Night at the Oil Party – Part 3

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Night at the Oil Party – Part 3As we went around the room it was apparent that each of the couples were made up of bi or bi curious men and women, and as we got closer to my turn I was getting really excited about the potential for a really fun experience.The other single guy introduced himself as Jack and was a taller gentleman with large hands, and a very good looking body. The single woman was Claudia and she was a blonde woman with very large breasts, a nice round body and beautiful blue eyes. Both proclaimed that they were bi sexual and enjoyed oral and were here to play with and serve anyone interested in playing with them, but that they would respect any couple who desired to play together or only with other couples.When it came my turn to speak, I somewhat nervously introduced myself to the group.“Hello, my name is Harry and I’m a 43 year old divorced lawyer and father of two. I’m new to the lifestyle of swinging but have enjoyed a few threesomes with couples in the past. I’m new to group events like this but was lucky enough to have met Louis and he was gracious enough to invite me to join you here tonight. I enjoy both sexes and am open to playing with anyone who is comfortable being with me. I also completely respect that if you are not into single men, then I will not ask or attempt to touch or play with you tonight,” casino siteleri I said adding that “no means no and the women are who are in charge in the lifestyle.”With that Louis thanked all of us for sharing an introduction and finished with a few details about protocol for tonight’s event.“Tonight is a special event, one we don’t often hold but has been one of our favorites in the past. Tonight’s party theme is oil…primarily baby oil, and each of you has been informed up front and know that you will end this evening in hopefully a very slippery, wet, and satisfied condition. Showers will obviously be available for cleaning up afterward,” said Louis as everyone in the room looked around and you could sense the anticipation in the room.“All of the women in this room have been asked if bisexual activity among men is a turn off in any way and none have said yes. At our parties if we have any women who are not open to bi play among the guys then we do not allow that type of play, however none of the women stated that there is a problem with that and none have said so, is that still correct?” he asked.“No I like boys with boys,” smiled Claudia, and the room busted out in nervous laughter together.“Are there any restrictions on what type of bi play is acceptable?” asked Ray, holding Janet’s hand and sipping on some red canlı casino wine.“Only with whomever you are with,” responded Louis.“Each woman has been asked if they are offended by oral or anal play among men and none have said yes, so if you are interested in such activity it shouldn’t be a problem,” stated Louis.“May I use my strap on boys and girls?” asked Maddy and all of the women giggled excitedly.“If they agree yes,” said Louis, “I might even enjoy that if you are interested.”Everyone had a good laugh at that time and you could tell that the chemistry in the room was right for a good time to be had by all.Louis then instructed any of the women who wanted to change to go ahead and use the room located across the hall. He asked all the men to wait in the room while the women changed, got comfortable, and were ready to play.As the women chatted and headed out of the room we all refreshed our drinks, and I toured both rooms to check out the features. Each room had two queen size beds as well as a large entertainment area with an L shaped couch. Each room was adorned multiple large screen TV’s and each was showing adult movies. I ventured out onto the patio and found Jack and Frank sharing a joint. They asked if I’d like to join them so I stepped outside and shared a couple of hits with them while sharing some small kaçak casino talk.Frank explained that he and Joanna were not married to each other but were married to others back in Oakland. He explained that neither one of their spouses approved of their bisexuality so they would meet in local cities under the guise of business and share time together and occasionally attended events like this one.As I began to feel the effects of the joint, Jack shared that he was married but that his wife no longer was interested in sex with anyone and so he played solo and enjoyed Louis’ parties very much. As a long time attendee he was now accepted as a regular single player in the group, along with Claudia who he said was an amazingly good lover.“You are very lucky that Louis invited you to this event,” Jack added.“Why is that,” I asked.“This is a very exclusive group and you must have done something right for Louis to have allowed you to attend,” said Jack.“Why thank you Jack. I’m honest and up front and hopefully that and my decent looks helped seal the deal,” I responded.“You are a very attractive man,” added Frank.“Joanna already whispered to me that she’d enjoy getting to know what you’ve got under your clothes,” said Frank. His comments and the effects of the high quality of the joint instantly made me feel comfortable and increasingly horny.“I appreciate that very much Frank. Thank you. And you two, as well as everyone else I’ve met here so far are very sexy. I feel very fortunate to be here tonight, that’s for sure.”“Do you find me attractive too” asked Jack.

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