No Circus Clown

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Last week a circus came to town. James was real excited about it because he hadn’t seen one since he was a young child. His memories were really pleasant and he just had to go play some of the games and enjoy the sounds and aromas of the Big Top.

“Let’s go! It’ll be fun, I’m sure. I’ll win you all kinds of silly stuffed animals and we’ll gorge our faces with all the food we’ve been staying away from for months. You won’t gain a pound; I promise!” he pleaded.

The weather was wonderful and I do enjoy the gaiety and spectacle of the Big Top. The animals fill me with wonder and the clowns split my sides with laughter. So I agreed to go on Saturday afternoon.

The fair grounds were crammed with bodies of all shapes and sizes. Each of which wore a smile and eyes full of wonder. The children were precious in their amazement.

Boys tried to entice their dates with fuzzy bears and cuddly dogs that they spent twice the price on trying to win.

James’ azure eyes were darting back and forth in awe of the throng of bodies that blanketed the grounds. It was a hot Louisiana afternoon and there were halter tops, shirtless, and nearly bare silhouettes all around us.

“Look!” he said as he pointed to the elephants that seemed to be tiptoeing across the hot tarmac. They were coming from the car wash.

As we traveled the distance across the dusty vapors of the grounds I was searching for an appealing body. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted, but I knew I would know him when I spotted him.

He could be a visitor to view the gaiety or a member of the circus itself, but only my psyche would recognize him. It would be the way he walked or the tilt of his head, maybe even the glint in his eye. It would be an almost magical encounter. I could feel it.

James saw a guy that swore he could judge our weight and age for a dollar. “Let’s see how good he is.”

We stepped up to carnie and James paid him two dollars. He tried to measure James first. “You’re forty-five and weigh one-hundred and thirty pounds!” he declared in a high, loud voice.

James shook his head negatively and smiled. He took out his driver’s license proving his age of forty-four. Then he stepped onto the scale and his weight proved to be one-hundred and thirty-nine pounds.

It was my turn. I stepped up to the platform. I had on nothing but a light summer dress and a pair of sandals.

“Well, lovely lady, you are obviously thirty-five years old and weight one-hundred and two pounds!” he exclaimed.

I smiled coyly and held out my driver’s license which proved I was forty-eight years old. I stepped on the scale and his eyes popped out at my weight of one-hundred and fifteen pounds.

The herald smiled, “You wear your age well, my Lady!”

“Thank you,” I returned.

He pulled me close and whispered, “Would you like to meet up later? I can promise you a good time.”

I smiled and winked at him. He was a well-built brunette with emerald eyes that sparkled like the stars lived in them.

I looked at James and he smiled back. The glint in his Baby blues assured me that he would find the encounter exciting.

“How long are you here for?” I questioned.

“Through the weekend, ma’am”

I took his pin from his shirt pocked and jotted down our number. “Call me when you’re free and we’ll have a frolic or two.”

His smile brightened. He gave me a giant Teddy Bear and James the cutest, cuddly puppy dog.

“So he was smitten with you, wasn’t he?” James whispered as we stepped off the platform.

“He has our number, we’ll see,” I smiled.

James licked his lips and took my hand “I hope he calls! He looks like he would be fun to play with.”

Yes, he does, doesn’t he?” I could feel my nipples growing hard at the thought of his body next to mine. My heart of hearts told me he had all of the equipment that I would enjoy.

I spotted a gypsy fortune teller’s tent. “Let’s check it out! See if we are destined to be rich or stay together until the day we pass to the next world!” I suggested.

As we approached, Madame Putsha stepped out of her big top with a smile on her lips. Her raven hair fell loosely to her waist and her full skit barely showed her shoes. Her smile was wide and genuine.

“You belong together; your essence shines before you arrive. Please allow me to enlighten you.”

My mind said, con act; my heart said this will be fun and illuminating.

James and I looked in one another’s eyes and without a word agreed to see what they gypsy could tell us that we didn’t already know.

Entering the canvas structure I observed a round table with an astral cloth covering it. There were tarot cards and a glass globe illuminated with a purple light. Stars twinkled above the reading stand and a cool breeze seemed to float over our skin.

James pulled out a chair for me then settled himself beside me. Madam Putsha perched across from us. Her smile shown bright in the dim confines of the tent.

