Next Door Dom Celebrates Memorial Day With Us 2

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Next Door Dom Celebrates Memorial Day With Us 2This next part gets a little … weird. I am not generally into enemas and if you are not either, skip this one. But this is what happened…..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“When I woke up Sunday morning, Ann was nowhere to be found. The car was in its place, and everything was normal, but after a quick once over, I was fairly certain she had to have gone outside. So I pulled on some shorts and a shirt, grabbed a bagel and went out the back door. I saw the back door at Molly’s open and Molly stuck her head out and called over, “About time you woke up!! Come over here and lend us a hand. I already have coffee!” She smiled and ducked back inside.I was a little disappointed when I walked in. The kitchen was sparkling clean, if Spartan in its decoration. I guess I had hoped to see a flail for beating eggs and racks for hanging… sides of beef or beef cake from! But there was nothing that said that this was anything but the home of a woman just starting out in a new house.“How do you like your coffee?” Molly asked as she stepped over to the coffee machine and pulled out the pot.“Black is fine.”“Good, because I don’t have any cream or any fancy stuff yet!” she laughed and turned around and handed me a steaming cup of coffee.“Where’s Ann?” I asked as I took a sip of the strong brew.“She is in the basement, doing some cleaning.” She took a sip of her cup, leaned back on the counter and said, “We need to talk.”“What about?”“I don’t think you have what it takes to be a Top and I know Ann does not have an ounce of ability in that direction. So I would like to propose to you first, that I become your Bitch Mistress for the two of you this summer.” Her green eyes stared at me as if she could read every thought that flashed through my mind. It would have been a neat trick if she could, because they stormed through my head by the thousand every second!!! What did she mean? What would Ann say? Could I handle it? God, how could I be so lucky? Was this for real?…. On and on the questions raced, circled and forced other issues to come to the surface! To say that I was stunned and overwhelmed would have been a gross understatement!!“It really does not matter what Ann thinks, that’s why I am talking to you. She will do whatever we say. Actually, she will do whatever I say. I own her now. You are still her husband, but she serves me. So what will it be? Will you serve me as a couple, or will I just steal your wife from you whenever I need her?” Molly’s eyes still looked into my eyes, but there was a slight upward curl to her lips as she raised her cup for another sip.“What the hell do you mean, ‘serve you as a couple?’ You are young enough to be our daughter! Do you really think you can just move in here and take over running our lives? I don’t fucking think so, sister!” I nearly was yelling as I got to the last words! As she lowered her cup, there was no denying now the smile that lay on her lips so seductively.With her butt, she pushed herself upright away from the counter and took three slow seductive steps toward me until there was less than a foot between us. “You discovered last night how much you like being used by a real woman Brian. You came alive and it shows this morning because you actually think that you have a backbone. But let me tell you something. I have Ann’s pussy, and I will own your cock and balls this summer, because you know you want me to have them. Don’t you?” With that, her hand swung forward and grabbed my package through the cargo shorts!!My eyes flew open and I started to sputter, but her other hand came up to my lips, and her index finger crossed my lips and silenced me. “Your wife is downstairs, naked. She is cleaning my collection of toys and restraints and hanging them up and putting them on display for me. She is doing it with a butt plug lodged in her round little bottom. There is a pretty, ruby red stone peeking out from her sphincter. Every step she takes, the heavy metal reminds her that I own her ass. And she smiles!”Removing her finger from my lips, Molly moved slowly closer to me, her lips coming ever closer. “You want me to own your ass as well. Your cock is growing in my hand. You only think to breathe because I remind you! But what you want to inhale more than oxygen is me! You want my lips, my tongue, and my body…my approval.” The air of the last words rose from her moist lips and I felt it curl around my own lips and pull every ounce of self-will out of my soul.Then her lips brushed across mine. Her tongue, tasted my upper lip. Then she sucked in my lower lip and bit it firmly, pulling me into her. Had she a magic wand and potions long treasured from the darkest illegal bahis of heavy books of magic, she could not have more thoroughly mesmerize and hypnotized me! I was owned and to be honest, I was glad!!! Releasing my lip, she stared intently into my eyes and whispered, “So what do you say? Will you know the joys of serving or the frustration of losing your wife?”I knelt on the kitchen floor in front of her and did not say a word. She chuckled softly, bent over me and grabbed the sides of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. She then leaned over my shoulder and reached down to the top of my shorts. I felt her fingers stiffen and then she laughed as her fingers slowly raked furrows up my back!! “I can see some of the welts Ann gave you last night. My marks will last longer!” She said as her hands reached my shoulders and stopped their plowing.She looked into my eyes and said, “You belong to me now, just as Ann does. What I tell you, you will do. What I ask for, will be your privilege and honor to carry out. And in return, I will give you pleasures you never dreamed possible and show you things beyond all comprehension.” She then leaned over my shoulder and this time, rubbed the side of a finger up my back. When it reached my shoulder, she smiled and showed me my blood on her finger. “Touch your tongue to my finger and taste your commitment to this pledge. She moved the finger to in front of my lips and I tentatively flicked my tongue out and tasted the metallic flavor. “You have taken a taste, symbolizing your commitment to that which you do not