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Not your average hook-upI had only been living in my new house a few weeks when my neighbor, Beth, invited me over for a pool BBQ. I had met her and her live-in boyfriend on the day I went to see the house. They had told me about the neighborhood and I found them very friendly. Beth was one of those blonde haired, blue eyed, perky attitude with a matching body. Her boyfriend was a big, muscled guy who gave off the vibe of overprotective “I only nice to you in front of my girlfriend “. I even went as far to tell Beth’s boyfriend that I wasn’t interested in her and he seemed to get offended…there was no way to make it right. I went to the BBQ on that hot Saturday afternoon. I met several neighbors and friends of Beth. Beth had one surprise for me….her single friend from college Gretchen. Gretchen was a very attractive, tall brunette. She had an athletic build, very fit. Her dark brown eyes were hypnotic and she had a big smile. We shook hands and talked for a little while. Gretchen seemed over enthusiastic about everything I told her about myself. After a while I excused myself to the restroom. Upon exiting the bathroom I was confronted by Beth. She grilled me on what I thought about Gretchen. I told her she seemed nice. Then Beth pressed me on if I was interested in possibly dating her. I wasn’t sure what to say since my honest opinion about Gretchen was that she kind of scared me. I decided to be nice and say sure. Beth smiled and took off. I felt like I was in junior high again.Gretchen clung to me the rest of the afternoon. We had finished eating, when Beth suggested I show Gretchen my place. Having been put on the spot, I agreed. Gretchen gave Beth a look and they started giggling as we left. We got to my house and I started showing her around. I still had boxes of things I had yet to unpack lying around the place. We went upstairs to my bedroom. Gretchen had been quite talkative up until we stepped out of my master bathroom. She went over to the bedroom window and close the curtain. What she did next shocked me. Gretchen looked at me and confessed she felt a strong connection to me and started taking off her clothes. By the time she had walked up to me she was naked. I’ll admit it was hot and yes, I was turned on immediately. We kissed, Gretchen kissed hard and her teeth pressed up against mine. I had one fleeting bursa escort thought as she removed my clothes “It’s OK to hook-up since she lives in another state”.The sex was crazy. Gretchen let me take her anyway I wanted. Her firm, completely shaved body was electric. Her muscled legs wrapped around me when I took her missionary style. It quickly changed to us rolling over and her riding me. Gretchen was very loud, yelling for me to fuck her and she overdid the moans with every pump. Gretchen jumped off me and moved off the bed over to a chair. I got behind her and thrusted hard into her. My pelvis slapped hard into her firm ass. I moved one hand over on top of her ass and plunged my thumb into her. Gretchen turned her head back, her eyes got huge and she smirked saying “put it in!” I pulled out, Gretchen reached back spreading her cheeks showing off her hole. I raced to my nightstand, grabbed a bottle of lube and douced my cock and poured it all over her backside. I rubbed myself up and down her crack. Then I jammed it in hard. I wasn’t myself, I acted out of sheer lust. The deep thrust into Gretchen, she yelled out in pain and rage. She turned back at me violently with a stare like “I’m going to get you!”. Her big brown eyes were filled with tears. I began to slow down. Gretchen growled for me to keep going saying she could take it. I knew time was short and I pounded as hard and fast as I could. Gretchen’s head bobbed up an down. I pulled out just in time. Gretchen turned around instantly and grabbed my cock. She pulled me forward with her iron grip and jerked my cum into her mouth and face. My body shook uncontrollably as she squeezed ever ounce out of me. She looked up smiling big at me. I barely could keep my balance. I put my hands on the sides of her face. Gretchen licked her lips to get a small amount of cum off of the left corner of her mouth. She stood up,slapped the side of my face hard and strutted into my bathroom. I watched her firm ass move from side to side. Gretchen cleaned up and invited me to join her in the shower. She soaped up my body vigorously. As she took extra time lathering my cock, she informed me to cum inside next time with a smirk then a kiss. We got dressed and headed back to the BBQ. Everyone who was still there knew what had happened. I’m sure my flushed face gave it away. Beth took bursa escort bayan Gretchen inside the house and the guys started congratulating