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I hated school. I hated the idea of sitting in a stuffy classroom, listening to the drone of the instructor’s lecture on a subject I had no desire to learn. I hated it as a child, as a teenager, and as an adult as well. Right up until I met Lisa. After that my view of school changed, and sitting in a night-school classroom taking boring college classes didn’t bother me so much. You see, I never graduated high school, having dropped out in my sophmore year. I had already put in my time, I thought, and just couldn’t stomach the idea of another three years of this drudgery. I had been working for a couple years and had a promising job at the local auto shop. I had grown up around cars, my father and grandfather both working at the shop my grandfather started as well as racing cars at the local track. And I was being groomed to continue the family business and learn the trade as well. So my future looked like a lock as it was. Who needs to know what year the French and Indian War was or what a dangling participle is if you are a grease monkey? Unfortunately, even a grease monkey has to keep up with the times. And nowadays people won’t even look at you unless you got some piece of paper on the wall showing you are somebody. In the world of the gearhead, that means being an ASE Certified mechanic. This is the standard by which wrench-turners like me were judged. If you didn’t have an ASE Certification, you may as well been some backwoods gas-pusher with dirty overalls and a rag in your back pocket! The problem for me was that in order to even get into an ASE Certification class, I needed my high school diploma. So even though I had a good job and a bright future, I still needed that damn piece of paper so I could go to school to get another piece of paper that I could actually use! Sigh… So despite my many doubts and reservations, I enrolled in night school. Shit! As if regular classes weren’t bad enough, now I am taking classes when all my friends were out enjoying a few beers after work! This wasn’t going to be easy… But my view of the whole night-school idea changed when I arrived at my classroom. I had arrived early so I could get one of the better seats – far enough back that I wouldn’t be called on much, but not so far back I would be seen as a troublemaker or slouch. I found a desk that wasn’t too badly beat up and took my seat. I was sitting there waiting for the hell to start when she walked in. She had this cute, innocent smile that made you want to hold her and protect her from all the bad in the world and yet behind that smile she had a mischievous, naughty streak that was just waiting to get out. She was working as a clerk in a lingerie shop in the local mall, so she would come to class after she got off from work. She always dressed flirtatiously because, well, she was in the business of making a woman look sexy! Every time I saw her I wanted to blurt out how hot I thought she looked, but I couldn’t find the right time or place to do so. I usually showed up in a dirty t-shirt and jeans because I didn’t have Kuşadası escort time to run home after work to get cleaned up before class. As anyone who has spent more than ten minutes in a garage knows, it is impossible to stay clean there no matter how careful you are. I would come to school with dirty hands, greasy pants and shirt and usually a face covered with grime too. I felt like a slob sitting next to her. As luck would have it, her desk was right next to mine. I would sit there wanting so badly to talk to her and get to know her, but I figured that a girl like that was way out of my league and probably had her pick of guys to date. Hell, the guys she dated probably had a ton more money than I did too. About the only thing I could think of to talk to her about was class assignments. Sitting there next to her in class, I would get so distracted that I couldn’t concentrate. Between being able to smell her sweet perfume, and hearing her long, nylon-clad legs rub together every time she crossed them, I would be quickly lost in sexual daydreams before the teacher even began the lesson for the day! More than once I was shaken out of a very pleasant fantasy by the instructors calling my name louder than usual! When he did I would snap out of my dream-state and look at Lisa, who would blush and smile a little smile at me. I swear she knew exactly what I was thinking and that made me more embarassed than the teacher’s impatience. During our class breaks we would chat a bit, making small talk about how class was going and what we thought of the instructor. She was a pretty private person and with my awkwardness in trying to talk to her, it took almost a month before I knew her name and where she worked. I wanted to learn more about this lovely creature but the “beauty and the beast” feeling I had around her kept me from getting to know her. Then I missed class for a week because I had gotten hurt at work – yes my mind was on her, looking forward to seeing her later after work and not on my work! When I got back, I knew I had fallen behind the class. I had been keeping up with my schoolwork pretty well, despite the delightful diversion to my right. However, I knew this week away had set me back some. On my first day back, I got there a little early to talk with the instructor and catch up on what I had missed. I was dressed a little nicer than usual, not having to work that day prior to class, and was already sitting in my regular seat when Lisa arrived. She sat down next to me, and asked me where I had been. I explained about the accident and she seemed genuinely concerned. I told her it was my own stupid fault, and that I wasn’t paying attention when it happened. “So what were you thinking about when the accident happened, Paul? It must have been important to cause you to get hurt,” she asked. For whatever reason I just blurted out the answer. “You,” I said. Instantly I realized what I had done and had there been a trash can big enough, I would have crawled inside and hid in it the bodrum escort bayan rest of the class! But Lisa just blushed a bit, lowered her head and looked up at me. “Me?” she asked. “Yeah. It’s