understand, but are willing to accept.” She then put the finger deep in her mouth as she stared with iron cold eyes into mine. Slowly the finger emerged into sight, clean. “I drink more deeply, as I am now responsible for us both and I understand the depth of this commitment. We are now Master and slave.”Yeah, it sounds juvenile but there was simply more going on than just what I can explain in words. I would have jumped off of cliff for her at that moment had she said to. I still would. Call it Satanic, demonic, witchcraft or what have you. I gave Molly more than a pledge, I gave her my soul!She turned from me and walked back to her coffee. “Take off your clothes. I have a group of patrons coming by this evening. You and Ann will be our servants. Don’t worry; you won’t be called upon to perform any sex acts. Just serve, learn and observe. But we have a lot to do before they get here, so get naked and go downstairs. Ann will show you what to do. I will be down after I make some calls.” And just like that, she dismissed me and walked out of the room with her phone in one hand and coffee in the other and was making a call.After trying to go into her kitchen pantry, I found the door to the basement and descended the stairs into an unfinished concrete walled room that was divided by heavy black curtains sectioning parts of the large area off. I could hear movement from a far corner near the front of the house and I walked that way.The first room I walked through was set up like a doctor’s office or a dentist office. There was an examination table and a big armed adjustable light. Against the one wall were white glassed in cabinets full of hot water bags, tubing and things that looked medieval if not painful!The next was a comfortable area with a black leather love seat and couch with two large square leather chests sitting in the middle with strange rings, latches and hooks placed around them. Behind the next curtain I found my naked wife, surrounded by open cardboard boxes. She had a set of manacles in her hands that were connected by about 18 inches of heavy metal chain and she appeared to be trying her best to untangle it from a set of shiny chrome handcuffs and some long strips of black leather. She looked up as I stepped into the area and let the curtain drop behind me. Immediately her face turned crimson. “I’m so sorry Brian…”“Why?” I smiled at her as best I could. “I made my own choice, just as you have to serve. We will see what happens. Need a hand with those?” Stepping across the small area, I could see the tension draining from her faceIt had to be almost two hours later when we finally finished unpacking the last of the boxes. To be honest, I knew immediately what over 90% of the stuff was and how it was going to be used, but I had never dreamed I would see so much of it in one place! Everything seemed to have just been thrown into boxes in a great deal of haste. We were supposed to organize it so that once Molly came down we would be able to take it and put it in the various rooms under her direction. I had found a long length of clothes line and made “loop knots” about every youwin güvenilir mi 4 or 5 inches in it and then tied it to a couple places on the ceiling. From then on, instead of just laying things out, we were able to hang things together and our progress had become rather impressive!We were just starting to open some boxes that had clothes and costumes in them when Molly walked in, dress in a halter and bicycle shorts that prominently displayed her camel toe and lack of underwear. “Well, well!!! I am impressed! If we get this all organized quickly, I may have time to reward my newest pets!!” With that, she started pointing to different things and telling us to bring them. As we walked past her, she would occasionally stop one or the other of us and kiss or grope us. She said it was to keep us horny and ready, but she seemed to be the one most aroused by it all.With most of the rooms organized, she announced it was lunch time, and we followed her upstairs where large salads awaited. As we ate, she explained. “Tonight, there will be two couples that arrive a little before nightfall. One of the women has been a pro dominatrix for over 25 years and then married a client two years ago. As a birthday present to her, her husband has arranged for them and the other couple to share in an evening of no hold barred hedonism. I am going to be the hostess and you two will be statues along the wall, watching. If I say jump, you move immediately. Otherwise you will simply be there to observe.”Ann and I started asking all kinds of questions and finally she said, “Just do as I tell you!! They may touch you, but if they start paying too much attention to you, I will handle it. If you want to understand some of what I know she enjoys doing, then after you two clean up the dishes, come downstairs.” With that she got up from the table.Ann and I finished cleaning the kitchen in what was probably record time! It was like we were anticipating a perverted Christmas morning! Upon arriving in the basement, we found Molly, dressed in shiny black latex from chin to ankle and she was pulling on black latex boots with 4 inch platforms. “Brian, get on the table; Ann, go to the cabinet and get out the big box of 3/8 inch wide rubber bands.” She then zipped up the back of first one boot and then the other.“Chains, and ropes have their places, tonight’s guest has a penchant for compression.” I laid on my back staring up at the ladies on either side of my chest “To illustrate this, we will run through a short vignette that she might take three hours to play out. I will be surprised if we make it last 30 minutes.”With that, she had me bend my arms and put my hands on my shoulders. Then she showed Ann how to take 3 and 4 rubber bands and run them up my folded arms to my wrist and upper arm and let them go. By the time they had 20-25 rubber bands each on my wrists, I began to understand what she was talking about. “Rubber bands are fiendish. They never stop pulling, so every time his arm muscles tire, they squeeze just a little more. It only takes about 10 minutes for him to lose almost all sensation in his arms and he is as helpless as a baby. What’s more, is slapping his fingers in that situation sends that pins and needles sensation through them like his fingers are asleep. It really can be excruciating.”Then she went to the foot of the table and raised the foot rests and had me put my feet in them. “This little trick is just mean. Now he has even more blood in his torso and arms and that compression becomes even worse rather quickly. Strap his feet to the braces dear, I have to get a couple things” With that, Molly left the room and Ann fastened my feet securely to chrome plated braces. She came up to me and said, “So how do you feel?”