Noelle’s Tentacle Gains, Part 1

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“The Long-Long Club invites you to partake in a free trial of our services. No card required. Sign up now, and your trial order will reach you within five minutes, guaranteed!”

Noelle was no stranger to online porn adverts. They were mostly guff, promising one thing whilst sending you somewhere completely different. But this one boasted an impossible product, and an even more impossible delivery time.

The ‘Long-Long Club’ claimed to dabble in tentacle pimping. Like, actual living, possibly-breathing tentacle monsters. In the advertisement there were several women being treated to the attention of far-reaching, penis-like tentacles, expressions of ecstasy on their faces. One was hanging upside down, another was getting getting her shirt ripped open, all of them writhing with pleasure in the clutches of long, thick, brightly coloured… things.

“There’s just no fucking way…”

And in five minutes too. Even more than the fairy tales, that annoyed her the most. Who in their right minds could believe that? No postal service moved that quickly. That this ‘Long-Long Club’ expected people to not realise the sheer stupidity of their claim irked her to no end.

So Noelle, her ‘me-time’ interrupted by an affront to mankind’s collective intelligence, registered to the Long-Long Club with a backup e-mail account and ordered her ‘free trial’.

The e-mail binged a notification. “Thank you for joining the Long-Long Club. Your trial will be with you in five minutes. Please enjoy!”

Satisfied, Noelle leaned back in her chair. She was confident that nothing would arrive, especially since she hadn’t even been asked to disclose her address. “If something does show up, I’ll eat my dildo.”

Not that she was against the idea of tentacles overpowering her and treating her to a one-person orgy; her pornography history could attest to that. She just hated to get her hopes up. And hated even more the idea of some smug hacker believing they had fooled her. Wonderful though they were, fantasies belonged in the mind, not in the real world.

Noelle idly spun her cheap office chair to face her student accommodation room, liveable but cluttered with discarded clothes, unpacked boxes, and adorable stuffies. If someone, or… something, did happen show up… Perhaps it would be best to clean up? Just in case?

She scoffed at the thought, chasing it away. The website was absolute bunk; she had signed up just to prove it. Nothing was going to happen.

She glanced at the time on her monitor.

Three minutes.

Noelle slid her underwear down her legs and tossed it into the half-full laundry basket. Well, she had been planning to masturbate anyway. Her socks, skirt and shirt she kept on and turned back to the computer. Her wandering eyes landed on that picture of a woman having her shirt ripped open, then looked down at her own, still buttoned. It was one of her few good shirts. It would be a shame if it got torn during any… activity.

She shook her head. It was nothing but a fantasy. The website was a lie, it had to be. She wasn’t going to be fooled by some wishful prank.

Two minutes.

She decided on a compromise, she unbuttoned all but the third from the top button, still hiding her breasts. “That’s it. No more. Don’t get excited.” She drummed her fingers on her knee, in time to the seconds she may or may not have been counting in her head.

One minute.

Noelle’s body tensed. For the last agonising minute, she was trapped between her desire to not be fooled by an obvious lie… and a deep seated wish that it might be true.


Noelle held her breath, her heart pounding. The moment of truth was upon her. She stared at the door, and realised that if someone was delivering a package, they’d be arriving at the dorm entrance. In a panic, she headed for her door, heedless of her attire, and grasped the handle.

A sound stopped her; a weird, alien sound, like someone tearing a thick piece of fabric inside an echo chamber. Noelle’s heart spaced out for a beat. She turned to look behind her.

And there it was. A single lone tentacle, grey and smooth, with a slightly moist sheen and a rounded head, wobbling in the middle of her room. She stared at it for a frozen moment, then tracked its length; the thing’s body protruded from under her bed. The head of the tentacle bobbled curiously, as though it were looking about the room.

“Holy hell…” Noelle whispered. The tentacle stopped its bobbling and turned in her direction. She held her breath as it gradually advanced, extending towards her face. She shrank back against the door as the grey length closed the distance. Closer and closer it drew; too close. She put out a hand to block its progress. The tentacle bumped into her hand, then withdrew a little, as though surprised by the impact. Noelle pulled back her hand, the place where the tentacle had touched her was slightly damp with a warm moisture.

