No Promotion For Jim

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I really don’t know where to begin so I guess that I’ll start at the beginning. I met Sally when we were in college together. It took a ring on her finger before Sally would let me screw her. I think I loved her for that. Most of the husband hunting bitches thought that they way to land a husband was to suck cock real good. A lot of them made it too, but my marriage with Sally was special. I was the first man to have sex with her. You can’t fake that. It took me the better part of an hour to break through the worlds toughest hymen.

Now we fast forward to three years later. I had taken a business course in college and it was paying off as I was hired by the cream of the crop. I felt pretty good about myself. I now had the dream job and the perfect trophy wife. I could not have asked for anything else. Then it all came apart.

It happened right after I had got the job with a Financial Adviser. Jeff Payne, my immediate boss told me that he was having a party on the weekend and that I should bring Sally to meet the supervisors. Sally was all excited as was I. It was our first real party. That is a party where there are people that are somebody, and not the local back yard parties we had with the neighbors. We were both a little giddy at the thought that we had arrived.

The party was at Jeff Payne’s expensive mansion. We arrived and a butler took our wraps. I could tell that Sally was impressed by all the splendor.Jeff came over to me and Sally. He was talking to me but looking at Sally and naturally his arm went around her shoulders in a possessive sort of way. I was put off by his actions. After all he was my boss and he was probably just extremely friendly. I followed as he took Sally and introduced her to some men that were all in a circle talking. They were board members, which meant that they were important. Sally smiled as she realized that these men held our future in their hand’s.

I caught Sally’s looks as she conveyed this to me. She was saying that she would charm these men if it would help me with my job. Gloria Payne, Jeff’s wife came and took me away from my wife with her overpowering perfume and her slinky dress of glitter. I felt that Sally, whom I loved dearly, was just a plain Jane next to her. She let her lips caress my ear as she confided to me, ” I don’t really like these parties Jim…I wish I we could just go somewhere private,” I think I said that I would like that. Then she winked at me and led me from the room and outside to a gazebo with lots of shrubs around it.

We had just gotten there when I felt her hand on my cock. ” Mmmmm…just what do you have here Jim…don’t tell me that your little wife occupies this all the time…she’s greedy. ” Before I knew it, and in my slight alcohol fog, I felt her tug my zipper down. Then her warm wet mouth enveloped my cock. I was instantly wide awake. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew that I had to get back to my wife. I pulled my cock from Gloria protesting mouth and zipped back up. As I hurried back to the house my face was afire with shame. “You lost her chump…you had a chance to have some prime rib now your little plain hamburger wife will get the fucking that I don’t think you give her, ” Gloria screamed at me.

I had not counted on a sex party. If Gloria had been sucking my cock then Sally would be expected to do the same with the men that we had just met. I didn’t bargain on that, I had visions

of Sally, naked and performing private acts for the old men. I was in a frenzy as I went into the house and looked for Sally. I saw her disappearing into a room with the men. Her blouse was unbuttoned and she was struggling a little but laughing at the same time. I started for the room with murder in my eyes till I felt a strong restraining hand on my shoulder.

“Now Jim…you don’t want to do anything hasty, ” Jeff Payne said, “Especially after what just happened with my wife.” I looked at him and realized that he knew that Gloria was going to try what she did before hand. They had cooked up the entire incident. I was supposed to be letting the boss’ wife suck my cock while the board members had their way with my innocent wife. “Jim…you have to realize that you have a future with this company…all you have to do is to not rock the boat…besides no one is forcing Sally to do what she’s doing right now. The boys just want to have a little fun with your wife. That’s what happens when you have a sexy trophy wife,” he said.

“But Sally and I love each other…all that other stuff you said you,” Jeff interrupted him before he could tell his boss that it wasn’t their fault that Sally was a drop dead gorgeous woman. Jeff said that was his problem and the boys from upstairs had found out about her and wanted her for their own. “But Mister Payne, Sally is my wife…she’s…” Once again Jeff stopped him.

“Jim right now your wife probably has Amos’ cock well up her snatch…he’s got a ten inches you know, and old Conrad probably has his cum already in her belly…sure would have liked to have seen that though…bet it was something him pumping her throat full and her trying to gag it out…ha the little Bostancı Öğrenci Escort slut is really getting broken in about now,” Payne kept talking as he held on to Jim’s arm.