Reaching into his pocket, James pulled out a twenty dollar bill and slid it across the table to Madame Putsha. Maltepe Escort She took the cash and nodded to him.

I found it odd that she had not quoted us a cost and he just knew how much to pay for the reading. I said nothing.

“Now, you wish to know if this week will bring you joy and happiness,” she spoke as if she were reading my mind and probably James’ as well.

“James, have you seen anyone you would like to share your lady with?” she questioned him.

My heart began to race at the insight she appeared to possess. It was as if she had known us for a long period of time and knew our deepest secrets.

James just nodded his head; his hand in mine began to perspire.

And Mistress, you have the beauty and allure that naturally brings men to your side. Have you found the ones you desire to tease James with?”

My temperature began to rise as I was astonished by her candid questions on our lifestyle.

Mutely, I shook my head.

She smiled and then ran her hand over the globe before her. The purple haze seemed to brighten then changed to a pale gold. It looked as if birds were flying inside the orb. Then sparks flashed like lightening and there was a golden glow.

“Yes, he is a good pick for you. He will bring you great pleasure and laughter while he is with you. He will be perfect for James as well; he understands his needs.”

She looked up and said, “He may not be able to judge age, but he can judge beauty and character.”

I glanced at James, astonished. He smiled back at me.

“But, there are two others that will also excite your passion who you will meet this day. You will know them immediately. Both of you will blossom in their presence.

My hand lay on James’ lap and I felt his dicklett tighten. He turned to me and blushed.

Then Madame Putsha pulled out a deck of Tarot cards. She had James cut them and then had me touch the pile. She lay them out in the Cabalistic Spread which gave us an overall picture of the situation. It included the past, present, and future circumstances, as well as the feelings and attitudes of the people involved in the situation.

The reading seemed to match my feelings exactly and I could tell by James’ reaction that he had the same reaction as me.

When the session was over, Madame Putsha stood up without a word and walked to the rear of the tent, leaving us alone. We looked at one another in wonder. Silently, we decided that the reading was over and walked back into the blazing sun.

As we stepped out of the structure, I saw a Tarzan like body swinging a mallet to ring the bell for a pretty little blonde. She was squealing with delight as the mallet hit the pad and the ball rose to clang the domed metal.

The clown dressed Carney handed the petite Marilyn a stuffed dog; she giggled and jumped up and down like a cheerleader egging on her hero.

Tarzan turned to smile at her and his eye met mine. I smiled demurely and turned away from him, taking James’ hand.

James asked, “What were you looking at?”

“Tarzan,” I smiled.

His head turned and their eyes met. “He looks like someone I want to meet; what about you?”

“Hmmmmm… maybe!”

He turned and we headed for the bell ringer game.

Tarzan stepped aside so that James could pay the fairway attendant. He moved next to his bouncing blonde but his eyes rested on my figure.

James raised the not so heavy mallet over his head and feigned a tortured grunt. Then he brought the wide head down on the bell pad as the dinger rose to meet the bell which clanged loudly.

“He’s good too, Griffin,” Marilyn smiled at her hero and James at the same time.

Griffin Tarzan smiled only at me as I sat there with my legs slightly parted rubbing my inner thigh just high enough for him to use his imagination.

“Yeah baby, he is; let me go congratulate him on his strength,” Griffin said as he headed toward James and I with his hand extended. His eyes darted from James to me.

“Good shot, man!” Griffin said as he approached James. His eyes continued to survey me.

Marilyn rushed up to Griffin and James and said, “You are good at that!”

“Thanks guys, but it’s all in the wrist, you know…” he deferred to Griffin.

“Yeah, it is!” Griffin’s eyes darted toward me.

“Wanna join us tonight?” I heard James ask Griffin.

The look that crossed the Adonis’ face was one of surprise and pleasure combined. He didn’t look towards Marilyn because he knew that she wouldn’t get it. Instead, he reached his hand toward James and shook his head.

I can’t make it tonight, but I would love to make it another night.

James wrote down the phone number and handed it to him. “Not a problem, here’s our phone number and when you’re available, just give us a call.

“Got it… I’ll do that for sure.” he replied as he turned and stared at me once again.

“You may not be so tall, but you do hit that bell thing pretty good!” the Marilyn look alike giggled.

