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night outWe are on our way to a hotel for, what Chase thinks is just a run of the mill amazing night with each other, but he has no idea that I have a plan for tonight that will up the ante on amazing nights forever. We pull into the hotel, and go straight to the room since I’ve already checked in. We walk in and he finds a woman, with long dark hair and large perky tits laying on the bed, she is wearing thigh high black leather high heeled boots, black fishnet tights a black leather mini skirt, black leather gloves and a black leather jacket, unzipped to show that she isn’t wearing anything underneath it. He stops for a moment to try to figure out what exactly is going on, and I take that time to take off my baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants to reveal what I’m wearing underneath, which is a back leather breast-less bustier, and the same tight black leather mini skirt with black fishnet hose underneath. “Umm, baby? Whats going on?” he asks, as she and I both step a little closer to him. “You wanted an epic night honey, and we are going to give it to you” I answer. He starts to say something else, but she smacks his ass with a crop and I say “enough talking. No more talking.” and she and I each stand on one güvenilir bahis side of him and kiss him, running our hands up and down his chest, and start to slowly strip him down, easing his shirt up over his head, and then walking him gently over to the bed, and laying him down, and removing his socks, one at a time. Then slowly, carefully I unbutton his pants and ease them down around his hips, and pull them slowly down his legs and off. While I’m doing this, she is slowly running her crop up and down along his chest, and when I finally get his underwear off and he is completely naked, she runs the crop lightly along his hardening cock and then smacks him lightly on the thigh. She bends over his body and I just watch for a moment as she uses her leather gloved hand to play with his dick, and teases the end of it with her tongue until he is moaning with anticipation. I crawl up beside them as she takes his dick into her mouth, and I get my hands full of her hair and I use it as a handle to push her head down, gagging her on his hard dick as its shoved down her throat. I repeat this over and over again, making him fuck her mouth while she gags and he moans and finally I let her up and I climb mobilbahis güvenilir mi on top of him and lower myself down over his dick and take his cock deep into my pussy and I use my legs to pump it hard and deep into me over and over again until it is coated in my pussy juice, and then I stand up and grab her hair and shove her mouth over his cock again and I fuck her mouth with his cock again, shoving it deep into her throat sometimes and sometimes just letting her lick the end of it, getting all of the taste of my pussy off of his cock. I let her up and I climb onto Chases chest, with my back to him, and I reach down and put his dick inside me and spread my legs wide while he pumps his dick in and out of me. She gets on her knees beside the bed and uses her gloved hand to play with Chases dick while it thrusts hard in and out of me, and she uses her tongue to lick at my swollen clit, occasionally pulling his dick out of my pussy and rubbing it all over my dripping clit before shoving it roughly back into my pussy and returning to licking and sucking at my clit until I can start to feel the intense orgasm building inside of me. I sit up, still with his dick inside mobilbahis giriş of me, and shove it even deeper inside of my cunt while she licks at my clit until the first spasms of the orgasm hit me and I feel the gush as the juices shoot out of me and blast all over her face and she licks and sucks at my clit even still as I’m screaming out my orgasm. I climb off Chase, afraid that my spasming pussy will cause him to cum, and I’m not nearly done with him yet. She leans back into the portable sex swing that I added to the room earlier when I checked in, and we traded, this time it was my turn to lick and suck at her swollen clit and fuck her wet pussy with my tongue until she is screaming and writhing underneath me. I look up to see what Chase is doing while I’m making her cum, and he is laying on the bed, watching us. I crawl over to him and grab his hand and lead him over to where her head is, and I tell her to roll over, so she is on her stomach on the swing, and it puts her at the exact right level to suck his dick while I eat her pussy from behind. Before he knows what happens, I spin her around 180 degrees on the chain that the swing is hanging from and shove his dick into her pussy and use the swing to pump him in and out of her over and over again. I watch his face and just when I can see that he is about to cum, I pull her off and spin her back around and move closer just in time to use my hand and pull at his hard cock until it shoots cum all over both of our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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