it while you suck me?”

“Mmm-hmm,” he agreed as Ian pulled his face closer to his boner, then pushed his way between AJ’s lips. He fumbled with his pants and freed his dick, stroking himself eagerly. Somehow it seemed better when Ian told him what to do.

Ian hadn’t showered, or at least he didn’t taste like soap. He tasted like himself, like the musk that AJ had only gotten when he put his nose directly into Ian’s pubes before, but now it was all over his dick. He also tasted like sweat, which was also hot. He sucked Ian down, trying to go farther than last time, then pulled back just before he gagged.

He licked his way down Ian’s shaft, then spent time playing with his nutsack. It had only been two days since they’d last done this, but he was so horny it felt like longer. “Yeah, that’s hot, AJ. Suck my balls, you’re such a good ball-sucker. The best. You’re the best ball-sucker.”

AJ’s cheeks flared at Ian’s banter. It was both embarrassing and arousing. He knew he was moaning, he just couldn’t stop himself. His dick ached with need, his balls tight with unspent jizz. He released Ian’s balls and moved back up his pole, then plunged his mouth over the top, spreading the bead of precum on his slit down the length of his tongue.

He bobbed his head fast, he wanted Ian’s cum bad tonight, craved it like an addict. Ian’s hips rocked in time to his bobbing, his fingers slipping through his hair. “Yeah, like that. You’re the best cock-sucker, too, aren’t you. That’s right, AJ. Suck my cock like you want it.”

He moaned again, Ian’s dirty talk driving him insane. Ian watched him, his harvest-colored eyes locked on him, watching him. He was so close, but he didn’t want to come before Ian filled his mouth.

“Why’d you stop touching yourself?” Ian asked. “I want you to come.”

“Want you to come first,” he said, pulling off just long enough to say before he plunged back onto Ian’s wand with renewed vigor. Why’d he say that? He was so embarrassed, so ashamed, but it was too late to take it back, and it was the truth.

“Fuck, that’s hot. Make me cum, AJ. Fuck, right there, right there, yeah, uh, uh, fuck!” Ian growled, pulling AJ’s head against his hips as he fucked AJ’s mouth. AJ stroked himself as Ian fucked his face, his orgasm so close even if he couldn’t breathe, even if he was nearly choking on Ian’s perfect piece.

Salty cum sprayed the back of his throat and he swallowed it down quickly as another surge followed the first. “Fuck, yes, AJ. Swallow my cum, you like that, don’t you?”

AJ moaned as his orgasm shot from his dick onto the linoleum floor. He couldn’t stop his needy moans as Ian continued fucking his face, filling his mouth with yet another serving of his creamy reward.

Ian released his head and he leaned back, then opened his mouth, showing the last bit of cum to Ian before he swallowed it down. Ian smiled, ruffled his hair again, then turned and gave him a wonderful view of his sculpted ass. “You don’t have to clean that up,” Ian called back to him as he turned down the hall. “I’ll get it in a second.”

AJ couldn’t just leave his puddle of cum on the floor. After he tucked his dick back into his pants he grabbed paper towels and wiped it up, then threw them in the garbage.

AJ was horny on Tuesday, but Ian didn’t initiate anything, and he was too nervous to ask. Wednesday when he came home from his run he found Ian completely naked on the couch. The TV wasn’t on or anything, it seemed like he’d been waiting for AJ to come back.

“Feel like sucking some balls today?” Ian asked, not even bothering to get up from the couch.

AJ nodded, put down his keys and water bottle, then dropped to his knees between Ian’s legs. Ian was hard, AJ wondered if he really had been waiting for him. He didn’t hesitate, he wrapped his hand around Ian’s shaft and pulled the skin up so he could access his balls better. He played with them for a while before Ian pulled him up by his chin, angling his dick down at the same time. He traced AJ’s lips with his tip, leaving a delicious trail of precum that AJ quickly licked up.

He tore his dick from his running shorts and began to beat himself off as he slid his mouth up and down Ian’s cock. “That’s right,” Ian praised, watching him with hooded eyes. “Suck my cock, AJ. It’s so hot, how much you want my cum. You’re an eager little cum-slut, aren’t you?”

AJ flushed, but he didn’t stop blowing Ian, couldn’t stop. He loved how Ian’s cock felt in his mouth, how it stretched his lips wide. Loved the feel of his slick precum streaking across his tongue, loved the feel of his cum spraying into his mouth like a reward for a job well done. He shook his head no mid-bob, but he knew deep down that Ian was right.

His balls tightened at the shameful, arousing realisation. He wanted Ian’s cum, wanted it bad. It was weird, right? This was only the fourth time they’d done this, but he wanted it, craved it.

“You’re my eager cum-slut,” Ian repeated. He shook his head again, afraid to admit it, afraid that if he agreed with Ian it would change something in him. Ian snorted, then grabbed his cheeks and held him halfway down his cock. “AJ, you’re my cum-slut. It’s okay.” He pulled AJ’s head off of his shaft and AJ had to fight to stifle his whine. “Say it. Say you’re my cum-slut.”

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