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Subject: Night Time Visitor Part 1 Even though I do not list an age for Kyle, it is to be understood, I wrote this with him being 18+. This story is based on semi-true events as told to me by my friend, “Paul.” Take that for what you want! If you enjoyed the story, drop me a note! This is Part 1 (of 2). — The small house was dark and cold. Sometime during the night, the electricity had gone out. Kyle woke up shivering, even though he had two blankets on his bed. Pushing them off, he slipped out of his bed, then out into the hallway. A few steps in the opposite direction of the living room and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. This was the perfect opportunity. At the open door to his father’s room, he paused. Looking inside, he saw shafts of silvery light coming in from the windows. It was the night after a full moon and the snow was new. This gave the room a magical quality. The best part was, no one could wake up, switch on the light, and ruin it all. On the bed, his father lay on his back with one arm propped in behind his head. Unlike him, the man lay shirtless, the blankets starting at his waist. Coming into the room, he got lost in the dark swirls of hair on the man’s chest and stomach. His whole torso was one big mat of fur, except around his nipples, which he knew the man trimmed. The same thick hair that coated his chest sprouted from under his arms, looking like they swallowed the light. As Kyle walked toward the bed, the scent of his father was strong in the room and he knew it came from the raised arms and exposed armpits. Waves of the same dark hair spilled out on the pillows. A thick, but trimmed beard connected to a bushy mustache. Kyle came to the end of the bed and stopped. Trembling fingers took hold of the blanket and began pulling it toward him. More of his father’s hard, hairy body revealed itself. The hard, muscular thighs, the long, thick legs, they were also covered in dark hair. It also swirled in at his crotch. The way the man was laying, Kyle could see a hint of skin under his full ballsac, near his crack. Kyle began stripping off his pajamas. In spite of the cold, he felt himself getting hot. On the bed, his father shifted his weight. One hand slid under a pillow while the other one moved to support his head. Kyle watched, dropping his clothes on the floor. Like a cat, careful not to disturbe the bed much, he climbed onto the end of the bed. His slight weight made no difference. It was easy to crawl forward and wedge himself into the V of the man’s spread legs. On his stomach, he brought his face close to the thing he wanted most in the world. It lay to the right, sheathed in smooth foreskin. Several thick veins ran along the shaft, disappearing into the hair. It smelled like day-old sweat. It was sweet and sour, like stale bread or crumbled blue cheese. Kyle brought his nose closer and inhaled. Against the sheets, his own dick got harder. The smell was incredible, so manly and strong. Putting out his tongue, he touched it to the smooth skin of the plump, purple head. The taste was just like he imagined, pungent and just as strong as the smell. He eased his tongue into the slit and waited for it to be coated with precum. It was sweet and salty, just like he thought it would be. Unable to stop, he slid his lips over the head and let them fall around the ridge. He sucked hard, tasting sweat and precum. The extra skin tasted like the head but stronger. He slid his tongue into the fold and sucked on it. He knew his father was clean but the taste was somehow dirty. He wanted more so he pushed his head further down, taking more of his father into his mouth. Before he knew it, he was forcing as much as he could get into his mouth. The head insisted it go deeper so he swallowed the best he could. The skin bunched around his lips, the shaft sliding into is mouth. One hand slid under and cupped the smooth, hairless balls. The contrast was sexy, too. Even with his mouth full, there was still room for him close his hand around the base. He never thought of the size of his father’s cock until now. He gagged and had to pull off. Still holding the shaft, he took a long look at his prize. It glistened with spit in the silver light. It looked to Kyle like some magical thing that was all his, now. He swallowed hard as he thought about