New Year’s Eve

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The gentleman’s group chat

Darren: So what are you guys doing for New Year’s Eve

Dane: No plans yet, I’m coming back early on the 31st

Marc: Same, it’s looking like it’s going to be a quiet one

Darren: Would you guys want to come over?

Marc: I’m keen

Dane: Will it just be the three of us?

Darren: Who else would you like to invite? Cassie isn’t around so that rules out girls for me

Dane: That’s not fair

Darren: Okay playerboy what girls would you like to invite? Caitlin☻️

Dane: Maybe

Marc: I doubt she’ll agree. When I asked her what she was doing she wasn’t keen on sharing any details with me

Darren: That’s because it’s not loverboy here

Dane: Is that a dare?

Marc: It sure is

Darren: What about Justin? I’m sure he can also convince Caitlin

Dane: Okay then, I’ll ask Caitlin and then you ask Justin

Ten minutes later:

*Dane sends a screenshot*

D: Hey

C: Heyy

D: So what are you doing for New Year’s Eve

C:Why do you ask?

D: Well a few of us will be meeting up for drinks, games etc.

C: Who will be there?

D: Justin, Darren, me & a few others

C: Where will this be?

D: At Darren’s friends house. Please come, It would be good to spend time together before the holidays end

C: You owe me

D: Of course, will make sure there will be ice-cream, chocolate and coke

C: Well in that case. I’ll be there

Darren: I’m impressed

Marc: Is there any reason you didn’t mention my name?

Dane: Didn’t I? Honest mistake. Sorry bro

*Dane knew that Caitlin wasn’t a fan of Marc so he intentionally left his name out but he wasn’t going to tell him that. He really wanted her to come. Things were confusing between Dane& Caitlin. She wasn’t his girlfriend but he expected so much from her. He was hoping to ask her out during the hangout.

Darren: Justin will be there as well.

Dane: He better not try any funny games with Caitlin

Darren: Easy there tiger, he doesn’t like her like that

Dane: Are you sure about that?

Darren: No not really but I’ll keep an eye on him.

New Year’s Eve

Caitlin: Hey, so I invited Lexi to come because there’s no way I’m hanging out with 3+ guys alone.

Dane: Yeah sure, that’s totally cool

The gentleman’s group chat:

Dane: So Lexi will Sincan Escort be coming as well

Darren: Great, that will keep Justin from your girl

Marc: So what’s the plan? Who’s bringing what?

Dane: No sexual games

Darren: Fine loverboy anymore rules?

Dane: Nope.

The boys then finalised games, drinks and snacks.

Everyone started arriving after 6p.m except for Justin who arrived after 7p.m

Dane was struggling to keep his eyes off Caitlin who was dressed in a cropped pink hoodie with grey sweatpants. It was a casual outfit but it showed her flawless physique. He noticed how all the guys took a second glance at her when she arrived and he knew he would have to keep her glued to himself. Lexi wore a cropped black off-shoulder top with ripped jeans and she looked hot as well but he only had eyes for Caitlin.

Darren then whispered to Dane while the girls were in the living room. “Next time we should have a dress code.” Dane simply laughed and went back to the living room

As usual, Darren wore shorts and a t-shirt while Dane wore the white sweatpants & black hoodie that he knew Caitlin liked while Marc was in jeans & a t-shirt. Those two guys didn’t pay much attention to what they wore and now they were paying for it.

When Justin arrived, they were in the middle of a pool game. The girls immediately pulled him to their team. Dane paid attention to every move Justin made but he realised that he only tried to get physically closer to Lexi. This eased his tension but he made sure that in the next games, he would be in the same team as Caitlin. She wasn’t a heavy drinker so she cut her alcohol intake after one beer bottle which was less than everyone else. Dane made sure he over diluted everything because he didn’t want to mess things up with Caitlin by being drunk

There was lull in conversation from around 11. They had played a few games and people were getting tipsy. Dane noticed how Caitlin was now finding silly excuses to touch him or brush against him which was slowly turning him on.

Justin & Lexi had disappeared and Darren had left to go and call his girlfriend, Cassie.

Marc was drunk and mumbling to himself in the game room which left Dane & Caitlin alone in the living room.