I was going crazy. To heck with Jeff’s job…right then I just wanted to get my wife. I pulled away from Jeff and went to the door of the room that the crowd had went into. He opened the door and at first didn’t see Sally. He saw the board members circled like vultures around a white body on the bed. He pushed his way into the circle and almost lost his dinner. Sally was spread eagle on her stomach and one scrawny old man was pumping what looked like a turkey neck into her anus. She was trying to scream and cry at the same time around a very large cock lodged in her throat. She was clearly having trouble breathing.

He started to scream when he felt a blow to his neck. Jeff had hit him hard with the side of his hand. he didn’t pass out just staggered and fell to his knees unable. Jeff was at his head whispering to him, “Look Jim, your little slut has already had two cocks in her and sucked one. She is no longer pure. Now the thing for you to do is to watch and whack off. She is going to get fucked by everyone of the men, in her cunt, mouth and ass before the night is over.” He cupped Jim’s face and said again,” Do you understand me?” Jim finally nodded…he would get a big promotion out of this. He would be one of the inner circle…after all it was Sally that was doing all the work for it and it looked to him like she was enjoying it. His only regrets now was that he had left Gloria in the gazebo.

“Damn…we can’t really fuck her here good Jeff…what say we take them to their home. I always like to defile a private bed anyway.” This brought laughs from the rest of the old buzzards. Jim was happy to see that Gloria had joined the group going to his and Sally’s home. Perhaps she would finish his blow job for him, after all he was a consenting party now that Jeff had explained things. He drove the car while his wife was sandwiched between old Amos Caruthers and Oscar Wend. Her blouse was gone and her breast were full of marked bites from where the old men had raped her. As Jim watched in the rear view, Sally was picked up and sat on Oscars thick cock. Jim had to wince as he saw the thickness stretch his wife’s cunt apart. She screamed. Jim thought that she was enjoying it. If the truth were known she had been in torment since the men took her into the room.

She didn’t know what they were doing at first. When her blouse was ripped off along with her bra and mouths and teethes found her breast. she knew that it was a rape. She had always felt that rape was a horrible thing. It was a thing that animals did, It was inhuman and degrading. She vowed that she would never give them the pleasure of surrender. She would get through this and then go to the police. Already she knew that her own husband was in cahoots with Jeff Payne. He probably knew when he brought her to the party that she would be raped. he led the lambs to the slaughter. he would pay as well. Any love she had for him had vanished in the last few minutes when she heard Jim whispering for them to fuck her good. ” Give her that cock.”

I think I’ll make the little slut eat my cunt,” Gloria Payne was telling Jeff in the other car. The other four men there laughed and said that they wanted to see the little snob suck a cunt…”Hell Gloria…I’ll suck your cunt for you, even if I’ve already had it a thousand times.” Jeff took his cock out and had his wife suck him as he drove. Forrest Whitt rode in front with them and took his twelve inch cock out and rammed it in Gloria’s cunt as she bent over sucking her husband.

I was glad when we arrived at mine and Sally’s home. Now I could watch the men really fuck her good…She would have the emperor sized bed and they all could pile in it at the same time. I knew that it was a good buy when I got it. I held the door open so Oscar could carry Sally, still deeply attached to his cock, in the house. he led the way to the bedroom and felt a pride when he saw that his boss and friends were impressed with it. Actually Sally had decorated it but he would keep quite about that, he wanted to have Gloria Payne’s mouth on his cock.

Sally was deposited and stripped completely naked. Two of the old men latched on her tits and sucked and bit hard. Old Oscar rammed his thick cock in her again. This tile one of the others said that he wanted her ass.” Let me fuck her ass while you are in her cunt, ” he laughed, “Bet that will really get her attention. Oscar swung her body atop his and fucked hard up into her cunt. The other board member wedged his cock in between her tight pert buttocks till he found her little hole and then he rammed it hard. Sally screamed. I heard her scream and wanted to keep her quite. We were not near any neighbors so we didn’t have to worry about that. What I wanted her to be quite for was that I wanted to believe that she was enjoying it. I wanted to lay and watch and have Gloria suck my cock.

