Nicholas or Nicole

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Nicholas or NicoleMy life changed when I met Clare. We met in a very awkward fashion being tied up while nude and not knowing how we had gotten there. I should probably start at the beginning…My name is Nicholas Valence…I am not the type to go to a party by any means. I am usually entertained by myself, but something possessed me to go to the party that my friend Jordan invited me to, she and I have been close friends since we were k**s. To be honest, I always had a little bit of a crush on Jordan but never told her fearing it would ruin our friendship, she has had bad luck with guys in the past, and I have been there after each break up trying to tell her how I feel but failing miserably. Anyway, I arrived at her place early to help set up for it, and realized she was acting a tad strange, but I couldn’t place it so I ignored it. A few hours later, people started showing up, none of which I knew very well. Most of my night, I spent enjoying the music as people around me danced when a woman came up to me asking if I wanted to dance with her and I turned her down, because I wasn’t really in the mood (I must admit she was cute though). I just wanted to sit there enjoying my lemonade, until I spotted Jordan through the doorway into the next room as she sat on the couch when a woman wearing a miniskirt came to lay against her and start kissing her ever so passionately. I couldn’t believe my eye’s, is that the Jordan I have known all these years? Could she really be gay? I had to get a closer look, so I stood up and approached the other room, but after taking a few steps I felt odd, then fell to the ground, that woman who asked to dance must have slipped something in my drink. That is when I woke up next to a gorgeous woman with flowing black hair unlike Jordan’s whose hair was shoulder length and brown. I shortly learned several things, she and I were both chained to the bed, we were both naked, and I had no idea where I was, and I had no recollection of how I had gotten there. That woman rolled over as I was thinking these things, then I realized she was the woman kissing Jordan, how did I end up here!? I felt a surge of panic as she began to wake up, what was I going to say? She didn’t seem surprised at all by the situation at all after opening her eye’s. I asked her what was going on, and she simply replied “Whatever you desire.” The way she said it was so sexy, I felt myself get aroused under the cover’s, and she noticed the mound that had formed because of my arousal to which she said “Again? I would love to.” She then reached under the blanket grabbing my cock, did she say again? I am starting to get the picture of what happened last night. I don’t even know her name, it would be impolite to ask with her hand stroking me,(a devilish expression came across my face) so I figured I may as well embrace the moment, So I began kissing her neck which made her take deep breaths as her back arched making her breasts stick out. What am I doing? This isn’t me at all. These thought’s didn’t slow me down. She kept stroking me as we held and caressed each other until I was on the verge of cumming, then she stopped and reached under the bed on her side grabbing canlı kaçak iddaa a key, and undoing the lock that held her there, then left the room. The TV hanging on the wall switched on just as the woman left, and Jordan’s smiling face appeared her word’s that followed are the one’s that forever changed who I was: “Nicholas, I am sorry for having Clare tease you so much, but it was a beautiful sight.” She had been watching, I was turned on even more by this. “Nick, I found you lying on the floor, I didn’t know what to do, but I always felt this way towards you, and last night was so amazing. Do you remember it?” I couldn’t remember what happened last night, did I have sex with Jordan and Clare? “You are probably wondering what’s going on and to be honest, I have had feeling’s for you for some time, and I also have feeling’s for Clare and had no idea how to tell you all of this. You know how I always said actions always mean more than word’s, you are about to know what I mean.” The TV turned off, and Jordan came through the door wearing nothing but a ribbon wrapping around her breast’s covering her nipple’s, and a bow perfectly positioned to cover what I had wanted to see for so long. “I hope you like your gift, wanna unwrap it?” That’s when Clare came in still nude and holding a key that she used to undo the chain around both of my ankle’s freeing me and she simply said “Have fun you two.” and then left the room as Jordan approached me throwing the covers aside exposing my erection with beads of precum running down the shaft and all the way to my ball’s because of Clare teasing me. Her eye’s lit up then she put her tongue just above my ass and licked from there all the way across my ball’s, up the shaft, and then put her tongue around the head. She focused on that for several minutes, licking and sucking, until she started nibbling on the side of the shaft making me moan. She started to deepthroat my spit-covered cock when I brushed her hair behind her ear, then she started bobbing her head up and down tickling my ball’s as she sucked. I whispered to her that I was about to cum, and she sucked on the head and stroked until I came into her mouth. She didn’t swallow any of it like I expected, she kept it all in her mouth until I was done, then she french kissed me forcing me to taste and swallow my own hot load. Jordan said “I think it is time you unwrap your present” and winked. So I started with the ribbon covering her nipple’s; I found it ripped off easily enough from the back, and then fell dr****g over my cock, which she then tied tightly around the base into a cute bow making me harder than I had ever been. Wow, her breast’s are just as I imagined them to be, flawless. After admiring them for what felt like eternity, I buried my face in them and had her lay down. I then began licking from just above the bow she was wearing and up her chest crossing her belly button to her breast’s where I licked in circles around her nipple’s when she grabbed the back of my head and pulled even closer nearly suffocating me. Jordan asked if I wanted to see the rest, and of course I did, so pulled off the bow and placed it just further up above the dripping canlı kaçak bahis wet pussy before me, it was shaven minus the well-trimmed line of hair