Nick and Jake

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Nick Lombardo was the most beautiful creation in the history of this world. I ached to see what lied between his legs. I had dreams of fucking him, and dreams of seeing his beautiful, big dick.
We had just moved, and Nick was coming out to see the new house. We have known each other for around five years. Neither of my parents were home, and Nick was just getting dropped off. I was going to show him around. A tour.
When we finished the tour, we had gone into my family room to watch a movie on the new 42 inch plasma. I just so happened to glance over when he was sitting that his dick was making a small bulge, which ALMOST made mine explode.
“So…..Nick…..can I…ask you something?” I said.
“What is it, Jake?”
“Do you know…masturbate?” I said, not believing I just asked him that.
“Um..I didn’t expect that. But….to be honest…y-yeah… I do.” Nick said. “I love doing it. And I haven’t done for three days and I’ve been dying to do it again! Do you?”
I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Yeah, all the time. I haven’t done it since yesterday.”
Nick got a smile on his face that my dick started to grow to. “Well, since neither of us has done it soon enough, let’s do it together! What do you say?”
“Absolutely! But not here. It would be too messy. No, we have to do it somewhere perfect. The master bathroom. Let’s go!” I said. We both ran into the master bedroom and then into the bathroom.
“I’ll go first!” Nick said, beginning to take off his shirt. Judging by his shorts, he was excited. Really excited. When he had his shorts off, I could see his dick alive in his boxers. He ripped them off, showing a gorgeous, big, beautiful dick.
“Let me measure it.” I said, running quickly to get a ruler. When I came back, I swear it got even more erected! I measured. It read just under six inches, and I knew mine was over six inches. So he wasn’t much smaller than me thankfully.
“Okay, now take off your damn clothes already!” Nick said, smiling. “I want to do this!”
“Okay, okay!” I started to take off my clothes, revealing my (to others) good-looking body. Nick looked at my upper body Escort Ankara and smiled. I started to take off my shorts, and my dick sprung to life when I just had my boxers on. I took those off too, and Nick just stared at my dick.
“I have an idea.” He said, and then he grabbed my dick and started stroking it. “Jack off each other!” He didn’t have to say more. I grabbed his dick and we both laid down on the floor, positioning ourselves so that we could do this comfortably. We did this for about fifteen seconds when my dream popped into my head.
“Wait, stop! I’ve got an idea. Lean against that wall over there.” I showed him how.
“Like this?” He said, doing it right.
“Yeah, now one second.” I went over to the closet in the bathroom and grabbed baby oil. I took it and rubbed it all over my dick. It felt so good. I went back over to Nick and said, “Are you ready?”
He already knew what was happening. “Yes, just fuck me!”
With that said, I took my dick and shoved it into his anus, causing Nick to yell.
“Oh yeah, that’s it!”
I started thrusting fast and hard, going deeper and deeper with my dick with each thrust into him. I reached around and started jacking him off, that way he could have fun too. But when I did he said, “Don’t think I’m not going to fuck you, because I am SO going to fuck you.”
“All right!” I said, going back to thrusting. His anus felt so good, and the tight squeeze stimulated me so much. If I were to cum, I would just fall over.
“Oh, Jake! Ugh! I feel you inside me! Ugh! Harder! HARDER!” I couldn’t believe the pleasure we were both going through. And then…I felt it coming.
“Nick! I’m…I’m…going to…cum!” I said, trying to hold it in.
“Just do it! DO IT!” Nick yelled.
“UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!” I was cumming. It felt so good. SO GOOD! I kept cumming for about twenty seconds when I finally pulled out.
“Man,” Nick said, “that was good. Okay, you do what I was doing.”
I felt so good, and was ready to be fucked. Nick took his big, fat dick and jammed into my anus.
“OH MY GOD!” We both said simultaneously.
“Oh yeah! OH YEAH! UGH! UGH!” Ankara Escort Nick said as he jammed into me with giant thrusts. It felt so good. Even after I had just had the orgasm of my life I still felt incredible.
How did it feel? If you’ve ever taken your finger and pushed it through your anus and it feels good? Imagine that times a billion. If feels so freaking incredible.
The baby oil made his dick slip and slide through me.
“Jake! I’m about…to..cum! Ugh! Ugh!” Nick said.
I felt so good I told him, “Don’t hold back! Blast me with everything you have! DO IT! CUM INSIDE ME! CUM!”
That just made him let go of his enormous load. He dumped it all into me. I felt hot liquid jet into me, with his pulsating dick inside me.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! I LOVE YOU JAKE! I LOVE YOU!” Nick screamed. Later I thought it was the cum talking, but he actually meant it when he said. I actually responded.
“I Love you too, Nick!”
It was about thirty seconds of him unloading into me and moaning. Afterwards, he slid his dick out and fell on the ground, exhausted and panting. I could feel my anus still dripping with his cum. I couldn’t believe that I just fucked this boy, and that he just fucked me.
“We should take a bath in that tub over there.” I said.
“Yeah. We should. Plus we could clean ourselves off.” Nick replied. His dick was still hard, and so was mine. I filled the water with the faucet part and the jets and it filled up in an instant. I added soap, and sure enough, it was ready.
We both got in.
“Jake, do you realize that we just fucked each other?” Nick said.
“I know, it’s hard to believe what just happened.”
“This could mean that we could do this with each other for a long time. And it would always be fun. I mean, once you fuck a girl, she can’t fuck you like you did her. It’s all over when you cum. But with us, it could happen twice, and we both get the same feelings.” Nick said.
“I know, right? I don’t know why a lot of boys think this is so bad. It’s a lot of fun. Like, A LOT OF FUN.” I said, realizing neither of our hard dicks ever went Ankara Escort Bayan soft. “Remember when we said we were going to masturbate each other?”
“Let’s actually masturbate each other. Without fucking each other.”
“Sounds like a plan.”Nick said. “Do you want to go first?”
“Sure.” I said. Nick reached over, grabbed my hard dick, and started stroking it up and down.
“Ugh!” I said, moving around and curling my toes as he pumped me. He’s clearly done this before. The warm water was helping me get stimulated as he just pumped away. When finally after about a minute, I said, “Nick! I’m going to cum soon!”
He slowed his strokes. “Do you want me to go slow or finish?”
“Finish it!” I said.
With that, he immediately pumped fast and hard, splashing the water. I was five seconds from blasting my load.
I finally rocketed my cum up and even out of the water, causing me to stretch my legs out and moan.
“Awesome!” I said, while panting. “You’re really good.”
“What can I say, I’ve had practice.” He smiled. I reached over, and grabbed his dick. I started pumping harder than he pumped me, and was pumping harder and harder each time. He was starting to wince from pleasure, squeezing the side of the tub. He didn’t take long at all, not even a minute, when he finally said, “Jake! I’m literally right about to cum!”
As he said that cum shot from his dick out of the water like mine, and he moaned with pleasure from the orgasm.
“Oh my god. That felt so good.” He said.
“Mine, too.” I said.
“Maybe we should stop before we use all the cum in us, ‘cause we might, looking back at this.”
“Yeah, but it’d take a while. After all, we’re young. And full of cum.”
Nick smiled. “True.” He stood up from the tub, causing me to nearly get another hard-on from his beautiful body. While no longer hard, his dick was still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. “Come on, why don’t we clean this up, and make it look like none of this happened and go do something that doesn’t involve our dicks.”
“Good idea.” I replied.
“But,” Nick said, “that doesn’t mean we won’t be using them with each other again.”
“Oh, I know. I know. “ I smiled.
We left the bathroom to go do something that didn’t involve our dicks. This wasn’t the only time Mick and I came together. Literally.

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