what he would need to do to get the ultimate prize. Just then, one of his father’s tree-trunk like legs rose up from the bed and slid in over his shoulder. It pressed into him, holding him against the other leg. A massive hand settled on his head and gentle fingers began massaging his scalp. “Can’t back down now, boy. You started something and you’re going to finish it.” “You’re not mad?” Was all Kyle could think to say. “I will be if you don’t put that cock-sucking mouth back where it belongs.” Kyle leaned forward and replaced his mouth. Right off, he started taking as much as he could into his mouth. The hand on his head directed him, made sure he got as deep as he could each time he went down. The shaft throbbed against his tongue as it slid into his throat. The head expanded. The loose skin tasted even better as he heard his father groan. He gripped the base and used the spit from his open mouth to stroke what he couldn’t get into his mouth and throat. “Nice and easy,” the man said, using Kyle’s hair to slow him down. “Go all the way down…yeah.” The boy’s mouth touched the thick pubic curls and his father gave him a playful slap to the cheek. Kyle took this as encouragement and began fondling the full sac underneath the shaft. His other hand ran through the thick hair on the man’s stomach. He played in this as he savored the feeling of the man’s full length in his throat. With some effort, Kyle managed to stay where he was for a full minute. Inhaling his father’s rank scent made it easier for him, as the scent fueled his own erection. He loved how his father smelled, how strong it was and how it made him hard all on its own. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” the man said, fisting a hand full of the boy’s hair. “You were a bad boy, coming in here like this and sneaking into my bed.” “Mmm-hmm,” Kyle agreed, forcing himself to go faster. “This is a kind of reward for you, isn’t it? A reward for being brave enough to come in here?” “Mmm-hmm,” the boy said again. “I shouldn’t let you have it, you know. You’re a dirty boy.” “Mmm-hmm.” The man pulled Kyle’s hair, then pulled him up and off his cock. The bewildered boy found his father’s face in the half-dark and wondered if he might darıca escort be changing his mind. The man’s handsome face was stony and hard to read. “You can’t tell anyone about this. No one.” “I know. I can keep it a secret. Please don’t make me stop.” Pulling him by his hair, the man brought the boy forward until their faces almost touched. The man looked deep into the boy’s eyes, looking for any sign of doubt, hesitation, or non-consent. Kyle looked back at him with deep admiration and intense lust. The boy’s hard cock pressed into his lower stomach. They shared a long, quiet moment. “Are you going to send me to my room?” The man seemed to think this option over. “I should.” Kyle leaned in and touched his lips to the man’s. His dick let go a long stream of precum when the man’s lips parted and allowed his tongue inside. He groaned against the man’s mouth, tasting peppermint candy and a hint of alcohol. Kyle ran his hands through the man’s thick hair, finding the scalp with his fingertips. Their kiss intensified and Kyle felt his whole body tingle. The man’s big hands rounded over his ass and pulled him tight against him. “Not a word to anyone,” the man said after the kiss ended. “Anyone finds out about this and it could cause so many problems.” “I know. I promise, no one will know.” “Turn around.” The gruff tone charged Kyle’s whole body. He did what he was told and turned his body around. Right off, his father took hold of his firm, round ass and spread the cheeks apart. Even in the half-light he could see the pinkish ring of tight muscle. He knew the boy was clean because he heard him in the shower before the power went out. One thumb trailed the outside of the muscled ring. The other moved down to the smooth area of the boy’s balls. Kyle took firm hold of the base and began licking the head. Clear sap oozed from the slit, helping him get it slick enough to slide along his throat. His other hand slid in under the ballsac and he rolled them in his palm. He then divided them with a thumb pressed against the base. The first few inches slid into his mouth, then toward the back of his throat. A surge went through him as the head touched the back of his tongue. At that same time, his