Not My Life

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I have a perfect life or so I thought. My name is Claire Williams, I’m 38 and married to my school sweetheart. My husband is CEO and owner of a large corporation and I live in the lap of luxury. I do volunteer work for several good causes and I’m a mother to two wonderful boys. My life has not always been so blissful and I do attend a therapist once a week to help control my demons. When I was 18 I was involved in a car accident. It claimed the lives of my family and left me in a coma for 3 months. It was a long recovery, but my now husband was fantastic and helped me through it cementing our love. We were married at 19 and never looked back. The downside to my accident was I was left sterile so my boys were adopted but I love them both as if they were my own. As far as I’m concerned they are mine. The other lasting effects of the crash is an ongoing amnesia. My life before the crash is sketchy at best. Rob my husband helps me with the past and my therapist also does hypnotherapy on me to try to regain my lost youth, or so I thought.

It was just after my 38th birthday that the truth revealed itself to me. My boys Josh 17 and James 15 were growing up faster than I would have liked. It started on a Tuesday morning, the boys were off to school and the maid was doing her chores. I was curled up on the sofa watching daytime television with a cup of coffee when a program came on. It was about missing persons. One case caught my attention. It was a woman a few years younger than me talking about her missing brother Jeff. He was last reported leaving his sixth form school and was never seen again. There was something familiar about this boy. Suddenly as pictures of Jeff appeared on the screen. The usual school photo that is used by the police for missing kids. Pictures of him with his parents and sister growing up. In my mind the images exploded into memories, I was in the scenes and I was Jeff.

In the space of a few seconds, it felt like some pulled at a loose thread of my life and the whole thing had fallen apart. But something was still missing. I remember as Jeff leaving the school then nothing until I awoke in the hospital with Rob at my side.

I remember Jeff. He had a girlfriend and they had been intermittent, no full sex but mutual masturbation. They were saving them self till Sarah was 18. He had a sister Sally, she was two years younger than her. His parents Ted and Shelia were hardworking parents providing a happy home for their kids. I had a clear line in the sand where Jeff ended and Claire began. I started to go over my life to see if there were any signs of why I was now Claire. Then something dawned on me, I had a penis. I never questioned it till now that I had a cock. Rob and I had an active sex life. But somehow it was not strange for me to be fucked in the arse, or for that matter fuck Rob. I needed answers, Maltepe escort bayan I reached for my phone and called Rob on his personal mobile. It rang through to his voicemail, I told him I needed him home straight away. I told Lisa our maid to take the day off and dismissed her. I went to my bedroom and stared at the middle-aged woman staring back at me so familiar. Slowly I stripped off all my clothes and when I was naked started at the cock and balls where a vagina should have been. Tears welled up as I tried to process why I had memories of an 18-year-old boy and 20 years of memories as a woman.

I heard Rob’s car pull into the driveway. A throw my clothes back on and make my way downstairs to meet him. He rushed in the door in a panic asking if the boys were ok. I reassured him they were fine but I was not. I sat him down and replayed the program that started all this. As it unfolded I could see his face turn ashen. He looked at me and said he was so sorry and began to weep.

It started when he came out as gay to his father. He was a crime boss and was very powerful. He loved Rob but could not have an openly gay son, at the time it would be seen as a sign of weakness. Rob’s brother Terry suggested he takes a t-girl as his bride so he could still engage in gay sex whilst giving an appearance of a strong straight man. They decided after some consultation with a close doctor friend that with the right conditioning they could make the perfect bride for Rob. Rob had always fancied Jeff from afar know he was straight. Jeff was abducted and over a period of time they broke him and tore his personality away and replaced it with Claire’s. With a combination of torture and hypnotherapy, her mind was conditioned to believe that she was born a woman. Then the surgically altered her body. Breast implants and some facial feminising operations. When I was ready they put me under and put a mental block on my memory only allowing my new persona to show through. When I awoke I was in a hospital and fed the car crash story.

Rob took my hand and he told me he never meant to hurt me, but he loved me with all of his heart. He went on to say that they did not condition me to love him. They made me a woman it was his job to win my heart. The trouble is I did love him, but I felt violated and betrayed. It also transpired that my weekly therapy sessions were to reinforce my conditioning. Rob promised me that it could all reversed and would understand if I went to the police.

I made an appointment to see my theorist that afternoon. I took Rob with me. Once inside Lisa Hoffman’s office, Rob explained that I knew the truth. Lisa went a similar shade of pale that Rob had a few hours later. I told her to unlock my missing memories, once I had them back I would decide what to do. Lisa hypnotised me and gave me the directions Escort Maltepe to my repressed memories. I Suddenly screamed as the missing images flooded my mind. They gave me a scotch to claim my nerves. I left the room and checked into a hotel room.

