Night at an Old Desert Motel

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This is a true story that took place in Northern Nevada. Everyone involved gave prior full consent and all those involved were adults over 21.

A night at an old desert motel

This was a small vacation and not planned to be a day of flashing and public nudity

My Name is Buck, or at least that’s what everyone calls me. My friend, my sex buddy is Loriann (Lori). We both enjoy voyeuristic and exhibitionist situations. Although each time she tells me she is embarrassed it never seems to hold her back from actively engaging in these situations with me. This day I had made reservations at an old one-story motel in the desert halfway between Las Vegas and our destination, as we were on our way to visit friends.

I am 38 years old, 6 feet tall, 170 pounds and proud my 7 inches of manhood. Lori is a 35-year-old woman that stands just 5 feet 4 inches tall, 125 pounds, large B-cup breasts, shoulder length light brown hair and a body just built for sex. She lived to tease men, and I certainly didn’t mind her doing so, as I enjoyed doing the same to her.

I was wearing an oversized tee and pair of light swim trunks as shorts, with the webbing cut out of them. Living in the desert you want nothing tight to your skin if you want to be comfortable, and we both dressed appropriately. She wore a short, flared skirt that fell about 6 inches below her crotch and an oversized tank top. We were set for a comfortable trip. We also liked to pass the time playing games that would cost the loser a flash or exposing themselves in the car, just fun to pass the time.

We were heading up route 95 north of Las Vegas, which can be a lonely boring drive. Most times, especially when its 110 degrees outside, you drive through these small towns and don’t see a soul on the streets. People in the desert learn to get their running around done early so they aren’t out in the heat of the day, and this day was no different. Even with air conditioning sometimes your clothes will stick to your skin, or your skin to the seats of the car.

The games we would play are knowledge or chance-based ones. You know the type, Name the group in the radio first, and stuff like that. Today we were playing a game with cards where you choose a number and draw a card. The person closet to their card with their guess would win, five wins and you get to give the other person a dare and the next round starts. Because I was driving my dares had to be saved until we got to a place, I could pull over to accomplish them. As we played, I lost my shirt, shorts, and my dare was to walk around ankara eryaman escort the car in a parking lot before getting my clothes back. Being an exhibitionist, I really didn’t mind this dare, so I pulled over into a small shopping center in this small town. I stripped out of my clothes, got out and walked around the car, then got back in and dressed. Lori had lost a few rounds and was sitting there in just her tank top.

The next four rounds went my way, and she lost her tank, and ended up owing me three dares. Feeling a bit nervous she asked me to give her a dare she could do in the car while driving. I reminded her that my dare required me getting out of the car naked, so hers should require the same. Feeling her displeasure, I made her an offer to get rid of one dare. One hand of blackjack and she owed me only two dares but lose and she would be required to spend our entire time at the motel naked and still would owe me two dares. She agreed and she shuffled the deck for the next game.

I couldn’t believe my luck when she dealt me a blackjack and herself a 14. Now she owed me two dares and remain naked until morning, and I could see the wheels turning in her head. “How am I going to get from the car to the room without clothes”. I reminded her it would be dark when we got there, and I would go register and get the keys while she remained naked in the car. She got a naughty grin on her face although I knew she was worried about how many people might be in the parking lot. I was planning something special for her and wasn’t going to spring it on her until we got there.

We pulled into the motel lot just a bit after dusk, dark enough for my plans but not dark enough for the lights to come in. Let me describe this motel because I chose it due to its layout. The entire motel was built in a square with the pool being on the inside of the square. The parking area was on the outside of the square where the entry door is located. Inside you walked into a bedroom with dressers and a TV, further back it had a small kitchenette with a sliding glass door leading out to the pool and patio area. In between were the bathroom and closet area with the parking right out front of the entry door.