father’s thumbs slid into his asshole and pulled it open. The man smiled at the response, the sudden jerking of the boy’s whole body and the gagging on his cock. The push of the head into his throat was a bonus. Without waiting for him to recover, he speared his tongue into the center of the ring of muscle. Kyle spasmed and groaned under the oral assault he was receiving. The man continued to go deeper with his tongue, pushing it in until the fatter part stretched him out. Kyle groaned again but this time, his legs gripped the man’s sides as if he were a stallion and Kyle didn’t want to be thrown off. “Oh…Paul…” Kyle groaned. “Paul?” The man asked, confused by the use of his name. “Having your hole tongued made you forget forget who I am?” “I just thought…” “No matter what you thought, I’m still dad.” “Sorry.” Paul slipped a thumb into the boy, then another. Kyle groaned again, moving his body back and forth on the man’s chest. Precum made a slick mess of Paul’s thick hair but made it easier for him to grind himself along the hard muscle. The man’s tongue slid back inside of him and began moving in the same back-and-forth motion. Kyle groaned louder, laying his face down in the thick pubic hair and breathing in the clean, masculine scent. He licked the base, using his hand to bring his spit up to the top. Precum rolled from the slit, some of it getting caught in the folds of skin before rolling down the shaft. Kyle caught it in his tongue, savoring its rich taste and thick texture. While spearing his boy’s hole, Paul rubbed the muscular legs and kneaded the dense cheeks of his ample ass. Many times, around his house, he’d seen this ass on full display but never up close. Kyle liked his Speedo collection and the hundred pairs of underwear he’d collected. Sometimes, he’d seen Kyle in a pair of his Calvins but hadn’t said anything. The way the boy was taking hits off his pubic hair, he thought he knew why. He slid two thick fingers into his boy and Kyle groaned again. He moved them back and forth and Kyle’s deep groan turned into a kind of whimper. “Yeah…right there…” “Like that, boy?” “Yeah…oh, yeah, I do!” Paul delivered the first of several long strokes of his two fingers. Kyle responded with his whole body. His toes curled, his legs tightened their grip on Paul’s torso, and his sweet cock oozed out more precum. The boy’s back arched and his mouth returned to the man’s cock. Like his own private lollipop, Kyle licked the head until it shone with precum. He slid the thick helmet into his mouth and sucked out the next oozing stream. He let it collect in his mouth so he could savor its taste. More and more of it came when he stroked the shaft with a harder hand. The fingers in his ass sped up but still maintained a gentleness about them. He increased the motion of his head on the shaft and took hold of the man’s balls again. His hips continued moving his dick, the sliding hair against the underside of his length felt so good that he couldn’t stop, even if he wanted, which he didn’t. “Ugh…oh…uh…” He managed, his mouth still full of cock. “Like it, baby?” “Mmm-hmmm!” Paul thought about adding another finger, stretching the boy more, but didn’t. Two would be enough and was easier to handle for the both of them. His thoughts drifted back to their fishing trip last summer. Instead of putting his pole in the water, Kyle opted to strip down to his underwear and sun himself on a rock. He hadn’t minded the scenery but it made him feel uncomfortable. Kyle was muscular but not overly so. His pecs were firm and rounded, his nipples even firmer and plump. His stomach wasn’t ripped like some athletic jock. It had a shape to it but still had some firmness. Like him, Kyle had a light dusting of hair, but like his mother, it was a golden-red. Unlike most gingers, Kyle was a light toasted color from being out in the sun all summer. He had darker freckles along his shoulders, arms, and back. The fingers slowed as Kyle’s mouth sped up. Paul raised one leg and dug his heel into the mattress. Kyle began to slow down and Paul clamped a huge hand on the boy’s head to keep him there. The lips tightened as he pulled up but Kyle kept going. “Fuck, yeah, boy…suck that dick!” Curling his fingers into the thick ginger curls, Paul set kocaeli eve gelen escort the tone and speed for the boy’s mouth. He hadn’t got off in almost a week because of