I laid on the bed and closed my eyes. I was transported back through time to when I was 18 years old. I held Sarah in my arms and we were making out. We were both in our school uniforms. She had to leave as she had to pop round her friends to work on a project. I left the school and started the short walk home. A white transit van passed me and pulled up a few meters ahead of me. As I passed the van the guy in the driver seat called me over to the passenger window. He asks me for some directions. As I started to explain to them a hand came around my face and covered my mouth and nose with a rag. Within seconds I was out cold.

When I came too I was in a dark room. There as a solitary light above but it only illuminated me and the rest of the room was deep within the shadows. I had been chained by my wrists and ankles to the roof and floor and spread out like an X. A middle-aged man walked in wearing a lab coat. He examined me up and down. The man called to the shadows and a very hound Lisa Hoffman walking also wearing a lab coat.

The old man introduced Lisa as my handler. He told Lisa to prepare me and disappeared into the shadows. Lisa loosened my tie and then she produced a pair of scissors from her lab coat. She proceeded to cut off my blazer, pullover, and shirt. She pulled my shoes and socks off and took the scissors to my grey trousers. Finally disregarding my protests cut my boxers off. She walked off and returned with a bowel and gave me a sponge bath. Next, with a clipboard and tape measure, she recorded every aspect of my body. She even stroked my cock to full hardness but after measuring my length and girth she left me hanging literally.

When she was done she stood in front of me and looked me in the eye and said with a genuine feeling that she was sorry for what was about to happen. And she was gone.

After what seemed like hours the man returned. He explained that he was tasked with preparing me to be the perfect housewife. But first, he had to strip away my personality to create a blank canvas on which to build the new me. He set about his work. My feet were placed in a troff of water. Electrodes were placed over my body and connected to a lead leading off to the shadows. Finally, he forced a wooden tube between my teeth and fastened it around my head. He said that we are ready and started to walk off. Just as he reached the edge of the light. He paused and turned to me and said that it was nothing personal. Then he was gone and I was alone once more.

All of a sudden large sirens sounded and a strobe light flashed around Maltepe Rus Escort me. This was designed to disorient me. After a few seconds, I was blasted with a jolt of electricity. Just a second at first but then as they ramped up the torture the duration of the pulse increased. After an hour of this, it stopped as quickly as it had started. The chains on the roof slackened and I crumpled to the floor. As my hearing cleared from the ringing of the sirens, I could only hear my quiet sobs.

Over the next 24 hours, this was repeated every 30 minutes. I had lost track of time. During one blast of electricity, I soiled myself and had piss and shit all down my legs. They wanted to break me and they were winning.

By the end of the third day, I passed out. As I slept I heard a soft voice calling me Claire. The voice was reassuring and I clung to it like a security blanket. The next torture session disoriented me further. This again was followed up with the soft voice calling me Claire and giving me a narrative of my life as Claire. By day four I believed my name was Claire. At this point the strapped me to a wooden chair. I had frames put over my eyes to prevent me from closing them. They then put electrodes on my penis. A small video screen played porn scene. As the guy started to fuck the girl my cock stiffened. There was a sudden shock fired through my dick. Next, they played a transgender woman being fucked. I hardly reacted to this scene. But again they repeated the process main times until my cock failed to even twitch for the Hetro scene but the rock hard for the tranny porn.

I had lost the passage of time since I was kept awake for days on end. My mind had become mush, I no longer knew who I was. Everyone called me Claire, and now it seemed natural when I was called this. I guess at this point the physiological changes had been cemented into my brain that I no longer remembered Jeff or his life. That had made me Claire, and I believed I was a girl. They allowed me to rest for a few days and they started to treat me well. They knew I had been converted. After the rest from my torture was over they injected me with some drug that knocked me out cold. I had wired dreams where I heard girls cartoons being played and other feminine reenforcing suggestions.

When I came to they had altered my body. I now had breasts. Not too large but an average size. My face had also been altered. My cheekbones were higher, my jawbone had been softened and rounded. My brow was now a smooth and raised, the transition from my forehead to my smaller nose was seamless. My hips were fuller and I had lost a couple of ribs. I must have been asleep for weeks as I had lost a lot of my muscle mass and my hair had grown to my shoulders. I had several drips being feed into my arms. One was feeding me and the other was female hormones. They also gave me a vasectomy.

They tested my sexuality by first having a sexy female nurse bed bath me and then a hunky male nurse. As the guy soaped me up I became very hard, not a twitch for the girl.

To be continued. Claire will start the next phase of her transformation.

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