“She wasn’t k**ding about the arms!! I don’t think I could straighten them out right now if I tried!” Ann then flipped my fingers and I yelped! “Hey, come on!!! That’s crazy! It is like both of my arms are asleep! Stop!”Ann was giggling when Molly came back in. She attached a three inch wide belt to one side of the table and handed it across to Ann on the other side, who fed it into some locking mechanism. Molly then pulled it snug across my chest and I was completely at their mercy!! Molly then went back and rolled in a tall stand with a water bottle and hose hanging from it.“Compression is not just for extremities and muscles. You can cause a great deal of other compression using other means as well. She said. Ann, start stroking his cock. If you have to suck him a little to get him good and hard, go ahead.” She then turned and put on some rubber gloves as my wife began getting me hard!I knew what was happening perabet now and there was not a damn thing I could do. Ann’s lips felt so good and I was getting more and more rigid just as I felt a lubricated finger from Molly slide in my ass! “Enema play is not for everyone. Some people are really grossed out by it. The group tonight will be doing lots of anal play, which means it will probably start with enemas. Now self-induced bags are bad enough, but they can be made worse.”I felt the nozzle sliding in and then I saw her adjust the stand rod and lift the bag almost to the ceiling! “The higher the bag, the more pressure the liquid has behind it flowing into the patient.” She squeezed a clip and I suddenly felt a warm rush of something flooding into me from above! “You have to be careful. Let the patient get used to it in intervals and you will be amazed at how much their bowels can really hold!!At first, it was no big deal. Then I could feel the odd sensations flowing higher and further up into me. I tried to squirm but that only lit my arms up in gouts of pain. “Concentrate on holding in every drop! If you make a mess you will have to clean it up!” Molly said and laughed. I could tell from the look on Ann’s face that she could see my terror and she showed concern back to me. She was stroking my cock slowly now and the pressure in my rectum was making my prostate clench my cock into a super erection.“Ann, be a dear and get that 15 pound kettle bell over there by the wall. Yes, that one. Bring it here. “Then Molly began taking her hands and shaking my abdomen. “The higher up the liquid goes in the patient, the more amazing the cleaning is. Actually, Brian is doing very well for a novice, so we are going to add a little challenge. She clamped the hose off and continued. “You have done so well, I won’t pour any more into you. But for the next 2 minutes you have to hold this weight on your stomach!” And that damn woman put the 15 pound weight right in the middle of all that pressure in my lower torso and smiled!“Like I said, compression isn’t just a thing that works on muscles. Soon Brian will be cramping. Try not to thrash, that just moves the liquid into a frothing scouring action that is even more excruciating.” She said as she smiled at me again! “Ann, you better get that bucket from over in the corner. In about another minute, we are going to release the straps holding him to the table and take the plug out of his ass. Then you will help him get up and get seated on that bucket. Then watch out!!” She laughed.Tears were in my eyes now. Sweat was pouring out of every pore of my body and I was not certain I was going to last five more seconds, let alone another minute!Molly looked at Ann and said, “Now he is full to the max. His prostate is highly pressurized. Pound him off now! And with every down ward stroke, smack his belly. I bet he won’t last a minute!!” The first stroke felt like heaven and hell all rolled into one. My cock was on fire with need and as hard as iron! My balls were drawn up so tight I would not have been surprised if they disappeared into me! And with each small punch the pressure inside of me only pushed the looming orgasm to a higher level!And then it began shooting cum everywhere! Ann did not slow down, even as I begged. Molly was laughing and I was shooting strings and ropes of pearly white jizz all over the room!! I could not help myself. I was thrashing and screaming and cumming so hard, not just from the talent of my wife’s hands, but it felt like the internal pressure was forcing cum to shoot be pulled out of every part of my body and erupt in great gouts all over!!!Finally Molly pulled the weight off of my belly, released the chest strap and the foot strap on her side all before Ann could free the one foot on her side. She gave the enema nozzle a sudden yank and I howled as she laughed. Ann reached for my arm to help me up and I screamed again!!!Somehow, I was on the bucket a few seconds later, babbling like a baby as everything from my tonsils down flowed out of me in a stream like a fire hose into that damn bucket! Molly walked over and with a sharp set of scissors quickly sliced through the bands on one arm and then the other. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out!!! The pain of blood racing back in and through my aching muscles, the flushing of everything in my digestive track into a bucket… I was weeping like a baby.And then the cramps in my arms, shoulders, bowels and legs all began at once! “Make certain you don’t let him fall over or knock that bucket over Ann! He is going to need your help getting clean, once he empties himself. His hands are not going to work, so you are going to have to wipe him clean. And when he is done, you can take the bucket up and dispose of it in the toilet. I think he will be… a little spent!” She laughed as she peeled off the rubber gloves and threw them in a trash can before disappearing behind a curtain.

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