Noah’s Starship Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is the origin story of how I got into the world of Arab/Persian men. It’s what inspired my other stories.


+{Noah’s Starship}+


“Noah Kinney?” the professor called as I was fumbling to open the stiff pages of the English textbook.

“Here…” I started to say and raise my hand My elbow nudged the book just enough to push it off the desktop, down to my lap, and then off. “Here!” I called louder as I scrambled awkwardly. I looked down in time to see the guy next to me catch it smoothly just before it hit the ground.

“Be careful with your things, Noah Kinney,” he said in a smoothly deep, foreign accent with a wink of large, brown eyes as he set the book gently back on my desk. He’d caught my name while catching my book.

I’d taken the last open seat that wasn’t near the air vents since the room was already freezing. Sliding in amid a group of dark, foreign looking guys talking happily in their language; I had tried to disappear into my backpack by pretending to sort through it looking for gum or something while they laughed and joked in their language.

“Thank you,” I said and he turned back away from me with a nod. He had beautiful brown eyes with long black lashes that dominated an angular, almond face made sharper by his neatly trimmed beard lines framing two soft brown lips below a prominent nose. He didn’t quite look hispanic, but definitely wasn’t Asian. By the language he spoke I guessed he was part of the throng of Arab students that seemed to like my university.

“Do I need to mention there will be a short quiz tomorrow covering the reading for today? If you don’t have the text yet, just share with a friend.” The professor called again as he worked through his enrollment list in a tone that said he was annoyed at the amount of conversations going on in the class.

“May I share your book please, Noah Kinney?” the deep, melodic voice of the one who’d caught my book said in a tone just above a whisper. I jumped a little, suddenly realizing he had come out of his seat and moved next to me.

“Uh… course, yeah.” I stammered and he scraped his desk along the tile as he moved up next to me. His generous body spray hit my nose to remind me he wasn’t from here. Californians aren’t big on smack-to-the-face scents.

He had on a loose white tank top that showed off a toned chest with a light spray of black hair. A gold chain around his neck held a small gold swirl of Arabic script. It could have been his name, an obscenity, or an inspirational quote for all I knew. He slid into the chair inches away from me and slid his arm around the back of my seat as he leaned over to look at the future quiz material.

I had no idea what the book said because at that moment his other hand went to his lap and gave a squeeze to an ample bulge in his loose grey shorts. He shifted the bulge over to the side. He gave his balls a quick scratch and then kept his hand on his bulge holding it lightly as it refused to settle down.

“What do you think of it?” he whispered to me in that deep tone that sent chills through my neck and I realized his lips were close to my ear. It made my ear tingle. I froze with fear, was he seriously offering me his cock right here in the class? He gave it another squeeze and I let out a whimper.

“Noah Kinney, are you awake?” he whispered my full name again and I let my eyes travel up his almond-tone body as I swallowed hard. His eyes studied me with urgency. “What do you think of the quote?”

His fingers were tapping impatiently on the book and I saw he was highlighting a quote in the intro.

I read the quote from the page and then paused as the horror of my misunderstanding sank in.

“I… think it means that you have to really practice and really love writing to make something worth reading,” I offered and raised my shameful green eyes to meet his.

He held my gaze for a few seconds and then nodded with a shrug and turned back to look at the chapter as he gave his bulge another thoughtless rub.

The whole first day of class went on like that. He kept his arm across the back of my chair and sent out a million mixed messages. A brush of his arm, a squeeze to my shoulder, a smile when he liked what I said, a pat to my chest that brought my nipples to attention… it all added up to me covering my erection with my hoodie in my lap. Either he had no idea what he was doing or he was an expert at this. I could have stayed happily in his aura forever.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the professor finally set down his glasses and said, “Well that’s enough for today, go home and reread everything for the quiz tomorrow.”

I shoved everything into my backpack and stood up quickly holding my hoodie in front of me. I turned to go, but felt his finger tug at the pocket of my shorts.

“Thank you, Noah Kinney,” he said with a smile and a nod that said I interested him.

“Uh thanks! See you tomorrow,” I don’t know why I thanked him. Well maybe I do. He let me go then and I tore out gaziantep suriyeli escort of there as he turned to talk to his friends. I was halfway down the hall when I realized I still didn’t know his name.