James said thanks then smiled at Griffin, “See you later man.”

As Anadolu Yakası Escort they walked away, I heard Marilyn say to Griffin, “I didn’t know you knew him!”

I had to laugh.

Continuing through the mass of people, James and I saw all kinds of interesting characters. One was a tall black man who carried a boa constrictor around his neck and stroked it as if it were a puppy.

Another was a sexy woman wearing a business suit. She had on heels as she walked through the soft sawdust that covered the ground. I guessed she couldn’t get off work to play, so she headed here on her lunch hour.

James conjectured that she was part of the circus in some way. “Maybe she’s the woman that gets shot out of the cannon or she’s a high wire walker. Could be that she tames the lions in that getup.

We laughed as he continued to make up stories about her. Then my attention turned to the mysterious, sexy man that was walking toward us. I became quiet.

James just continued making up scenarios about the woman in the business suit until he realized I was no longer paying attention to him.

He followed my stare and the only thing I heard was “Wow!”

I finally turned to look at him and said, “Yes! Wow!”

He was walking down the Midway and he was bronzed and built. He wasn’t one of those men who was into himself; I could tell by the way he just didn’t seem to care about his physical appearance, which was superb. He didn’t have a look of superiority, but a simple smile as he surveyed the environment around him.

He didn’t appear to be simple, just that he enjoyed life. Looking forward with no particular purpose, he would smile at the sights that delighted him. I could see him sniffing the fragrances that this atmosphere provided and the joy they seemed to impart.

I wanted to know this man that seemed much like James. He appeared to embrace the essence of the lives around him and take in just enough to satisfy his psyche. Easily satisfied with life and happy to be a part of this adventure.

James walked quickly ahead of me and finally caught up with this mysterious man that held my interest. They spoke for awhile and I watched as James explained my needs to him.

The man turned and bowed his head towards me with that fresh smile that caught my eye. I smiled back.

He and James then started toward me. My heart quickened. He was exquisite.

His smile grew the closer they became.

“Mistress, this is Hugh.” James introduced us.

Hugh’s smile was sincere as he greeted me. We talked a while then I invited him to join us we explored the inside of the Big Top.

“I’d love to be a part of your entourage, little lady,” Hugh smiled and held the crook of his arm for me to hold while he escorted me.

James shrugged his shoulders and followed us into the smell of roasted peanuts and sounds of loud music and laughter.

The stands were full of anxious spectators waiting for the show to start. Kids ran around in the sawdust that covered the floor holding fluffs of cotton candy while their parents nervously watched them afraid that a tiger or lion may break its steel bonds and devour their babies for dinner.

Clowns danced, blew up balloons and shaped them into funny dogs, cats, and birds then distributed them to the rowdy children that were roaming the tent. All of the excitement and wonder made me smile.

Hugh smiled and said, “You have a child-like quality!”

“Funny, that’s what attracted me to you; you seemed to have one as you sauntered down the Midway. You were taking everything in and the smile on your face sparkled,” I told him.

The Windjammers were playing the oomph music that set the mood of the circus. Hay covered the floor of the tent and the smell of peanuts, animal deposits and sweet cotton candy filled the area.

James scouted out three seats. I sat between the two of them.

To James, Hugh asked “What is with you? I mean you have this lovely lady by your side and you see me and ask me to join the two of you? Are you kinky or something?”

Smiling James replied, “Yes, I am!”

I giggled and James explained that he loved to see me pleased by men who have more manhood than he.

Hugh sat there quietly for a short period of time digesting what he had heard come from James’ lips. Then he looked to me and asked, “And you my Lady?”

“I love him and I am insatiable,” I replied.

A smile crossed his bright face and he nodded his head. “Okay, I’m game!”

James replied, “Great! Do you want to go home with us after the show, or would you rather give us a call and join us later?”

Looking at me, Hugh responded, “The sooner the better! We’ll just leave together.”

“Great!” James shook Hugh’s hand.

Then Hugh placed his arm around my shoulders and his fingers played with my erect nipples.

I relaxed in his arms.

James’ hand was on my thigh.

The show was great. The clowns were hilarious and the acrobats were fantastic. I loved the horses; they were so graceful and the dogs were playful and funny. Ümraniye Escort The lions were beautiful and so regal and the tigers were majestic.

