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It was a five-star hotel bar, nestled in the streets of downtown L.A., elegantly furnished with ubiquity. A few big screen TV’s hung over the bar area mutedly showing some insignificant sporting events. A cute duo of a bartending crew, one guy and one nicely tattooed girl, hustled drinks out as fast as they could while still measuring each pour with precision. God forbid they give you too much in your fifteen dollar drink. I was wearing my favorite black dress and a cute flirty skirt, banded around the waist which accentuated a subtle flare. It had a fitted bodice, zippered in the back with half sleeves and a very feminine scalloped neckline. This dress oozed allure and was always a winner. The shoes had to be perfect, so I chose my Christian Louboutin dark red, patent leather pumps. They had a closed toe, then open all the way up to a single thin ankle strap that attached behind a cupped heel. The bar area had a decent crowd for a Thursday night. Most were probably transient, but it seemed there were some locals like myself in the mix. The majority were either seated at the bar or standing just behind. Moderate acoustic music charged the air and fused with a low drone of idle conversation. Every so often the hum was interrupted by some overly fake laugh from a tipsy, bored housewife trying to score some fun. I couldn’t be too critical; I was there with similar motives. I chose to sit at a table off to the side and near a back corner, but not hidden. Tonight I was on the prowl so I most definitely wanted to be seen. My waitress looked absolutely adorable in the dim light, but as she approached it was apparent, she had been part of the L.A. scene far too long. “My name is Krista, and I’ll be takin’ care of you tonight.” ‘Names.’ I thought. ‘Why the fuck do they always have to give me their name? I mean, I know it’s sociable, I’m not a monster. But given the circumstances, I don’t need to know their name.’ She smiled, and I noticed her eyes subtly take me in. “What will you be having?” ‘We won’t be friends after this exchange,’ my ponder continued. ‘At least I am not looking to be. If she’s good at what she does, I shouldn’t have to call her name, and if that need did arise, a simple gesture would send her my way.’ “I’ll have a glass of Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio.” “Nice choice,” she looked at me with a pause. “Although, I will need to see some I.D.” I handed her my license and watched with a slight grin as the poor girl tried to do the math in her head. “I turned twenty-five a month ago today, if that helps?” “I was getting there,” she replied with a nervous smile. “Do you want me to bring the bottle? It’s seventy-five dollars, but I’m sure J.D. will give the birthday girl a discount.” She put finger quotes around birthday girl. I smirked at the cute and somewhat lame attempt to hit on me, but at least the dress was working. “Sure, why not. I’m sure I’ll find someone to share it with.” She smiled and scurried away. It was a shame she looked so weathered. Her body was amazing, and that simple mind was one I could have fun with. My eyes followed her ass which was neatly tucked into her tight black pants and showed off a subtle jiggle as she strolled. The object of my perverted gaze rounded the bar. That’s when I noticed her, the woman who was going to fulfill tonight’s fantasy. It was her shoe which caught my eye initially. She was sitting on a corner stool with her legs crossed facing to the side allowing her pointy-toed pump to dangle loosely. Judging by its elegant cut, they were probably Jimmy Choo’s, and I was sure the business style skirt-suit she adorned was designer. She Beşevler escort bayan had her nose buried in her phone texting, pausing momentarily to scan the room. She was definitely looking for someone, a date maybe. It was evident whomever was supposed to meet her was late, which would prove to be my favor. Krista, whom I appropriately renamed ‘L.A. woman’ was quick to return with my bottle of wine and poured my first glass. “I was right,” she bubbled. “J.D. said he’d give you fifteen dollars off the bottle.” I stared past her as if she wasn’t there and continued the mental molestation of my mystery girl. I wasn’t ignoring her purposely to be rude. The static of my lustful curiosity was rapidly growing into infatuation, and it caused L.A. woman, and everything else in the bar for that matter, to simply fade.I guessed the woman’s age to be mid-thirties. My eyes followed her severe but feminine jawline to the profile of her full lips. Her warm blonde hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail exposing her slender neck. As she texted away, I caught the unmistakable glint of a diamond: an engagement ring, no doubt, but no accompanying wedding band. I grinned. This challenge just got more exciting and my libidinous desire now fed