The next day got deeper. He was late, slid into the open seat next to mine, and unceremoniously dragged his desk over to share my book. He had on blue fleece running shorts and a tight yellow t-shirt.

When he leaned forward to dig in his backpack I couldn’t help but see his shorts slip down in the back to reveal he wasn’t wearing anything on under them. I saw just the top of his crack and the crown of two glorious firm globes. He had just a tiny bit of black hair creeping up the center that splayed across his lower back against perfect almond skin. I let out an audible sigh as my cock tented up in my lap.

He leaned back up in his seat and showed his pen and spiral notebook with that overly confident straight-boy smile as I tore my eyes away from his ass. He set them down and leaned over me to look at where I had opened the textbook. He stretched a bit and put his arm across the back of my chair. His t-shirt slid up a bit to show off a respectable build of abs. He rubbed a hand over his stomach and then smoothed his shirt down.

“What do I miss, Noah Kinney? Is time for the quiz?” he whispered a few inches from my ear as he looked to the professor. He had toned down the body spray today and my eyes didn’t water as much. I blinked up at him in unmasked adoration.

“Nothing much, he’s going over the material for the quiz today,” I whispered back and he nodded and started to listen with an intent look.

I didn’t hear another word the professor said as I split my attention between checking out his profile and pretending like I wasn’t checking out his profile every time he turned to look at me. His chiseled jaw with the light trim of his beard made me stare in amazement. He exuded everything I wasn’t in a man and definitely was unlike any man who’d ever paid attention to me.

He was a dude through and through. The way he twirled his pen, leaned back in his seat like he owned the place, and took up space without apology. He never crossed any part of his legs, leaving them open as his fat bulge sat there glaring up at me. His hard earned pec muscles raised and fell with his breath as he leaned back to digest the teaching.

I’m gay but so quiet that I usually got by without much of an issue. I spent high school blending in and staying out of the way. He seemed like he’d always been applauded, admired, adored. He was sure of himself and sure that the world was there to please him. Like proving I was human, I wanted to please him too.

“Hey that’s great, no? You team with me, Noah Kinney?” he turned to me with a smile and leaned into me like he was going to tap foreheads with a small child.

“Yeah, def, for what?” I snapped out of my daydream that had centered on him bouncing me on his bulge atop a huge, silky arabian bed.

“Quiz, Noah Kinney. You listen ok?” he sang out in his accent with a smile and shook his head at me.

“Taking it in pairs?” I asked.

“Is ok we pair? You studied? I should pick someone else?” he cocked an eyebrow at me with a hint of worry.

“no… NO! I am prepared! I promise,” I assured him with too much desperation. He nodded and my heart started beating again.

The papers passed from the girl in front of us and the quiz was disappointingly easy. I quickly filled out the terms on the first page, the matching section on the second, and the multiple choices on the third.

I wrote my name in the first name blank and then passed the paper over to him with a triumphant, “Done!”

“You are sure, Noah Kinney? I need good grade,” he looked at me with humble suspicion. I’d never before seen him worried about anything.

“Yes, if there’s a single question wrong… you can… keep my textbook!” I slid the book towards him. Now it was my turn for the overly confident smile. English is my top subject.

He shrugged at me with a smile and wrote “NAVID NASERI” in all caps like an engineer. He handed me back the pen and I looked up at the professor. He was playing with his phone but had written on the board that we could take a break after finishing until 11:00 AM. I gathered my things and set the paper on the corner of his desk as he barely looked up to acknowledge me.

“Your name is Navid? Like David with an N?” I asked as we made it out to the hallway with our backpacks.

“Nay-vid? No, ‘nah-VEED’,” he corrected with a lopsided smile unsure if I was making fun of him.

“Like Christmas? Navidad? Spanish?” I asked as I followed him down towards the exit. We had 30 minutes to kill.

“No, Noah Kinney, ‘nah-VEED’ like the rocket from Iran. My father work to design it when I was born. I am Persian,” he pushed open the tinted glass door and the brutal June sunshine filled the hallway.

“What does it mean?”