dumb, I know,” I said. “Actually, it’s kind of sweet,” she said. “It is?” I said, astounded that I hadn’t been laughed out of school by now. “Yeah. Knowing that you are thinking of me while you work is sweet. But I don’t like that you got hurt over it though,” she said. “Well, I wasn’t hurt bad. I just twisted my back some trying to move some batteries. I should have known better.” “I’m glad for that. I was…” she started to say. Right then class was called back in and the instructor wanted to get back to the lesson. At the next break, I walked down the hall to the small snack area that was in the building. I walked up to the soda machine and got a soda from it. Then I turned to walk up to the register to pay for it, and bumped into Lisa. “Oops! Sorry about that.” “No, no. My fault,” Lisa said. She paused for a second and then said, “Mmmm. Your cologne smells so good. What are you wearing?” “I’m wearing Jovan. What are you wearing?” She answered with a sultry rasp and a sexy smile, “As little as possible.” And as I stood there slack-jawed at her response, she walked up to the counter to pay for the bottle of water and pack of gum that she had in her hand. Once I managed to kick-start my brain again, I strode up behind her and plopped down a $10.00 bill, paying for her things as well as my soda. She smiled coyly at me and walked back to the classroom. I took my seat and looked over at her. She smiled, and said that we would talk more after class. I couldn’t wait. After class, we walked out to the school parking lot together. I was walking her to her car when I noticed that she had parked her car right next to my truck. We made small talk as usual while we walked, but when we stepped between my truck and her car, she turned to me and leaned in close. She inhaled slowly. “You really do smell fantastic,” she said softly looking into my eyes. “I can’t figure something out though. What does a girl have to do to get noticed?” “What do you mean?” “I’ve been trying to get your attention every since the first day of class, and only now I’m getting results. I had you pegged as a leg man, so I’ve been crossing and uncrossing my legs, wearing my skirts a little shorter than usual, even wearing extra perfume just to get your attention!” I could have kicked myself right there. “So here is my number,” she said, writing it on the back of one of her companies business cards. “Call me when you want to find out what I’m wearing.” And with that she threw her arms around my neck and gave me the hottest, sexiest, most passionate kiss I had ever had until then! Once again she left me stunned and speechless as she smiled, turned, and got into her car. I finally stammered, “Wait! I want to know now!” She giggled. Then she pulled up her skirt just high enough so that I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Kuşadası escort bayan She smiled that same beautiful smile, blew me a kiss, and drove off. I stood rooted there in the parking lot for a minute or two before climbing into my truck. It took a bit to process everything, but the gears in my head finally started turning again. The next couple days were a blur to me. I went through the day as usual, but my mind was on Lisa. I actually found myself wanting school to get here! I thought about calling her more than a few times, but I wasn’t sure what I would say or how to proceed. The girl had me all kinds of crazy! Mercifully though our next class did come. At our next class, I took off work a bit early so I could make sure that I was dressed nice, and had put on the proper amount of cologne. When Lisa walked in, she looked even more stunning than usual. Her skirt was a little shorter, her perky tits were jutting out nicely, and her smile lit up the whole room. She sat down and discretely slipped me a folded piece of paper. It was a note, folded neatly and sealed with a lipstick kiss on the front. I turned to look at her puzzled and she nodded, indicating she wanted me to open it. It simply said to look at her legs – something I was more than happy to do. Turning to look, I saw her slowly pull up the hem of her skirt to reveal that she was wearing thigh-top stockings and a garter belt, but no panties. I wanted her right then and there! She leaned towards me a little bit. “When we take out first break, grab your things because you and I are leaving,” she whispered. I looked her in the eye, “Sounds like a plan,” I said back, my heart almost choking me before I could get the words out. At the first break, we both grabbed our things and walked out to my truck. I opened the passenger door for her and helped her up on the running board of my truck. Being a four-wheel drive, it is a bit high so I took her by the waist to help her up. As she stood on the running board, she took my hand and slid it over her hip to her ass, turning to give me a sexy little “what do you think of that?” smile. My cock jumped as I felt her warm skin under her short skirt. Collecting my wits, I closed the door and got in the drivers’ side. Once I had closed my door, I turned and looked at her. She was gorgeous. She giggled and said, “So are you going to just sit there and look at me, or are we going to leave?” “Where are we going?” “My apartment. I have a little surprise waiting there,” she said with a wink. “Do you mind if I take off my shoes? These heels are killing my feet!” she asked as we drove out of the parking lot and started headed to her place. “No, go ahead. I don’t see how you girls walk in those things anyway!” I said chuckling. She took off her shoes and turned sideways in her seat, laying her sexy feet in my lap. She began rubbing her stockinged feet against my already hard cock. I turned to look at her and she smiled devilishly, pulling up her skirt a bit to reveal a smoothly shaved pussy. I tried hard to concentrate on the rode as she foot-massaged my straining cock. I began caressing her long smooth legs in return. I was in heaven and couldn’t wait to get us to her apartment. When we got to her apartment, she showed me where the visitor parking spaces were and I pulled the truck in the nearest one to her building’s entrance.

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