After getting the key from the office, I pulled up in front of the room, grabbed Lori’s clothes, got out and opened the room leaving her clothes inside. I returned to the car and popped the trunk open and leaned in to tell Lori her first dare was to bring the luggage inside the room, then I shut the driver’s side door. She slowly and carefully got escort sınırsız çankaya out and I locked the doors behind her, sending a shiver of excitement and fear through her. Now naked standing next to a locked car she resolved herself to complete this dare as quickly as possible. She walked to the back of the car standing there without anything to block someone’s view if they saw her. She pulled the two bags out, shut the trunk and quickly walked inside. “That felt frightening and amazing all at the same time so let’s get on with my second dare”. I wasn’t going to let her off that easy, I wanted the anticipation and fear to build up inside her. So I told her to take a shower while I got ready and then I’d join her.

With her in the bathroom I went through my bag to find the suction cup dildo I had brought along. I went into the kitchen to the sliding glass door going out to the pool and patio. The door had two curtains that opened at the center with the pull of a cord, and I parted them to put the dildo on the glass, then shut the drapes around it. I joined Lori in the shower, and I rubbed and teased her almost to orgasm while we showered. She asked me about her second dare, and I told her it would be right after we got out and dried. I could tell she was over excited thinking that in the room she didn’t have much to worry about, but I had plans for her.

When she came into the kitchen, she saw the dildo sticking out from the curtains and thought this was going to be an easy dare. Now Lori is a screamer when it comes to having an orgasm, and I loved to hear her. I handed her a set of headphones playing music and a blindfold. “I want you to cum on that dildo and I don’t want you trying to be quiet when you do it, so put the headphones on and mount up girl”. She did as she was told and after she got in position, I put the blind fold in her. Horny from the shower play, it didn’t take her long to get her rhythm and start moaning towards her soon to come orgasm. What she didn’t know is that I slowly pulled the cord opening the drapes to the pool, where five young men sat drinking beer. Not being able to hear herself she was loud enough for the Men to hear and come over to watch. She rode that dildo hard and kept her vocal performance going so the men were enjoying this just as much as I was.

As she reached her orgasm she was yelling “Fuck, oh fuck yes, I’m. Going to cum”. With that she exploded inside and squirted all over the glass door, moaning and cooing loud enough for all to hear her. That is when I finished with my plan by reaching çankaya eve gelen escort bayan down and taking the headphones and blindfold off her. That is when she heard the well-earned applause of the five young men. She turned her head to see and was instantly a state of fear, embarrassment, and ecstasy from her orgasm. But she recovered quite quickly by remaining in all fours and turning towards the door, taking the soaked dildo into her mouth and sucking the whole length of it.

She removed the stiff rubber cock from the glass, sat up on her ankles, and continued to deep throat it as a performance for the strangers on the other side. Two of them had their cocks out stroking themselves as they watched her. At this point my plan had already gone further than I had planned, and I figured “What the hell” and slide the door open. That was all the young men needed, and they approached her gently pulling the rubber cock from her mouth and replacing it with theirs. As I stood behind watching this play out, I figured I should take advantage of this situation, so I pushed her up on all fours, used her own cum to lubricate my cock and her ass, and I took her from behind. As the first man unloaded his cum in her mouth the second man stepped into position with his thick 10 inches in hand. I swear I heard her purr as she took him straight down her throat. She never once gagged or hesitated as she swallowed the entirety of this stranger. After about a minute or so, she removed him and said, “I have to give this a ride before its spent and done, let’s take this party outside boys”.

She got up, took the hand of the 10-inch man, led him poolside, and instructed him to lay down. She mounted him trying to get it all up inside herself and enjoying every minute of it as I reentered her from behind while the next man offered his cock to her waiting mouth. I never saw a woman more content than Lori was at that moment, sucking one cock while trying to get another completely up inside her pussy and being ass fucked all at the same time. At some point she turned into a fucking machine as she took all six of us in each one of her holes. Two hours passed before she had pleasured us all and orgasmed herself into oblivion, losing all connection to any reality except six cocks waiting to use her body.

After she had performed as much as she could, I brought her back inside and put her in the shower sitting in the floor. I washed her inside and out I dried her and out her to bed, satisfying my over energized libido throughout the night. We slept late the next morning to find the same five men sitting out at the pool. After we ate breakfast Lori asked me if we had to go to my friend’s house after all.

We spent the next three days at that motel, saying goodbye to some and hello to the new arrivals. A three-day orgy that neither Lori, me, nor the numerous men we met will ever forget.

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