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The doorbell chimes, Nicola rushes barefoot across the house to the front door and greets the redhead in front of her.“Hi, I’m Stella; I work with your husband, Dominic.”“Oh, yes, please come in. We have met at a few of Dominic’s work events, haven’t we?” Nicola says.“Yes. I got a message asking me to call by on my way home. You have some papers from him that need to go to the office.”“Yes, that’s right, please come in.”“Okay, thank you.”“Dom’s not here at the moment, he had a meeting out of town. But I knew you lived close and could get them on your way home.”Stella walks into the large, expensively decorated foyer of the house.“Would you like a coffee, Stella?”“Why not. Shall I take my shoes off?”“Would you mind,” Nicola replies.It’s a hot day and Stella is bare-legged in a pair of dark grey suede ‘Scarpin’ high heels. She kicks her heels off, revealing her cute, pink toenails.The two ladies walk through to the kitchen. Stella’s hair bounces on her shoulders as they walk; she had not long opted for the Autumn red colour.“That’s a nice dress,” Nicola says, complimenting Stella’s wardrobe taste.“Thank you.”She is dressed in a white flowery knee-length flute-sleeve dress which Nicola actually thinks is too alluring and short considering she had just come from work.Nicola is in white jeans and an orange shirt, her dark brown hair with streaked blonde highlights stopping at her shoulders. She has a black bead anklet on her left leg and her newly French-polished toes look great as she stretched out her feet while leaning against the breakfast bar. The women exchange pleasantries as Nicola makes the coffee. Stella continues checking Üsküdar Escort out the décor as they go through to the living room. At the end of the room are a set of glass doors looking out to a pool and a large garden.The ladies sit on the sofa.“So, these are the papers from Dominic,” Nicola says pulling out a bunch of files from under the coffee table.“Thank you, I’ll make sure they get to the office.”Stella wasn’t sure quite what the urgency was as they didn’t look important.“Do you work closely with Dom?” Nicola enquires.“Sometimes, but not on a daily basis.”As they chat Nicola happens to glance between Stella’s legs.“Stella, are you not wearing any underwear?”“Ah no, I’m not,” she answers slightly embarrassed and quickly crosses her legs.“Do you normally have your legs bare and not wear panties?” Nicola inquires looking at her crossed knees.“Yes, I don’t really like the feel of underwear against my skin and I like the freedom.”“Do you think it’s appropriate to come into my home or even go to work without knickers on?”“I really didn’t appreciate how short this dress was. Normally I wear something longer and it’s not been an issue,” Stella exclaims in her defence.Stella puts her hands on her firmly crossed legs and tries to change the subject to house décor. “I am sorry, Stella, but I can’t stop thinking about how you have presented yourself today.”“Sorry if I offended you. Maybe I should go.”“I was actually thinking how sexy it was,” Nicola smiles.“Really?!”“Are you worried that people might get a glimpse?”“The risk is part of the fun.”“Guys must like it if they get to see between your legs.”“They Üsküdar Escort Bayan do. I can be a bit of a tease.”Nicola starts running her foot over Stella’s, the arch of Nicola’s foot flowing over Stella’s toes.Nicola runs her hand along Stella’s leg. Stella slowly uncrosses her legs and opens them slightly so Nicola can get a view of her pussy. Nicola looks longingly at Stella’s snatch and notices her piercing.“Wow, you have a piercing there.”“Yes, through my clit. You want to touch me, don’t you?” Stella smiles.Nicola slowly moves her hand along Stella’s leg, she hesitates at the bottom of her dress. Stella opens her legs more. Nicola sees this as an invitation to move up her dress. Her hand goes up to Stella’s waiting pussy, she starts touching Stella and sliding her fingers between her pussy lips. They open up for her fingers and Nicola feels the warmth of her vagina and pushes her fingers into its moistness.Nicola pushes against Stella’s piercing. Stella’s legs are now open wider as Nicola rubs her harder. Nicola moves in and violently kisses Stella, biting her lip. Turned on, Stella feels herself getting wet and starting to cum.“My husband always speaks highly of you. I can see why.”“What do you mean by that?” Stella says barely able to speak as Nicola brings her closer to a wet end.“I think Dominic is having an affair,” Nicola says, her fingers still rubbing between Stella’s legs.“Fuck! With whom?”“You!”Nicola spitefully twists the skin around Stella’s pussy, digging her nails in.“Ahh!! Fucking bitch,” Stella yells out.She pushes Nicola off her onto the floor.“Fucking hell! You Escort Üsküdar are crazy. I am not sleeping with your husband. But I could see why he would look elsewhere after meeting you again.”Stella gets up and pulls her dress down as Nicola gets to her feet.“Fucking whore,” Nicola shouts out.Stella turns, raises her hand and slaps Nicola across the face.Nicola stumbles, caught off guard. She then dives for Stella, jumping on top of her. The pair wrestle round the floor.“I am not sleeping with your husband,” Stella protests.“I don’t believe you.”Nicola gets on top and slaps Stella. She pushes Nicola off, Nicola grabs out, ripping Stella’s dress along the side seam, exposing more of her leg.“You’re a fucking cunt,” Stella shouts out as she runs for the door.Nicola recovers, gets up and goes after her, stopping Stella as she reaches the front door. She pushes her up against the wall.“I swear, I am not fucking Dominic.”“Really?”“Yes, fucking really. Get off me.”Stella pushes Nicola away.“Look what you did to my dress, you fucking cow.”Nicola looks down at Stella’s legs and the ripped dress now barely covering her dignity.“You mad bitch. If he is sleeping around, it’s not with me,” she protests.“Fuck!” Nicola screams out in rage; tears start streaming down her cheeks.“I am really not sleeping with Dominic, I swear to you.”“Okay, if not you, then who?”“I don’t know, Nicola.”“I am sorry, Stella.”Nicola starts to believe her protesting. Stella goes over and puts her arms round her.They look sternly into each other’s eyes. Stella moves in and kisses Nicola on the lips, holding her head as she pushes her tongue in Nicola’s mouth. Nicola doesn’t resist and reciprocates Stella’s advance.Stella undoes the buttons of Nicola’s shirt and pulls it off. She then takes off Nicola’s black bra. Stella immediately squashes Nicola’s breasts and takes each one in her mouth, biting her nipples. Nicola pushes Stella head into her chest.

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