New Year’s Eve Pt. 02

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Note: As always, a huge thank you to neuroparenthetical for their amazing and detailed editing work. Thank you for your copious amount of red ink helping me to see the trees that makes up the forest.

Notes 2: This is a direct continuation from the preceding story, New Year’s Eve Part 1, so I’d invite you to give that a read first if you haven’t already.

New Year’s Eve — Part II

Kissing Sam’s earlobe, Eve ran her tongue across the ridge of his ear. She whispered seductively into Sam’s ear, “I think they’ve moved the party downstairs.” She reached down and squeezed his semi-erect cock as she added, “Why don’t we head up to my room…”

“I like the sound of that,” Sam replied. He kissed her on the lips one last time and then stood up. He passed Eve her towel, and grabbed his.

Emerging from the hot tub, they wrapped their towels about themselves as quickly as possible. As much fun as hot tubbing was in the winter, the transition out was tough. Wet skin made the cold air feel downright freezing.

Having been submerged in the gloriously hot water for the better part of an hour, both of them were literally steaming. With Eve’s parents away for the night, and the New Year’s Eve party her brother was hosting having moved to the basement – per the siblings’ prior arrangement – the young couple now had most of the house to themselves.

Eve and Sam had been together since the tail end of the summer, and had only been dating since the end of September or so. They enjoyed hanging out, going to movies, watching movies at home, etcetera. While they were both very much attracted to one another, they had been taking things slowly. At least it seemed slow relative to the gossip they heard through their respective circle of friends. Neither was very experienced when it came to being intimate with others.

They enjoyed long, deep make out sessions, barely coming up for air as their tongues wrestled and hands pulling their bodies tightly together. In the past few weeks, they had discovered the bliss of oral sex. Eve had taken the plunge first, at the beginning of December. She’d given Sam a sloppy hand job in the back of a dark theater, and, out of nowhere, had made its ending especially happy. Sam had caught up quickly, though. By New Year’s Eve, both of the young lovers knew how to make the other cum with their mouths. Indeed, they just had, right in Eve’s hot tub. They’d discovered a brand-new way to affirm their passion and lust for each other by barely coming up for air.

Now the stage was set for their relationship to take another big step forward. Eve had hinted earlier in the evening that she was ready, or at least open to, taking things further – that full-on sex might be on the table this New Year’s Eve. The oral session in the hot tub, despite having ended in an orgasm for each of them, had felt to both like foreplay. It wasn’t just cold air and wet skin that was urging the young lovers onward.

Wrapped in the oversized fluffy towels, the pair raced from the back deck and into the house, literally steaming as they went. Closing the patio door behind her, Eve gave Sam a quick kiss as they stood in the relative warmth of the living room, a few rivulets of water running down their legs onto the carpet of the floor. Eve’s deep blue eyes sparkled as she pulled back from the kiss and looked at Sam.

Without a word, she smiled, turned, and headed to the front of the two-story house, where the stairs led up to the top floor. Sam followed right behind her, grabbing playfully at her ass despite it being concealed in thick, fluffy cotton and terry cloth. They practically ran up the stairs, rounding the corner at the top into the hallway where all the bedrooms and the bathroom connected to.

Eve turned left into her room, walking all the way inside. Sam followed, closing the door behind him. Even turned to face him again as he closed the distance in an instant and wrapped his strong arms around her. They both tilted their heads and leaned into another kiss. After a month of making out with each other, they were both phenomenal kissers. Their lips pressed together fully before their jaws slowly started to open and close together, letting their tongues out to explore and play.

Still wrapped in their towels, they stood in the middle of Eve’s bedroom and kissed passionately for a few minutes. Sam’s held Eve’s head firmly with his right hand. Eve’s hand lightly grasped his damp, unkempt hair just above and behind his left ear. Their left arms wrapped around one another’s bodies, rubbing and caressing their curves. Sam’s left hand eventually settled on Eve’s firm, round ass, pulling her pelvis against his body.

Eve reluctantly broke the kiss, playfully biting Sam’s lower lip as she pulled away. Their hearts were pounding as they pressed their foreheads together, just enjoying one another’s closeness. In the still winter’s night, the only sounds that could be heard were that of their heavier-than-normal breathing, and the dull thump of the music two floors below. Hesitantly, Eve reached her hand down şişli escort and untucked her towel, letting it drop to the floor. Following her lead, Sam let his towel drop and pool at his feet.