I got my wish as Jeff and the others joined the party. I held my breath a Gloria Bostancı Çıtır Escort took he clothes off. I told her to take off the girdle she wore but she shushed me and stripped me again. This time I let her work her magic on my cock. If only my wife could suck a cock like Jeff’s wife was doing. Jeff had joined the group on the bed and was now ramming his long cock down sally’s throat. She stopped screaming but she still was grunting. I was thinking that my little wife who was too good for sucking and anal sex had just been pretending all these months. I watched her defilement and let Glorias talented mouth work on my cock.

The story of revenge: Told in third party.

“Man I can’t believe it…My little sister is no party to this little orgy…look at the way she’s fighting them but that worthless husband of hers seems to be calling the shots for her to get raped…Damn I always knew that he was a loser…never could see what sally saw in him…Guess we’ll have to take care of this boy. Carl Jeffords looked from the bedroom window to his friends. there were eight of them in all. Their Winnebago was parked in the back yard and Jim could have seen it if he had only looked, Carl and his group of comandoes were on their way to a training camp and had to pass right through his little sisters new hometown.

He had decided to stop off and see her while he was there. They intended to be on their way the next morning. He huddled with the grim faced men. Old Moses Randolph loomed above all the other guy’s as they knelt in a huddle to figure what course of action to take. Moses was Carl and Sally’s oldest protector and had been with them since their birth. He was ready to kill now and he cast his vote. The vote was that all eight men voted that all the people that were raping his little sister had to suffer and suffer for many years..

Carl and his commandoes had dealt with other kind of scum. There was only one thing to do with rapist, and that was to have them raped. With a glance toward the others he burst through the bedroom window. It shattered like so much kindling wood. He admitted to himself that he really scared the hell out of people when he did this. Of course at almost foot in height and over three hundred pounds it was easy.

The people in the room froze. Gloria froze with her mouth full of Jim’s little cock. The old man raping Sally froze with his cock in her cunt. It immediately began to wilt. Within seconds there wasn’t a hard cock in the room. Even Jim’s short pecker became soft as Gloria started to yell at him for it, Then she saw the painted warriors. She didn’t even have the decency to scream. She fainted.

(From this point on and for the sake of many readers, many who relish tales of violence and rape. The editors have decreed that there should be no violence. Rape is very violent and I do not enjoy reading stories of rape. From reading the comments and the popularity of the Non Consent, section I can conclude that rape is a favorite fantasy of many of you. Well read on if you like rape because that is exactly what is going to happen to the rapist.)

Carl herded all the naked, fat flabby men into the living room. He felt that Sally’s marriage bed had been violated enough for one night. Gloria was still an attractive woman at fifty one years old. Jeff at fifty five cut a fine figure of masculinity. Other than them the rest of the rapist should have been at the fat and flab farm. Their life of indulgence had played heavily on what used to be their bodies. Old Moses, a black man, larger even than Carl himself, went around placing pillow cases around the board members heads. Carl took his sister into a separate room so she couldn’t see what was taking place.

The rest of the comandoes disrobed. Taught muscles ran all over their bodies. Their cocks weren’t hard . The task at hand wasn’t to their liking. It was just something that needed doing.

Old Moses went around and handed out syringes of a clear liquid. The men plunged the needles into their hard muscles. The injections of viagra would work almost instantaneous. Moses took one himself and then removed his pants. It was as if he were performing a ritual. When his black cock started getting hard it was like a giant black anaconda coming to life. It writhed with strength. It was all of fourteen inches long and as large around as a wine bottle. The other men, while not as prolific as Moses, were well endowed. Cock size was not a requirement, it just worked out that way.

Pillow cases were not placed on Gloria and Jeff Payne’s heads. Gloria was to pretty and the men did need a little enjoyment. Jeff was pushed to his knees. The men circled him. “Now asshole, suck our cocks hard and get them good and wet for your whore wife,” Bill Smithers said. Bill was the second in command of the group. In the other room Carl was with his sister. he had cleaned and bathed her like he had done for years when she was a baby and he was the big brother. He soothed her with his soft voice. “What are you going to do with Jim,” Sally asked?

” What do you want us to do with him? “

“I’m really Bostancı Elit Escort not sure…he was just eaten up with ambition. I fear that I was too. I just didn’t know what these animals had in mind,” Sally said , resting her wet head on her big brothers chest.