work and he was so damned close. The kid was a good cocksucker and Paul wondered where he learned his technique. It would be a conversation they had later. Now, he needed to get the boy to where he needed to be. Not to be selfish, Paul buried his fingers in the kid’s hole and kept them there. Kyle’s hips matched his mouth’s rhythm and he humped his daddy’s hairy chest without apology. His dick throbbed, spitting out copious sap of his own. This movement on his part kept his father’s fingers working in and out of his ass, a sensation he had not counted on when he first snuck into the room. “Damn! Oh, damn…” Paul groaned. He pushed Kyle’s mouth down a few more times, then let him set the depth for himself. The kid pursed his lips, locking them behind the head. He seemed to know what was coming. His dad. “Swallow it, cocksucker!” Paul roared. “Fucking swallow my load, bitch!” Kyle registered the word as the cum shot into his mouth. He squirmed on his father’s chest, wanting to cum with him. His dick would not cooperate so he focused his attention on the one in his mouth. It squirted more into his mouth and he held it. The heavy hand on his head wanted to push him down but he wanted to taste his father’s load as it filled his mouth so he resisted. The pressure felt amazing and he knew he would get off on his father forcing him to suck him off, if that ever happened. The fingers in his ass began jabbing but not in a hurtful way. They twisted and jabbed, going deeper. This was what Kyle needed. “Oh, yeah, boy!” Paul encouraged. “Shoot off with daddy, boy! That’s a boy!” Kyle felt his dick release. Cum spurted out into the hairy denseness. He raised his hips for his next shot and he coated the man’s lower stomach. His third and fourth managed to reach his face and it hit his chin several times. “Fucking hell…” Paul groaned. “Goddamn, you’re a good cocksucker.” Kyle savored the cum in his mouth as he pulled off the man’s head. He said nothing as his father worked his fingers out and pulled him up to a position where he was straddling the broad, hairy chest. Looking down at his mess, he swallowed. “Not another soul, do you hear me?” Paul asked, his paranoia taking hold. “Nobody can know about this. Not your friends, nobody.” “Maybe you can tell uncle Phillip,” Kyle said in a low voice. “When he comes for Christmas, maybe. He stays over, in the guest-room, and I’d love to swallow his cock.” Kyle found the man’s nipples through the fur and began massaging them with two fingers. They were thick knobs of flesh that Paul had used suction devices on. Kyle brought them into hard bullets and kept massaging while he spoke. “He’s your brother, he won’t tell anyone. You’re twins so you’re closer than most brothers. Please, daddy? Can we tell uncle Phillip about our secret so he can join us?” “You are one greedy cocksucker.” “One condition,” Paul relented. “It doesn’t go any further.” “Of course, daddy. You don’t have any other brothers.” In the dark, Kyle smiled. “Thank you. Thank you for letting me tell uncle Philip. I’ll break the news to him like I did you.” Kyle swiped his hand through the mess on his father’s chest, then reached behind him to take hold of the man’s cock. It was plumped up in no time and he backed his ass up to it so it lay in his crack. Paul raised up, his hair falling around his shoulders. He worked into a sitting position as Kyle got up on his knees. Muscular legs slid in alongside his father’s. “You sure?” Paul asked, concerned. “That’s ten and half inches of cock.” “Then I’ll go easy,” Kyle told him, his expression serious. “I want it, dad. Please?” “Let me help you, okay?” Paul reached back and used his fingers to massage the boy’s tight hole. While he did this, Kyle took hold of his nipples again and began working them. They kissed, another long, slow, and gentle kiss that involved tongues and a lot of groaning. When they stopped, Kyle was huffing for air, but not in a bad way. After getting his fill, he went back to kissing. Paul still massaged his hole but he thought he would be ready for the head. Reaching back, he moved the shaft toward his ass. At the same time, his tongue filling the man’s mouth again so he couldn’t protest Kyle’s anxious need for cock. Right away, the cum-slick head slid into him. The first few inches followed but he had trouble after that. The shaft got thicker as it went down and the