Leaning back in, Sam placed a soft, sensual kiss on Eve’s shoulder. He kissed and nibbled his way along it, up to her neck and then to her jaw, alternatively peppering her smooth skin with kisses and dragging his lips across it. When his lips made their way far enough north, he kissed her ear, and then tugged on her earlobe with a gentle, playful bite.

Eve let out a moan as she felt Sam’s lips move across her skin. Wrapping both arms around his waist, she pulled him tightly against her. Immediately she could feel his reinvigorated cock as it pressed through the damp fabric of his swim trunks and into her stomach. She smiled as she felt that familiar tingle between her legs again. Warmth flooded outward from deep inside; she felt every nerve in her body becoming extra sensitive in the best way. She moaned again, sucking air inwards as she felt Sam’s hands move across her perky C cup breasts, his palms rubbing her stiffening nipples.

Reaching behind her back, Eve tugged on the string that dangled from the knot holding her bikini top in place. As the strings and straps fell free, Sam’s hands pulled away the loosened fabric, tossing it to the floor and releasing Eve’s gorgeous breasts.

Even hanging free, they curved ever-so-slightly upward thanks to her youth. Sam cupped them gently, feeling their firmness as he ran his hands over, under and around them. He rubbed his thumbs across the dark brown areolas, pressing along the edge of her hard nipples. This elicited even more soft moans from Eve, which encouraged him to keep fondling her. With her eyes closed, Eve focused on the intense pleasure rolling over her. Her breasts had always been sensitive; even pulling and playing with her own nipples felt wonderful, and she hardly ever masturbated without a hand drifting towards them of its own accord.. It couldn’t compare to attention from her lover, though. When Sam played with her there, the pleasurable sensations were magnified tenfold.

Reaching behind Sam’s head, Eve pulled him down, signaling for him to add his lips. As he latched on to her left nipple, she moaned loudly, reveling in the sensation of his tongue encircling her nipple.

“Mmm, god you know how much I love that.”

Once again, Sam responded to the encouragement with more of the same. Eve’s nipple was soon rock hard, and that was Sam’s cue to switch to the other. Eve, meanwhile, reached down, finding Sam’s crotch and rubbing her hand across it. She could feel his hard cock tenting his swim trunks. She pawed at it greedily, hearing him suck in his breath as she did.

With his mouth still wrapped around her breast, Sam dropped his right hand down, tracing it across her side to her hip. His hand continued its sojourn south, around to the front of her body, tracing the edge of her bikini bottoms. The cool, damp fabric next to his fingertips quickly gave way to warmer, damper fabric. He pressed his hand along her mound and down, feeling the outline of her puffy labia beneath the flimsy bathing suit bottom. Eve had managed to grab hold of his throbbing cock, even covered as it was by his tented trunks. Feeling her squeeze and stroke it, Sam began to rub her sex, matching that rhythm.

After a brief period of mutual masturbation, Eve took a step back, reluctantly pulling her breast from Sam’s mouth and her hand off his cock. Sam’s hand slipped from between her legs. She stared into Sam’s eyes, smiling nervously, and undid the string on her hip, letting her sole remaining piece of clothing to fall freely to the floor.

“I want you, Sam,” she said, her confidence only slightly tinged by nervousness. “I want you to be my first. Tonight.” She took a few steps and sat on the edge of her bed, looking up at Sam with her large, blue eyes.

His eyes locked with hers, Sam tugged his swim trunks down. His 6-inch cock sprang free. The head glistened already with a hint of precum. It bobbed as he took those same steps towards the bed.

Eve leaned forward, kissing the glistening cockhead, rubbing her tongue along the supersensitive opening and savoring the slightly salty taste of his precum. She pressed forward and took the first few inches of his thick shaft into her mouth, covering it with saliva as she released a gentle moan, letting it hum across his swollen cock.

Sam moaned in return, thankful that he had cum earlier that night. He knew it would help him last longer this time around. He looked down and watched his innocent-looking girlfriend as she took inch after inch of his cock into her mouth. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes as it slid between her luscious lips, in and out.

After a few more strokes with her mouth, Eve pulled back, letting his cock gleam. Her saliva and his precum coated the entirety of his long, thick shaft. Maintaining eye contact, Eve laid back on her bed and spread her legs wide. As she looked through the slight valley of her own cleavage she said, “I can’t wait anymore. I need your cock, Sam. Please, make love to me, fill me up.”