“Then we will go easy on him and see if he’s repented.” Carl said. Sally smiled for the first time since the ordeal began. It was hard to know if she smiled due to her brother or due to the screams coming from the living room.

In the living room Each board member had a man cock in his ass. The men fucked their hooded captives like the dirt they were. “Hey, ” Bob Adams said as he rammed ten thick inches up an old asshole, ” It’s hard to tell if they are old men or old women.” He was right, the cocks of the old men had shriveled up to tiny worms. Across the way, James and Jeff Reilly had their cocks up her cunt and asshole at the same time. She would have normally loved this except that the men wore rubbers that had hard , almost sharp bumps all over. They didn’t feel good at this point.

“Hey good thing we looked in the sluts bag and found these things Jeff,” James said to his brother fucking into her bloody asshole.

Jeff Payne was made to watch the rape of his wife, He had been left alone so far. He too had been given a double shot of the Viagra. His cock was now hard and straining but his hand’s were tied behind him and he couldn’t even pleasure himself. He watched as the board members were tossed aside. Their anuses bore the results of their rape. Torn and red.

Gloria was limp and used. She no longer looked anything like the wife of a successful businessman like Jeff Payne. She looked more like a used up whore, which is what she was. Then all the men turned to Jeff. “I think you guy’s better get him loosed up a little fore I gets him, ” Moses said. Jeff cringed as the men fed hard rigid cock after cock into his pristine ass hole. It was Moses that sunk his giant mule sized cock into Jeff’s ass. I will not be allowed to describe what follows. ( Remember the genteel lovers of rape fantasies. )

In the other room Carl was lying naked with his Sally. She had instigated the sex. ” I can’t think of a person I would rather have sex with than my own brother.” Her cunt had recovered from the harsh use the old men had subjected her too. Carl’s loving tongue on her dark hairy cunt also helped. She looked in her brothers eye’s and pleaded with him. “Fuck me brother…fuck me Carl. ” Carl looked down as his cock poised in her outer cunt lips. ” Come on and give it to me…I’m stretched out for you now.” Carl plunged the entire length of his eleven inch cock into his sisters’ cant. They both screamed out in ecstasy. Their screams were heard in the living room. The resting men looked at Jim, as he cowered against the couch. His head came up and he was met with the knowing grins of all the men.

“Sounds like Mister Carl is really giving Miss Sally what she been needing for years. Cant say yet what’s gonna happen to your little pale ass Jim but one thing for sure is that your wife is Carl’s woman now.” Moses said. A round of laughing followed. “Say Jim boy…you done escaped all the shit that the others got because of who you is…so tell you what. You side over here and start to clean our cocks up and do a good job,” Moses laughed, “It might be your profession from now on.” Jim was slow top move and it took a few kicks on his rump to get him going.

” Hey man this little bitch can really suck…I think he’s really queer inside. Jim’s face turned red with shame as he licked up the residue of the mans rape from his cocks. He tried not to think of what it was. He just sucked. He listened to Carl bring his sister, his wife, to one screaming orgasm after another.

In the other room Sally lay atop her brother’s large body and kissed him all over, “I love you Carl…I really do.”

The rapist were transported across town to the ship docks and hustled aboard a freighter. The captain, a muscular Chinese man shook hands with Carl and said not to worry. Work would be found for all the rapist in different cities in China. “The whore and her husband we will keep for certain jaded customers. The others can be useful slaves in different capacities.” He looked at his watch and said that the tide was in and they had to leave. Carl turned and left as the captain told him that he would be the couples first, of many, customers. “Oh do they suck a cock together well? ” Carl laughed. The captain would find out soon The board members would be used for menial labor in the whore houses, and occasional sucking the sperm from a whore to get ready for the next client.

Days passed. Sally arranged for the sale of the house. No one really missed Carl and Gloria and the board members. Their positions were just gobbled up by equally ambitious people. Jim was placed in a barn on the family farm. He talked to Sally as told her that he was repentant. Sally was not easy to forgive him. She had once loved him but he threw it away. One night he was brought into Sally’s bedroom and stripped naked by a not so tender Moses. “Well Jim…you wanted to see me get fucked by a large cock and you are going to get your wish while Moses fucks me. The two men that have taken care of me in life are Carl and Moses and now I am going to make love to Moses while you watch,” She said.Jim had already lay on a separate bunk and jerked off as Carl and Sally had sex.

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