Nightly Scheduled Workout Pt. 01

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Alexa stripped a single piece of clothing one at a time as she made her way over to the shower. I stared captivated by her gorgeous body and confidence. Not a second thought passed through her mind while she got naked as if this was the norm every night. I wasn’t about to voice any objections and wanted to be as passive as possible.

I laid back down after enjoying the view. Rhea wasn’t immune to Alexa’s charming figure as I caught her staring too. I decided to give up on suppressing any desires of pleasure.

Rhea gently grabbed my hand that let go of her hair earlier and placed it along the curve of her abdomen. Then used her same hand and ran her fingers across the side of my face crossing through my hair. The cold sensation from her fingers made me lose track of how I was eagerly caressing her body. It was awkward trying to use both hands while laying sideways, so I got up pinning a leg between hers but still to her side.

I slowly massaged her sides and shifted to fondling every inch of her firm breasts. Rhea panted air every time my fingers grazed by her pert nipples. I did my best to avoid and tease her as much as possible to get back at her little dressing stunt this afternoon. The positions reversed when she pushed me onto my back. I felt the tingling sensation of her glossy hair swaying across my chest as we fixated on each other’s body.

She began by moving down and kissing my abs, gradually finding her way to my pecs then hovering around Bostancı Türbanlı Escort my neck. She switched between kissing and sucking on my skin. Her saliva covered every area she came across while I took the opportunity to use both hands unhindered. One hand concentrated on her lovely tits, gently pinching her nipples every so often with the other reaching as far down as possible. I was only able touch just below her navel and every inch she moved got me closer to her sex.

She stopped any further advancements, gasping for air when I pushed her upwards to suck on her nipples. She held the side of my face urging me to continue. Her other hand went to my penis. She let out a lengthy moan and wrapped her fingers around my erection. The tip of her fingers explored as if on new land. She quickly grasped all my sensitive spots whenever I twitched making her teasing even more unbearable.

The sensation was too much and I wanted to enjoy it a lot longer before release. It took everything to grab hold of her arms, moving my lips onto hers. That worked and took her attention off her hands. Rhea’s tongue wandered through mixing our saliva together. I held my breath without realizing and enjoyed the sweet taste in my mouth.

I wasn’t sure when, but another pair of hands ran across the side of my body. They delicately wrapped around my shaft and balls. Alexa had finished her shower and none of us noticed as she entered the bed to join Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort us. Alexa was exactly my type while Rhea shapeshifted into my exact type. The stimulus was beyond anything experienced in my lifetime. Everything became a million times better when Rhea noticed Alexa and fondled her boobs while continuing our make-out session. Alexa stroked and massaged me, taking the time to run her fingers up and down my entire cock.

She placed her exquisite lips onto the tip of my dick. Alexa moved in a bobbing motion unable to reach the base of my erection. She stopped trying to take my whole thing. Instead, gripping the base of my cock with one hand and increasing her pace of sucking, while simultaneously massaging my balls with the other. I put in so much effort to avoid cumming instantly, but that passed my limit. Too many things happened at once, I couldn’t keep focus.

Alexa felt my lower body spasm and sped up her pace, sucking even faster. I felt the most intense build up, exploding into her mouth. Alexa’s mouth stayed glued to my cock, not allowing any of my seed to pour out. That lasted for several seconds as bursts of cum kept shooting out in quick succession.

I had already fallen backwards with Rhea moving forward to continue teasing my neck. I brushed aside Rhea’s hair to get a good look of Alexa. She had risen to a kneeling position with her hand still gently stroking my hard dick. She used her other Bostancı Ucuz Escort hand to wipe away her saliva whilst still holding in my cum. Only until we made eye contact did she swallow and gulp it all down. The scene of her doing so, made my wilting erection pulse back to life. Erect as if I never came in the first place.

A seductive smile formed on Alexa’s face as she giggled, then took hold of Rhea and guided her mouth to hers. Both of their tongues had fun exploring. Alexa had another motive of shifting Rhea further up my body. I saw it in her smile and knew her arousal took over her mind. Alexa squatted above my lower body and took hold of my erect penis, aligning herself up perfectly. I moaned in bliss as she teased me. Allowing only the tip to edge her opening. She easily maintained balance as she used her other fingers to rub her clit. Rhea wasn’t idly standing by either and rearranged her body to be facing Alexa, placing her pussy directly on my lips. I used my mouth to suck on her opening. Rhea got comfy on top of me and leaned over to grope Alexa all over.

I raised my hands to grab hold of her perfect ass, massaging them as if to measure their buoyancy. Alexa finished teasing me and absorbed my entire length inch by inch. I didn’t want to end this moment short and focused solely on pleasuring Rhea. As soon as I picked up pace, Alexa did the same. Rhea’s juices slid down the sides of my mouth and I tried my best not to let any escape. The sweet taste was intoxicating, and I wondered if it had anything to do with her shapeshifting magic.

*Writer’s Notes: Please leave a comment if you enjoyed and think I should continue writing more erotica. Again, this is a first for me. So based on the response, it will help me decide where I should keep my focus.

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