The head of the tentacle reached forward tentatively, then bobbled about, confused. A spark of insight lit up inside Noelle’s head; it was trying to find her hand again.

“You can’t see, can you?” The tentacle wobbled to face her direction, and she chuckled at the absurdity, feeling much more relaxed all of a sudden. “You’ve got no eyes. So… you must track objects by sound, right?” She cocked her head. “But you’ve got no ears, either.” The tentacle didn’t reply, perhaps from the lack of mouth. “Oh!” She snapped her fingers. “You can touch things, you must be feeling my voice, rather than hearing it.”

The tentacle vibrated, emitting a high pitched murmur. Noelle found it absurdly adorable, more than a length of grey, fleshy rope had any right to be. She sighed, smiling. bayan escort gaziantep “That’s probably the first time a porn advert has held up its side of the bargain.” She held up her hands in mock surrender. “I admit it, they got me.”

She leaned forward and prodded the tentacle, all fear abandoned and replaced with curiosity. “This is so weird. You’re like… a fantasy creature, like a unicorn, or a vampire.” It reacted mildly to her physical inspection, mewling lightly.

“How long are you?” Noelle grabbed it in both hands and pulled. The tentacle grew taut, but didn’t extend any longer from under the bed. “Speaking of which…” She pushed aside one of the boxes and lay on the floor, peering under the bed. Despite the abundance of light in the room, the body of the tentacle disappeared into an unnatural spot of complete darkness. “Metal…” She murmured.

Noelle yelped as a slight wetness touched her bare bottom. She realised that she had inadvertently raised her rear into an inviting position when checking under the bed. And the tentacle must have followed the sounds of her movement. She chuckled. “Alright, slow down there, big boy.” She half stood then sat on the bed, her feet on the floor, facing the alien occupant. “You came here for one reason, right?” She spread her legs. “Well, get to it!”

The tentacle trilled then moved toward her. Instead of her legs, it moved toward her head. Noelle frowned as it approached. “Wait, where are you going?” The tentacle bumped into her cheek, then began prodding her head in a manner reminiscent of what she had done to it earlier. It slid around her chin, then up to her ear, then across to her nose. Noelle snickered. “Ah, you’re the romantic type.” She took hold of the creature just below the tip, pulled it toward her lips and gave it a small kiss. It vibrated and murred again; Noelle assumed that was a positive sign. Curious, she gave the tentacle a quick lick. It tasted… bland. Slick, like the insides of a fruit, but mostly tasteless. Almost like licking the insides of a flavourless cucumber.

The tentacle pressed the majority of its body against her, wiggling and worming along her clothes and arms. Getting a feel for her shape, perhaps? The tip slipped from her face and travelled down her neck, past her clavicle and between her breasts, where it got stuck on her her lone fastened shirt button.

“Oops. Forgot about that.” Noelle undid the button with a quick motion, allowing the shirt to fall fully open and revealing her smallish boobs. The tentacle seemed to delight in wiggling across her torso, exploring under her shirt and tripping over her nipples. Noelle breathed little gasps as the light touches excited her.

Lower it travelled, past her belly and leaving her bare skin to explore the taut folds of her skirt draped over her thighs. Finally the tentacle reached her knees and dipped under her skirt, disappearing from sight. Noelle’s heartbeat increased its tempo as her arousal grew. She closed her eyes, feeling her new friend worm its damp way along her legs within the cavern of her skirt.

The tentacle’s progress was excruciatingly slow, curious and explorative, winding its way along her legs. But eventually, it ran out of room to travel, bumping blindly into her pelvis. Noelle’s fingers curled, gripping her bedsheets as the tentacle teased her labia. It brushed her skin up and down in smooth strokes, dragging itself slowly over her clit. She squealed softly with each ministration, letting her head fall backwards and her eyes unfocus. She tried in vain to keep her legs open, but couldn’t help pressing against her new friend. The massage only lasted for half a minute, yet her insides were already aflame.