just above it. So I went down on her sliding my hand’s under her ass, then grabbed it leaving nail mark’s as I found out later. As I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could. I enjoyed the taste, it was sweet and with the taste of my cum still there, they mixed and it was delicious. I wanted a bit of revenge for her forcing my own cum in my mouth, so I pulled out my tongue from her, then kissed her making our tongue’s twisted around each other. She took my tongue in her mouth and bobbed up and down like when she was blowing me, then stopped and we both smiled at each other. I started kissing her neck leaving a trail of kisses down to her delicious pussy. I planted one kiss on her little clit which made her gasp. She wanted more, so she wrapped her thigh’s and hand’s around my head which turned me on, so I licked faster until she arched her back, threw her head to the side making her hair flip in front of her face as she came while her thigh’s flexed making me grip her firm ass even tighter. She let me move out of that position shortly after, then told me to stand up, which I did. She said “turn around”, and how could I refuse, so I did when she then stood up with her pussy juice’s flowing down the inside of her leg’s. She then asked, “Do you know what would go nicely with that little red ribbon around this?” as she grabbed my cock again. Before I had time to answer, Clare from earlier showed up with a bag and a blindfold. Jordan said she had to go and that Clare could have me for the moment, and left the room. I asked her what was in the bag, but she said it’s a surprise and to just be patient, then put the blindfold on me tying it in the back, telling me not to peek. I was a little worried as I heard her rummage through the bag, then she told me to lie down on my back and spread my leg’s. As I was lying there, I was curious what happen next when all of a sudden I felt Clare licking my ass. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and just when I was about to protest, she rechained me to the bed but by the hands this time and I knew resisting would be useless. Then I felt something hard press against the opening to my ass, and I thought it was her finger as it slid in slowly, it was slippery, she must have lubed it up. As it went in, it felt like it was getting much thicker (realizing it wasn’t her finger) until it was mildly painful, but then she asked how I liked the plug. I told her it hurt, and she said sorry, and kissed where it hurt, saying she would make it feel better in that sexy voice of her’s and began jacking me off. She gripped tighter as she stroked faster until I was about to cum when she stopped again, and pulled out something from the bag again. She then pulled my leg’s nearly together, and slid something up my leg’s and over my swollen cock as I felt a string go in between my cheeks getting caught on the plug wiggling it a bit making me gasp. Clare said, “Jordan was right, the thong does go well with the cute little bow!” The feel of the thong was a nice one, bahis siteleri canlı women really are lucky. I could feel my precum seeping through the thong, and apparently Clare noticed too as she licked it up making several passes being sure to get it all. Clare locked my ankle’s but undid my arm’s, then took off the blindfold. She was wearing black crotchless panties, with fishnets, and a black lace bra now. She took off her bra letting her flawless breast’s show, and handed it to me, it matched the thong I was wearing. It was obvious she wanted me to put it on, and once I did, I felt like a new person; a beautiful and sexy person. With my hair already being long, and my habit of shaving every hair on my body, I was ideal for cross-dressing. Clare said, “You know Nicholas, the name Nicole fits you much better now.”, and I agreed. She proceeded to pull out the butt plug as she licked and kissed my inner thigh, it felt much better coming out. She wasn’t done with my ass, not by a long shot. She pulled out a string of anal beads, and said “Now that you have been properly conditioned with the plug, these should go right in.” The first one entered me effortlessly with a surge of pleasure, then the second one went in making my back arch, and the third making me moan like a woman, then she pulled them out quickly making a satisfying pop. She threw them to the side and told me to close my eye’s, and when she told me to open them less than a moment later, a dildo was in my face. It was a strap-on, and she told me to suck it like a good girl, then I took as much of it in my mouth as I could getting it nice and wet, then she told me to turn and bend over. She moved the thong to the side with her teeth, and licked the opening for a second, then plunged in putting the whole thing into me at once telling me I was cute as I moaned. She kept on fucking me as fast as she could while grabbing my hips, and I wanted to cum so bad, but the ribbon was tied around me preventing it. She pulled my back to her chest as she continued to thrust into me as hard as she reached into the lace bra she gave me playing with my nipple,until finally she said “Get ready.”And before I knew what she was talking about, she pushed a button, and filled me with a fabricated cum shot that bursted three times in me making me feel full. She pulled out, and as she did, the fake cum oozed out of my ass going over my cock, then she started rimming again. put her head on my shoulder and whispered “You can’t cum yet Nicole, you haven’t even fucked me yet.” With that she took off the strap-on, and used two fingers to spread her pussy to me which was dripping wet with her cum and blood visible through the crotchless panties then said “I am always horny this time of the month.” My dick was against my chest when she began grinding her pussy against it before guiding it inside her. It was so tight as she rode me, her ass slamming down against my thigh’s as I grabbed her hip’s pulling her down even harder with each humping motion. When she was about to cum, she said “Cum with me.” and undid the ribbon letting me shoot my sticky load in her as she fell; her tit’s against my bra she screamed “FUCK” and had a full body orgasm making her painfully tight. When she stood up, I noticed my cum mix with her blood to look like peppermint, I wonder if it tastes that way…Part 2 Coming Soon, Next round there will be a little action between Jordan and Clare 😉

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