“In my language it is like something that brings good news,” he put his hand on my back and guided me through the doorway as though I needed assistance. A rush of chills washed over me and I tried to hide my smile.

He brought a bag of chips from his backpack and we settled on a bench under the trees near a bubbling spanish-tiled fountain. Even in the shade it was bright out and he slipped on an Angels’ baseball cap.

“You like the Angels?” I asked feeling a need to fill the silence.

He turned to me thoughtfully and then swiped a chip-salted finger under my chin with a smile. “I like some angels.”

I shivered and turned away from him so he wouldn’t see that he had complete control over my body at the moment… at all moments.

“You are young, Noah. The youngest in this class. Why so young in this advanced class?” he observed as he tossed a chip towards a greedy squirrel who came right up to beg.

“I’m 19! Not too young! I placed out of the low classes, but only for English. I suck at math and everything else. How old are you?” I heard myself and realized I sounded like a desperate kid.

“25. I have not many classes left to finish my degree here for business,” He tossed another chip to the greedy squirrel who took it and tore off through the bushes.

We spent a few more minutes talking about his life back in Iran; his large family and compulsory two-year army stint. We were interrupted when his friends came out, looking beat up by the quiz. They joined us on the bench and suddenly I was in the middle of a herd of them laughing and joking in Persian.

I was lost and out of place, but I didn’t get up to leave. Navid slid his arm across the back of the bench behind me, and I was pushed into his side as his friend on the other side of me leaned in front of me to talk to him. They had almost no rules about personal space, and I was glad for it. I settled into his armpit and covered my erection with my hoodie.

One of his friends whipped out his phone and said something in Persian that made everyone on the crowded bench squeeze in closer. I was pushed deeper into Navid’s embrace and he looked at me with a smile. He held on to me so tightly I thought I might end up in his lap. That would have made a better picture.

“Picture is ok, Noah Kinney?” he nodded towards me with a raised eyebrow that was beyond seductive. I nodded and he squeezed my shoulder in approval before turning back towards the camera. I did too and tried my best to look normal as the friend took a few. He passed it around after posting it on an app called PicPopit. I would definitely look that up when I got home.

Navid’s hand found its way to my shoulder again and I closed my eyes as my lust-filled daydream returned. He held on to me like he didn’t want the guy leaning over me to get into our space as the friends laughed and shared snacks. There was a protectiveness there that maybe was just my imagination… or maybe not. I laid my head back against his shoulder and he didn’t pull away in the least. He rubbed me mindlessly and I never wanted to leave his glow.

When it was time to go back in, he offered me his hand and then pulled me up with a jolt. I stumbled against his chest and he caught me in his arms. He ruffled my hair playfully with a laugh. He put his hand to my back to push me towards the door and kept his hand there as we made our way back to class.


The minute the bus came to my stop I ran all the way up the hill and into the small apartment I shared with my father. I was lucky my dad had left his laptop on the small kitchen table. I flicked it on and searched for the app’s website. It took me about 20 minutes of combing through pictures until I found the right one using the location tag for Tarzana College.

There I was, in a sea of beautiful brown boys like I belonged there. I traced the pointer over Navid’s face as he happily smiled at the camera with me tucked in under his arm. The friend hadn’t tagged anyone in the picture, but I scrolled through the comments on it.

They were all in Persian so I had no idea what they said, but then I saw a little circle with Navid’s picture inside it next to a string of Persian script and a smiling emoji with it’s tongue sticking out. What had he said? I was desperate to find out. I opened up a translation site and pasted the script into it and hit English.

It took a few seconds, but the English finally popped up and I read it aloud like someone was there listening to me. “It looks like we trapped him :-P” He was making a playful joke about me! My heart did this stupid little jump and I looked around the empty apartment smiling like a fool as though someone else would laugh with me.

Underneath the comment there were lots of replies and smiling emojis. I translated the other comments. “He looks ok to me,” “I think we’ll get a lot for him,” “Next time pick a female one! It may be the only way you’ll get sex,” and, “Or maybe the boy will put out!” It was just stupid straight guy humor. I felt awesome for getting so much attention.

