Night Shift Nurse

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Night Shift NurseSeveral years ago, I was a night nurse in a large county hospital. I’m not a lesbian by any means but I had a female patient I found attractive. Her name was Ann, 40ish, pretty, dark hair and had large breasts with large nipples that always seemed to be protruding against her hospital gown. She was a large woman, very much on the chubby side. We seemed to get along well and found we had some things in common. She was having some tests in the morning and as I sat explaining the tests to her, she kept smiling at me. One of her hands was beneath the covers on her bed and I could see her arm moving. Was she masturbating, I wondered? The thought of her doing that while we were talking caused me to feel warm all over. I was seated on a chair next to her bed and was trying my best to remain professional, it wasn’t easy given the circumstances. When I was done explaining the tests to her I asked her if she had any questions. “Yes”, she replied, “I have an itch, do you think you could check it?”. “Sure”, I told her, “where is it?”. And with that she pulled her covers aside and showed me her pussy, she spread her legs wide and said, “it’s right there”. I was caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting her to do anything like that but couldn’t help looking at her pussy. It was covered in a thick mat of dark brown hair, her labia was glistening it was so wet. I could see her clit peeking out and she slowly rubbed it with her finger. I looked at her face, she was smiling at me, my mouth became suddenly very dry. I didn’t bahis firmaları know what to say or what to do, I’d never been in this situation before. However, I wanted so badly to touch her and I’ve never felt that way about any woman before. I could actually smell her arousal and it was causing my face to flush. I put my hand on her thigh and gently rubbed it, watching her massage her erect clit. She moaned when I touched her and used her other hand to lift her hospital gown up above her now heaving breasts. Her dark nipples caught my attention, large, rubbery and standing straight up on her chest. They were beautiful. I couldn’t resist the urge to reach up and take one of her large breasts in my hand and kneaded it, loving the soft feel of it against my palm. My hand grazed across her erect nipple and she moaned again in response. “That feels so good”, she whispered, “I’ve wanted you to do that since I met you yesterday”. I moved my chair closer to her bed and leaned down and ran my tongue over the nipple nearest me causing her to buck her wide hips upward on the bed. “Oh my God, that’s so good, so damn good”, she groaned, pulling my head against her breast. I opened my mouth and began to suck and lick that rubbery, eraser size nub, it felt heavenly in my mouth. I used my other hand to rub her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it. I was becoming very aroused. “Oh yes, oh yes, suck my big nipple, you’re making me feel so good”, she whispered, her meaty thighs scissoring open and close as kaçak iddaa she squirmed on the bed. I took my hand from her other breast and caressed her large frame, down her round belly, over her hip and thigh until I reached her pussy. I moved her hand aside and gently stroked her very wet slit, up and down my hand moved, my mouth still sucking her hard nipple. “Mmmm-mm, yes, I love this”, she said breathlessly. She spread her legs wider and I couldn’t resist sliding a finger into her vagina, surprisingly for an older woman she was tight but very wet. Ann moaned again and bucked her hips up against my hand. As I slid my finger in and out of her my entire hand was coated in her juices. I pulled my finger from her wet pussy and brought it up to my mouth, I had to taste her, she watched me as I licked her sticky juices off. It was my turn to moan. Ann reached to the front of my uniform dress and undid several buttons exposing my own large breasts. I helped her by lifting my breasts up out of my bra and leaned forward so she could suck my nipples. First one then the other, back and forth she went with her wet hot mouth. It made me groan and I could feel how wet my panties were. After a minute of her sucking I pulled back and moved to suck her nipples once again but this time sucking and licking her belly as I moved down her large frame. Her legs were spread wide, her pussy glistening with her sticky juices, just begging to be licked. “Oh God yes, I need you to do that…lick me baby”, she groaned, her chest heaving. I could kaçak bahis hear her breathing hard as my tongue swiped up and down her wet labia. She tasted sweet and tangy. I used two fingers to gently open her lips and licked and lapped up and down all the way to her perineum, her heavy thighs were quivering as I finally licked her swollen clit. My tongue flicked back and forth on the protruding organ. I reached up with one hand to grasp her big nipple and rolled it back and forth between my fingers, my mouth never leaving her clit. “You’re going to make me cum, keep sucking me, licking me, don’t stop”, she said in a loud whisper. I had no intention of stopping, I wanted this desirous woman to cum on my mouth. I slide a finger into her pussy once again as I sucked gently on her swollen clit. That was all it took, “Yes, I’m cumming, keep going, it’s so good….ughh-hhh”, she moaned. Suddenly I felt it, her pussy clamped down on my finger like a vise and I could feel the walls of her pussy spasm, her juices, hot and sticky ran down to her anus. I kept my mouth on her clit as she came again and again, her hips bucking so hard it almost pushed my head away. Finally, I felt her relax beneath me and I raised up to look at her flushed face, she was smiling. I pulled her sheet and blanket back over her and buttoned my uniform. I was very turned on but it would have to wait, I was already gone longer than I planned and had work to do. I found a towel and used it to wipe off my face then leaned down to kiss her. “Thank you, thank you so much, that felt so good and I needed it so much”, she said. I smiled and said, “good luck with your tests tomorrow, I’ll check in on you before my shift ends”. She was half asleep as I walked out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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