Nipple Clips

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“Nipple clips, hmmm…”

Amber had just opened the package that was on her doorstep when she returned home. The idea of something tightly locked onto her nipples intrigued her. The “nipple clips” weren’t really clips; they were two little nylon hoops with slip knots connected by a metallic chain. She continued looking through the box and found a note: “Put these on and wear them until I arrive.”

Amber, being a submissive, immediately began to obey. She removed her white knit sweatshirt, revealing a white and blue striped B cup bra. She reached back, and unhitched it, then slid the strip down her arms. The bra dropped on the floor, revealing her luscious breasts. She walked up to the full length mirror and checked herself out; she couldn’t wait to try on the new toy. She started with her right nipple, working it with her fingers until it became erect. It responded slowly at first, but within a minute it was at full attention, and quite ready to be held that way. She ripped open the nipple clip packaging, and eagerly loosened the first hoop. She placed it over her nipple, and began tightening it.

The feeling was really pleasurable, and she very quietly, unconsciously moaned. She tightened it as tight as it would go, and then looked at her handiwork in the mirror. Her pink nipple was held captive by the black nylon, with the brass color chain hanging down from her breast. She pulled at the chain, gently at first, but then more and more roughly. Amber could feel the wetness between her legs now… usually she completely neglected her tits when she masturbated, but clearly she would need to rethink this lack of attentiveness. She stopped playing with the chain to put on the other hoop. In the same way, she played with her left nipple this time, making sure it was ready for its slavery to the new toy. It stood at full attention now, and she slid the hoop over it. Quickly she tightened it, and moaned once again from türkçe alt yazılı porno the pleasure she now felt on both tits. The sight of her, nipples tightly clenched, connected by chain, turned her on even more.

She sat down at her computer, and decided to play some games. However, when ever she moved, the chain would move, and it weight would gently tug at her nipples and tease her. After many failed attempts, she finally gave up on video games, and decided to read a book. “Something has to take my mind off of this” she thought to herself. She began reading, and unconsciously she grabbed at the chain and played with it. She put the book down. Just as she was about to reach her hand into her pants to play with herself, a knock at the door told her that her lover had arrived. She threw her white sweater back on, and dashed downstairs to get the door.

Travis and his slave arrived back at her room and the master quickly closed and locked the door.

“How are the nipple clips?”

“Very good, master.”

“Well, show me. I want a strip show.”

The slave teasingly, slowly lifted up her shirt to below her breasts, revealing the bottom of the chain. She wiggled a bit, showing how it moved. The master could tell the movement gave his slave great pleasure. She lifted up the shirt the rest of the way, giving Travis a nice show of her bound nipples and firm tits. She walked up to her lover, and gave him a close up look at her chest, from mere inches away. She could feel his breath on her, she wanted him so badly.

She stepped back, and teasingly, slowly, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then slid them down to her ankles. She took large, exaggerated steps out of them, and kicked them back out of the way. The wetness between her legs was clear through her blue panties. The smell of his lover’s wet pussy drove Travis insane. She quickly pulled the panties off and doeda porno threw them at her master in one swift motion, leaving her totally naked (save for the nipple bondage device) and unbelievably horny.

“Good show, my slave,” the master complimented her.

“Now strip me.”

She walked up to him, and pulled his shirt up over his head. Next she got down on her knees and carefully unbuttoned his jeans, the dropped them to the floor. She could see the bulge of his cock clearly through his green checked boxers. She grabbed her lover’s butt, and then pulled down the last piece of fabric between her and the penis she wanted inside of her so desperately.

His cock was large and throbbed with excitement. A drop of precum oozed from the tip, she knew her little show had done its job. She stood up, and pushed his chest firmly back, making him fall onto the bed behind him. She lifted his leg, and removed the last article of clothing on her master: his socks.

Her master looked up at Amber lustfully and lovingly, and grabbed her under her arms, and in one fluid motion twirled her around to land next to him on her back on the bed. Her chest heaved with excitement, each breath moving the chain, teasing her nipples more and more. The sweet smell of an excited woman filled the air, and the master’s cock twitched with anticipation. Travis stood up, and walked to the closet. He picked up wrist and leg restraints, and walked over to his sweetheart. He spent a good 5 minutes teasingly binding first her legs then her hands to the bed posts.

Amber was now so horny she was humping the air in front of her wet vagina. It felt so good just to have the air move over her pussy, she couldn’t even imagine how good a finger, or a vibrator, or better yet her lover’s cock would feel inside of her. She moaned in a barely audible way constantly. The sound of her heavy breathing and nearly silent moans turned on her lover to new highs. He mounted his lover, sliding his hard cock inside of her extraordinarily tight and wet pussy. She let out a very audible moan of pleasure, the first time he had ever heard her do so. The feeling for both was so incredible, they almost cummed together right then, but barely managed not to. He grabbed her tits in his hand, palms directly over the hoops that tightly held her pink nipples hostage. He worked them, slowly, firmly, and at the same time, pumped his cock in and out of her pussy.

Her hips humped his body, trying to drive him deeper and deeper inside. His cock twitched and moved and pulsed, both to his pleasure and to hers. Her vagina pulsed as well, driving her lover insane with joy. He sped up the pace, and screwed her for quite a while at this very enjoyable, and also sustainable, pace.

Finally, he looked at his slave, arms above her head, legs spread eagle, nipple clipped, and lay down on top of her. He grabbed her shoulders from behind her, and tightly hugged her. He kissed her neck intensely, right where it drives her craziest. She knew that she would cum soon then. She wanted it so badly, more than ever before in her life. Travis quickened his pace, and makes his thrusts harder, and came out farther.

Amber could bear it no longer; her pussy tightened, and began spazzing uncontrollably. she could feel the pleasure of an orgasm forming deep inside her body, all of her seemed to be completely enthralled by the pleasure felt in her vagina. She arched her back, and let out a deep, loud moan. This moan, coupled with the spazzing of his lover’s pussy around his erection, drove Travis over the edge. His cock began to pulse and spaz, and he could feel the cum rising out of his balls, into his long shaft, up to his penis’s head, and finally being shot out into his lover’s body. She tried to use her arms to grab her lover, but restrained as she was, she could not, and this turn-on made the orgasm even better. Finally, after an eternity of pleasure, both male and female orgasms began to fade, and the lover collapsed together.

Travis kissed his Amber’s neck, and said, “I’m glad you enjoyed my gift.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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