I clicked on Navid’s picture and spent the next twenty minutes jerking off to his personal pictures. The beach, bowling, climbing in the hills, restaurants, he loved pictures and the ones on the beach in just a pair of shorts showed off his toned, hairy body. He wasn’t super built or muscular, but compared to my skinny frame he was the hulk.

I laid back in the chair stroking myself while clicking back and forth across the three pictures of him horsing around at the beach. I focused in on his stomach with a good but not overdone amount of definition in his abs where his chest hair thinned down into a love trail below the most adorable belly button. It wasn’t quite an outtie, but looked like a little button that I was dying to press and see where it would take me.

I shot all over my stomach and was glad I’d pulled my shirt up enough to not make a mess. I laid back breathless and thinking about his hand on my shoulder, his toned down cologne, the body wash that lingered on his perfect neck. I was sick for him.


“No way Noah! First, they don’t get down with dick. I’m pretty sure they kill you for that over there,” Erik, my best friend, stated angrily when I’d told him about my morning class.

I’d pulled up the app on his phone and showed him Navid’s beautiful pictures. He ignored me and continued, “Second, I really don’t see the attraction. Hairy guys who smell weird. I mean he’s not horrid looking, but you can do better. What about Miguel? You know he is into you and I heard he’s super hung and knows how to lay it down. Trust me, these Arab guys are just friendly. They don’t mean anything by it and I’m pretty sure you would get seriously hurt if you made a move on him.”

“I’m not going to make a move. It just felt like more than friendly,” I sighed and looked around the coffee place he always made us go to because he was obsessed with the pierced, tattooed guy behind the counter.

“It’s how they are, Noah…” He sighed at me knowing my heart was set. “They don’t grow up around girls so they learn to get closer with other guys. They don’t mean anything by it. I had my own experience with one. It was pretty hot. He was really dominant and he knew what he was doing. I came so hard and then again when he finished. I thought he was really into me, but once he fucked me he never called again.”

“So he did mean something by it, at least until he got something from you.” I shot back and sipped at my green tea.

“I just don’t want you getting hurt. It’s High School all over again. You followed Dillon around like a puppy and never got anywhere because he’s straight and told you that a thousand times,” Erik reminded me sharply that we’d been friends for a long time and he knew me well.

“It’s not like that,” I shook my head.

“It will be if you keep at it! You’re cute, Noah. I’d do you if we weren’t like brothers and you didn’t have a crazy, overprotective father!” Erik laughed.

He and my dad didn’t get along too well since High School when Erik’s parents would let him out for parties and pretty much anything. They even got him a nice car when he turned 16, and then another one when he wrecked the first. Erik didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed the same freedoms. He wasn’t entirely welcome in my house, but my father understood I needed friends who were like me. Erik was tolerated, and had learned to be more respectful of my dad. The two of them rarely said more than hello and nodded when they crossed paths.

“Just don’t get too into him, Noah. Even if he does want to do stuff with you, he’d never be out about it. You’d either be his one time shot or his secret shame. I don’t want you getting hurt. That’s not what you deserve. If you do like him, be his friend but take care of yourself first,” Erik implored though his look said he knew it was a losing battle.


I woke up the next morning and Erik’s words made more sense. Friends. I could do that. I got to class early and sat in the same spot and saved the seat next to me. That was the friendly thing to do. Save a seat for my friend, buddy, chum.

Only he didn’t show up on time. Class started and I looked around for him anxiously. The rest of his crowd had filed in, but he wasn’t with them. I thought about asking them where Navid was, but friends aren’t thirsty like that. No, that wasn’t what a friend would do.

Ten minutes into class and a new girl decided to sit in the seat I’d been saving for him. I wanted to tell her it was taken, but the professor was lecturing about the reading from the night before. She gave me a friendly smile when I looked over.

Another ten minutes and Navid finally came in looking sleepy. He had on a pair of jeans that hugged his bulge which, even from across the room, was impressive. His white t-shirt had a very low v-neck and a picture of a dinosaur with some Persian script beneath it.

He made his way quietly across the room to me and whispered “Noah Kinney” as he pointed with slight anger at the girl in his chair. I hate disappointing people. I gave a nervous smile and turned back to the lecture. He poked his friend who sat behind me and the guy moved over. Navid nudged the chair forward and it made a loud scraping sound along the tile floor.

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