“You look hot Cay” Dane said while admiring her body

“Thanks,” she said blushing and he noticed the skin on her exposed belly turning red as well

“I wonder what other parts of you Ankara Olgun Escort have turned red as well.” He said moving closer to where she was half-lying on the couch

“Do you know why I love those sweatpants?”

“Why?” He said half straddling her

“Because they leave nothing to the imagination.” She said while using her knees to rub his crotch

“Well do you like what you see or should I say feel?”

“Yes I like it a lot.” She moaned as her knee drove him crazy

“Gosh Cay, let’s get out of here.” He quickly stood up and held her up as well. She walked with her ass against his groin to hide his hard-on. The first door they tried was locked and they giggled to the next one which they found unoccupied and as soon as they were in, Dane made sure he locked the door.

“Where were we?”

“You were about to show me what monster you have been hiding in those sweatpants.”

“These stay on until you hear what I have to say.”

“Is that so?” She said removing her hoodie which left her in a black lacy bra.

“You’re not playing fair Cay” he groaned as he took in the hottest image he had ever seen.

“You’re the one who wants to play. I know what I want.” She said as she removed her sweatpants leaving her in a matching black lace thong. She then lay on the bed with her elbows lifting her upper body while opening and closing her legs.

“You wanted to talk?” She purred.

He could feel all the blood leave his brain to join the head on his lower half. He briefly closed his eyes and tried to think of disgusting things but nothing will get rid of the tantalising visual of his best friend laying half naked on the bed.

“Cay I want you so bad but I want you to know that I’m not just looking for something physical with you. I want all of you.”

“You’ve had all the other parts of me a long time ago. I really want us to get to the physical now.” She said almost begging him.

“Are you sure? Because after this, there’s no going back.”

“I’m very sure, now take off those clothes and come here.”

Not needing to be told twice he quickly removed his hoodie & t-shirt. He made a show of slowly removing his sweatpants to which she groaned loudly. He kept his black boxers on.

“Let me taste you first.” He said this by stopping the motion of her legs and spread them apart. When his tongue touched her through her panties he could tell she was dripping. Ankara Ucuz Escort He licked her through her panties for a few moments. He then removed her panties after making sure that were soaked in her juices. He made a mental note that he wasn’t going to return them after their love-making. When his tongue touched her clit she bucked and she closed her eyes and squeezed the sheets.

She stopped moving when she felt that he had stopped.

“Keep your eyes open.” She quickly nodded and he felt one of her hands pull his hair. When she felt his tongue enter her, she pat his head and he looked up to see what was wrong.

“Please be gentle. It’s my first time.”

He felt his cock get harder. After her flirting earlier on, he assumed she had done this before. He was pleased because it was going to be his first time as well.

Yes he had eaten girls out and received blow jobs but he hadn’t crossed that part yet. He devoured her until she was begging him to let her come.

When he finally lifted his head, he noticed that she had removed her bra and was playing with her nipples which were rock hard. He vowed to spend some time on them in the next round. He removed his boxers and he heard a gasp from her.

“The sweatpants were right. Will you fit?” There was fear in her lust-filled eyes.

“Of course, it will sting a bit though. Do you want me to stop?” He hoped she didn’t want him to but If she did, he would stop for her sake.


He shook his head. He hadn’t planned on doing anything sexual tonight so he hadn’t come prepared. Already getting ready to stop to try and look for condoms she stopped him.

“I’m on birth-control. Are you clean?”

“You’re my first too.” He didn’t know why he suddenly felt embarrassed. For the first time, he wished he had some experience to guarantee her good time.

“Come here” she said pulling his lips to hers. They spent some time kissing before she heard her say, “I’m ready.”

Banking his experience from all the porn he had watched and erotic stories he had read, he lined himself and slowly entered her. When he felt her gasp he froze until she told him to start moving.

From somewhere, he could hear someone counting down… and he entered her fully on 0 and they could hear fireworks and he rode her long and hard.

He kissed her hard before whispering “Happy New year babe” He felt her inner walls clench around him and then she orgasmed. Seeing her lose control was such a breathtaking moment that pushed him to his own climax. He started cumming and he filled her up which made him glad that he had waited. It might not have been the best sex ever but for the two virgins, it was magical.

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