By the time the show was completed, I was as horny as any woman could be. I had had two men massaging me for almost an hour. I needed to be given a release.

Hugh had ironically parked very close to our vehicle. He followed us home and as James opened the door, the phone was ringing.

“Yes, this is James,” I heard him say.

“Yeah, I remember you; thanks for calling!”

“We just got home and we have company. Is tomorrow night good for you?”

“Great!” he looked toward me. “Seven?” he asked me.

I nodded my head with a smile.

“Yeah, that’s good. Look forward to seeing you then,” he hung up the phone and said, Tarzan.

I smiled.

Hugh had found a comfortable chair and had made himself at home. I put on coffee, excused myself, and jumped into the shower while James entertained him.

I returned in nothing but a slinky negligee that revealed my greatest qualities.

Hugh licked his lips and I saw the front of his pants expand. “Mmmmmm, nice” he whispered softly.

James walked over to me and stood behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and cupped my breast in his hands, “Do you like what you see, Hugh?”

Licking his lips, Hugh replied, “Prettiest body I’ve seen a long while. He swallowed and licked his lips again.

I walked to the chair where he was sitting. Knelling before him, I unzipped his stretched crouch and pulled out the stiff member there. He was well endowed and he oozing precum.

Now, I licked my lips. Then I pressed the tip of my tongue to the clear fluid that was forming at the head of his dick. It was salty and made the fluids flow into my pussy. “Oh, you taste good,” I whispered.

I looked up at him and he appeared uncomfortable. I looked around for James, he was not in the room.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I’m wonderful. I’m just concerned about James; does he really like you being with other men?

“Yes, he does. We are in this lifestyle because he loves to see me happy. And he can’t physically do that for me. His dick is so little it won’t really reach to the parts that need to be tended. Therefore, he finds partners that can satisfy me. From what I see, you were a great choice. Want to prove him right?”

“Well, I’d be crazy if I said no. I’ve never been with a woman that loves sex as much as it appears you do. I would love to play with you all night long.” He said as his mouth covered mine.

James came into the room and Hugh pulled away. I turned to look at James and he had on his boxers. The front had a small tent pole in it.

“Would you like to join me in the bedroom?”

Hugh looked to me for an answer; I nodded my head.

“Sure, I can’t wait to experience this beautiful lady!”

He stood up and held his hand out for me to take. As I arose from the floor he led me into the back of the house where James had prepared the bed for our play time.

Slowly, Hugh undressed as he watched me slip out of the willowy negligee. Once my breasts were exposed, he reached over and pinched the erect nipples. Then he buried his face between them.

Muffled he sighed, “Oh, these are so soft and perfect!”

I lay back onto the pillows James had stacked and spread my legs wide exposing my smooth shaved, pink pussy.

“Oh gaud! That is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve seen in years! Can I touch it?”

“I hope that you will,” James answered.

Tentatively, Hugh leaned over my body and the tip of his tongue grazed my clit. A shiver ran down my spine and my hands went to the back of his head. I pressed slightly to persuade him to stay where he was.

His tongue had more style than most men. He was experienced in pleasing a woman. I enjoyed the pleasures he was giving me. I wanted him.

When he surfaced to take in air, I pulled him to me and passionately kissed him. Then I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me good, baby; I need to feel a real man between my legs!”

Hugh lifted his hips above me and I could see the arrow between his legs aim for the target between mine. He had to be at least eight inches. That would be more than twice James’ size.

His mushroomed head easily slipped into the darkness with the help of the silky fluids that were flowing into my cunt. My breast became hard and my nipples stood erect. From time to time his fingers sought out the hard mummeries and pinched them playfully.

I glanced at James on the side of the bed; his little dicklett erect and his fingers stroking it in time with Hugh’s rhythm.

He smiled and licked his lips as he watched my face and thrilled in the fucking I was receiving.

Sweat began to drip on my skin as Hugh worked his magic with me. James noticed this and turned the air conditioner down. Then he ran back to see what was going on. He also brought cold water for us to drink during breaks.

Hugh was relentless though; he didn’t want a break. He could fuck like a dog and he was determined to give me more than I had ever had.

I finally, I could feel the pressure building up in his penis and I became even more excited. I wanted to taste his salty cum. I forced him to roll over and as he did, I slid down his body and took his sticky prick into my mouth.

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