thick spread him almost at once. Kyle whimpered as he kissed and Paul broke away. “We don’t have to do this. It’s too much.” “No, it’s not. Just let me take it at my pace.” Kyle kissed him again. “Please, I want it!” “If it gets too much, we can stop. We can always stop.” “I don’t want to stop. I want it all!” To help, Paul began kissing the boy’s torso. He made his way down the center, then over to a pink pebble of nipple. He slipped it into his mouth and began lapping at it with his tongue. At the same time, he found the boy’s tight ass ring and began to massage it. Knowing it might help relax him, Paul also began rubbing the boy’s back. “Daddy…” Kyle sighed. “I know, baby. Other people have the same problem. Your mother screamed, sometimes.” Hearing this, Kyle pushed another two full inches into his ass. The pain was excruciating but he didn’t show any signs of it. That might be enough to call the whole thing off and he didn’t want that. The fingers massaging his hole helped. Running his fingers through his father’s long, dark hair, he kissed the man again, kissed him deep to keep from screaming as he pushed another inch into himself. The next inch was the hardest because he reached the thickest part of the base. Reaching back, he took hold of that portion, measuring it with the width of his palm. The kiss ended because Paul moved his mouth back. “What are you trying to prove? That you’re some macho stud who can–” Kyle put a finger to the man’s lips. “I want it all. Okay? Let that be enough.” “Sweet mercy, boy…as tight as you are, what you’ve done is already enough. You don’t have to do more. We can more than make this work.” Kyle stopped him again, this time with his mouth. His tongue eased into the man’s mouth and he kissed him hard. He ground their lips together so that the pain in his ass was forgotten. Kyle’s fingers closed over his father’s nipples and he began pulling and pinching them. gebze escort bayan The man groaned as he kissed back. Determined to help, he took both of Kyle’s asscheeks in his hands and pulled. Kyle eased down a little more, screaming into his mouth. “I’m okay!” Kyle was quick to say. “Really! I’m fine. More than fine!” Using his father’s chest and his current position, Kyle pushed down. The last of his father’s fat cock slammed up inside of him and he screamed. The mixture of pain and pleasure made him dizzy but the best feeling was the one inside his body, the one that told him he was full — stuffed with cock. Falling forward, he let himself be held by strong, comforting arms. “There’s going to be bleeding,” Paul told him. “There always is the first time. Let’s prep for that, okay?” “Yeah,” Kyle said, nodding. “Okay.” Taking his boy by the ass, Paul brought them to the end of the bed, then stood up. He carried Kyle over to the window and laid him down in a shaft of moonlight. From the pool of his jeans, he took a pair of his underwear and dabbed it on the place where his cock joined his boy’s body. While he tended to this part, he kissed Kyle. He kissed away the inevitable tears, kissed the side of the boy’s face, down to his neck, to his pecs, then covered one pink nipple. Kyle groaned and began working his hips. Spreading his arms out on the floor, Kyle lost himself in the first few inches that left him. The pressure had been enormous and he already felt better. Tilting his head back, he gazed up at the full moon and wondered if that’s why he chose tonight to be fucked by this fat fucking piece of manmeat. Letting out a sigh, he looked up at his father and saw only love in those warm brown eyes. Hair fell down over the man’s face as he leaned forward and planted both hands on the floor beside the boy’s face. He dipped down and kissed him again. “Fuck me,” Kyle sighed. “Fast. Hard. Please, don’t treat me like I’m made out of glass. Fuck me like a man fucks another man!” “I’m going to let your uncle Phillip fuck you that way.” Paul slid one hand under Kyle’s back and lifted him up. “I’m going to fuck you the way I fuck all the men I have sex with.” Paul picked the boy up again and moved him onto the window seat. Getting to his knees on the floor, he began a slow, shallow rhythm with his hips. He bent at the waist and began a slow trail of kisses up to the center of Kyle’s chest. From there, he went up one side of the boy’s face, then across to his nose, then down the other side of