Sam nervously swallowed before taking his cock in his right hand. He gave it a slow stroke as he angled it towards her opening. Looking down, he could see her engorged pussy lips glistening with her juices; the little nub of her clit peeked out from beneath its hood. He carefully rubbed the head of his cock along her soaked lips, mixing his precum and her own moisture, spreading it around. They both moaned as he rubbed his glans across her clit. He slid his cockhead back down between her soaked lips and gently pushed forward.

Sam was mesmerized as he watched his cockhead push between her lips, and into her warm, wet, and surprisingly-tight pussy. Her narrow opening stretched to accommodate his girth while he slowly advanced, feeding his cock into her hungry vagina. He stopped when he felt some resistance, noticing, too, a look of discomfort crossing Eve’s face.

“Are you alright?” asked Sam with concern in his voice.

“Yes,” Eve panted in reply, “Keep going…this feels so amazing.”

Sam nodded and pushed with a little more force, feeling the resistance give way, which allowed him to push the rest of his cock inside of her. In mixed pleasure and pain, Eve cried out, “Oh god!”

A moment later she added, “Just hold still for a moment. I’ve never felt so full… let me get used to this.”

Nodding, Sam held still. Their pelvic bones pressed together; his cock was now fully buried inside of Eve’s pussy for the first time. “Let me know what you need,” he said.

A moment later, Sam let out a moan of his own as Eve flexed her vaginal muscles and rolled her hips slightly upward, getting accustomed to the new sensation.

“Mmm, I feel so full. So different from your fingers or tongue. You’re so deep inside of me.” She shifted her body again and rocked her hips. “Mmm…that feels so amazing.”

She opened her eyes, which she hadn’t even realized she had closed. She met Sam’s gaze with a mixture of bliss and desire. “Now fuck me, Sam.”

Smiling, Sam pulled his hips back, easing his cock almost completely out of Eve before pushing back in. He thrusts in and out several times, getting used to just how far he could move while not falling out completely. After those slower, trial thrusts, Sam began to speed up. He moaned as he relished the feeling of his sweet Eve’s delightfully tight cunt.

As Sam settled into a tempo, Eve wrapped her legs around his waist and back, pulling him deeper inside of her.. Her pussy gripped tightly around the length of his cock, and squeezed his shaft from all sides as he sped up his strokes.

Laying back, feeling Sam’s cock piston-ing in and out of her, Eve’s hand drifted to her left nipple. She began squeezing and tugging on the inflamed nub. Every time Sam’s cockhead pounded into her, she moaned and groaned. She tried to match Sam’s rhythm with her own movements; she lifted and rolled her hips towards him, coaxing his cock just that much deeper inside of her. With her legs wrapped around his backside, she started to use her leg muscles to help her pussy squeeze along the length of his thick shaft.

They fucked for several minutes like that, both panting and moaning as they learned what felt good for themselves and for their partner. Soon, Eve’s panting began to climb in pitch, until finally she was squealing every single time Sam’s pelvic bone slammed into hers. Sam grasped onto her legs and hips, keeping himself as deep as he could, pulling her eager pussy onto his cock as he pounded it into her. As her vocalizations changed, Sam began to feel the telltale tingling in his balls. The tightening that told him he was quickly climbing towards orgasm.

As the pressure continued to build in his scrotum, he suddenly felt Eve’s legs tighten like vices, pulling him deep inside of her. All along the length of his shaft he felt her entire pussy contract and spasm around his cock. At the same moment, she screamed loudly, “Oh GOD… mmmmm, YES, OH FUCK YES…” and her entire body seemed to join in on the spasming, as if hit by electricity.

Eve’s orgasm was more than enough to push Sam over the edge. With her legs pulling him tight inside of her and her pussy squeezing his entire cock, Sam felt his cum boil over. His cock throbbed and spasmed as he unloaded several long streams of cum deep inside of his lover’s quivering quim..

“Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! OH FUCK!!!” screamed Sam as he erupted. His balls contracted as they pumped themselves dry.

For a moment, time stood still. Their bodies, covered in sweat, spasmed and fed off one another’s orgasms. After a few more seconds, so, Sam collapsed onto the bed beside Eve. His cock, covered with a creamy mixture of their juices, was quickly deflating. Eve rolled to her side, facing him, and kissed him gently as they both huffed and regained their breath.

“Oh, Sam. I love you so much!” Eve blurted out. “That was amazing.”