More of the tentacle moved under her skirt, pressing into her crotch, feeling all around her pussy. Noelle moaned with blissful agony as the creature failed again and again to gain entry. “C’mon…! Almost…!” Building up enough pressure, the tentacle brute forced against its blindness and buried itself inside her.

Noelle’s legs stiffened and she fell back onto the bed, groaning all the way. She lay there limply with a goofy smile on her face as the tentacle did what tentacles do best and fucked her. It didn’t fill her completely, stopping at about half-way in, before pulling back. Its movements started slow, but it gradually increased its tempo. She rocked back and forth on her bedspread with no input from herself, content to let the little creature do all the hard work. “Oooooh… I could get used to this…”

The tentacled ‘mrred’ happily within her, pulsing deep inside. Noelle whimpered a staccato of “Ah”s, thrilling at the good vibrations. She began to play with her breasts and running her fingers over her clitorus, stimulating with precision while the tentacle provided the passion.

“That’s iiiit…. Good boy…” Noelle encouraged, squeezing her chest. Her fingers grew damp and hot as she rubbed herself.

The tentacle pushed deeper, making her moan loudly. She clenched her legs and lifted her feet to rest her heels on the edge of the bed, giving her the leverage to buck herself into the tentacle’s pounding. The creature responded by speeding up, causing wet, shlocky noises with every thrust. The fire in her loins grew to a blaze, and she knew she was close.

“Give it to me… give it to me… oooh…” Noelle diddled herself frantically, fanning the heat of her climax. The tentacle pounded ceaselessly, and with a last few fiddling gestures the dams of decency gave way to a flood of ecstasy. She painted the tentacle in her lovemaking colours, making it even wetter and slicker than it already was.

It failed to sense her coming, though, and continued its horny onslaught. “Ho-hold-d-d ooOoOOonn!” Noelle moaned, waves of pleasure cascading through her body. One of her legs slipped from the bed and dangled lamely, her hands grabbed her face and hair, accomplishing nothing. The tentacle’s pounding caused a chain reaction, the blissful feelings of the first orgasm retaining momentum and rolling right into a second.

Noelle whimpered, suffering from the hot fever of sex. The tentacle ravished her fallen flower with unending vigour, her cum spattering onto her skirt and bed. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck…” The merciless pounding drove her wild, her pussy lips spread and sopping from the assault. She thought she would die of orgasm, before her mind turned blank and she thought of nothing at all.

The tentacle shuddered, interrupting its intercourse, and jammed itself as far into her little tight hole as it could. It rippled as the tentacle’s ejaculate raced through its insides and sprayed into hers. Noelle watched with broken brains and blurry eyes as her stomach swelled slightly, her womb filling beyond capacity.

Noelle lay exhausted on the bed as her new friend extricated itself from her swollen pussy. She barely registered the feeling of it groping it’s way up her body. The tip of the tentacle moved into her view, ‘mrrr’ing softly as if it asking ‘are you okay?’ It leaked a small stream of grey-white liquid from an unseeable orifice, darkening her skirt with wetness.

Noelle smiled goofily, breathing deep, satisfied breaths. “You’re… good…” She managed. The tentacle trilled happily, pecked her on the cheek with a wet poke, then retreated. Noelle had enough energy to lift up her head and see the tentacle vanish beneath her bed. The tearing noise sounded again, signalling the tentacle’s departure and a return to normalcy.

Noelle dropped her head back onto the bedspread, taking time to recover. She felt warm, happy, and unreasonably content. “I think… I’ve found my first fuck buddy.”


Hot water ran down Noelle’s body, washing away the sweat and slick stains. She had dozed off in bed for about an hour before getting into her tiny en suite for a shower. She had expected there to be a huge mess on the floor and bed sheets, but aside from what had remained on her skin, there wasn’t a drop of grey fluid on the carpet or even a stain on her clothes. “Must be more weird tentacle things,” she dismissed, thankful about not having to clean up.