his face. All the while, he measured the depth of his thrusts so that Kyle got the best of his thickness without it hurting him. It wasn’t long until they settled into a very comfortable rhythm. This happened with Kyle on the floor, on his knees and Paul behind him. The boy rocked into the man, then Paul took the lead for a few strokes. Kyle’s penetration of himself was deeper and much more intense while Paul’s was easier, more shallow, and far more loving. Paul kissed Kyle’s shoulders, along his neck and face. Kyle held onto the muscular legs with both hands, gripping them and pulling them tight around him. “Please,” Kyle sighed, resting his head on the window seat. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Paul leaned in and wrapped both arms around the boy. “I don’t want to hurt you.” “Don’t you understand, yet? I want you to hurt me! Hurt me SO good, daddy! Please!” “You’re sure that’s what you want? Because I can. I can hurt you so good you won’t walk right for a week.” Paul took hold of Kyle’s nipples. “You have to be sure, though, boy.” “My safeword is Moonlight.” Kyle leaned into the man’s hairy body. “Fuck me, daddy…fuck me.” “I love you.” “I know you do. I don’t need you love me, right now. I need you to fuck me!” This seemed to flip some sort of switch. Paul hauled the boy up and threw him onto the window seat. He forced himself in behind Kyle and took firm hold of his head, which he pressed into the window. His other hand guided his glistening cock to the gaping hole between the succulent asscheeks. Kyle whimpered once but Paul slammed a good four inches into him. Kyle sighed. Three more followed. Right off, Paul set up a hard, fast rhythm. Kyle responded by throwing his body back toward the man. Loud skin-against-skin sounds filled the room and echoed in the hallway. Kyle began groaning, then screaming. Paul obliged every request for “harder” and “faster” even though Kyle whimpered in between thrusts. The boy’s legs were pushed apart and held while Paul battered his hole. Bruises appeared on the pale flesh but Kyle still begged for more. Paul gave him what he wanted. “Jesus, daddy…oh, fuck…FUCK!” Kyle’s face was pressed against the door, their sixth location so far. He looked as though he might be trying to climb its frame. One leg was up in the air, hooked over Paul’s forearm. His other was bent at the knee and draped over the man’s other arm. Paul braced both hands on the frame of the door. Between his legs, his club-like cock swelled inside the boy’s still-tight ring. Kyle’s own cock had sprayed the door, along with portions of the floor, the window, and the window seat. They both lost track of how many times Paul had fucked him into cumming. This, however, was Paul’s first time since they began their fucking-room-tour. “I feel it! Jesus, daddy…” “Be quiet, you fucking whore!” Paul growled. “My turn now!” The large man grunted like some mythical minotaur as he came. He hunched his hips hard into Kyle. Now able to go all the way into the boy’s ass, he sank to the base and pumped his load into the kid’s insides. He braced himself well, as Kyle began cumming a second time while he did. “Daddy…oh, fuck, daddy…oh, fuck, that was so good!” “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Paul told him, kissing his neck. “Did you enjoy it?” Paul raised the boy’s arms and pushed him against the door. He dove into the left armpit and inhaled the sweet smell. “Yeah, boy, I enjoyed it.” “Can I sleep in here with you, tonight?” “Fuck no,” Paul said, crushing his body against him. “At least not until you get a shower and clean that nasty whore-ass.” “I like the nasty talk.” Kyle admitted. “But, could you not call me a bitch?” Paul nuzzled his neck and kissed up to his jaw. “Sure, baby. I’m going to pull out now and my hot cum is going to run down your leg. Do something for me and get on your knees after, okay?” As soon as the man removed himself, his prediction came true. Kyle did as he was asked, kneeling in front of his sweaty, hairy father. Paul presented him with his glistening cock and Kyle knew just what to do. His mouth set to work cleaning up the mess he helped make. “Can you do something for me, now?” Kyle smiled. “Something else, I mean.” “Maybe. Depends on what it is.” “Call uncle Phillip and see if he can come down this weekend?” -_-

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