A moment of surprise crossed Sam’s face before being washed away by a smile of pure bliss. “I love you too Eve. That was…that was wow,” he stammered, not quite finding the right words. Pausing, he kissed her once more. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to finish inside of you like that.”

“Mmmm, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Eve replied, “but if you’re worried about getting me pregnant, don’t be. I’m on the pill.” She looks down and sees his cum as it dripped out of her pussy. “Besides, that feels so amazing.”

Smiling as he looked up at the ceiling, Sam said, “Agreed. It felt like nothing else.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore in the morning,” she said as she slowly stood from the bed. She crossed the room to her dresser and pulled out a pair of cotton panties, white with blue polka dots, and slid them on. Looking back at Sam, laying there with his cum-covered cock hanging down, she smiled. “Stay with me tonight?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he replied. “Besides, I think I’m too exhausted to move anyways.”

As they lay there in the darkness of Eve’s room, they were suddenly aware of the sound of explosions. Fireworks marked the arrival of the New Year. The brightly-colored light flashed, filling the room with vivid color and light.

“Happy New Year, lover,” Eve said.

“Happy New Year indeed!” came Sam’s reply as he leaned in and kissed Eve deeply. Breaking the kiss after a moment, the couple settled into her bed, cuddled together, and shared a few more light kisses before drifting off to sleep.


Sam slowly opened his eyes. He blinked groggily as he returned to consciousness, only to be met with confusion. The ceiling he saw was not the ceiling of his bedroom. It took another moment before he realized that nestled beside him, in this bed that was not his, was his girlfriend, Eve.

Instantly, memories of the past night came flooding back. The hot tub, the sex, the first time for them both. As he turned his head, he could see that Eve was still asleep, and was facing away from him with his left arm tucked underneath her. She was still nearly naked, wearing only the panties she had slipped on after they had had sex the night before. With the bare skin of her back and neck exposed to him, Sam leaned in and gently kissed her nape, smelling her natural scent tinged with chlorine from the hot tub water. He felt his usual morning wood already prominent and throbbing, begging for attention. It was pressed against Eve’s backside, nestled between her cotton-covered ass cheeks.

Sam rested his lips on her bare shoulder and smiled at the sensation as his cock throbbed against Eve’s ass. His erection strained against the thin fabric of his boxers and her panties. Sam relished the moment; his lips formed a smile against the smooth skin of Eve’s shoulder. The in-between light of early pre-dawn just barely crept into the bedroom; it was just enough so he could make out the freckles on her shoulder and neck. He kissed her neck again softly, brushing a few strands of her brown hair out of the way to do so.

Sam sensed a subtle change in Eve’s breathing. Resting his lips against her skin, he let her wake up on her own. It only took a few more seconds for Eve to return to consciousness

As she awoke, she could feel the pressure of Sam’s eager erection pressed against her rear end.

“Mmmm…” moaned Eve as she felt his hard penis nestled between her ass cheeks, “I could easily get used to waking up like this.” She turned her head, able to just barely make eye contact with Sam behind her. She smiled, and pushed her ass back against his cock.

“Mmmm, me too,” Sam replied. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” He pressed his hips forward, smiling as he rubbed his cock along her ass. “I’ve tried to keep things restrained, but it seems to have a mind of its own in the morning.”

Reaching behind her, Eve snaked her hand down in between her ass and Sam, finding the gap in his boxers and grasping his bare cock. She gently began to rub it up and down her ass while also stroking along his length.

Sam moaned. He leaned in and kissed her shoulder, biting playfully before moving his head around to meet her lips in an awkward, but passionate, kiss.

Their lips pressed together, jaws opening and closing in unison and tongues pressing against one another. Eve released Sam’s cock for a moment as she rolled over to face him. As soon as she was facing him, she brought her other hand to his cock and continued to stroke it.

Reaching up with his right hand, Sam took hold of her left breast and cupped it fully. He took a moment to fully engulf it with his hand before starting to rub her engorged nipple in small circles with his palm. Eve inhaled sharply as she felt Sam’s hand begin working its magic.

The couple continued to make out for several minutes, their level of need heightening as they hungrily devoured each other’s mouths. Their tongues wrestled with one another and explored deeply. Soon, Sam was tugging on Eve’s left nipple, and rolling it between his thumb and index finger. His hips rocked forward slightly in rhythm with Eve’s strokes, her hand spreading his first droplets of precum along his girthy shaft.

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