me. It was about twenty minutes until Beth and Gretchen returned. I had sucked down a couple of beers and was feeling good. Gretchen came over and say down by me…taking my arm and putting it around her. Beth was grinning at me. I got roasted for the next few hours.The sun had been down a while and the beer had run out. People were leaving and I felt it was time to go myself. Gretchen had stayed close to me the entire time and had dozed off after a few beers. I tried to slip my arm off her without her noticing. Gretchen head perked up and she stood up with me. I thanked Beth for inviting me to the BBQ. Gretchen walked to the door with me. I turned to say goodnight but noticed she had gathered her purse and intended to go with me. Beth gave each of us a hug goodbye.I was feeling tired as Gretchen and I entered my house. We kicked off our shoes and went straight up to bed. Gretchen took off all her clothes and slipped under the covers as I took a leak. I watched her as I leaned over the toilet. I accidentally missed a little while catching a glimpse of her naked body. I flushed, scratched my balls and then washed my hands before joining Gretchen. She cuddled up to me and immediately started playing with my cock and balls. Gretchen wasn’t gentle, she clenched my balls hard. Her hand went low and I felt her finger slide up into my ass. Her fingernail dug in and it hurt. I flinched hard, grunting in pain. Gretchen laughed and pulled it out. Even with the discomfort, I was getting hard. I acted like I was tired but Gretchen saw through my act. She threw the sheets back and went down on me. Her mouth engulfed me and she began to suck hard, very hard. Man did she like it rough. I thought putting my hands on her head, forcing her down on me would make her want to slow down. Instead she gagged hard, coughed and wanted me to do it again. Her gurgling slurping sounds were disturbing. Gretchen seemed to get more turned on. She even went down below my ball sack to lick my asshole. She pushed my sack up so she could bury her tongue into me. I had never been with a girl so willing. Even as she lifted my legs up and I farted inner face, Gretchen kept at it. I began to wonder if I needed to escort bursa return the favor. I tried weakly to pull her up. Gretchen pushed my feeble attempt away as she worked her mouth back up over my tip. She moved up on me, her breath smelled like ass. She tired to kiss me but I moved away. Gretchen smirked and rolled over. She turned around and offered herself sticking her behind up into my face. I got up behind her and I slipped myself into her pussy. She was so moist, I heard a juicy gushing sound. Gretchen put her head down into the bed. I playfully slapped her ass. Gretchen wiggled her ass for me. I rode her as hard as I could until my seed was planted deep inside. I kept going until, I collapsed down beside her. Gretchen let me spoon her for several minutes. Then she got up and cleaned up. I rolled back up on my pillows and pulled a sheet over me. Gretchen came back, her mouth smelled minty and we kissed softly. She slipped in next to me and we spooned. It was very late and just as I was about to fall asleep I heard Gretchen say “I love you.”faintly.The next morning I woke up just as Gretchen was about to leave. She had to get back to Beth’s and head to the airport. It was a quick goodbye kiss and she was gone. I went back to sleep for a few more hours. Later that afternoon Beth stopped by. She wanted details. I was asked how I felt about Gretchen. We had fun I told Beth and the sex was an adventure. Beth then told me Gretchen had told her everything even adding that I told her I loved her. I quickly corrected Beth, stating it was Gretchen who had told me. Beth then asked when I was going to see her again. I wasn’t sure since she lived do far away.Several days passed, when Gretchen called. She seemed upset that I hadn’t called her. I decided to try being brutally honest. I told her what we did was really fun but wasn’t sure it could work with the distance. Gretchen started crying and we talked for a couple of hours. Over that time, she stopped crying and I even got her to laugh a few times at my expense. We both agreed, st least I thought do, to just stay friends. Over the course of a few weeks, Gretchen and would talk on the phone. It seemed all was well. Except, Gretchen had forgotten to mention to me something big. It wasn’t until later when I had talked to Beth. She let it slip out that Gretchen had quit her old job and found one here where I lived. She would be living with Beth and her boyfriend until she found her old place. I was stunned. What I thought was going to be a one time thing had turned into a horrible nightmare!

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