Whilst soaping her belly, she realised it was still bulging slightly from when the tentacle had filled her with alien cum. She pushed against the skin of her stomach, and it depressed almost immediately. A wave of vertigo swept over her, and she stumbled back into the wall, grabbing the shower curtain for support. Noelle crouched, feeling a great urge to pee, but with a strange and unidentifiable difference.


She looked down. Caught in the drain of the shower sat an emerald green orb, about the size of a strawberry, filled with a strange light. Plap. Another fell out of her and joined its twin. More and more popped from her pussy, until about a third of the base of the small shower was filled. She stared, horrified and bemused, and picked one up with a slightly shaking hand. It was soft and squishy, with a rubbery texture, which depressed inward where her fingers held it. She could see her shocked expression reflected on its glossy surface.

“What… the fuck…?”


Noelle left the shower and returned to her laptop, still wet and naked, with the strange orbs wrapped in a towel. Her attention was immediately drawn to an odd, multi coloured vase that stood on her desk. A vase that she had never seen before. As though to answer her growing list of questions, her laptop chimed, notifying her of a new e-mail. Noelle saw the sender’s name out of the corner of her eye: the Long-Long Club.

“Dear swimSerpent77,

Thank you for your free-trial of our service. We would love to hear any feedback you may have, but first there is a matter of business.

The Long-Long Club takes two methods of payment; lots of cash, or the small coloured orbs we predict you have recently discovered. Depositing these orbs into the jar we have supplied will increase the credit of your account, which you can spend to access our services. By enjoying our services and utilising the power of your own body, you will be able to generate even more orbs and credit. Thus creating a cycle that benefits all.

After receiving our services, the orbs will gestate very quickly inside you. We strongly advise you to deposit your orbs as soon as you are able. They quickly lose worth and decay when exposed to air. Also, do not consume them nor break one open, and please do not put anything but the orbs inside the jar. By following these guidelines you will be well on your way to enjoying our services.

We look forward to your business, and we thank you for your time.

The Long-Long Club

P.S. For your next purchase, why not try the Brotherhood package. After all, ‘the more, the merrier’.”

Noelle sat back into her seat, her mind absorbing this new information. So the Long-Long Club wanted her to get impregnated by their tentacles, ‘give birth’ to these weird egg things and then put them in a jar? She lifted up the vase and peered inside. Pitch black, like the darkness the tentacle had come from. “This is so weird…”

On her laptop she clicked back to the Club’s website and into her account. Her credit was scored at zero. She took an orb in hand and placed it over the mouth of the vase. It just barely didn’t fit. She pushed on it with a finger and the rubbery ball popped through the neck of the vase and into the darkness. It didn’t feel any heavier. She shook the vase, but heard no rattling. It was as though the orb had just vanished.

Noelle refreshed her account page and saw that her credit now came to ‘38’. She popped in another and refreshed, the total now showed ‘70’. “Hey, that should be higher.” One more she put in, tallying her score to ‘101’. “Hmm,” she looked down at the remaining orbs in her lap. “I guess not all of you were created equal, huh?”

The orbs did not reply, which was good because she’d seen enough weird shit for one day. She deposited all but one of the orbs into the jar and sat back, her total now at ‘1283’. “I guess that’s not bad. Now what can I get for it…?” In her free hand she idly toyed with the last of her orbs, browsing the Long-Long Club’s store page. She scrolled through the list, recognising her recent, grey visitor as the ‘Beginner’s Mate’, priced at ‘350’ points. Further down she saw the recommended ‘Brotherhood’ package, promising a dozen tentacles for ‘720’ points. Enthralled, she continued browsing. Some tentacles were much girthier and meatier than her ‘Mate’, others were skinny but fast, some came in large quantities, some were bulbous and vibrated, some had splitting maws, some were massive with gaping mouths…