off its electricity. I probably held my ogle too long. She looked up to scan the room one more time, and our eyes met. She was quick to look away and I, for my part, diverted my attention to my drink. By now a foggy sheen of dew clung to the sides of the glass. The softly curved bell flowed with perfection into a smooth, long stem which I was seductively stroking with my thumb and forefinger. I brought it slowly to my lips and let the fruity fermentation slide over my tongue, igniting each taste bud as it passed. I could see from the corner of my eye that her head was facing my direction. A slow blink to savor the floral notes as I inhaled, then a roll of my eyes to look at her once more, this time catching her in the gaze. In what I considered an effort on her part to avoid temptation, she spun her body to face the bar. I finished my first glass then poured a second and stood, momentarily abandoning the bottle. My first step was the most invigorating. I wasn’t even sure what I would say when I got to her. I did know there was a small inferno in my pussy and each step toward her stoked the heat higher. Heel precisely placed at a slight crossover to the planted toe. Hips swaying, eyes locked on my target, pace slow and methodical. I made my way over to her. I felt the slight buzz of the first glass taking effect, further loosening any remaining inhibitions.My nipples pressed firmly against the soft material of my dress. I could feel they were visibly erect, but I didn’t care. They had earned their right to vie for attention and the thought of them eventually being sucked, pulled and pinched was only adding fuel to my fire. Because she had the corner seat, I was able to take position on the adjacent side. I didn’t bother sitting. I laid my crystal chalice on the bar, so the clink of the glass meeting the marble bar-top drew her attention. “I don’t think he is coming.” “Excuse me?” she said. “You keep looking for someone.” I flashed my cutest, most non-threatening smile to defuse any accusatory tones. “I don’t think he is coming. And no offense to him, but either he has a monumental excuse, or he is an idiot.” She giggled. The smile worked.“Well, kudos on your perception. I think you might be right, about him, not showing that is.” She turned her attention back to her drink. “And, while you might also be spot on Escort Çankaya about his level of intellect, he’s just a business partner. No romantic involvement.” “Ahh,” I smiled harder, squeezing out a dimple in each cheek. “I thought maybe he was the rightful owner of that Hyundai you have parked on your ring finger.” She held up her left hand, “This?” showing me the ring. It was even more brilliant up close. “Nah,” she chuckled. “That nightmare ended a while ago. I only wear it when I travel to stave off the douchebags.” She looked coyly my way and winked. I bit my bottom lip and let out a low, barely audible growl. Her tête-à-tête sent a throb through my entire body. “I’m sure that technique works,” I said. “I usually try to seduce the hottest woman in the bar. The d-bags may stare, but at least they leave you alone.” I brought the wine glass to my lips for another dramatic sip and let the words sink in. Just then her phone buzzed and broke the few seconds of silence. She excused herself to answer the call. I took that opportunity to grab the attention of the cute tattoo girl slinging drinks. I whispered some instructions to her and pointed in the direction of L.A. woman. She nodded assuredly. My mystery girl returned a few minutes later. “Sorry about that,” she said with eye contact and a smile. Her apology and the demeanor behind it told me two things. One, she was congenial which came as no surprise. I assumed a woman with her apparent professionalism didn’t get to where she was by being an asshole. Two, and more importantly, she was interested. “Business partner?” I took another sip and gestured toward the phone. “Long story.” “Maybe you can tell me about it sometime,” I said slightly shaking my jet black hair and staring hard into her eyes. She returned the look with a hint of admiration, and I could tell it was time for me to make my move. “For now, I think you should text your business partner that something’s come up and you have to go, then meet me by those elevators over there.” She turned her head to look where I was pointing. ‘Definitely interested.’ “Don’t worry about your tab,” my eyes focused on hers with intent. “It’s been paid, and I will give you till the time the elevator doors close to decide if you want to experience a night unlike any you’ve ever had.” I didn’t wait for a response. I swallowed my last sip of wine then placed the empty glass on the bar. I walked away dragging my hand across her back from one shoulder to the other as I passed behind. I didn’t bother to look back, just furthered the same stride I used to approach her and made my way the hundred feet to the elevators. Each step sent vibrations of excitement up my toned thighs and burrowed into my thickening labia. I crossed paths with L.A. woman and shot her a subtle wink which she answered with the sad look of rejection. The hotel hallway outside the bar was, for the most part, absent of any activity. I pressed the call button to go up and felt a tiny pang of guilt for my waitress who was clearly caught in the net I had cast. ‘Oh well.’ I sighed. I looked up, hands gathered neatly in front of me, and watched the elevator numbers rapidly count down. A subtle smile crept to the corner of my mouth as I heard the soft click of those beautiful Jimmy Choos approach me from behind. In the black lacquer doors, I could see the outline of her figure coming closer off to my left. As if I had wiggled my little nose and cast a spell on those doors, they slid open just as she took her last step to reach me. A random guy, with his arm around a giggling cute brunette, shuffled Cebeci escort out past us and were quickly absorbed into the raucous of the bar. I stepped into the elevator, she followed. Unclutching my purse, I took my room key and swiped it in front of the scanner to allow access to the exclusive club level floors. The doors closed and we were alone. “I don’t normally… I mean, I’ve neve-” she stammered nervously, breaking the heavy silence. I turned to her before she could finish and with a warming smile held my finger to my lips in a shushing motion. The ride took less than a minute to reach the twenty-fourth floor. When the doors dinged open, I slid my hand into hers and firmly led her in the direction of my room. With my right hand still holding hers, I used my left to swipe the card key and push the door open. I sharply pulled her in as if we were being chased and had just made a narrow escape. Using her momentum, I yanked to spin her in my direction. I grabbed the lapels of her adorable suit jacket then pressed her shoulders into the wall behind. As the door heavily clapped shut, my knee slipped between her legs, and we were locked in a heated kiss. My tongue darted into her mouth. Those soft full lips I had gazed at moments earlier now mashed with mine. Our heads swiveled side to side in a ravenous lashing that would have made the French envious. The sounds of smacking, sucking and delicate moans emminated to circle the air around us. Her hands roamed down to my ass and pulled me in tighter, but then she broke our kiss, keeping her lips close to mine. “My… my name is… Ama-” she began to whisper. I pressed back into her mouth shoving my tongue in deep, then retracted. “I don’t need to know your name.” I reached my hand down and pulled the front of her skirt up to cup her panty clad mound. Giving it a firm squeeze I purred, “I just need to know if this pussy is wet yet.” She whimpered, and I could feel the heat of her cunt on my palm. I spun her, so she faced the wall. I had to have a taste. I quickly lowered to my knees and pushed her skirt up releasing that perfectly athletic ass. Each cheek received a playful squeeze followed by a soft slap to watch them jiggle. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her thong and curled my fingers to drag my nails down her skin. Running them slowly along the outside of her thighs, I lowered her panties all the way to the floor. Her pussy lips were swollen, and I could smell her musky excitement. I placed my hand on the small of her back and eased her to bend forward a bit, then watched as that gorgeous smooth clam came further into view. Pulling her cheeks apart, I nestled my face into them. Her skin was warm, and the flesh felt supple against me. I snaked my tongue under along her crease. “Ohh fuuuck…” She moaned, bending a bit more to jut her pussy onto my mouth. My tongue stiffened, gliding effortlessly between her lips, giving me my first taste of tangy pre-cum nectar. I pushed deeper inside her warmth and scooped in a licking motion. Her bouquet rolled over my taste buds, and I drew a breath through my nose to savor her like that fine wine from earlier. I felt her hand reach behind to rest on the top of my head, holding me firm as she pressed back. Her fingers curled and tightened their grip in my hair, sending a flash through me. My clit responded with a pulse that matched the racing beat of my heart. I moaned into her cunt and a mix of juice and saliva now coated my chin. With a firm pull, she dragged me up to my feet and twisted back around. She ran her tongue under my glistening chin, lapping up then pushing into my mouth. Once again that glorious chorus of slurps and moans filled the air. Without provocation, she broke our kiss and pushed back, fully stepping out of her panties as they lay there on the tiled entrance. Next to hit the floor was her suit jacket as she pressed forward past me entering into the suite.

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