Noelle sat back in her chair, practically salivating at the range of choices. “And all they want are these… things?” Noelle examined the last orb. The glow had dulled a little, probably because it had been exposed the longest. “What’s so special about them?” She put it to her nose and sniffed, finding no detectable odour, save for the faint traces of cum. She gave it a lick, and it tasted about the same. As an experiment, she put it between her teeth and bit down slightly, not enough to break but just to see how far much it would-

A knock on her door jolted her. She bit down, her teeth slipping down the orb’s surface and propelling it to the back of her mouth. She instinctively swallowed, the orb disappearing down her throat. Noelle fell into a fit of coughing, realising what she’d done. She froze, waiting for something horrible to happen. When nothing did, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Ah, shit. There go my points…”

“Noelle!” Came a voice from the hallway, accompanied by more hammering on her door. “I can hear you dying! Are you alright?”

“Yes! Just… give me a second…” Noelle got up to dress, but a wave of nausea hit her. She fell to her knees, grabbing the desk to stay upright. Her stomach gurgled, groaning, her lower abdomen felt hot and tight. What is it, more orbs? She didn’t feel the need to pee like she had before. “Oh for…” It had to have been the thing she’d swallowed. Stupid. She’d already failed to follow the Long-Long Club’s advice. Was she going to die now? Were her insides melting? Shit. She’d never get to try the ‘Brotherhood’…

A minute had passed since she sat on the ground, and the nausea faded almost as soon as it had come on. Hopefully that was the last of it. She’d have to trust in her stomach to digest whatever was in those orbs.

“Noelle?” The voice came through the door.

“Coming!” Noelle called, getting to her feet much slower this time. She grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of panties from her dresser and put them on. She stumbled her way to the door and opened it.

A girl’s concerned expression filled her view. “Do you need some water?” Her eyes dropped, taking in the view of Noelle in her underwear, then snapped back up, a warm blush growing on her cheeks.

“I’m… fine!” Noelle coughed. “What do you want?”

“Oh!” Amy jumped, “I… just wondered if you might want to try some risotto? For dinner? I learned it in class, and I wanted your opinion, ‘cause I made a lot and if you want we could eat together, or…”

Noelle rolled her eyes at her neighbour’s fidgeting and blathering. Amy was a good girl, kind and caring. But the ‘sweet housewife’ routine grated on Noelle after the first month of hearing it. Still, she made good food and always wanted her to eat it for some reason. She took the plate of rice and vegetables and glared at it disapprovingly. “Yeah, okay. I’ll give it a-“

The nausea returned, heat flaring in her stomach. Noelle convulsed and leant onto the doorframe for support. Amy gasped, half reaching out to help. “Oh no! Are you ill?”

The nausea subsided, letting Noelle stand straight. “Don’t worry about me I’m… fine?” Noelle murmured. There was a glow around Amy that hadn’t been there before. Normally she found the aspiring chef to be overly happy and clingy, but now she felt a rosy warmth in her cheeks just from looking at her. She noticed now the curve of Amy’s shirt where her breasts pulled at it. She noticed her smooth legs and cute freckles and kind eyes. Her lovely lips… Noelle wanted to do something to those lips… and maybe, noticing the roundness of Amy’s shorts as they hugged her butt, do something to her other lips as well… “I’m just… peachy…”

Noelle started. What was she thinking? She wasn’t gay! At least, she didn’t think she was…

“Um… Noelle?” Amy was staring vividly at her crotch. “Is there… something you’d… maybe… wanted to keep a secret?”

Noelle looked down, and almost choked. There was a noticeable bulge in her panties, the front of the cotton tenting to a very distinct point. Noelle looked up at Amy, horrified, then slammed the door shut.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” Amy called through the door. “You… transitioned really well!”

Noelle leaned her back against the door, and looked down at her panties. With a thumb she pulled down her underwear, the fabric catching on the unknown entity, then finally popped free and fell to the floor.

Noelle stared at the spot where her legs met. Protruding out of her vagina was a very green, and very stiff, tentacle.

“Oh… Fuck me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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